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  • Reviewed: 9/19/2022
  • Degree: MBA
"I am new to the online MBA program and seriously regret my decision to enroll here. They use ProctorU for exams which is rife with problems. Had I realized just what a nightmare it would be each week dealing with this company for my exams, I would have never enrolled at LSUS. Some stranger gets access and control over my computer, mouse, camera, and microphone. The wait times for a proctor are long. I've waited over an hour to be connected in order to take my exam. There is no consistency with the proctor requirements. I take my exams in the exact same place, with the same setup, yet each time there is some new issue. The military ID that I use for each exam is suddenly not clear enough one day, even though it was fine every other time. You can't have your phone with you, so I leave my phone in another room. Yet, they still insist on seeing the phone, so I had to walk through my house with the laptop to show my phone was located in the kitchen. I have a mirror in front of the desk so they can see the whole computer when requested, yet will still insist I take a picture with my phone (which is in another room). Then they want 360 degree view of the room, the desk, under the desk, the area on the floor around, etc. It's ridiculous jumping through all these hoops before you are taking an exam. I got flagged for possible cheating because I was startled by a loud noise outside and looked to the side for one second (normal human behavior). Another time my camera stopped working, unbeknownst to me, and instead of telling me through the speaker or sending a message on the chat box they just put that I left the exam. If you want to be treated like garbage, then this is the place is for you."
  • Reviewed: 1/11/2022
  • Degree: MBA
"I found the online MBA program to be challenging and stimulating. It met most if not all expectations regarding the curriculum, online professors, and the testing platform. **Note** I will say one proctor was overzealous and required me to remove family photos hung on the wall before launching the test. That said, completing my MBA was a personal goal of mine for many years. After putting two kids through college, three cancers, and a thirty-eight year career, I decided it was time. I remain thankful to LSUS for the encouragement staff displayed in my first inquiry of the program. I found the professors accessible as needed for email replies to questions regarding class materials and required tasks. I would simply offer this. Understand why you are seeking the advanced degree and then be intentional in making it a priority in your life. You will have to make sacrifices which can be difficult. At 60 years of age, I changed companies, had 12 hour work days, endured the Covid virus, and lost my father, and best friend during my time. Do your best and utilize the resources afforded in the program and those of your own experience and you can finish successfully. My GPA was 4.0 and my diploma hangs proudly in my office."
  • Reviewed: 12/31/2021
  • Degree: MBA
"I am currently enrolled in the LSUS MBA-Data Analytics Specialization. The LSUS MBA program has been an extremely positive experience; the professors are brilliant and extremely specialized, with extensive experience in business industries such as data analytics, marketing, IT, accounting, organizational change management, and so on. The program has received a highly esteemed AACSB Global Business School Accreditation and is ranked as one of the best business schools in the country in terms of value for money and education. The LSUS MBA hammers core business principles and coursework challenges and shifts your thinking to a bigger perspective. Textbooks and readings are offered at no cost and are among the most current and intriguing literature and business publications accessible today. The courses are strategically structured to give you a wide array of experiences and ultimately provides value to your professional portfolio. The courses are designed to equip you with a diverse set of experiences that will add value to your professional portfolio. All exams are live proctored to ensure program integrity. The upper-level marketing courses are highly intriguing, and the hands-on tasks really compel you to learn in a positive way. I would recommend this MBA program to anyone who is: 1) currently employed and searching for a competitive advantage in the workplace or looking to branch out. 2) does not want to carry substantial debt student loan liabilities 3) Those seeking a well-rounded, AACSB-accredited business education with the option of specializing in a particular subject."
