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Joseph Herring Jr
  • Reviewed: 9/5/2011
"I was sitting around one day saying that I needed to go back to school. I couldn't go to a campus because I really didn't have the transportation. I saw the commercial for NAU and I was like I think I am going to check them out. I researched them online and like all colleges your gonna get your good or bad reviews. I didn't see much reviews on people having problem finding a job after wards. In fact I only found one review and that is because she didn't have a GED. I am currently getting ready to start my third semester.I love this school. I can email the financial aid office or even my guidance counselor and they always respond that day. They are very helpful when it comes to the questions that I ask. I have never had any problem with my financial aid either. I have gotten a check each semester. My Financial Aid counselor was on it when it was time to redo my financial aid. I never once emailed her about it, she always emailed me first.There are gonna be some people that are not happy with the school because something didn't go there way. Let me just tell you this when they send you stuff to fill out. Fill it out right then and there and send it in and you won't have a problem with it. Now compared to some of the colleges in my area this was the cheapest and the easiest for me to attend. Good luck in choosing a school."
  • Reviewed: 5/5/2011
"I like NAU - I started this spring and think the admissions was very friendly and helpful. I don't particually like the attitudes from the job placement staff and financial aid; they're attitudes make me feel like I'm not worthy of being there; they have very poor customer service!But my classes are small and the other students seem to be just like me, just trying to get a degree and better my life. So far it's been a good experience."
Cherry Odom
  • Reviewed: 4/27/2011
"This school is seriously out to get your money only. They over charge first off and they never want to fix your account no matter how many people you contact. I have the post 9/11 gi bill and I also have a pell grant and the over charged the gi bill by a thousand and it has been 4 months since I got my pell grant which all of it I should recieve and I still haven't gotten any of it from them. My classes have been over for 3 months and still nothing. The financial dept. is the worst I have ever seen one.They never call you back the only way to talk to someone is if you just show up. On a good note the teachers were really nice and fair but the negatives out weigh the positives."
  • Reviewed: 2/1/2011
"I have many complaints about NAU...but the one that really sticks out to me is how they committed fraud to sign me up! I went in to an admission rep & point blank told her I don't have a GED, but am going to get one & I will return when I get the GED to sign up for paralegal studies...I wanted to do this right. The ad rep proceeded to tell me no need to get my GED, just make up a date that I "got my GED", winked at me and said she will put it on my paperowrk because no one will check it out & it won't matter once I finish and have an associates degree. I will be hired by any company because they'll assume I graduated high school or have my GED.Well guess what? I finally finished in August 2010, and due to unforseen circumstances (their fault) I owe them $360 out of my own pocket so they're sending me letters saying pay up with interest (um hell no to the interest)...and the icing on the cake...I haven't had a job since being downsized in May 2010. I've been on many interviews or went through employment agencies and they do educational background checks & see my lack of a GED and tell me thanks, but NO THANKS. I'm no dummy, I have worked for a county government agency for 4 yrs, one law firm for 4 yrs and another for one year...I can read, write, etc...but because this admissions rep convinced me to LIE, I'm screwed. I should have walked outta there right then & there! My fault!! I told the main office & they didn't give a damn. I feel that I was coerced into this. I'm angry w/myself for being smooth talked.They also signed me up for classes I didn't need, which is why I ran out of student loan money & owe $360 (plus interest LMAO).Oh and one more thing: A woman I was in classes with had planned on transferring over to UMKC school of law (was told her credits WOULD transfer, no problems...) found out half way through her associates degree at NAU that UMKC would NOT accept NAU's credits because it was not accredited to the same degree that UMKC is. This is what I was told by a former school mate so I am only repeating what she told me...All in all, STAY AWAY FROM NAU!"
