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  • Reviewed: 8/9/2020
  • Degree: Information Technology
"I have been attending Capella since Jan 2019. I was told that Information Technology would be the way to go. I agree but told them I was into the programming aspect of IT and they didn't even have a sub-program for my interest. So I started on my MS in IT, when I went to select my courses, I found two programming courses, THAT WAS IT. When I asked my Academic Coach (used to be Advisor), they didn't have the answers regarding more programming classes. That was actually the first time I heard from my so called advisor in nearly a year after sending her email after email about stuff, never hearing anything back. Academic Coaches are a joke, they stop talking to or helping you after you complete enrollment. Reaching any kind of counselor is a joke as you never can reach one. Classes are always discussion post, replies, assignment of either paper or using a program you have to download then you really don't get any feedback except a generic great job or good read. I was doing a MS in Social Work but found the work tedious and not teaching me anything. I was in one class and everything I turned in didn't meet the requirements for the assignment even though my wife, who is about to graduate with her MS in Social Work from Capella, said I met all requirements. I complained about the professor, she gave me an F for the course for complaining and nothing happened to her. I immediately switch to MS in IT but because of that bad mark, I was forced onto academic probation until I got above a 3.0 again. It took me nearly 7 months to do that then I get dropped from this course I'm in now only 10 days after it started but classes start on Monday, not Friday. I managed to get back into the course but I fear I may be done with this university after this course. I'm looking at the U of A in Arkansas where I live to finish my Masters and move on to my Doctorate. If I keep going, my student loans won't cover the cost of my Masters and all of my Doctorate because they are overcharging and not requesting enough at times especially when I'm a full-time student so I need the refund of what's left over to survive. If you are thinking about attending this university, please please please don't. You will regret it as I have and I'm going to share this site with my wife so she can find a different school. They are not cheap, customer service or student services doesn't exist. They don't care about your work or effort you put into something so they give generic cookie cutter feedback comments. If you work a full-time job, I don't recommend going to this university at all. If you're a full-time mom, I don't recommend this university as they have no feelings when you need to turn in an assignment a day or two late because you have a sick kid at home. All they care about is the amount of money they can take in every semester. Their FlexPath program is a joke and they force you to take classes that have absolutely nothing to do with your degree. For example, I'm currently enrolled in Emerging Technologies, IT workers don't worry about that because the company buys the equipment, yes you can recommend equipment but IT department will never recommend something that doesn't exist yet. Anyway, please stay far away from this business if you can."
Ron from TX
  • Reviewed: 8/3/2020
  • Degree: Human Resources
"There is a wide variety of scores listed on this review site. For me, Capella met all of the areas that I held to a high standard. I pursued my Masters Degree in Education and completed the degree earlier in 2020. Some of my criteria may not be high on anyone else's list. The overall recommendation is that regardless of where you go, what you put into the school/degree/etc. is what you get out of it. Teacher/Professor grading. A big misconception that I have heard from other students is that they do not like the fact that no one is hand holding them through the class, process, etc. This is an online school. The higher education you seek, the more you have to figure things out. In my experience, if I need direction from a professor, I make the attempt to get on their schedule. Do not procrastinate your work and expect the professors to drop everything to address your needs. Your priority may not be theirs. Payments/Financial Aid. I am blessed that I did not have to go through a payment program so I cannot give any reviews on that. Education: I was highly interested in the field I chose so for me, the countless numbers of papers were not chores, but something that is actually applicable to my work experience. I kept my resources within 2 years to make sure they were still relevant. Speaking of resources, make sure you understand technology, APA, and working the different platforms Capella (and other online schools use). Again don't wait until last minute like Sunday night at 11pm and wonder why nothing is working fast. Overall, I would recommend Capella, but just make sure you are ready to commit to the process."
