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Chrissy V
  • Reviewed: 7/23/2014
  • Degree: Nursing
"Do some research about complaints/good reviews before attending this school, I wish I did!! I attended for two semesters (winter 2013 and spring 2014). Because the tuition is so high (do your own comparison with other schools) I was forced to apply for multiple private loans before they would allow me to get into a payment plan directly with the school. This dramatically affected my credit score even though I told them I would be denied for all of them. I paid over $8,000 just for two semesters, not including my federal loans. I am now done my pre-nursing courses and was told the wait list would be over a year. In the mean time I have been looking at other schools to pursue my education sooner. I was told by Keiser that they would not send me my transcripts (official and non-official) because I was not pursuing my education there as I had promised to do. Since when did I sign something that promises I will only attend THEIR school?"
  • Reviewed: 7/2/2014
  • Degree: Occupational Therapy Assistant
"Tampa: I at first liked this college until I failed out of the program needing two more classes to complete the course. This school is a fast paced school meaning you take one month classes and you have to learn an entire book within that month. You have to learn up to 10 chapters the first 2 weeks with a midterm, presentations, and research papers. I wanted to get out of the program going into the second class. I was told that I could do it so I kept on. I again tried to get out on the 3rd class. Again I was told I could do this. I know myself and knew that I could not handle a fast paced program. I eventually made it far but it came with a cost. My health was bad. I wasn't sleeping much, I fell into depressions, and I was always sick with asthma. Still the director kept pushing me forward telling me that this was meant for me. Well she was wrong. I have no problem with my failure. My issue is with the staff of Keiser university who have nothing but incompetent fools working there. When I failed my class I did not show up the next day. I emailed the director telling her why I could not make it that day. She never responded to my email. I then went to school the following day to sign off from the school. I asked the Dean if I would owe any money to the school because I was using my husbands VA. She said no but to check with the VA office in that school. I went to speak with the man there and he said I would not owe the VA or the school any money. Christmas comes around and I get billed $3000. I failed the program in October. I go back when the school reopens after the holidays to ask about that. I emailed the Dean before that to which he never responded back. The billing lady checked for me and she said "oh the balance was taken off." I believed her and went home. Months pass and I get a call from a collections agency that I owe 3k to Keiser. I don't know whats going on so AGAIN I go back to this college. No one knew what the hell was going on. Eventually I was told that the reason why I owe Keiser was because they had to pay the VA back the money that the VA paid for my last class. So in other words Keiser lost money so they go after me. My next question to them is why was I not notified about this balance. First they tell me I don't owe, then they tell me I do, then they tell me my balance was taken off and now this? I would have been able to set a plan with this school a long time ago but no, they didn't notify me and they send my balance to the collectors who have been harassing me telling me to pay $300 right away after knowing that my husband lost his job as well as I because we were moving to Texas and could not pay that amount. The billing lady supposedly tried to get me out of collections and all she could say was sorry you have to pay through them now. I talked to the Dean yet again and nothing was done. So to them its not their problem after they put me through all that crap and all those run arounds. Great job Keiser University. You need to hire more competent people here. I wish I could talk to the president but no one seems to want to help me contact him. So NO I don't recommend this college. Try other Keiser schools but not the one in Tampa."
  • Reviewed: 6/25/2014
  • Degree: Information Technology
"I am a person that appreciates good tuition, this school does not provide that. Everything they are interested in is in the money from your financial. Just do not enter to the school. It is a hell. There are not enough times I can emphasize this."