  • Reviewed: 1/25/2011
"This is by far the MOST unorganized so called school of "higher" learning ever.I specifically had wanted to major in Nursing. BUT the FIRST girl, signed me up for healthcare management??! I started in the fall, taking online classes,that had absolutely nothing to do with MY major, BUT FOR THERE MAJOR THEY CHOSE. I fussed about that, and got to change my classes.Since that fall semester ended, I have spoken to about 7 different people with the same title because the previous admin reps, were either let go, or quit! This should tell someone that the people that WORK there don't even know what the heck they're doing. AND THEN I got an award letter from them about my financial aid at the END OF THE TERM, stating that the monies from financial aid would cover the cost of the term. so I DIDN'T accept the loan. come to find out, I get an EMAILED INVOICE!! NO they don't send you a REAL bill, just an excel sheet with your balance and they want you to pay that!!!if your thinking of leaving after one term, better think again, because they want your money 90 days after you leave them, or else your going to collections! this was by FAR the worst choice i had made in my life. If you don't want to have any regrets in life, DON'T GO TO THIS SCHOOL."
  • Reviewed: 12/21/2010
"It seems as though they are out for money. I have a hard time getting my problems solved as in speaking to the right people and I get slow responses to my questions, or they never call back.They already have the money that is suppoed to be paid toward the class I am attending.They have the remainder of the check in hand and refuse to send it to me because I missed one class, are you serious?!You got your money and I can't get mine. You say it is federal money so you can't send it to me for missing one day. Really? That is not other schools practices why is it yours? They charged me twice for admissions I haven't seen that money as of yet.Is this a school you want to attend? Yes the majority of stuff you read about is true, maybe it does work out for some people because they get passed in their classes and really don't deserve the grade, or maybe they really like the school or maybe it is a staff at NAU making positive comments to make them look good. Some of the practices they use are terrible! BUYER BEWARE! GO AT YOUR OWN RISK! When you see that what we say is true run!"
upset student
  • Reviewed: 11/21/2010
"I decided to do online classes at NAU because I am a single mom and had a child to care for. Big mistake first of all finacal aid was no help at all never answer their phone. I had to go into the school 4 times in one week.Then one day I go to log into my student portal and I am blocked so I go in to talk to them they had misplaced a paper and when they found it forgot to take the block off.Good luck if you have a question for your instructer they never answer there e-mails I acttualy had to call my instructer at her house on more than one ocassion. Don't waste your time or money. I have switched school this one is bette and cheaper."
  • Reviewed: 11/9/2010
"Most of these reviews all talk about how the financial aid department is horrible and will screw you over bad. I read all these reviews before I started going to this school, I wish I would have listened to all these people.I had a scholarship and a student loan and still ended up with a huge debt. I was constantly in their office asking why I was about to go into my third semester there at NAU and my first semester still hadn’t been paid for. Then one day my account showed a zero balance, I thought everything was fine. I get a call from the financial aid lady, Vicki who is clueless, and she tells me I have a balance due of over a $1000.My husband and I were in her office for hours and many days trying to get her to explain to us where these charges came from and she couldn’t answer, she called many people that couldn’t answer either. We finally told her that we wanted a detailed paper of where these charges were coming from before we paid, she block my access from my online classes a week before I was supposed to finish forcing me to pay because if I failed those classes my scholarship would have been taken away and I would have had to pay for those classes too. Another thing I found that was very wrong is that I didn’t get my check for my student loan (for the first semester) until the beginning of the second one. This is a for profit school, they care nothing about the student they are just there to make money. I regret badly going to this school but I guess it’s a lesson learned."
  • Reviewed: 11/6/2010
"I started Sept 7 ,2010 and I will finish my first semester Nov 20, 2010. Im very disappointed with the finacial aid! I have not received a dime! I call every other week and they have 1 excuse after another! They claim they're overwelmed with all the finacial aid, new laws, to many students, etc. Im a first time student there so I expected to be a little delay but in 2 weeks I will be done with my first semester and will start second semester in December. Some of us that go to school full time depends on that money! Out of the 10 students that attend on the days that I do, NONE have received any of their money! And some are NOT first time students! Very frustrating! Also, I wanted to use nothing but my pell grant on my first semester but oh no you cant do that!!!! You have to get loans to help pay for your first semester! Again, BS!!! Let's just see if I receive any money before Thanksgiving!!!"
