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  • Reviewed: 8/14/2022
  • Degree: Business Analytics
"I was a 2021 transfer to Baker College DBA - ABD (All but dissertation), from a University in Southern Florida. My prior school asked me to invest tens of thousands of dollars in the school each year but they did not invest in me, my research or my career goals. This was not the case at Baker College. Dr. Vinton initially interviewed me and I felt he was genuinely invested in my success. The school helped curate a path for me to achieve my goal of obtaining a doctorate. I found the class format for DBA-ABD students to be convenient although it does require you to be persistent and a self-starter. The classes all follow a very logical path that forces you to think through every aspect of your dissertation. With respect to the quality of the school and my peers in the program - I will say this: Myself and every other DBA-ABD student entered the program with a BS, a masters degree and doctorate level coursework from a University where we choose to leave in GOOD STANDING to attend Baker College. My classmates were strong and enriched my experience. My chair (Dr. Bashore) and my committee of experts, balanced coaching, encouragement, and guidance perfectly. Most importantly, my committee invested in me and my research. Will your Doctorate help your career? I guess it depends on the individual but for me, I was able to gain a position at one of the countries largest colleges as a Data Analytics professor. In summary: - even though I was out of state, the tuition was extremely affordable. (70% less than my prior school) - I was able to finish in 18 months (August 2022) - my dissertation was published with the help of the school Great school, great faculty, great program! Dr. Xxxxxxx"
  • Reviewed: 8/12/2022
  • Degree: Business Administration
"I was an ABD transfer from another institution here in California due to a dissertation Chair no longer being able to fulfill his duties. That being said, I was looking for a program that allowed be to transfer my credits and start at the dissertation. Baker College seemed to be the best option based on my needs and my search of other institutions. When interviewing for the DBA-ABD option at Baker College, I was able to speak with Dr. Vinton (now retired) who was incredibly professional, and genuinely seemed interested in my success. I ended up asking Dr. Vinton to be my Chair since he seemed interested in my topic and also seemed like he'd really be a strong mentor and Chair. He gladly accepted, and the journey began. I personally felt the online format was easy to use and resourceful. The program itself was well designed, but it does require one to be a self-starter and also ensure that you're checking in and doing things on time and on schedule. At the doctoral level, I would expect this. This program was everything I wish my previous program had been. I had a supportive and motivated Chair and mentor, strong committee members, and a well designed roadmap to completion. The school itself was established in 1911 and has regional accreditation, so it has an established history and reputation. For my specific needs, it was the best option, and I don't have a single regret. I finished in 2022, and since then, I've been able to successfully enter into new opportunities in the private sector. I highly recommend this college for the DBA program."
  • Reviewed: 5/2/2022
  • Degree: Business
"The online platform is not for everyone. Students need to be self-motivated to be able to thrive. No one is going to hold your hand to tell you that you missed class or missed a deadline for an assignment. So, you really have to be motivated to do these things by yourself. However, if you need help, they offer it. Tutoring Services is offered free for every student, and Career Counseling is hard to beat. I feel like I got out of the program everything I sought, and I am really happy with the outcome."
  • Reviewed: 2/22/2021
  • Degree: Business Administration
"Baker in general is a hot mess. They use a canned curriculum, much of which is out of date. The instructors are by in large either disconnected from the courses they are moderating. I chose the word moderate because they don't teach they just moderate. Students are left by in large to teach themselves. Expect minimal if any feedback on assignments. The institution loves APA, but I found that a functional level of knowledge of APA is often missing with instructors. They tend to discriminate against students with documented special needs. I have been told by the provost of the college, an extremely rude and arrogant person, that students like me aren't suited for online, and it isn't their responsibility to accommodate me. Each semester I have to fight to get my accommodations honored. My financial aid has been screwed up by the college on several occasions and the bookstore is a disaster, take multiple weeks to get a book, and about a 75% chance, it will be the wrong book when it arrives. All in all, this is a pretty messed up place...They love your money, but not you. Given the number of cutbacks in programs, services and staff, I think they are in trouble and possibly heading towards failure, enrollment is down substantially since I first started and seems to continue to decline. The campus closest to me was about 75% shuttered pre-Covid."
