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2 out of 5
Degree: MBA in Human Resources
Graduation Year: 2013

The quality of education has declined in the past year. I have 2 Master's degrees from here and my husband was working on his Bachelor's. Teachers have gotten worse and worse, even had one who never responded to multiple emails and postings on a thread. It is almost $2000 per 8 week semester. Definately NOT worth the money!

1 out of 5
Degree: Management
Graduation Year: 2013

Dear Potential Devry Students, I believe this school to have a good vision with poor execution. This conclusion is solely the reason I feel Devry is not worth the price you pay for it.

The recruiters here are either of low integrity or un-informed. The promises the make are not delivered upon and the support picture they paint for the online courses are also of serious opportunity. The Math course is absolutely 0 support, you must figure it out. So if it is not your strong point and needed to reach your degree, I highly do not recommend this school. You have homework assignments with the only "interaction" requirement is to post "random thoughts" from the assignments into a class forum. There are no video courses, neither live nor recorded with exception to orientation.

The financial aid is unclear and, in my own experience, rushed through with important information omited. When I was signing up for classes the individuals I spoke with were polite and attentive to my inquiries, however that impression was later not the case. When I called to withdraw from the current classes, I was met with what I first thought to be a disgruntled employee. After a few more conversations to attempt to clear up bad information I received, I was told "unless you have the previous conversations recorded, we cannot help you". I knew that if I was to withdraw from classes, I would have to pay a penalty, that I was able to accept, but the quote from the first individual was completely off and by the time I found out what the "actual" cost was, I had no proof.

I would hate to conclude that Devry has integrity problems, but at minimum the "left hand does not know what the right hand is doing".

I do not recommend going to this school, they do not follow through with their promises and their financial information & advice is questionable.

5 out of 5
Degree: Information Technology
Graduation Year: 2012

I attended this college for 18 months and from the beginning I did not encounter any problems. The admissions, college and financial advisors were very helpful and made my stay at DeVry rewarding. I had an Environmental Science class and I wondered what this class had to do with my college career. Well, I got my answer when I took a statistics class. I was glad I took the Environmental Science class first. If not I would have been lost in the statistics class. The student support services gave me much support during my time with DeVry. I was invited to be a Student Support Advisor during my senior year and it was my pleasure giving other students advice. All of the professors were knowledgable and helpful. One thing I know about this school and I advised other students to never turn in an assignment late without an excuse such as a doctor's statement. All of my professors were very understanding. If a student missed an important deadline, the professors will not lower their grade; they only asked for verification.

There is a lot of reading,studying and projects to do. You have to stay focused and disciplined. If you plan to make excuses and not take your education seriously, then DO NOT ENROLL at DeVry because you will waste your money. I am working with career services and they are helping me with my resume. Although I am a mother, and full-time employee, I graduated Summa Cum Laude because I was focus and very disciplined I worked very hard in the last 18 months and I know it will pay off. I posted my resume online and I received several invitations to apply with different companies.

Thank You DeVry University!!!

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1 out of 5
Degree: Graphic Design

I would not advise this school to anyone. I attended the New Brunswick campus in NJ, many of the professors I had were lazy and sometime obnoxious to students. Their online system for doing homework and taking tests is just bad, students were sometime unable to get into the system, and at times students would show up for classes and not be on the attendance list.

Now many of my classmates were lazy and unmotivated. Many of them should not of been in college in the first place. This school will take anyone approved for financial aid and a heartbeat. The classes I took, I was basically teaching myself and all the tests were open book, so why bother to test anyone! The Math classes were a joke, totally self taught, there is one professor in the class and an assistant, who is usually just hanging out and not being really helpful. They are not teaching, they are just tutoring at very high prices. I could go on , but other posts are covering what I am leaving out pretty well.

