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  • Greenwood Village (CO)
  • Annual Tuition: $8,400
75% of 17 students said this degree improved their career prospects
53% of 17 students said they would recommend this program to others
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Reviews - Bachelor's in Information Technology

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  • Reviewed: 2/20/2023
  • Degree: Information Technology
"I'm thankful for this school for everything! I got my credits transferred from different universities/college and it all counted towards my bachelor degree. Courses were relatively easy for me because they were all related to my current job in IT industry. I had amazing advisor and professor, and they were very supportive."
IT Student
  • Reviewed: 4/26/2022
  • Degree: Information Technology
"This school exists to charge you over $1000 in tuition per course for content that you would find in any other course offering online. Sometimes they aren't even ashamed of it, you'll see other online courses simply ported into Canvas as the course content, but your professor most likely barely even reviewed that content in those cases, and will be completely unhelpful to you outside of pointing you to the course content that, again, you could have found online for like $50. Otherwise you'll be doing time wasting busy-work that does not build your understanding in anyway, and often just does not correspond to the course content at all. Most of the time you'll be doing a paper or an assignment in another online course once a week, and the papers you'll usually get full credit if you turn in something coherent. Or the professor will just take 20% off saying you didn't fulfull requirements that were specifically stated to not be the case on the assignment, it's honestly random. Basically, if you actually want or need an education in a field, flee in the other direction as fast as possible. If you already have the knowledge you need and just need to do some busy work for a rubber stamp on a degree, it'll be $1050/3 credits here, with a 120 credit requirement to graduate based on a list of classes that changes EVERY YEAR."
Heath C
  • Reviewed: 2/21/2020
  • Degree: Information Technology
"The only reason I'm giving a 1 star review is that I cannot give them no stars. The Company is all about the money. The classes are not standard across the degree path one teacher tells you one thing another states something completely different. The support staff is utterly useless. I'm not sure why they call them advisers as they will only help to ensure you are in debt up to your ears. If you can get them to respond to you they are not going to help you other than to drag out the process hoping you will signup for another class. You will also quickly find that employers are not interested in a degree from this company. If you want to transfer to a real college they will tell you that most of your credit hours are not transferable. PLEASE DO USE THIS COMPANY. BUYER BEWARE!!"
  • Reviewed: 1/18/2020
  • Degree: Information Technology
"Current student in the IT program. Teachers are NOT teachers, they are facilitators. Complete the work and you are guaranteed to pass and graduate. The program for for the IT students, TestOut, is the biggest joke. You will repeat quizzes and labs in at least 3 or 4 classes. It does moves up in levels, but it is generally a repeat. Material and ans labs in the networking class are repeated in systems and security as well as intermediate networking. my god, then again in the enterprise class. ******, 'leader' for the it project mgmt class - what a joke. he will copy and paste comments over and over each week as he "grades" your work. it is a TOTAL waste. i have spent 21k for a BS in IT that in the end comes from a BS school, a BS program - this BS is real ... BS !!"
  • Reviewed: 8/20/2019
  • Degree: Information Technology
"First of all - my advisors go through revolving door so frequently - I never know who is my advisor. Whenever I email them, I get "out of office." My IT degree requirements were a joke, they wanted me to take "Accounting" for a "required course. Most of my instructors respond nearly a day later. So if you come home from work, as most of us do, you started asking question to your instructor, you won't get it until the next day when you come home from work. There goes time. Many of my instructors are super vague with their instructions, they expect you to be already all knowing that is why you are going to school to learn s*** you already know. Most of them are PhD, and yet they are super dull. They have no people skills. They can't teach."
  • Reviewed: 7/15/2019
  • Degree: Information Technology
"Yeah... Good luck getting an official transcript if you ever need one. Paid my outstanding balance over 3 months ago now and they still won't release a transcript. Worst school I've ever been to on all levels. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT GO HERE"
  • Reviewed: 4/29/2019
  • Degree: Information Technology
"This is a grate school. I have two kids in a campus college also. Its harder in that its all online but if you have questions or need help you can email or call which is exactly what my kids do. They can choose to not go to lecture because thier courses are pod cast which is pretty much the same. Everything is due at the same time every week so no pop quizes. You have to teach yourself a little but I am older and have a ton of experience so I like it that way. Had trouble with two instructors but no different than any other school. The instructors are highly educated and work actively in thier field. Financial aid and my advisor were very helpful way more helpful than my daughters school that literally pops up new charges after financial aid is applied every five minutes. They are horrible but never had an issue with CSU. Called my advisor so.much I think she was annoyed but never showed it! Going to commencement in Denver in June! Yay! Never could move into positions I wanted because I didnt have a degree so now, sky is the limit!"