  • Reviewed: 7/18/2020
  • Degree: Counseling
"I chose Capella because my state's board for counseling licensure stated that the only online program degree they would accept was from Capella, which was the only CACREP online program at the time. I appreciated being able to attend part time while raising my kids and mostly being able to work on classes when it fit my schedule. I quickly realized that the program was not for people who needed someone to walk them through each step or required extra tutoring. This was a good fit for me because I did not require the extra assistance. I knew people in local counseling programs at traditional schools, so we compared programs. The course materials were equivalent (many similar textbooks, lots of peer reviewed articles to read, and videos), but my program had fewer quizzes and tests, fewer meetings, and significantly more writing (2 weekly 500 word posts, 2-4 10-20 page papers per class, and a 70 page masters thesis). We all got internships at good locations and got licensed as counselors, and because my program was a CACREP program, my degree met the legal requirements of all other states (some of theirs did not even though they went to a prestigious school). One benefit of the school was that admission was easier than expected, which I appreciated from a life planning perspective (no stress, no wondering if I made the cut), but this high acceptance rate also meant that some of my classmates who were admitted were not prepared for the challenge were not able to keep up with class demands. That's the pros and cons of giving everyone a chance in a capitalist system like a for-profit school, some sink and some swim, and those who sank weren't in the next round. By the time I got to my residencies, 99% of my classmates with whom I interacted were qualified to be there and worked hard. When compared to my friends from the more prestigious local schools, I believe the Capella classmates have a stronger knowledge of legal and ethical issues in the profession and have better self-motivation and management skills (probably because we had to do so much on our own in our program). Diversity training in the program was good, and most of my classmates were/are from all over the country and members of populations that have been discriminated against, so culture differences was a big topic. My professors were excellent (with the exception of 1), and I am grateful for their guidance and engagement with their students. They were quick to call out problems of all kinds and offered recommendations for improvement, and they responded to emails and phone calls promptly. (After reading reviews, I'm wondering if it's because they were all counselors as well and likely got into the profession to help motivate others and make a difference.) The costs were equivalent to local universities, and I graduated with debt similar to that of my local peers with master degrees in counseling. My classmates with whom I am still in contact all got jobs, even promoted to management and supervisor positions, and some started privates practices in counseling. It was a good school for counselors when I attended, and I'd do the masters program again. I don't think I would do my PhD there, though, because I would want local advisors to help me with my dissertation. I'm very happy with my experience at Capella, and it will remain an enriching part of my life that taught me life skills and professional skills thst I don't think I would have had otherwise, for which I will always be grateful."
Erin Dilley
  • Reviewed: 6/19/2020
  • Degree: Psychology
"I have a lot of good things to say about Capella. I found the work challenging, with a medium amount of academic rigor, I learned a lot in the time I was there. I had to take a quarter off due to health issues and the university was helpful and supportive. Most of my professors have been very good and I have enjoyed my classes. Capella is pretty expensive, but I found it to be worth the money. I did, however, have one or two classes that could have used more instruction; all of the ABA specific classes have 2 hours of instructor contact per week, but the regular psychology classes did not and i certainly felt the absence of weekly check ins with the professor in those classes. I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from my time in the University."
Robert Renteria
  • Reviewed: 5/15/2020
  • Degree: Public Health
"I was a student for a day. I had applied in January 2020, well before my Bachelors graduation from Arizona State University. I needed my official transcripts, so I couldn't complete my application until May 2020. My enrollment counselor had answered all my questions, the most important being if their Master of Public Health degree was accredited. I told told yes. I asked again twice before I completed my application, and then again to clarify a week ago before I finalized all my paper work to get accepted into the program. Come to find out after doing my own research, the MPH is not accredited. The university is legit, and many of their other programs are accredited, but the MPH is not. Instead of making it clear from the beginning, I feel they strung me along till the very end, hoping I would just let it go. Even claiming that most employers don't care if the degree comes from an accredited program. Obviously, upset, I didn't care what they thought. I know what I want for my money and I know where I want to apply. I was more upset by the fact that they wanted to cover it up and pass it off as not important, than anything else. CEPH is the accreditation California State and LA County jobs I am looking to apply for in the future require. Capella claiming that their "Public Health programs are developed around national standards, including CEPH" does not make them accredited. Also, the fact that they said they are "not pursuing this accreditation for our Public Health programs." says that unfortunately many people for years to come might be told the MPH is accredited, when in fact it is not. Many don't care if their MPH is accredited, and to those, attend Capella! If you want an accredited Master of Public Health degree, don't let them string you along like they did to me. Best of luck!"