  • Reviewed: 6/21/2014
  • Degree: Occupational Therapy Assistant
"I love reading these posts, especially the ones that blame Keiser for their problems life, “the teachers don’t teach, the financial aid don’t tell you up front, the Deans don’t listen when I come complaining. That’s why I failed. I Likewise, I bet you deserve credit for thinks like.” I never been to jail, I never missed by child support payments, I never did drugs”. Guess what you’re not supposed too. Funny my teachers teach, I know what the classes cost, because it said so when I looked when I signed the contract, and when I see the Dean’s their really cool. So if you allow me to warn you as well….. BEWARE….Keiser is intense it’s 1 class 5 hrs. a day 5 days a week, every day. That means YOU have to be able to comprehend the material from at least 1 new chapter, every day 5 days a week, and be tested on it-EVERY Friday. Furthermore, once you’re in your core (major) classes, add in an evidence based 7-10 page typed APA paper, plus and a few competencies both due in the beginning of week 3 -EVERY month. Oh, you have to maintain a minimum 2.75 GPA per semester for 1.5 years…that means 1 C for every 3 B’s, or you don’t move on, you move out. We lost about 30% of the class after the 3rd. class because they thought it was more important to show up when it was convenient, check their cell phone every 15 minutes and complain how the work load was unfair, because they had jobs, bill, kids, and problems at home. They thought they deserved more respect as they were special. I can’t believe he won’t give me extra credit, a couple more days to finish my paper or let me take a makeup exams. SORRY, not at Keiser. But most of us not only survived, we excelled. The common thread….We showed up every day, on time & prepared, then we listened to the lecture, took notes went home and studied are butts off, wrote papers and studied some more, and did so every day 7 days a week for 16 months….and most of us had jobs, bills, kids etc. So as they say BEWARE, if you can apply yourself you will graduate, if not don’t waste your money (2K a month) and don’t worry there are plenty of minimum wage jobs available for all of you that think you’re SPECIAL."
  • Reviewed: 6/19/2014
  • Degree: Occupational Therapy Assistant
"The instructors are great! However, the staff including the deans, Finical aid, and program directors are a joke! They don't allow any food or drinks (including water) in the 5 hour long classrooms. The deans try to control the instructors and students and it's affecting the academics. They are very unprofessional and childish. They say they have an open door policy but lie to you when you ask them questions. I would take your money elsewhere."
G. Hill
  • Reviewed: 6/4/2014
  • Degree: Legal Studies
"I can say that I have the benefit of comparing a state college to a private university. I will never go back to a state college or university again. I have enjoyed my time at Keiser University, the instructors go above and beyond to help students in my opinion. As far as the monthly fee, that is explained upfront before enrolling and that is something that you agree to do, so when they want their money, yes, they want their money. Plus, the office is willing to work with you. At least at my campus they do. Talking to the Dean's is easy as they have an open door policy. Any problems I had were resolved immediately. In a state college I had a meeting with the Dean and ended up speaking with their administrative assistant and it took forever to get anything resolved (political red tape). So for me going back to school and getting another degree, I made the right choice by going to Keiser. Sure, it is expensive, but well worth it. Plus, it is not any educational institutions job to find you a job. They all tell you that up front. No college guarantees that."
Current Student
  • Reviewed: 5/9/2014
  • Degree: Healthcare Administration
"Ok, I do not work for the school, I am a graduate from an associate program and is now enrolled in a BA program, yes the school is expensive!!!!! But! its a good school, you do have to work hard and be committed, and who said it was a schools responsibility to get anyone a job, If you work hard stop whining, and understand that fast paced school is not for everyone. At first I didn't get the whole idea of the 1 class per month but after a few classes it made sense. In the BA program all classes are scheduled in a way that once you get to your second class you understand why you took the first class first, because the things you learned previously is needed to understand the current course.....I talk about Keiser all the time, My admission counselor was H. and she was AWESOME!!! she never left me out, she pretty was their for me even when I just needed someone to talk to. Yes some of the instructors need better communication skills, but that only a few of them, most of them really try to help you understand the material."
  • Reviewed: 4/18/2014
  • Degree: Management
"I'm still working towards my two bachelor and already graduated with an AS in Golf Management. I truly enjoy my experience there with great staff. The professors have always been very knowledgeable and helpful. financial aid was easy and really helpful. the Golf Management at Keiser University was awesome as you get to work with top 100 instructors and Master PGA professional with the latest technology in golf."
  • Reviewed: 4/10/2014
  • Degree: Nursing
"Instructors do not speak English clearly hard to understand them. There is no continuity between instructors, yet all students are held to the same standard. If questions are asked students are told to look in book and find answer. If average grade on test is 69 students are told it is them. When going to Director you are told it will be addressed and no change is made... It's a wonder that local hospitals and now Health South rehab does not want students in their locations, as instructors think it is the sponsoring sites responsibility to educate students while instructors disappear for hours on sit in lounge."
Nabeel M.
