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4 out of 5

I was at a local traditional university before Capella. I have to say it was difficult at the traditional university as there was not a one on one feel and balancing it with work was nearly impossible. When I searched online schools and narrowed it down to Capella, I was skeptical at first. I found Capella to be very rigorous and challenging.

For one you cannot be passive in an online course as you are in a classroom and it required at least 20-25 hours per week of preparation and research. Every online interaction at Capella must be well thought out and backed up with peer reviewed research. It was tough! The comprehensive examination phase is quite similar to many traditional programs and as in traditional programs, many people not get to the next phase and do not graduate(ABD).

I realize that Capella is for profit so that means that they take in more students than a non-profit school . I think the blogs of complaints are from those who feel that because they paid for an education they should graduate, well dream on. Nevertheless, the poor students are weeded out but they do get a fair chance.

I assure you this is not for everyone. I repeat it this is not for everyone. My degree has already helped me gain a competitive teaching position and I am on a tenure track. So of course, examine all universities when searching and consider Capella, phoenix etc. you will find that many traditional universities are modeling schools like Capella but cannot get away from the liberal traditionalism and get rid of the walls.

I believe Capella is best for those who have a solid work history and experience and need an accredited degree for promotion.

Capella graduate 2008

4 out of 5

Capella's MBA program was a great choice for me. Being a frequent traveler in my job made it impossible to meet traditional classroom requirements, but I found Capella's schedule, though rigoruous, encompassed all the flexibility I needed to complete a graduate degree.

I specifically enjoyed the variety of professors teaching the various classes in the program, who came from top ranked universities across the nation. I found their teaching styles to be stimulating and thought-provoking - particularly the professor from Stanford.

The courses in the program that sealed my belief in Capella as the right choice for me, were the in-depth courses in business ethics and diversity. The final project was an amazing experience; designing a company or division of a company from scratch, including creation of presentations to potential investors or board, an intricate detailed business plan and financial spreadsheets.

The research required for this final piece of the program was amazingly rigorous and included many visits via the Capella link to the library at Johns Hopkins University. The 2-year course demanded hard work, but I found the challenges and learning from the courses and the interaction with other students extremely invigorating and enlightening. I've also used many of the techniques and processes gained from the program in my current career.

I would recommend the MBA program to anyone with a bit of writing skill, as well as a lot of self-motivation and personal discipline. I wouldn't change a thing about the program I encountered at Capella.

4 out of 5

I received my PhD from the School of Education last June. Previously, I'd dropped out of two other doctoral programs: one at the University of Maryland and the other at George Washington University (both respected schools. I lost interest in the problem I originally wanted to explore.) So, I have some basis of comparison in terms of program quality.

I found Capella to be every bit as good--actually, better--than either UMD or GWU. However, online schooling is quite different from a "brick and mortar" school and I was in a different place in my life that made attending classes in my bathrobe with no commuting or parking hassles the way to go.

I did have one "luxury" (for which I paid a hefty price--heart failure) that allowed me to replace a job with school (work disability). Most learners have a problem balancing school, family, work, community, etc. I only had to stop to play with the cats! (I plan to teach at an online university. My mind's fine--it's just my body that's cranky.)

My program within the School of Ed is called Professional Studies. What that means is that you are allowed to take courses outside of education. I choose psychology courses and ended up with a specialization in educational neuropsychology--a new and rather demanding interdisciplinary subject I find utterly fascinating. Capella provided me with the freedom and support to pursue an area outside the academic mainstream. I couldn't have been happier!

Personally, I suspect that name recognition only counts if you're the grad of an Ivy League school. I read dissertations from graduates of Harvard and have no doubt (nor did my committee) that mine was as good or better. And Capella prepared me to be able to say that honestly. (Loving my topic so much didn't hurt either. I think that's a key to motivation and success). I can't imagine receiving the kind of support and flexibility I did in either of the other doctoral programs I was in. My mentor was and still is one of the "angel people" in my life.

Bottom line, I had a wonderful experience with Capella and recommend it without hesitation. But as all things in life, you need to be proactive about getting what you need and letting folks at the school know what that is so they can help you achieve it. I would only add the caveat that I graduated a year ago and since then, Capella has changed some of their program requirements.

Search over 220,000 programs:
4 out of 5

I graduated with my MBA August 2007. To be honest if I had start over again I would have not chosen Capella. I attended University of Phoenix on ground campus and although I did not care for UOP as much, I chose Capella based on emotions. I felt that the program is way expensive and even after I graduated I sought assistance from Career Center with my resume.

Capella does not have a strong Alum Association and I felt that once you graduate it would be nice that Alum has some sought of support. I enjoy most of the my learners and even nice to meet many of them face to face at graduation. The program is very good but I felt that if there a strong Alum association and further assistance with Alum this would be a great school to attend.

But if you are starting out as entry level in your career I would have rather attended local college in Atlanta. Now that I am pursuing additional courses in Accounting paid for by tuition assistance and not out of my pocket, I will not choose Capella.

Would I attend another online school probably so but I would attend a school that has traditional program at Brick and Mortar program with option of flexible schedule and cheaper.

4 out of 5

I enjoyed the experience, good professors, and very flexible. People were involved and enthusiastic. The coursework ranged from simple to difficult, depending on the class. The WebCT software was adequate at best, this could have been better.

4 out of 5

I recently graduated from Capella University and got my MBA degree online. The time it takes to complete the MBA is pretty flexible, but I went without any breaks and graduated in 19 months. Overall I feel like the coursework and tests are only somewhat challenging, but quite time consuming. I say this because despite the "blackboard" which is the online posting community, you really do feel like you are somewhat on your own while attending.

I don't mean that my teachers weren't helpful, but without forced interaction with other students, "school" is quite different. Also, because I didn't have study groups like I would in traditional schooling, I tended to over study. Lets be honest though, the reason I chose this type of format was because I wanted to do school on my own schedule, finish ASAP and also because it was much less expensive than my alternatives.

There are some shortcomings in the online setting, but overall I feel like it was a predictable and polished experience. Also, if I was going to get another degree, I would most likely do it in the same fashion.

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