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Reviews - Bachelor's in Human Resources

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  • Reviewed: 7/12/2017
  • Degree: Human Resources
"I went to Baker (Online) for my BBA in HR Management. I was a bit tepidness as many of us in Michigan know, Baker has a bit of an unpopular favor. However, they are accredited and I read enough reviews to give it a try. The program I was in required a lot of hard research but ended up being so worth it. I have been in HR since 2012 and I am very successful. Better yet, when I went to take my PHR test (for those not in HR this is a very important title to your name in HR) I passed it on my first attempt. Less than 55% of PHR test takers pass on their first try. So clearly the knowledge I needed to pass a hard internationally known exam, was obtained through Baker. A lot of the bad image, in my opinion, is from Universities and the push to scare people to pay much more $$ to have a University on their resume. It is time to stop that. We have a skills deficit because so many are focusing on what college instead of what skill is in demand. Consider Baker, consider a tech school or a tech program, consider them all and do your research where you will get more of a return in your investment."
  • Reviewed: 6/14/2017
  • Degree: Human Resources
"I would not recommend this school to anyone. There is no one that can help you and if they do you end up taking more classes than you had to. Also this semester they took away minors, which many of the students were told they had to choose one when they first registered. I have all but two classes done for my minor and I am unable to finish it! I just gave Baker over $3000 for an outcome of nothing! Also why is it costing more for us to take classes when you are now making them 3 credits? I paid less when they were 4 credits! This school is just about taking your money and is no help. Please do not go here!"
  • Reviewed: 10/17/2013
  • Degree: Human Resources
"I am currently not attending Baker. I attended in 2011 in the HRM program. Baker was my second online campus and first time using Blackboard. I was not a fan of Blackboard but I enjoyed the course. My final thoughts are that I was enrolled with no problems started on time and enjoyed the enrollment process. I think the only time I got voice mail was late one day when I tried to call financial planning. I applied for a student loan advance received a debit card and the funds were loaded on the card about the third week of the term. My textbooks were not problem. I almost withdrew from the class but I stuck it out and passed one course and failed the other - the courses are intense and you have to be willing to do the work. I am now completing my bachelors degree at another online college next year in March but I have considered Baker because of the cost and the fact that they are regionally accrediated. The only reason I withdrew was because of the intense course schedule and more importantly I was working full-time while taking two courses. I read that APA is driving some people crazy and the papers were too much - however if you cannot write well which includes being ethical by siting your work college really would be a joke. Baker graduates students in Social Sciences so American Psychological Association will be the academic body that governs the institutions academia while MLA will most likely be required in a liberal arts or humanities school. Online education is not for every body but even schools of higher education are now debating MOOC's Massive Open Online Courses. I am really glad the options are plentiful and if I do not attend Baker again I would recommend it as an above average school in part because it is affordable and regionally accredited. Cheers"
Julie Crichton
  • Reviewed: 9/25/2013
  • Degree: Human Resources
"I can understand many of the negative comments. There were a few classes and professors I was disappointed in, however I have also attended Eastern Michigan University and Washtenaw Community College and have had similar experiences even in a traditional college setting. My overall experience at Baker was phenomenal. I still can't believe that I am finally finished with my degree. I started at EMU right after high school, and thought I would just take a year off because I needed to work full time in order to afford my apartment. That, of course, was a mistake. Anyways, over the years I took a class here and there at both EMU and WCC, but felt like I was never going to graduate. Then just under two years ago I decided that I was going to go to school full time (While working full time, and travelling for work), and just get it done. The Baker Online courses were perfect for me. I wrote papers on the plane, did discussion boards from my iPad and iPhone whenever I had a few minutes of down time, it was perfect. I can't say that it was easy. Writing 5-15 page papers every 6 weeks, with a few page paper thrown in here and there was stressful at times, but I did it and even graduated Magna Cum Laude. I do not believe that any of the A's I received were easy A's... I worked hard and earned every single one of those. I would recommend Baker to serious students. If you procrastinate and aren't willing to put in the effort then this is definitely not the school for you. :)"
  • Reviewed: 2/6/2013
  • Degree: Human Resources
"It is interesting to see all the reviews. I just completed an on line BBA with concentration in HR. This took a lot of hard work and dedication.If anybody is not commited to doing this or want an easy way out, this is not the way to go. This program was hard and required so much time, but I think Baker is a great school. I never had any issues with instructors and the Blackboard system. It is all what you make of it.If your mind is set and your willing to work hard, you can achieve your goal with Baker. The online program (especially the accelerated one) is not for people who are not willing to put a lot of time into it!"