Nicole W
  • Reviewed: 4/23/2020
  • Degree: Psychology
"Capella us a RIP off. I finished the courses for the PhD in 1 1/2 years. I spent the next 2+ years trying to pass the dissertation phase. Also I think they should prepare students at the beginning of the program focusing on the dissertation. The residencies is a waste of time with no help in the process. Each Prodfedor has their own way of completing the format or editing. Then you have to start all over again. Then they change it again. I maxed out of loans. And so far paying 16,000 out of pocket. I do not encourage anyone to do this program."
Current Student
  • Reviewed: 4/23/2020
  • Degree: Social Work
""I rarely write reviews, but I feel a duty to warn anyone who plans to go to this University. I am surprised that anyone would give this University high scores. The cost of tuition is high; you have little to no interactions with instructors. They rarely give you any feedback on assignments. If you plan to work on your doctorate, you go through 2 years of course work, then are expected to take exams. These exams are graded by instructors and are subjective their grading criteria. Good Luck with that! Then you move to the dissertation or capstone phase, where you are left alone with a template, and a mentor who has no idea how to help you. Semesters are only ten weeks which is good for course work THAT'S IT. It takes two weeks to get any feedback from your mentor. Most of the time, mentors only focus on grammar and punctuation and not content. If you're lucky enough to get it passed to the committee (which are three additional mentor level instructors), they will rip your paper apart for content; this also takes two weeks. So it if you are lucky, you may get two edits in for the quarter. All of them must agree on the content before it goes anywhere else. You can send several quarters trying to gather their approval. If you ever get their approval, then the school (another mentor level instructor) will tear your paper apart for content they also have two weeks to do this. None of these mentor/instructors can agree on anything, and you as the student are left paying $5000 a quarter. Most of your time is spent revising and waiting two weeks at a time for them to review your document. Please keep in mind that a quarter is only ten weeks. So you could easily spend four to six weeks just waiting for feedback out of those 9 because they do not accept papers in the final week. The rest of the time you are revising. Going to this University was the most horrible experience of my life. I would not suggest anyone do this at Capella. Please go to a local university, in State to get your doctorate, not only will you save money, but you will have so much more support. Please also read other comments on this blog, I have experienced a lot of the same things. The only reason why I didn't quit is the money and time away from my family and friends working through this program. I'm not finished and almost $80,000 in for this doctorate. I am a social worker, how exactly am I suppose to pay that back. Capella is a scam. Don't do it to yourself!""
  • Reviewed: 4/13/2020
  • Degree: Counseling
"Please find another university. I graduated with a Master's in General Mental Health Counseling and felt that Capella University really let me down. Really expensive (in the $80,000 range - which will take a very long time to pay off) and I felt like I have learned more myself just on my own motivation to be successful in the profession than I ever did with the classes they offered. Basically Capella's formula is to read articles, write discussions, and then write 2-3 papers throughout the 10 units over and over again until you graduate. There was 2 in person colloquiums which gave some practice, but I didn't feel at all prepared to help people with their challenges."
James Sherman
  • Reviewed: 4/4/2020
  • Degree: Information Assurance
"Avoid this school at all costs. They bait you with basic classes until the dissertation phase and then roadblock after roadblock. I’ve gone through numerous mentors and professors that approve and this disapprove of your subject. You spend months writing and researching only to be told it won’t get approved. Basically, they slow you down until you run out of time and then administratively withdraw you taking your money and leaving you with and enormous bill. They bring in the one or two actual graduates to “inspire” you that it can be done but those are the only people I’ve seen graduate. I went to numerous “weekend experiences” and saw thousands of students and kept in contact with plenty of them. None have graduated. I wish I would’ve known before I tried."
Ashley m Holsten-O'Bryan
  • Reviewed: 2/21/2020
  • Degree: Nursing
"I still have not graduated but I have completed 4 courses over two "semesters". I have no real complaints. The admission process was 10x more easier than the other two colleges I first planned on attending. Someone said you can only do one course at a time for the flexpath. Not true. They automatically sign you up for one class. YOU choose to do more than one class if YOU want to. It's not like that cap you at only one class a semester. The more classes you take a semester, the quicker you finish and the MORE money you save. No it's not easy. Yes some things are repetitive. But this is actually helping me learn and I am comparing the work my nurse coworker is doing at Eastern Michigan University online, and Capella is better 100%, Also, my grandparent just passed away. This was a a week before the class ended. I had one assignment left. I did complete the assignment. I turned it in on the very LAST day. I know my work was not that great. They were kind enough to see I did amazing with my other work, and that let me pass that assignment, which allowed me to pass the course. I have no affiliation to the school. I just want people to see a legit real review and understand that it's not that bad. It is flexible (I change my own due dates constantly lol), and the staff are educated and kind. The only confusing part is how the financial system works."
