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1 out of 5
Degree: Medical Assistant
Graduation Year: 2009

Do not make the decision to go to this school, you will regret it. I still have not received my diploma and I graduated in 2009, also there was no employment opportunities offered or found for me which is one of their big selling points. The tuition is outrageous, your way better off going to a community college, at lease there you get what you pay for. I did find a job, eventually, and on my own however I did not make enough money in that field so now I am back in school again to pursue a new career. What a waste of time and money.

5 out of 5
Degree: Computer Systems Analysis/Analyst
Graduation Year: 2013

School is great, I graduated with a high GPA and the courses were no spoon-fed cakewalk. You will work for it here. But the instructors were good and I never had any problems with my advisors or FA. They were on top of everything each term. They handled books and FA and enrollment was easy. You have to be a person who devotes the time and do not lag behind or you may have a tough time playing catch up. The classes are fast and a lot of material is involved. The instructors are some of the nicest and most understanding but expect you to do the work. I feel that out of the many online colleges I have been through, they have one of the best with the labs and activities each week. Those that say they did not like this college, I can not understand. They just were not able to handle the time constraints. This college made it easy for me by taking care of all the FA and books. It is not overly expensive, it has a reasonable tuition. I also loved Steve Epstein and think he was one of my favorite instructors for the IT Securities realm of things. I learned a lot from his courses. I feel i accomplished a lot at this school and it has been around a long time.

3 out of 5
Degree: Medical Assistant

I graduate in 2014. I think this school is great, it is very easy to fall behind because it is fast paced. I would just say be ready to work. The advisors are great, and very helpful. I have had to stay on the financial advisors, because I think if your not careful they will try to get over. But overall it is a good school.

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1 out of 5
Degree: Nursing
Graduation Year: 2014

worst place I have EVER been to!!! They literally take all of your money and it doesn't even make sense as to why they take so much!! I wasn't in clinicals but yet they charge you $500 for a clinical fee???!! They professors are terrible and the school in general is so unwilling to help you unless you mommy calls in yelling and screaming! If you're having difficulties due to a learning disability they will NOT help you unless you have a doctor's note saying that you have difficulty. I cannot wait to graduate and get the hell out of this place

2 out of 5
Degree: Web Design

I used to have wonderful things to say about this college, but now I hate it with a passion.

I had attended the Amherst campus where I graduated with my Graphic Design degree. Never had any problems that time, so after a year out of school, I decided to go back to get my Interactive Media Design degree. Told me that I'd only have to take like 6 classes, and I'd be done in 3 semesters. Not bad for a 2nd degree, so I re-enrolled into the school.

Worst mistake ever.

Within the year span that I wasn't at the school, they made so many changes, that it became absolutely ridiculous. Adding classes to keep up with the SUNY schools, and using the same assignments for the same 4 classes. The 3 semesters turned into 4 full time semesters, and the added classes were such a waste of time, it was ridiculous.

The instruction this time around was terrible too. They fired one of the instructors which left 2 teachers to juggle a bunch of classes. So I got stuck with an instructor who instead of teaching, just gave us already written code and told us what it did. Added to the fact that he looked like he didn't even want to be there and taught pretty much my entire program, I learned absolutely nothing, and couldn't stand behind my degree if I even wanted to.

My biggest issue though was how the advisers and even the dean were not helpful at all when it came to issues you were having when it came to classes.

My first issue was when my adviser "forgot" about a class that I couldn't take before I took another class. This then screwed everything up and made me drop down to part time, which made me lose most of my financial aid, and then add 1 semester to my time there. Never got a sorry or anything for that. I ended up having to take out more money in loans because my financial aid went down to nothing because I wasn't a full time student anymore.

Second and biggest issue was recently, during my last semester. I started running into babysitting issues and it was becoming hard for me to attend classes because I was an evening student and I would be in class sometimes until 11 at night. I had emailed my adviser asking what I could do and she offered no help what so ever and then started to just ignore my emails and calls. Finally I came out and said that I'd just have to drop out because they weren't offering me any options and were threatening to kick me out because of the new attendance policy they adapted. Ended with me getting a template email saying they dropped me from the college and "wished me good luck in my future endeavors". Never bothered telling me what was going on, or to look into how I could finish the degree or anything.

I had 3 weeks left to go to graduate.

So now I wasted 5 semesters of time and money, wracked up more student loan debt, learned absolutely nothing, and have nothing to show for it. And all they could say was "good luck". They don't care about the students and just care about the money. Do not go here and waste your time.

4 out of 5

I am enrolled in the IT Networking Securities program and have been to two other online schools before this one, I have about 3 classes left. Many of my pre-requisite classes were transferred but I had to start with my core all over again. Advisors were honest and told me that this was the case for most of my core classes. They honored my english and writing courses. It is like this at most colleges. So far, the college has been really great and I am doing well with a high GPA. It is tough too, and not a walk in the park, you will work hard for your degree and it is a fast school with a lot of materials to cover in some classes in shorter 7.5 week courses.