  • Reviewed: 4/9/2014
  • Degree: Legal Studies
"I am a new student to the legal studies BA program at Keiser. After reading all of these negative reviews about the school, I had to write one of my own. Clearly the students giving this school a bad review are the illiterate ones who cannot even help themselves. So far, my experience at Keiser has been truly exceptional. Nobody, even the financial aid office, has come off as rude or unhelpful. Everyone has been very helpful thus far. I have two friends who graduated in two different fields from Keiser(Physical Therapy, Criminal Justice) and they are doing great with their careers. The negative reviews previously stated here, I can't take them seriously, The grammar alone makes me want to stop reading. As for the petty complaints about how front end personnel is rude, maybe if you approach them in a professional manner, dressed as a Keiser student(suit &tie) with a smile on your face, you wouldn't have that problem. Everyone that I interact with at Keiser has been very nice to me, probably because I say "Hello, how are you?" Some people need to learn to treat others the way they want to be treated. Thank you Keiser for your professionalism and I look forward to completing my Bachelor's with you."
  • Reviewed: 3/27/2014
  • Degree: Nursing
"I do not want to come across as angry or belligerent, but I cannot stress enough how EXTREMELY mediocre this university is. The instructors and the administration have no desire to aid students in fully understanding the material and seem to be quite obsessed with the N-Clex. There is no consistency between the material semi-explained in class and the material on which students are tested. Then you have the ATI, which is either pass or fail exam, and there is no class in this subject matter. At the beginning of the semester you are given a book, approximately 5 inches thick, and told to learn it with no further guidance. This school is very quick to accept you, but has no interest in graduating qualified nurses. There is not enough time to filter, process and understand material between exams. Simply, if you have the ability to memorize without comprehending then this is the school for you. Personally, I would dread being in a hospital situation with a Keiser nurse in charge of my care. It is virtually impossible for that person to really know what they are doing unless they've learned only through experience in the workplace and nothing in the classroom."
  • Reviewed: 3/21/2014
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"I've seen so many reviews about Keiser University. Majority of it makes me wonder. Anyway, I'm actually attending the Tampa campus and have been with Keiser for almost a year and I do like it. I'm majoring in csi technology and hoping to go for the bachelor's in forensic science. My professor is very helpful and patient with the students in our class. He definitely has the credentials for teaching our class. When I first talked to the admission counselor she was really helpful and she would talk to me as if I was her best friend. We clicked just like that and I still keep in touch with her whenever I have questions or when I need help with something. Financial aid is also helpful. I stop in to see my fin aid adviser whenever I get the chance so that he's on top of my documents. Obviously you can't just ignore the staff, you have to remind them that you're there and make sure they're doing what you need them to do. If you dont' check up on your status there's going to be mistakes. They are human. I even went to pre registration and they told me that I'm graduating and that I should attend the ceremony. I was skeptical about it at first but I've done my research and Keiser is an accredited school by the Board of Education. You should check it out if you think they aren't. Their medical programs are the most popular. They even offer to help you find a job after you graduate. Of course it's not guaranteed because they're not miracle workers. You have to go out there and do it yourself. These people with these negative comments obviously want things handed to them. The class times work with my work schedule as well. I never though I was able to work full time and also be a full time student. It's amazing. I only go to class Tuesdays and Thursdays 9am - 1pm. The rest of the days I'm either working or off. Their work load depends on the class you're taking too. If you're taking bio for that month obviously there's going to be a lot of information to be taking in. Studying is key to success. You honestly think just going to class and taking tests and just barely passing the tests will help? Even big brand universities don't allow that. You have to study your ass off. The hybrid courses are pretty cool. You pace yourself with online homework when it's given. My professor communicates with us effectively and it's never been an issue with me. I actually transferred from University of South Florida and all of my credits were accepted. I only had to take two gen ed classes before I went into my core classes. I'm extremely excited to go into the bachelor's program. I'm definitely not part of the Keiser staff or anything like that. I'm a real student looking to achieve my dreams. What surprises me also is the amount of students that are there regardless of the negative comments. My class used to only have 6 students, now there's almost 20. I can imagine the popular majors like nursing and radiology. They probably have like 30 students in each class. Anyway if you choose Keiser good for you."
  • Reviewed: 3/19/2014
  • Degree: Occupational Therapy Assistant
"Keiser University is the most awful, unorganized and unprofessional school I have ever attended. The financial aid office is rude, the bursar's office is extremely rude, not sure why then they are ACCEPTING MY MONEY. Lastly, some of the teaching staff is completely unethical and harassing problems. They try to be smooth and call over speaker phone because they know their school is shady. I WOULD NOT recommend this school to anyone unless you have money you just want to waste. Spoke to an official OT with masters degree and they explained what a joke the school is."