Challenging University
  • Reviewed: 1/30/2020
  • Degree: Business Administration
"Pros: - Completed my Master's in 9 months - Opened more doors for interviews - Cheap Tuition - Get's checkbox for HR & employers - Not a diploma mill - Can work ahead & finish each course as early you want - Non-Proctored exams - No exams. Mainly essay & project based - Easy learning platform & navigation Cons: - Challenging, frustrating, & heavy workload. This can be a good & bad thing. 10-20 pages x 4-6 assignments. This can take 2-3 weeks to finish each assignments. If you do the math, each course can take 3-4 months to complete. - Some bad professors or picky graders. Fortunately, it was just 1 bad professor. This all depends on major. I had to drop & retake a course just to be with another professor. Turning in the same exact assignment that the previous professor rejected & was able to get a good grade. - School can drag on ending you to pay more - No video or live lectures. Everything is self taught - Low quality study materials. Most were online for free - You get what you put in. School is mostly on auto-pilot - Assignments can be quite frustrating My two sense: I attended this school to obtain a masters the quickest & cheapest possible. I also already have a full time job. So the university name doesn't matter to me. IF you're in my case, then it's worth it. If not, you're probably better off attending a better named school. You'll get much more out of it. School administration was good. Never had an issue Lastly, I would not recommend this school to anyone unless they just want a piece of paper & want cheap tuition. Otherwise, you won't learn anything. Hope this was helpful Good luck!"
  • Reviewed: 1/28/2020
  • Degree: Sports Psychology
"Mainly I write papers constantly. I think the school courses are great. The teachers are great. The complaint I do have about this school is that the financial aid department and business office employ workers who do not know what is going on half of the time. They do not explain things very well especially about financial aid. Communication is horrible. I owed $1600 on my account bc I switched majors even though financial aid was supposed to cover my fees. They for some reason said if I did not pay out of pocket that I could not return to classes, even though I would get financial aid soon that would cover the extra amount. It made no sense. I then said I needed to freeze my account which they said I could do so I could have time to pay off the amount. So I froze the account and didn't attend classes. I was just about to pay off the past due amount and return to class, exactly like I had told them, and the next thing I knew I am receiving an email saying I owe double the amount I had before, and they were about to send me to collections. I will complete my masters degree, and was planning on getting my PhD here as well, but after all the horrible experience with the business office and the financial aid office, I think I will be going else where for the PhD."
Bj Clinkenbeard
  • Reviewed: 1/23/2020
  • Degree: MSW - Clinical
"My professor treated me horrible, totally unprofessional. I turned her in and in return I get turned in for being unprofessional. Of course nothing was done on her end although I am in a ringer. After she flunked me for turning her in. Most professors here were great. Although don’t speak against them. You want a maw go some where else."
  • Reviewed: 1/20/2020
  • Degree: Social Work
"I do not recommend this school at ALL! Not support from advisors or professors. Adobe connect is the worst, it never works. I do not recommend this school to anyone. To top it off it is very expensive. I enrolled here since they offer tuition assistance for spouses and I was looking into an online program so when we PCS school can come with me. But I do not recommend capella at all."
Peter Dragula
  • Reviewed: 1/9/2020
"Don't waste your money or time on this online school. It is a for profit operation that cuts corners on its staffing and mentors, in my experience. I spent over $80,000 of my own money working towards my doctorate and wasted four years. I had good grades (4.0) average until it came down to working on proposal for my research. The committee and mentor did not approve my proposal, but instead approved a modification that in the end was impossible to complete, due to taking two years of review and the nature of approvals for working with students and school districts. The mentor ended up telling our cohort that she was quitting and was clearly burned out. I didn't receive good input that would have helped me to create a qualitative proposal I could have completed the program with. You are only given a specific period of time to complete the program and they said it would have been another $80,000 to complete for a total of over $160,000 for a doctorate. I was not able to transfer my credits and was told I would have to repeat all the classes at another school program. Don't waste your time with the online schools. It may seem efficient and some people do complete them, but if you don't due to the incompetence of their staff and lack of support, do you really want to waste your time and money?"