  • Reviewed: 4/26/2020
  • Degree: Business Administration
"This school is a scam. Ridiculously high expectations, but will not tell you the expectations. Credits do not transfer. Teachers do not answer emails. Academic advising will constantly lie to you, make you take classes you don’t need. Avoid at all costs! I am thousands in debt and filled with rage and regret."
  • Reviewed: 2/1/2020
  • Degree: Psychology
"An adviser reached out to me to help me sign up for classes and settle my financial aid. They were extremely friendly and persistent in helping me, and I thought this would be a good sign that Baker cared about its students. Unfortunately, they just want you to sign up because the education they provide is the bare minimum they can give to charge you tuition. Teachers don't understand basic questions, and fumble with grammar and spelling. All my assignments were busy work. Teachers utilized the textbook and discussion questions, but asked the same questions over and over. There are no video lectures or resources to help you learn deeper, and you won't learn enough to break into your field after graduation. I've taken 3 semesters at Baker and am transferring out ASAP, because I feel taken advantage of by their lazy teachers and sub-par academic material. I'm so let down that I spent money applying to this school, only to have credits that probably won't transfer, or are useless either way."
MRV - BBA 2019
  • Reviewed: 4/11/2019
  • Degree: Business
"Baker Online is a decent learning platform. Yes, it takes a lot of time and dedication, but that is what school consists of. I would recommend if you work full-time and have a family to take care of, ease your way into the program. The expectation and workload is intense, but worth it. They offer accelerated courses and the instructors are knowledgeable. If you think you are going to skate through a class, this college is not for you. I would recommend Baker to those who are looking to put in the work to be successful."
  • Reviewed: 7/30/2018
  • Degree: Computer Science
"I'm glad I chose Baker Online to earn my degree. I was still able to work full time and gain work experience while going to school. I really liked how their program allowed me to take more classes in the same amount of time as other colleges. With classes only six weeks long I didnt get bored on one subject. I also developed more skills than most graduates with computer science degrees which helped me start out in more advanced positions. Also, most of their instructors were very good. I highly recommend Baker College for earning your online degree."
Sucker Punched
  • Reviewed: 7/7/2018
  • Degree: Business
"Baker College forced me into classes I didn't need, double reported balance on my credit, lost my education credit on my taxes, classes will not transfer (already taken in community college so cost me additional money that I should not have needed to take for my degree) Professors are uncommunicative in proper assignments, failed a class based on last paper because professor didn't relate what the paper should have been written on."
Birttani Wilson
  • Reviewed: 6/30/2018
  • Degree: Business Administration
"Baker College seems to get a bad reputation. I can honestly say the courses were demanding--I wrote quite lengthy research papers. I have been able to apply accounting principles learned towards managing the books for small organizations. Though I am in the field of research now, and pursuing a Master's degree in Data Science at another University I would definitely recommend this school to those who work to pay for their own education and need an alternate way of achieving this milestone."