The discussions are sometimes tough to keep up with, and there are assignments and reflections every week. The assignments have labs and a lot of online busy work, Be prepared to do a lot of writing and complex research to put it all into proper context. The Labs I have experienced are sometimes tough and require you to be a very self directed learner. But if you try hard the instructors do not discourage your work. The instructors are excellent and understanding, They will reward you for good effort and give quality feeback for you. You have a lot of research material available to you through the portal and I have never had an issue with my advisors not helping me, they are very good and always get back with me and have helped me with everything I have asked from them.

Financial aid is slightly hard to understand sometimes but it is all laid out for you every term so really you cannot miss too much. You sign your FA paperwork quarterly and can accept or deny funding easily. It is all online and you can review anything from FA easily. The campus portal is always available and I can always access it in the 2 years I have been there. The bookstore is easy to navigate and order from but books cannot be returned for credit which i do not like! But they can be sold at used bookstores for funds. But I do however keep most of my books for reference.

They also help you build a resume and portfolio. I do not know if this will land me an entry level job, but i hope it is a positive outlook for a job. They do not tell you they wil get you a job, but will help you with resources to find where to go to look. They are slighlty more expensive as a private college but not too bad. They are an affordable school as opposed to ITT or University of Phoenix. So far, I have had a great program and feel I am learning a lot. They are a good school with a lot of good programs. It is not an easy walk so the student needs to understand this. You have to be accountable and do the work.

Overall, i would recommend this college. They will welcome any questions you have and an advisor will spend several hours with you when you enroll to explain everything you need to know. All right from your own home. They made it very convienient and worked with me without hounding me about my descision like most colleges. I am not sure about transfer of core credits but I may further my education later on. But as for an Associate degree it is a good one.

2 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2013

Looking for a less than two year ADN program with no waiting list? Check out Bryant & Stratton College.

The downside?

More than $500 per credit. This private, for-profit college has Harvard-like tuition, yet employees nursing "teachers" lacking an education degree, most without a masters in nursing.

Instructors use power-points, quiz, and tests from the publishing company, and most lectures consist of nostalgic ramblings about past nursing experiences. In addition to lecture material, students are required to self-teach ATI material (it's not incorporated into normal lecture) for ATI exams at the end of the semester. Most of the haphazard material for lecture and clinical is busy work required by the Nursing Board, not to enhance learning.

During the first few weeks of class, students are required-sometimes forced-to sign numerous contracts and agreements about student requirements and expectations. Sometimes, students were forced to sign these agreements before the material was even available.

There is a teacher turnover (two deans of instruction since I started) every semester (need I say more?)

The amount of self-teaching involved is mind-numbing, especially when you consider that you're paying nearly 50k for a degree.

This school does more to ensure that you're in class (so that the college receives federal aid) than to make sure you have material for clinical orientation.

The ONLY reason I'm at this school is because it's a shot program and there's no waiting list. Don't expect University instruction, and most of your learning will be at clinical, not in the classroom.

Had some okay teachers, but most of them struggled filling an hour worth of material.

2 out of 5
Degree: Human Resources
Graduation Year: 2012

I began my degree program at the Bryant & Stratton Milwaukee ground campus. I really enjoyed my studies and the instructors were amazing and helpful.

I moved to Las Vegas, NV and sincerely wanted to continue my degree program. My complaint is not against the school, but towards the financial aid department which I feel is running an outright fraud.

They do not explain your financial aid awards to you, they send you emails with the wrong amounts and then take your Pell Grant to pay for textbooks that are marked 200% above actual cost. Bryant & Stratton is a very good school, do not attend online.

4 out of 5

Ive been at this school for two years. I would not reccommend anyone to go here. The teachers rush, its not face paced, they rush. I cant even tell you how many bad stories Ive experienced alone on the education portion. Also, its very unprofessional at the Downtown campus. There isn't enough resources for the library, the tools aren't used for anything but social networking sites.

The advisors are AMAZING. If it wasn't for them convincing students to keep their heads up I dont think anyone would stay there.

Im almost done. I literally have one class left and I am ready to graduate.Id tell you everything in detail but its not even worth it. Just dont go there unless you really have no where else to go.

All I have to say is its so bad Im transferring my credits and going somewhere new. I wish I had that idea within the first semester of attending.

4 out of 5

I have attended Bryant&Stratton on-line since last September 2010.

I have loved the classes all the help and staying home to do my work. It has been the best school experience I have ever had. Thanks Sean Kennedy for being so persistant and getting me back on track. Rita Holler

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