  • Reviewed: 2/15/2019
  • Degree: Information Technology
"Listen you can learn a lot from the program. Dont let the reviews on here fool you. However, what you learn is only up to you. All the content is there, but you arent actually taught anything by an instructor. They facilitate the course and grade for work. Thats it. You have to put in the work to actually retain and apply what you learn. I just finished my BS in Information Technology with a 3.75, and it was the easiest course load Ive ever taken. Most of the teachers dont even read the papers; I literally copied and pasted the same three paragraphs one time to make a 10 page paper and received a 95% (I forgot to cite). Its sad to admit but I wanted to see for myself if the instructor paid attention. Obviously they did not. This was true for almost every class I took. Sometimes Id completely bs a paper and get a 90-95%. The paper didnt even make sense. Long story will take from this school what you want. Dont expect anything from the professors. I was told once that if I had questions that Id have to google them to help with a database issue for a program we were required to install on our computers. Enough said."
Jon Cline
  • Reviewed: 1/3/2019
  • Degree: Information Technology
"I'm near completion of a BS in Information Technology and am very happy with my experience. I've earned a 3.96 GPA and had to work very hard for it. I've always treated my instructors with respect and they've done the same for me. Anytime I've had an issue or didn't fully understand something, my instructors or student advisor have responded to my questions in a timely manner. There have been very few technical difficulties since I started in September of 2015 and I don't regret choosing CSU-Global one bit. I moved from being a System Technician at a telecommunications company to being a Network Support Specialist II at a local university. My experience had a lot to do with that, but I know I wouldn't have been considered for the position without the courses I've taken. I also know that completing my degree increases the likelihood that I'll be able to move up in the future. You get what you put in and if you don't learn anything or you don't succeed, chances are it isn't the school's or anyone else's fault but your own. CSU-Global has the same expectations for all of their students from what I've seen. If you don't want to succeed, they won't make you and they won't do the work for you. I'm sure some people skate by and complete their degree without learning anything. I've seen some pretty poor work from other students and have often wondered if they passed or not, but I can say from experience that my work has always been graded fairly, whether it was good or bad. I will say that there is a lot of writing involved and if you don't improve your skills in that area quickly, you'll have difficulties in most of your courses. Some of the CLEP tests were extremely difficult as well and I wouldn't recommend them for everyone. My suggestion is to do your best work in the time you have, absorb as much of the material you can so that you can apply it to the real world, and don't be afraid to use their tutoring services and actually talk to your instructor. I know that when I complete my degree I will have learned a great deal, I'll be proud of myself for completing it, and I'll be able to apply my knowledge to my profession. If you just want a piece of paper, then CSU-Global probably isn't a good choice for you. If you want an education, I would highly recommend it."
  • Reviewed: 11/17/2018
  • Degree: Information Technology
"Overall, I had a quality experience at the CSU-Global Campus. Like many other reviewers have said, you often get out what you put into it. The classes require lots of research and paper writing. This is a much more effective way to learn in comparison to simple regurgitation and testing, but it is challenging because doing a good job takes time. I transferred 90 credit hours into the program from a traditional state school. Between the two, I felt I learned the same amount in the CSU-Global classes as I had in my previous traditional college classes. Sure, there were some professors that I did not consider good, but this is consistent with every institute of higher learning. The trick for success is to be adaptable to each individual class, both in requirements and professor expectations. Most of my professors were excellent and guided me through many great academic learning experiences. Many of the negative reviews I read here are from people that do not grasp what a college level education is like, either they have outrageous expectations (classes are never about the success of one student) or they were not able to be successful and are therefore bitter (notice their writing). In terms of a degree being from CSU-GC and employer credibility, the individual must sell themselves and their degree. If an employer is unaware of CSU-GC they may brush off your degree, its up to you as the individual to change their mind. As the Global Campus is part of the same system as the Fort Collins and Pueblos Campuses, this is not hard to do. I cannot speak for other programs/classes within the school, but my teachers certainly graded to standard. No A's were handed out without proper justification. I highly recommend CSU-Global's undergraduate program, I found it on par with other traditional state school programs."