Baker Online is well worth it
  • Reviewed: 5/16/2018
  • Degree: Information Technology
"I need to write this review since it seems many other reviews paint Baker College in a negative frame and I am sorry some feel that way. In 2015 received a BS in Information Technology and Security and was on the Presidents list multiple times. Today I reviewed the curriculum for the degree and it has changed as I would hope it would have since Security changes everyday. My degree prepared me far better than a fellow employee who had a Masters from another college within the same IT/Security. My instructors were from the field and were not uninformed of the "real world" as they had real life experiences and shared them. Where some students were "newbies" and others well seasoned the prof's could relate to all of them. Many instructors made the point your degree will not be the reason you get a job, be sure to get credentials such as a CompTIA type, Cisco cert or MS cert. I read a few reviews how Baker does not prepare you for these, my classes did prepare me mostly due to the real life experiences from the profs in IT and the textbooks were current. Especially for the A+ exam. The General Ed classes ( fill in classes like humanity, to make you a well rounded student), they had much to be desired. One item is be firm with the college. I was told I needed to take Math 099 to place me since I had not taken Algebra in my former degree. When I spoke with the college and explained I had taken all 300-400 level classes (since at my former University they placed me in those classes) and to look at my transcripts they said something like, oh how did we miss that. So be firm with them, the college is there to make money. My Algebra II prof was not a positive instructor, she spoke of her life experiences which went more toward a Social class over a Mathematics class. She was intelligent in mathematics but I felt as though I was back in a High School class since if I did not show my work the way she wanted to see it I was marked down. In the real world you solve the problem at hand and cannot follow one way. I received a C in this class since basically I checked out due to her attitude whereas in the Algebra I class I aced it since it was fun and easy to relate to that prof. To sum up my experience, the General Ed courses were drudgery and there to make the college more money, I made it thru them and the strong opinions of many instructors. The IT/Security portion of the degree was awesome, one class I may have changed a bit, however the instructors I had in all the rest were above what I expected. Upon graduating I was working with a Fortune 50 company and gaining more insight. Baker is not a waste of money, price for tuition is reasonable and the Online offering was what I needed. I now plan on gaining my MBA/IS from Baker Online to become the next CIO at our organization."
  • Reviewed: 8/24/2017
  • Degree: Psychology
"Stay away from this school! Their online support is a joke. Most of the time the online registration for classes doesn't work and their website seems like it was designed by someone who read about web design in a magazine. I shouldn't have to log in 4 different times in the same website to navigate it. The instructors are hit or miss as far as quality. I had a statistics instructor that never bothered grading my final project, which lowered my final grade, and ignored all emails about it. The administration just shrugged it off because I passed the class. Horribly run institution. Now they started the new semesters earlier than previous years without any warning/emails to notify students. Now I'm stuck taking classes that I didn't want because the others were already filled up. Avoid this college at all costs!"
  • Reviewed: 8/3/2017
  • Degree: Finance
"Overall good experience did receive my BA and then went to get masters ...I got my Masters diploma and it was just that BA degree came in baker protective case and included masters came in envelope with nothing....I would have thought that my Masters would come in the baker case ....very disappointing"
  • Reviewed: 7/12/2017
  • Degree: Human Resources
"I went to Baker (Online) for my BBA in HR Management. I was a bit tepidness as many of us in Michigan know, Baker has a bit of an unpopular favor. However, they are accredited and I read enough reviews to give it a try. The program I was in required a lot of hard research but ended up being so worth it. I have been in HR since 2012 and I am very successful. Better yet, when I went to take my PHR test (for those not in HR this is a very important title to your name in HR) I passed it on my first attempt. Less than 55% of PHR test takers pass on their first try. So clearly the knowledge I needed to pass a hard internationally known exam, was obtained through Baker. A lot of the bad image, in my opinion, is from Universities and the push to scare people to pay much more $$ to have a University on their resume. It is time to stop that. We have a skills deficit because so many are focusing on what college instead of what skill is in demand. Consider Baker, consider a tech school or a tech program, consider them all and do your research where you will get more of a return in your investment."