One last thing I took a class that was supposed to teach me how to use Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. The Professor who was monitoring the class (he was not teaching), had no knowledge of Word or Excel, and the lessons were a series of computer tests, that had to be solved exactly the way the program was designed, previous knowledge of Excel PP or Word was useless since it had to be done the way the program wanted or you were wrong. Asking the professor for help was useless sine hed didn't know anything about the course. His advice was to finish as quickly as possible and go home. Overall Devry was below average. I am now at Rutgers Univ, a real college where students and faculty are focused.

4 out of 5
Degree: Project Management
Graduation Year: 2014

After about an hour of reading these reviews, I have found that most people don't like the financial portion of DeVry. I personally haven't had any issues, but I guess it really depends on your department. I am strictly an online student out of the Morrisville, NC office. I am in a Bachelor/Masters Program that seems to be going very well. I've been attending for 3 years and along with financial aid, my company (Lockheed Martin) is also pitching in. So for those who are looking for validation of this school, one thing to think about is that Lockheed would not pay for a bullcrap school. They only pay for accredited institutions. In addition, one of the main reasons I selected DeVry was it's accreditation with PMI (Project Management Institute). All potential PM's should read on this a bit and realize that having a degree is important, but getting your PMP (Project Management Professional) certification is very important.

Since I work and have children, a typical brick and mortar school was impossible. DeVry give you flexibility to live your life and go to school. Some of the classes are easy and some are more challenging. But that is the way of any school. I never like English in High School and thought it was very difficult. Math was great and I thought it was easy. Others may be different.

There is a lot of reading as it is online and not verbally taught. You must expect to be able to self-motivate if you choose to learn online. As far as finding a job, I was able to get one while attending DeVry and was told that a ($20,000) pay raise was coming after graduation of my Bachelor's and another one after my Master's.

As far as these reviews go, everyone is different and the location of their schools are different. I would recommend asking a lot of questions before starting. Knowing what you want before going in and demanding that you get what you want. If they can't give it to you in writing, than you should try somewhere else. I am getting what I want and am very proud of my accomplishments to date as a continuing education student.

1 out of 5

I thought Devry would be good. Been in business a long time, yadda yadda. Ha! Was I wrong. I was there for 1 regular term and 1 and a half summer sessions. I didn't have a lot of money left from financial aid, but if done right it should have gotten me through until at least my last year. Instead they took out $17,000 just in the first semester, which I didn't catch until I went on to the NSLDS website after I left.

They only showed me what they wanted me to on my FA worksheet. I was constantly doing homework and posting. More than I've ever done in a physical class making a 3.8. Still trying to figure out why I have to take pre tests and tests up to 3 times. Especially since there are practice tests galore in the workbook. During the summer term student services told me if I took 3 classes total for both summer terms I'd be full time. So, imagine my shock when I kept getting a bill for $4000+. Financial aid never contacted me about it. When I left FA informed me that I didn't qualify for FA because I wasn't full time. Now I get the final bill after everything is figured and it's now $1036.

Funny thing is when I checked NSLDS what was 58k in used student loans the weeks after I left is now 60k after they sent me the much lower bill. Hmmm... I thought I didn't qualify for FA during those last two semesters? I can't even begin to tell you all the other things wrong with this school. However, everything that others have said against it are true. Don't think I learned a thing.

Other than how to google the answer and formula for figuring out how many people are on three ships. Yes, you can cheat. The last teacher even said so. Well, she said it was open book. What book? I wish i had just stayed with my previous school and finished off my BA there.

1 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2014

While going to this school now 4 semesters let me give you intell on this college, if someone gets sick you are still required to go, my dad had a stroke, and a heart attack and i got a warning, after that I got sick and then i was dropped from class, due for all of this mind you I had loan money 1,900 to pay out of my own pocket, plus loan money, then the next semester starts the counclers that call you every other day with a they want to know why you dont answer you phone, oh you work full time?

what, you have a life? what? mind you this is online classes. then they call you when you do get home and you are studing, you tell them hey im studing, they keep talking. not a GOOD COLLEGE. save your money got to a schooll there if you make a c you get credit for the c, not your going to have repete this because you did not pass pass is an A OR B and that is it. can you do that?