  • Reviewed: 10/7/2018
  • Degree: Information Technology
"Those who claim the education value is top notch at CSU Global must have a 5th grade education. This online University is an absolute JOKE and before you start classes here you better do some serious research. The universitys president Becky Takeda-Tinker wrote a book in 2018 regarding her idea of hiring instructors that have real life industry experience. Rather than hiring professional educators to teach at CSU Global. The idea was the instructors would then be able to have discussions on actual real life experiences and share them with the students. The problem I experienced along with all the students who were in the 20 some classes I took at CSU Global was the instructors were vertual nonexistent therefore, most of us taught ourself the course material. With instructors working within their specific industry full time, teaching at CSU Global was a side job. The last thing the instructors wanted to do after working in their respective careers 40 plus hours a week. The last thing they wanted to do was answer students dumb questions. Most often instictors were not engaged with the course and their weekly discussions for each student was copied and pasted within each students discussion. Instructors rairly imgaged in discussions with follow up responses. I was left to learn the course material on my own using the course text book and Google search. Because of the information that was provided by the school to the instructors and then shared with the student was worthless at best. It was up to the student to find the required information on their own every week in order to complete the weekly assignments. This took an absorbent amount of time each week to complete the assignments, not only were weekly discussions required per course, multiple page research papers were required. None of the instructors were provided with what an APA formatted paper should be formatted. Every 8 weeks when classes changed the instuctor would have their own idea of how an APA format should be written. This was problematic since the instructor would not provide the students with prior instructions outlining their idea of APA formatting. This is not an over exaggeration in any way, I know after the first week of a new course there would be a weekly discussion about the instructors APA requirements. It wasnt unusual that I would have to write week ones paper a second time because the process I had just spent 8 weeks using was not the right formate CSU Global required. I reported this to advisors on multiple occassions but nothing ever changed im nearly two years. The little bit of course material provided to students usually had multiple errors. Which could consist of bad URLs, conflicting instructions, missing information, spelling mistakes. The course syllabuses were full of mistakes and if brought to the instructor attention they would mostly ignore the post / email. Instructors do not have access to any of the course material, course syllabus, posted with in Schoolology Online Portal. Only CSU Global has the ability to update, change, or manipulate anything course related. Information would only be corrected every other year. Can you believe the amount of students that see the same mistakes within a given course syllabus before something is actually done. Of course no amendments are made or noted prior to any update. The instuctor cant even note it, within the course outline to proactively notify students of the known errors. This would be too easy for the student and God forbid they provide help. This education ended up costing me just under $35,000 and when I think about having to pay money for an education I did not get, it infuriates me. I laugh when I think about the education value, since I graduated with a 3.7 GPA. I would like to believe that I learned the marterial needed to earn the GPA, however, I am more than certain I was giving grades I did not truly earn considering many instructors only looked at assignments long enough to confirm the required information was discussed. As long as an attempt was made in the right format and required amount of pages had been completed it was an A paper. You couldnt copy from any other document because everything had to be checked by a similarity score simulator. There were many courses I took that the instructor never bothered to register the class and activate the program. I would bet it was overlooked because the instructor was not informed of the requirement by CSU Global. Students would never say anything if it was not activated because this meant they could plagiarize their assignments without question. Unless, it was an English course the instructor was never going to read a class of 30 students 10 page weekly assignments. In 8 weeks time they would be reading and grading 2,400 pages give or take. Haha, never going to happen especially while they are working a full time job and taking care of their family. The only thing this allows CSU Global is the opportunity to sell a would be instructor on how simple it is for them. Unlike an actual teacher or professor they actually have to work for the money they earn. Instuctor with CSU Global dont have to worry about the weekly lesson plan, everything is posted online and they dont have to worry about coming up with anything, everything has already done for them. CSU Global instructors are only required do one discussion post per week and post one weekly grade per student. You would have to be brainless to not want to be employed by CSU Global, they are basically giving money away and requiring little in return. They dont require their instructors to have any of the basic teaching qualifications as long as they individual Has real life industry experience. Anyone who is considerate, passionate, understanding, accountable, with ethical standards should not apply. Those who believe the school is all about the bottom dollar even though the school is supposed to be a not for profit university. Please dont make a 35 thousand dollar mistake like I did. Do research and make sure that you choose the absolute best education. Those wanting to pay for their degree this is essentially what their IT degree program requires. Be smart, Good Luck!"
  • Reviewed: 6/23/2018
  • Degree: Information Technology
"How is a student supposed to have faith in an online university if you can't access your assignments because of non-stop maintenance? 3/4 of the time I could not even login into the portal, and when I did get logged in, the portal had limited functionality. Because of this, I decided that I would withdraw as I didn't have faith in their online learning environment. When attending an online university, you should be able to access your assignments any time of the day Note: This was only my second week in and I plan on not re-enrolling. This was extremely frustrating, as I was really hoping to complete my Bachelor's degree."