April S
  • Reviewed: 2/26/2014
  • Degree: Medical Assistant
"This school is very very and I mean very unprofessional. When I finish school I tried to get my transcript so I could take my Medical Assistant exam they took me through the run around and much more. With that being said I had to call the Fort Lauderdale office on them to get my transcript. If you have to come to this school I would do my research and see what else is out there first. They will also tell you that your school is one amount then when you are almost done they will tell you that you own them more money. This school needs to be investigated."
  • Reviewed: 2/25/2014
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"My experience with Keiser was not the best when it came to the personnel in the front. I attended the Jacksonville, FL branch and things got so bad that I had to report three employees to the school president. I'm not sure if anything was done, but one of them for sure doesn't work there anymore. The business side of that branch is so unorganized and very unprofessional. Many of my classmates had complaints with most of them dealing with screwed up paperwork or disrespect.The professors in my core classes were my favorite. The classes were small and intimate, also you really got to learn a lot about your professors, which allowed me to be comfortable. Overall, the school and coursework was easy to get through, but if you are looking for a QUALITY EDUCATION go to a traditional college."
bonetta smith
  • Reviewed: 2/3/2014
  • Degree: Medical Assistant
  • Reviewed: 12/27/2013
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"2008 I marched into Keiser University seeking a new direction for my life. Unfortunately, life as I knew it flipped upside down and inside out.That did not stop me from pursuing my destiny. The professors were genuinely interested in my success. Yes, there was one professor I did not in particularly care for, but by that time I was at home in the learning environment and everyone celebrated me every step of the way. It was a far cry from the hole I was in were folks tolerated my presence.I felt like I belonged. Having the opportunity to study and occupy my mind and force my intellectual capacity to stretch was therapeutic. Thank God for Keiser. Whatever you put in is what you will get out. The rush to get to class on time, making time to study on line, all of that mingled with the responsibility of being a proud parent, as well as, other community obligations. Today I feel accomplished, I owe no one BUT God. No one can take this away from me. This is MINE!!! I celebrate myself. Thank you Keiser University, despite the fact that someone that was very close to discouraged me by discrediting the accreditation of the university.I am a proud Alumni."
  • Reviewed: 12/22/2013
  • Degree: Information Technology
"STAY AWAY!!! If your a VETERAN STAY FAR away, you are just a number nothing more or nothing less it's all about the MONEY at keiser university.... You have been warned"
  • Reviewed: 12/1/2013
  • Degree: Radiology Technician
"The Radiologic Technology Program at Keiser University is excellent! It is rigorous and and it allowed us to challenged in ways that nurtured critical thinking, problem solving, and technical competence. While the faculty was very nice and accessible to every student, they did not diminish the standards of the profession at any time. I always thought it was unfair of my fellow classmates to say they "earned" their As and Bs, but were "given their Cs and Ds. To the student who spoke about their radiography program... if you had wanted a C then you should have given another 2 tenths of a percentage points of effort to get your C. Which, by the way, is the minimum to continue in the program....not the goal! Also, there is another hint about the lameness of the student wrote about the RT program. That student did not even use the correct terminology for the profession...something that is learned in the first week of the first class of the program. The RT student studies to become a radiologic technologist NOT a radiologic technician.... Idiot! No wonder you failed!"
Stephen Kimball
  • Reviewed: 11/27/2013
  • Degree: Radiology Technician
"I hesitate whether or not to recommend the school based on price alone. 10 yrs. later I think I have a better perspective on my education. There was no social element to the experience at all (which was fine with me as an older student going back to school for a second degree). The focus is on the education. The class-rm education; the instruction itself, was excellent. I was well prepared to pass the boards upon graduation. I'm not as gung-ho on the clinical experience...What I could do, in clinicals, was restricted to things that we had already gone over in class and while that may sound reasonable it kept me a little behind students from the other schools in the practical skills area. I cought up. I was employed right away and am still working full time in radiology at a hospital. My main negative is the cost...I am still paying off student loans 10yrs later. Other schools graduate tech's as qualified as I and for a fraction of the cost...If I had to do it over, I would have gone to a public school. It would have taken me a little longer and I may not have scored as high on the registry but it would have been a better choice financially."