3 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2005

I went to this school. I owe the bank $40,000 and I can't get a job from what they taught me. I was in game and simulation major. They seem to be knowledgeable about the basics in C++. But, they teach the basic very very very slowly. Those things could've been taught within 6 months but it took them 12 months to teach us. When it comes to more advance stuff, they don't seem to be very knowledgeable. They asked us to copy and paste the codes and see ourselves on what it does.I learn very very very little from doing that. The English classes are completely useless. All the topics they asked you to write will be very very very easy. They don't grade your grammar, as long as you write something relevant. You get an A. The result is, your writing won't improve, and your reading won't improve. As for the math classes go... my physic teacher completely suck! He wouldn't explain what each of those symbol and signs mean and left the whole class confused. And he gave inflated grades. I supposedly to get a D and he gave me a C. Some other math classes are okay. I give them a C grade for their teaching quality. I don't understand 100% but I understand 70% of them. Now that I know more things from attending a community college, I realized that they need to teach trigonometry in order understand some of the game physics. They made us to take 2 physic classes. One is pure physic, which as I mentioned before, the teacher completely sucked! And other one was game physics, the teacher was okay... he explains a lot clearer than that garbage physic teacher but still not very good. I simply memorized the formula from the game physic class and do not understand it. Now I know why. I don't know trigonometry and I don't know calculus. Devry didn't add calculus and trigonometry in game and simulation courses requirements. They said it'll only take you less than 3 years to get a degree, the thing is, you won't be having enough skills and they have lousy teachers and the courses are well thought out. I am majoring in computer science in a community college and plan to transfer to a state university. And so far... the community college I am teach hell lot better than Devry. I understand every detail of how calculus and trigonometry works and my computer science teacher teach us pretty well. I don't have any questions or confusions, which is a good thing. I understand it clearly. I just looked through the text book that Devry provided on game physics, there are calculus in there... what the hell? Limits, derivatives... why only a brief lesson of derivative? I don't know... maybe it only need that portion of it... Some of them teachers they hire seem very very suspicious. One of the bull$%&*@$%& teacher I had once gave us this quote "yea, I can talk" Sounds to me like the school just hired him out of desperation and he just not sure what to teach and that class was disappointing. Game design class... he taught us how to use 3D studio max on creating a box, a pyramid, a sphere.., okay the most advance thing he taught was to how to animate. But those are simple functions. And then the next class which is very similar was audio and visual design. Using 3D studio max again, teaching us again on how to draw a box, a sphere, a pyramid and how to animate. And the audio design was record and sound and loop it. That's it. Bull$%&*@$%&. Just stay away from this school... it seems that they are more interested in your money rather than putting together a well thought out education for you. And for those who claim that they earned a lot of money from graduating from Devry.. suspect that they are working for Devry and come here to say what a great school it is. Ask them the quality of the teachers, I bet they are going to ignore you. Or might make up some more stuff/ Trust me or trust them? maybe I am just mad because I get no jobs because I am just dumb. I tried... if it's my fault because I am lazy, then it'll be very childish of me to ruin their reputation. Yes I admit I was very lazy when I was in Devry because the stuff was extremely easy and basic and later on it confused the hell out of me. But I have no good reason to ruin their reputation, I am just telling what I experienced. Stay away from Devry. From all majors. All location. If one major isn't well put together, then you should be aware of other majors. Trust me, community colleges and other public colleges have many years of school experience. They know what student needs. They put all the lessons that student need to learn in order to move on. You won't get lost at in learning all when you are in a public college. I am talking about a community college that I am in, I can't imagine how good other public university are. Such as Berkeley. Devry charges $700 per unit. My community college charge used to charge $27 per unit, maybe $37 now since my community college is in a financial crisis. Just because they charge more, doesn't mean they give a good education. Stay away from Devry I wanted to sue Devry for scamming my 2.5 years and my $40,000. But I have no money for a lawyer and since they are rich, they are going to hire a very good lawyer to defend themselves. But I might think about suing them when I graduate and have some money. My family isn't rich at all. Most of them students who went there aren't rich at all. They just have financial aid support and borrow money.