  • Reviewed: 5/23/2017
  • Degree: Information Technology
"I would have to agree with R. S. Most of his comments are true. In addition, for those studying towards Computer Science and Information Technology Degrees; those who are studying for the CompTIA exams, please be aware.!!! The books and course materials are not up-to-date. In fact, they are obsolete!!! The number one Certification that gets student's foot into the door of your future employers, is the CompTIA A+ certification. Baker College has courses that train you for this exam, however, one probably will not pass the exam based the curriculum of the course. Reason being that 100% of the objectives of the exam no longer are covered. New material has been added to the exam and the books used to study for this exam don't cover those objectives. There is a book that does cover all of the objectives for the exam however, Baker College chooses not to teach from that book. The book is even written by the same author! So basically what I am saying is, Baker College does not put any effort in keeping up with computer science material for the students. This in turn will cause you to fail the CompTIA A+ Certification Exam! Sorry to share this but it is true. The students have to go to outside sources to learn the rest of the material that is not covered in class just to learn all the objectives to successfully pass the CompTIA exams. PLEASE BE AWARE OF THIS!!! In addition, I personally have found that most of the teachers are either lazy or just dont know the material of the class they are teaching. They usually don't have an answer to questions I have asked. Usually they just refer the questions to other classmates or send you to an online website for instructions. The online Baker College instructors DO NOT TEACH THE COURSES! If you want to learn the subject, you teach yourself. And the other reviews I have read about Baker are also true. If you are comfortable learning the subject on your own efforts, you will do well. If you do well being instructed on the material including hands on practice, best not take courses online thru Baker College. The greatest difficulty I have had so far with Baker College instructors have been their lack of interest in the students and just plain refusing to answer questions. The subject matter is hard enough by itself, much less not getting any answers when I am struggling. If I have presented to my instructor my work and ask for confirmation or ask for some help, I never got an answer to my questions from them. It kind of made me wonder if they even knew the subject matter they were in charge of teaching. Incidentally, the instructors don't write the course nor do they chose the books. So usually they don't know anything about the books nor the course they are supposed to be teaching. I believe that if they did chose the books and wrote the course, they would be knowledgeable enough to answer my questions. I would like to end on a positive note however. My academic advisor IS AWESOME and very interested in my success at Baker College!!! Ask for T. if you decide to attend Baker College online after all."
Ross Staadecker
  • Reviewed: 4/5/2017
  • Degree: Web Development
"Baker offers more than they actually give. I just dropped out of Baker today after 3 years of wasted time and money. The online classes I "attended" for 6-weeks at a time, back-to-back, were far too focused on piling through a text versus student learning. Almost every teacher I had responded with "Google it" or "watch this video on YouTube" when asking any questions. There is 0, as in zero, instruction for this program. The school advertises that help is available for their courses but in the Web Development program, there is actually none. The only support they provide is if you can't access the software they use for turning in assignments. Beyond that, you have no help. Baker does not allow late assignments. So, if you cannot get a program installed and working correctly in week one, regardless of the hours you spend troubleshooting, they don't care that you're behind on your assignments. In fact, this is all that Baker cares about...just plowing through everything. If you don't understand a topic, well, too bad. Everything is deadline based. There is no such thing as practice. You buy a book and are told to complete an assignment with no instruction and no practice. If you don't get it, your grade is poor and you're forced to move on with not understanding the course. You'll find that neither the admin, counselors, or teachers care about the knowledge you gain --- or should I say, don't gain. After 3 years, I can honestly say, I have learned nothing. This has been an extremely stressful process. Because I work full-time, I was only able to take one class at a time. Even with this, due to the lack of teacher involvement and no instruction, you may find yourself spending 6-10 hours a day trying to figure out how to do something and still come up short. You're so stressed out about getting it done that you have no time to actually learn. As well, to spend this much time in a day working on something only because you have no instruction, yet paying for it, is completely absurd. If you complain about a teacher, the school argues back that their instruction was provided via the YouTube videos or links to websites that they shared online, which 9 out of 10 times have absolutely no relevance to the actual assignment you are working on. The reason I just dropped out is because the classes were originally 6-weeks long. After I spent 3 years there, taking one class at a time, and knowing my date of graduation, they decided to "switch to 8-week courses." They claim that graduation dates are the same but, obviously, this doesn't make sense mathematically. The extends my graduation date by 32 weeks. The told me I could triple up on my class schedule to graduate at the same time. I explained that I signed up for Baker with an expected graduation date that made sense to me. They did not care. The only option they offered me was to withdraw, take on more work that I could handle, or extend for an extra half year. This is like telling a student, you're going to graduate in 4 years and then suddenly change it to 6. Awesome! And of course, they feel no guilt or obligations financially. My goal at this point is to see if I can pursue a legal defense against them to get some of my loans dismissed."
