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2.65 out of 5 stars
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50% of 100 students said this degree improved their career prospects
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1.1 out of 5 stars
Brittany M. - 11/18/2015
Degree: Medical Assistant
Graduation Year: 2017
"I've Been Enrolled In NACU Everysince July I Started School In September An My Finacial Aid Is Half Way Complete&Financial Aid Staff Sucks They Are All Unprofessional An Lack Communication,I Have Been Calling For Weeks.I Do Not Recommend This School To Anybody.."
1.0 out of 5 stars
Rene - 10/10/2015
Degree: Healthcare Administration
Graduation Year: 2017
"This school is a joke and from the looks of it every department is a joke. I enrolled in school at the end of July for the Sept 8 classes here it is October still my financial aid nowhere near completed. This school is soon unorganized, they all lack communication skills. It is sad when students have to call and find out they financial aid not even completed and everyone person you talk to give you totally different stories. So I finally think I'm getting some help from a head person, but its been three weeks and its always I'm still working on it, I'm going to help you get this completed. I really think National American University is full of crap. If you not going to help complete my financial aid let me know so I can drop this unhelpful school and go somewhere where they are willing to help they students like they are paid to do so. And I'm not the only student that is going through this. So they need to get it together before I take this a step further and have this university under investigation. I believe in fairness and NAU is far from giving that."
1.0 out of 5 stars
what a joke - 9/23/2015
Degree: Criminal Justice
Graduation Year: 2015
"I started this school because they said they had my best interest and could get me graduated within 2 years. As a mom just out of high school i thought it was to good to be true. Well turns out i was right. Administration was a joke the instructors are the biggest joke. There is no time for student help even if you go in to get it. So i called to let them know that since they dropped me because i had a baby and missed 1 week of school i would need my transcript. The lady didn't even try to keep me at that school she just asked for the fax number and sent it to my new school. After $20,000 that my family has put in this school for me to do what i wanted in return i had to change my goals. Now im sitting $300,000.00 in debt with no financial aid left because of the unbelievable scam they put me through."
1.2 out of 5 stars
Tasha - 9/4/2015
Degree: Legal Studies
Graduation Year: 2015
"This school is a complete joke ! Their main problem is the administration ! They are all complete idiots , they're supposed to be helping me but instead have tried to sign me up for courses I don't need for my degree , classes I've already taken at other colleges and had transferred over and also tried to sign me up for courses I already took at NAU ! They're all about money , and if I hadn't caught it I would've taken a ton more classes than needed and paid them for it ! They also changed my course plan two quarters before I was supposed to graduate by adding on classes . I so badly wanted to just drop out and say forget it because of how much stress and bs I was going through just to do something as simple as sign up for courses . It got to the point where I refused to speak to anyone except for someone who worked in a different state . Financial aid is also a joke . They don't explain anything to you and the numbers seem to constantly change . DO NOT attend this school , you'll be regretting it !"
1.0 out of 5 stars
Cynthia - 8/15/2015
Degree: Business
Graduation Year: 2015
"This school is a joke!!! All they want is your money. The school compared to real schools is so easy! TOO easy. If you think its hard, you have problems. Here it is the last week of school and still have not received any refund although it was posted to my account at school on 8/11/2015. It was due on July 7th 2015.They owe me over 2000.00. 1. I was NEVER told about a problem until a few weeks ago and then I had to take care of it myself. I had to call them to see what happened to my financial aid. They said We were trying to do it ourselves. 2. My loans have processed to NAU account but not to mine. 3. I was told that my money would be on my Access card on Aug 11,2015 4. Now its due the LAST week of school on tuesday 5. NAU owes me 2189.54 and need to pay this federal money out to me 6. Not one of my funds at this school was on time. NOT one! I have sent emails to the Tulsa school and to the SD branch. To everyone I have an email for. I just wrote to the president of this school This school has no grievance procedure as their school handbook says except to get a hold of the president. I have post and kept up with my school work and did exactly what they said I have lost my car, no medication, no money, no rent. What an I supposed to do. I am contacting every school state they belong to and will file a complaint This school and employees are ridiculous!!! I WILL not recommend this school and they were kicked out of the Better Business Bureau! Hows that for incompetence! You can search for NAU complaints and it will pop up just look yourself. I am withdrawing from this school immediately!!!!"
1.0 out of 5 stars
LM - 6/9/2015
Degree: Criminal Justice
Graduation Year: 2017
"This campus is a big joke. Some of the staff here is awful. This is supposed to be an educational institute but you have most of the employees that are not educated. You have a campus director that just received his degree. You have an admissions director with just a high school diploma. Some of the people that work in admissions look thrown away and there is no professionalism at this school. The lady at the front desk and the medical lady were the only people that I can say were worth even talking to. The Dean is rude and have no consideration for the students that she talks to. Why are some of these people working there? There is no financial aid on the campus anymore you have to talk on the phone to everyone which makes it hard to understand what is going on. There is no tutor for math, there is a joke of a tutor. This school is ridiculous. The other campus director was much better."