  • Reviewed: 11/28/2017
  • Degree: Information Technology
"I read a review that said instructors did not give feed back and that the weekly essays are almost 6 pages long. I have been going to this school for almost 3 years and love it! Unfortunately online schooling is not for everyone and it is not easy at all! It is very difficult and needs a lot of time and dedication! I was able to still maintain my A GPA, but it took me doing homework almost every night and 8 hours on Saturdays and Sundays. Yes there is a lot that you have to read and yes essay are due for the first 6 out of 8 weeks, but they start at 3 to 4 pages until you get to 8 weeks which are normally around 8 to 10 pages average. Professor's do respond to your grading you have to go into your work that you submitted and that is where any feedback is located. I loved going to this school! I will graduate 12-3 and will be starting my Master's degree next year."
  • Reviewed: 11/5/2017
  • Degree: Information Technology
"The classes and instruction at CSU-Global were overall very good. Typical with all learning institutions that I have attended you will find some instructors and classes that are lacking. All in all I was very happy with what I learned and for information technology the hands on approach is the best way to go."
Adam S
  • Reviewed: 8/10/2017
  • Degree: Information Technology
"A lot of adults assume that online classes are easy, they are not! Online learning is much harder than in-class learning. I got an Associate Degree in Science (Information technology) at a high quality community college, then enrolled at CSU since i move around a lot. The courses are very challenging and overloaded, writing three responses in interactive forums, weekly papers:4-5 pages a week, and a final project of 11-12 pages. Your professor would provide guidance if you ask, but nothing more. All of my courses (46 credits) i've taken here were all self efforts, reading material provided with the course and doing my own research. I sacrificed a lot when it comes to social life since i also work full-time as an engineer, but it is worth it. If you expect to get an "easy degree", look elsewhere, the curriculum is challenging here in a good way !!"
  • Reviewed: 8/15/2016
  • Degree: Information Technology
"I am a current student at CSU-Global and this University's policy is setup to favor the University. I recently encountered a situation where I had to request an extension due to unforeseen circumstances. I followed CSU's Incomplete Request and the instructor failed to make the exam available. It is going on one month and the between the Instructor and faculty members this issues continues to be unresolved. Their lack of communication amongst one another is poor and they will try to put the blame on the student. Luckily, I am strong willed and I continue to stand my ground and advocate for current and future students. Run away and choose a more reputable University that treats its students with dignity and respect. The Instructors are not helpful and they also refer you to the internet instead of actually teaching the class. If you get stuck you'll have to depend of the internet as instructors declined to guide you through assignments. If I wanted to teach myself I would not have paid so much money to get the job done. Run, run, run, away fast."
  • Reviewed: 9/16/2014
  • Degree: Information Technology
"I had gone to a "regular" university years ago, and after 2 years of attending classes and not knowing what I wanted to do, I left for the workforce. During the course of the next 15 years I finished an associates in Electronics and gained a lot of practical experience and certifications in the IT industry. With urging from my boss, I decided to go back and finish my Bachelors and CSU-Global seemed like a good fit for someone who worked full time and could only further my education on my own time. The application/admission process was fairly straightforward and they did accept the majority of my previous credits with no problems. There was an option to get some additional credits for real-life experience (based on certifications) but I didn't pursue that option as it seemed tedious and it didn't sound like it would have a major impact. The coursework itself was not overly difficult, but keep in mind I had 15 years experience in the industry so a lot of it was review. The actual computer/network courses were pretty easy because of that. The most engaging courses were the management/leadership type classes and the project management class. The classes I had the most difficulty with were the Accounting course and the Software programming (Java) course, this was largely due to me not being terribly interested in either based on my own personal preferences. Also, a later course was a database class on MS SQL 2005, which was pretty out of date given that both 2008 and 2012 were out. The word was they were developing the new course based off newer versions, but as it was one of my last class requirements I wanted to get it out of the way rather than wait. They also really didn't have an intro to DBA type class, but that was apparently also in development so they likely do by now. Overall, the work wasn't too difficult if you are a proficient writer (as practically all of the homework is written papers or forum topic discussions) and you can manage your time effectively. I can't speak as to how valuable the degree is from a general perspective. I've been with the same company for quite a long time, so I haven't had to interview for any new jobs now that I have this degree and I don't have any feedback to grade how well received it would be by those in hiring positions. However it did help me to get a promotion at work into a management role, which likely wouldn't have happened otherwise. So from that perspective it was worth the time and effort, as well as the personal satisfaction of being able to say I finally finished my Bachelor's."