Still The Same
  • Reviewed: 3/12/2017
  • Degree: MBA in Human Resources
"Traditional full-time campus programs were pretty much out of the question since I was working one full-time job and a part-time job. I needed an online option or a hybrid online +part-time campus option. I was initially attracted to Baker College Online because of its impressive statistic of 95% of its graduates working. Yes, they may be working but not necessarily in their field of study. I also liked the school's talk about lifetime job search assistance; how was I to know at the time that the lifetime job search assistance would end up being someone sending me job postings from major job boards--something that I could do on my own? The majority of the instructors that I had were decent and seemed to care about the students. I did have a couple who treated it as "just a job" but they were in the minority. The coursework was stated to be "challenging" as the degree I took was an accelerated program. It was actually pretty easy; just a lot of writing but otherwise not difficult. I am in the same field that I was in prior to amassing $80K in student loan debt. Be wary of claims and research carefully the field that you want to enter."
Jessica Grosser
  • Reviewed: 2/28/2017
  • Degree: Supply Chain Management
"I am one quarter away from graduation and I would not recommend Baker Online to any potential students for the supply chain management degree. Let me be clear Baker overall online has been great, but the supply chain management concentration is a joke and very disheartening to me as a person who works in the supply chain field and was looking to pursue an education in it as well. I am a supply chain management major and I have had nothing but problems with two out of three of the supply chain management teachers. I complained so fiercely to my academic adviser providing documented evidence of the professors unavailability, lack of caring and their overall not preparing me for my future career. The specific teacher didn't respond to emails, wasn't active in the discussion board, grading very harshly for someone who didn't answer questions. When he would respond he responded very vaguely and did not provide guidance. I had him for two classes and they were dreadful. The next professor has no experience whatsoever in supply chain. Does not respond to emails in the time frame (24 hours) or at all unless emailed again. I have asked a simple question about the software we are required to use for as assignment that is ultimately worth 60% of my grade and the response I got was to try another method that we have not been taught at all. I am a 3.6GPA student. I take my studies very seriously and do not feel that Baker came close at all for preparing me for my career in supply chain management."
  • Reviewed: 2/9/2017
  • Degree: Psychology
"I am 2 courses away from graduation and earning my BS in Psychology. I have had a great overall experience. This program has prepared me to go onto a graduate program at another college; I've already been accepted. The other school had no issues evaluating my transcript and allowing me to by pass a couple course because my undergraduate course work already included those courses. I only had 1 rude professor and she in English very early on. The quarter system helped me to obtain my degree faster but they are switching to the traditional semester system next Fall. I will definitely miss Baker."
  • Reviewed: 10/25/2016
  • Degree: Information Technology
"I enrolled in the Bachelors Program of Information Technology and Security in 2014. My anticipated graduation year was slated for 2018, but family medical issues resulted in me taking a semester off. I originally started classes on-campus at Muskegon, MI, but currently attend Baker Online. Most of the teaching staff does a great job of educating their students. The most important thing you need to know when trying to get a good education, no matter where you go, is that teachers will put forth as much effort educating you as you do trying to educate yourself. I have yet to come across a teacher at this school that will refuse to help you when you request the help. The rest of the staff has also been pretty helpful and as long as you are willing to ask questions and be patient when it comes to getting the correct answers regarding financial aid, academic information, etc. then you will do fine here. Like most schools it is hard to find an advisor who is 100% invested in your path to education, but I feel this is due to advisers being overwhelmed with the amount of students they have to take on. I recommend attempting to set some expectations with your advisor and if they really don't seem like a great fit attempt to find one that will, some schools will try to accommodate you. As far as the Information Technology and Security program goes, I have to say I really enjoy it. If you do end up going to school on-campus, at least at the Muskegon one, they have all the necessary equipment for you to have a great hands-on experience. I prefer to take my courses online because I can make my own class schedule based on my work and life schedules, as long as my assignments are turned in on time. I also like that as long as you meet the requirements of the assignments given to you by the instructor, you can tailor them to the level of knowledge you currently have so that you can capitalize on your individual learning experience. I do not feel that any of my instructors have given me a course load that I could not handle. If anything I found the curriculum's to be above average and really enjoy that they required me to push myself to put forth a solid effort. I would highly recommend this school to anyone looking to farther their education and career, just make sure that it is the right fit for you."