2 out of 5
Degree: Technology Management
Graduation Year: 2012

I transferred into DeVry after having spent 4 years as a video game programming major at The Art Institute. The student counselor suggested I get into the Tech. Business Management program, which would round out my skills with management knowledge. Sounds good, right...?

Two year later and I just ran out of financial aid, taking out a $7,000 private loan to cover school costs. Job outlook: hopeless. The career services staff are worthless, never responding to messages or showing much interest in helping me find a job. I feel unprepared for even a entry level or junior position. My skills are not on par had I gone to even the local community college. My faith in God is the only thing helping me through this mess.

The "education" at DeVry is a joke. It's nothing but busy work. The majority of DeVry's workload is in the weekly discussions. Quizzes and exams are easy since you can cheat. Since you are at home, you can open another tab in your browser and look up the answers; many online schools share the same tests as DeVry. I've even had duplicate questions on quizzes before (since they are computer generated). I have hardly learned anything here except some Exel and a little about computer hardware. I know nothing about business management and didn't even do any programming with DeVry. Most of my courses have been gen. ed. classes that wasted my time and money. I hate this school.

5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2016

My experience with DeVry has been satisfactory after a year and a half as an online student pursuing a Bachelor's Degree. FACT: the tuition is higher than not-for-profit institutions. DeVry does not hide this or try to circumvent it, the tuition is posted on their website, which is accessible to ANYONE!

FACT: some of the classes are not as academically rigorous as I would have hoped, but I have found that those are the general education courses. The courses I have taken that pertain to my major have not only been very challenging but have also taught me more in eight weeks than I have learned in months at the previous school(brick and mortar) I attended.

FACT: You get what you pay for, and I would not pay for a business, nursing,or accounting degree from DeVry. That is not what they specialize in, they have been in existence for over 80 years, and their primary focus has always been technology of some sort. I would pay for an electronics engineering or IT degree from this school as it is what they do best. If you thought a nursing degree from an online institution was a good idea, you have more problems than having decided to attend Chamberlain(a subsidiary of DeVry).

FACT: This is College, attended by what are supposed to be adults. This means that YOU are responsible for keeping up with what classes you need to complete your degree(they have a degree navigator to make this simple!) it is NOT the academic adviser's job to do this. Academic advisers suggest courses that fit your degree requirements, but they are SUGGESTIONS, it is ultimately up to you what classes you want to and do enroll in. FACT: YOU are responsible for knowing the cost of your education AND whether or not you can afford it, with or without financial aid of any kind, AND to ask what kind of aid is available.

FACT: I have found student services to be nothing but supportive, useful and friendly. I have never felt pressured in any way by anyone at DeVry. They are extremely supportive and want you to succeed. I have been VERY impressed with their professionalism and level of personal attention. I am happy that I chose DeVry because I did research and found that it best fit all of my needs(flexibility, cost, accreditation, I even asked around and know someone who is employed in their degree field).

FACT: Not everyone should attend college, just like not everyone should own a home. After reading most of the reviews here I have come to several conclusions. The first of which is that most of the complaints are from students who can't form a proper sentence, can't spell, and would not benefit from a college education as they probably did not succeed in high school. The second is that many of you expect that the pre-work (enrollment, financial aid, etc) will be done FOR you. This is NOT realistic. It is your responsibility to know what is required(financially and academically) and to ASK for help if you do not know. Please, GROW UP and hold yourself accountable for bad decisions when YOU make them.

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