  • Reviewed: 11/8/2021
  • Degree: MBA
"I'm currently enrolled at LSUS, but am over halfway done. So far, I have 4 "A"s and 2 "B"s. Is this a tough school, yes. Can it be done while working full-time, yes. I'm really taken aback by the reviews on here and it's why I felt compelled to write a review. Getting your MBA should be hard, or else it would take away from everyone being able to actually obtain one, right? LSUS is the best value AACSB accredited MBA, and I searched for 3 months prior to enrolling. I work full-time between 50-60 hours/week, I'm head of household with small children and I also take care of my elderly mother. Listen, if I can do this (taking one class at a time), then I feel like it's not impossible to do. Slow and steady and recognizing that although I'd love to double or triple up to finish, my life does not support that. I'll graduate over a total of 18 months and I'm ok with that. Typically reviews are only written by someone who is disgruntled, so here is my honest positive review of someone currently enrolled."
LSUS MBA Student
  • Reviewed: 10/17/2021
  • Degree: MBA
"I enrolled in LSUS because it was the best value AACSB accredited MBA I could find, without a surcharge for being out of state. Intelligent.com also rated it as having the best data analytics focus for 2022. The LSUS MBA has been a very rigorous academic undertaking but unfortunately the MBA schedule is totally inflexible. Although the courses can be done in any order, each course is lockstep with one proctored exam every week. Each course week begins on Monday. You can take the weekly exam starting on Thursday night through and latest Sunday night each week. You canNOT take the exam ahead of time or fall behind. Even if you explain your day job work schedule is very hectic on a particular week and want to work ahead you will get NO hind nor quarter. I took one course at a time. If you try to take 2 courses at a time, ensure you have a lot of flexibility at your day job, and that you don't have to work more than 4-5 hours M-F at your day job. In between each course you get one week off to try and make amends to your family. IMHO the LSUS AACSB MBA courses are very good value for the money, but better suited for independent learners who have completed at least 2 years of university successfully. Class sizes are about 150 people. Some classes have Zoom tutorials which I have not attended. All exams can be done at home. Each exam starts with ProctorU examining your ID, and then taking over your computer and checking that you have no outside connections. The entire exam is video and sound recorded and later reviewed. Get a wide field camera for your computer so that during the exam video recording your entire face is visible onscreen. If part of your face inadvertently drifts off their video screen, you are accused of cheating, even though all you are doing is doing is a math calculation on scratch paper to the side of the laptop. Unfortunately, because the students are not treated the best at LSUS, the program will not attain top rankings. In summary, the LSUS MBA is a rigorous academic program and compared to other MBAs a very good value for the $; I can definitely see why the LSUS MBA is AACSB accredited. However, if you cannot put up with taking tests every week, this is NOT the MBA for you. If you are looking for an MBA with spoonfeeding lectures, and where the instructor will adjust the course timing for your day job schedule though, this is NOT the MBA for you."
Rachel hoot
  • Reviewed: 9/8/2021
  • Degree: MBA
"Don't do it!!, there are better schools. I have nothing positive to say about this school at all. if you want to be stressed, given busy work and graded too harshly then yes attend. The classes fill up fast, there is always technical issues and the class schedule is just horrid. there's not really much guidance from the professors and I found that really frustrating and the dean and graduate studies make little effort to help when things go south. last semester most people could not get into their classes which resulted in graduation delays for a lot of people due to their registration cite crashing, honestly this school is one of the cheapest for a reason. go somewhere else!!"
  • Reviewed: 11/5/2019
  • Degree: MBA
"I took the online MBA program and found it significantly lacking. The professors refuse to give individual feedback on the questions / concepts missed on quizzes, providing only aggregated answers from the class, which are useless for individual knowledge. Some professors communicate primarily in all capital letters, which is strictly prohibited by program standards. The curriculum is from 2014, and does not include examples which are relevant to actual situations. One professor refused to perform any instruction; the class was almost entirely YouTube videos from another professor and textbook readings; the two information streams were not complementary in knowledge or terminology. Correspondence with the MBA Director, Dr. Knotts, proved unsatisfying; she made it perfectly clear that she is not interested in student progression. The lack of professionalism and poor professional communication caused me to leave the school in search of an institution which demonstrates an actual interest in teaching and learning rather than simply being a monetary collection company."