Castien Delov
  • Reviewed: 1/6/2020
"I did not graduate from this degree program, because I withdrew. My employer offered a tuition reimbursement. In 2015, Capella offered a Masters of Science in Human Behavior, which was supposed to be a bridge between counseling and psychology programs. I took a number of courses and found the following to be universal: A. The formula of the courses were exactly the same. Biweekly discussion posts on the reading and responding to other learners, followed by instructor feedback, with a paper due at the end of a chapter. 1) A lot of the discussion responses from learners lacked any quality, which was never addressed by the instructor. You would expect a certain degree of professionalism among your peers for an MS. 2) Instructor feedback was typically (read always) generic copy paste. "Good job, -insert off topic supplemental question-." How do I know this? I withdrew from two courses due to natural disasters and restarted them the following semesters, the instructor was completely different, but all I did was repost the same exact discussion responses from my original course and recieved the SAME feedback. At some point, when I realized no one was actually reading my work. I submitted papers for the rough draft that they would give generic feedback on, asking for certain changes and would assign a grade to it of a B. I would not bother to make any changes. I didn't meet half their requirements for the assignment, would resubmit the exact same paper for the final and make an "A". That tells me the quality of their faculty they brag about is meaningless. You are paying Capella premium dollar for a book and teaching yourselves. There's no valid feedback. Instructors rarely responded to emails or questions until you made a complaint. Then they would take forever to resolve anything. B. They would encourage you to enroll over the phone by promising you could get your degree in 3 years or less. Doing the math, the actual time is 5-6 years. When you actually attempt to have any control over your courses, they fight you tooth and nail. I was told that I had to take courses in a specific path, that I had to take courses that were meaningless credits with no bearing on the degree other than forced electives, and when I asked them not to enroll me in classes due to natural disasters, they proceeded to enroll me anyway and then charge my financial aid for those canceled courses despite my not having authorized them to use my aid for other charges. In 2018, the program Masters of Science in Human Behavior was -discontinued- and I was advised that I would have to begin over again on most of the curriculum, extending the cost and time I would have to spend on another degree that may or may not also end up chopped. I told them I was essentially teaching myself, so I no longer needed their help."
  • Reviewed: 12/19/2019
  • Degree: Business Administration
"I don't understand the complaints from all these reviews. I entered the FlexPath program for my bachelors with my AA from a local state college. In only 5 months I completed my degree. If you have no real work experience in your field of study you may struggle...if you are not motivated to work quickly and complete assignments you will struggle....if you are unable to write papers and complete lengthy research assignments at times, you are not in the right program. I absolutely loved my experience, my professor were great and I not only related to the material but I learned so much that I was not aware of. If you work in a business office setting this program is very helpful. It takes a lot of motivation and dedication, you can't expect stellar results for mediocre effort!"
Carol Powers
  • Reviewed: 12/14/2019
  • Degree: Psychology
"I left the program after one semester. I was never so disappointed and all of it stems from their online system which goes down constantly is complex and not user friendly, Even at the end of the term I cannot access my grades. The professor was not approachable and I found the whole university to be less responsive than I had come to believe. Run Away!"
  • Reviewed: 12/11/2019
  • Degree: Nursing
"I was misled, I did not know that all I would be doing is writing a ton of papers in a format I was familiar with. I hated this program and did not finish the first class. Ended up owing them money too at the end of it. Would not recommend this at all. Counselors and professor were no help at all"
Nicole Adams
  • Reviewed: 12/6/2019
  • Degree: Care Management
"I had almost daily contact from an advisor until I completed enrollment. Not once after that was I able to reach a counselor, nor did instructors returns calls or emails. Absolutely no support or guidance was offered after they had my money. I tried to reach someone about unenrolling and did not get a single call returned until it went into a new billing cycle. The school told me I owed them the fees even though I had not been engaged with a class since a week before the end of the first billing session and hadn’t been able to reach anyone to discontinue! This school is a SCAM!!! BEWARE!"