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Keiser University Reviews - Associate in Occupational Therapy Assistant

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1 out of 5
Degree: Occupational Therapy Assistant
Graduation Year: 2013

Lets start off by saying I had no confidence once so ever about myself going to school until I started Keiser. I went to BCC and FIU and barely made it by the skin on my teeth. I have two kids and trying to find a schedule that worked with them was hard until I went to this school.

Everyone seems nice at first until you ask for help. I was ONE class away until being placed in my OTA program I became extremely ill to the point that I was hospitalized for two weeks! While I was in my hospital bed I called my school everyday and left my professor emails to let them know what was going on. When I returned to school with doctors notes and actual documation I was told I was dropped from my program! And that I would have to retake my math class and pay for it out of pocket! I came into the deans office in tears showing them that I had been extremely sick and that I tried everything to get in track! I even went as far to bring in my phone records.

They completely dismissed me, even my professor spoke up on my behalf and they still acted as if I didn't do enough to please them. After that I lost all faith in that school.. And well going back to school in general. Almost 12,000 dollars down the drain. My advice is to cross this school or should I say "business" off your list. ,/p>

2 out of 5
Degree: Occupational Therapy Assistant
Graduation Year: 2012

Well i attended Keiser back in Oct of 2010 I thought it was great, small classes once a month. Student services sucked Financial aid ladies none of them knew what they were doing all they seemed too know what shade of pink they decorated there desks with completely incompetent people. The dean looks like shes 22 and also acts like a child you get no where with here. She's also incapable of giving direct answers the books where ridiculously expensive couldn't find on amazon and the classes well wow super super expensive but i got all 2's in the 4 months i was there.

I had to stop going for a month because of a trip i was taking and never stated i was dropping my clinical classes where scheduled for may 2011 when i came back from my trip I found that i had been withdrawn from the program without any notice at all. So when i came back from my trip trying to resolve the issue they had moved the waiting time all the way back to may 2013 this happened in 2011. I was so upset i stop going to school and so after a year i went back to my community college Miami dade.

I'm really interested in getting back to the occupational therapy program but its the only accredited OTA program remotely close to my home. A previous comment makes a lot of sense though they are graduating so many ota's that by the time i graduate I might have a hard time trying to find employment. So im not really sure what to do but i hope this helps someone.

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