1.0 out of 5 stars
Very unhappy with this school. - 3/18/2015
Degree: Medical Assistant
Graduation Year: 2015
"The worst thing about this school is the financial aid department. After being lied to about how much of my pell grant was going to cover they proceeded to tell me that I couldn't return books or drop classes after finding out the information. I then after refusing to accept the pell grant magically it was accepted for me. I did not accept it nor was I going to. After talking to several people they all went back and covered their own butts and now I'm responsible for nearly 1000 dollars. When I was told I would only be paying for only my books and fee. I do not recommend this school unless you want to deal with this don't waste your money. I'm contacting a lawyer to see if I have a case against this issue and I will not be paying any money to this school for anything. After being pushed and pushed to stay in the school and being told I was paying one way or the other it's my biggest regret going to this school."
4.0 out of 5 stars
Daniel B - 3/1/2015
Degree: Healthcare Informatics
Graduation Year: 2015
"I was a student at NAU for about three years. I went to college part time and work full time. I did feel that the college was expensive but all schools are. I felt that admissions was great, E. was very helpful. Financial assistant A. was a blast to work with and she always try to keep me in line almost the whole three years. She always emailed, or called me to get it done on time. A. left about a year before I graduate it kind of went down hill. I had to come out of pocket because my paper work was late. Then K. told me I could make payments never called me back and got stuck with a huge bill to pay or no diploma. A. was AWESOME SHE WILL BE SUCCESSFUL IN ALL SHE DOES!!! So I rate financial aid a 8.5 at the Austin campus. Oh, and veterans stuff was on point I always got my monthly stipend every month. I took the health info tech degree, might of been a bad choice for this area of Austin, but Houston and Dallas have more jobs to offer. However, it depends if you want to relocate if your central, but Austin definitely does not have the jobs for this degree, and the jobs they offer they want at least 1-5 yrs experience so be careful if you go this route. Educators or professors were great, I only had trouble with one class out of the many I took. I had a 98 average had to get three )`s because AHIMA didn`t work and contacted many people and nobody could help so I ended up with an 87 and another class an 89. Advice for Professors without offended anybody, if a student is having trouble with assignments have them do an alternate assignment so they don`t take unfortunate 0`s for links they cannot retrieve and you cannot help them with. I wanted to do an essay or something of that nature so I didn't take those zeros or effect my GPA, that`s what I would have done if I was an online professor. However, all the other professors were helpful for me. This college you have to follow the rules and put in the work. I have seen many students come and go, some students are very lazy so I am sure their grades reflected that. I know when I did get lazy my grade showed and my professors gave me a wake-up call, which is exactly what I needed throughout the program. I know also through the HIT program that two classes was nothing but essays, I disagree with that, a better class lay out could have been better. I walk away with 98 and 96 respectively but essays get old when your not take an English class. I felt that majority 99% professors were fair across the board. The Composition II professor was great, that was a hard class (73). Most students fail out of that class, so to say professors are not qualified is crazy. This college is very challenging, depending on the courses or degree you are taking or going for. I wanted a challenge and I got that with this degree program. This degree program is very difficult, trust me. On the mock exam practicum only like three classmates passed, so think hard about this program before starting it, most do not make it through. Overall my experience was what I made of it. NAU was not that bad, but it seems to me it is about individuals and that specific location. North Austin was great for the most part, and Brittanei and Racheal are always helpful at the front desk. Oh man, I forgot about Steve the IT guy, he just left but he was very helpful to me also. The academic deans were great and helpful too; Dr. P., and Dr. W. respectively."
5.0 out of 5 stars
Sky - 8/10/2014
Degree: Healthcare Management
Graduation Year: 2013
"The online program made attending class possible. I work full time and have two young children, so this was pretty much the only option available for me. The online class sizes were small and that was really nice because it was easier to focus on what was being posted."
1.8 out of 5 stars
Rusty Allen Moore - 6/23/2014
Degree: Social Sciences
Graduation Year: 0
"I have had to endure many mistakes by NAU and its staff. Including and most recently not providing me with the necessary texts or Lab Access Codes to complete a class. This has happened before to the extent I was forced to lay out an entire semester due to their error. Right now AHIMA and Quantim labs I cannot get into due to these deficits by NAU. I have no less than 30 emails back and forth by myself, AHIMA, my instructor, the program director and the NAU Bookstore to no avail."
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