  • Reviewed: 6/25/2010
"I have really had a great experience with National American University. Well, mostly great. I didn't like one of the online classes but the rest were all good. I took classes at the Independence campus and they have great instructors. I walked in May and now I am doing my MBA there, I would definitely recommend the school."
  • Reviewed: 6/11/2010
"I've had a bad experience with National American University. Please take the time to read what I have gone through. The stress, frustration, time consuming, unfaithful/untrustworthy faculties. If you read what I am going to write about it will help you from losing money and faith in the school you choose.Last year 2009 fall quarter, I needed only 1 class to graduate my bachelor degree in Management Information System. I did not have the money to pay for that 1 class because financial will not cover for that 1 class so i decided not to attend for that fall quarter. The school then called me one day and advised that I should attend the fall quarter and they will do everything they can to help me get financial aid to cover my quarter.I respected that they will do what they said. Therefore, I went to the Brooklyn Center campus and spoke to them. They told me that they can give me 2 option. 1st option- take another class and get financial aid to cover, 2nd option- double major and also get financial aid to cover.Trusting their expertise in their professional field, I decided to double major. The staffs helped me looked for another degree. That second degree that I decided to take was business administration degree for associate. They looked over the classes to see how many i would need to get that degree. They told me that it was only 2 more classes and I will also get that degree after I finish the fall quarter.I took that degree and registered for 3 classes thinking i was going to get financial aid to cover for that fall quarter. I then proceeded to class the following weeks not knowing and issues that will concern my financial aid. After I finish the quarter 1 week after, the financial aid advisor emailed me and state that financial aid did not cover for all my 3 classes and it only covered for my 1 class that i needed for my bachelor degree.After reading the email i contacted the school numerous time and got no response, i then contacted the Bloomington campus and got them to contact the Brooklyn Center Campus. They finally called me and said that they have a few options for me. They were putting me on the spot and did not even bother to listen to what i have to say, as if my concerns and feelings are not important to them.When I tried to explain to them the situation, they refuse to listen and told me to move on, they also told me that if i want my degree then for me to drop the situation and take what they have to say. I was too mad and angry I hung up the phone, and called the corporate headquarters, they too did not call me back for any resolution. I then wrote them a dispute letter and have them have the school look into the situation.Finally, the new dean at the campus called me in to give me a loan from the school, they stated that the loan from the school was a very good thing, and it works just like financial aid. I then signed the loan so i can receive my bachelor degree and my business admin associate degree as well.The problem was I wasn't going to get my Business degree. The school had told me that I need another class in order to get that degree, i spoke to them again about the issues, they said they have done all they can, and turns out I still need to take that class, so if i was to take that class for my business admin, it would take me back to square 1 where I have to go through the same process and the school will snatch more money from me.They called me on June 9, 2010 and said that regardless of what their staff had provided me, I still need to take that additional class for my Business Administration degree. They also told me that there is no hope in trying to work that out and give me that degree. I told them that I want to sit down with the people who advise me to take those courses and let them know how i feel and how pathetic their work is. But the school did not proceed to take that action they told me that it's not necessary to do that. I have put in many hours in working out my situation and yet the school denied everything that they had advised me. They will do the same to you. The staff there are not professional, they are only there to be at a job. They know nothing about honesty, integrity, trust, feelings, or to educate their students. They are only there to rip students off and take as much as they can from students.After reading my experienced, I encourage anyone who is reading this, "PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND NATIONAL AMERICAN UNIVERSITY." You will thank me when you dodge the university. But if you attend the University, you will go through what I have experienced in the long run."
Cyrus Fruean
  • Reviewed: 4/3/2010
"I was wrong on the previous reviews.They did reverse my gpa.The staff at this school is wonderful.I feel they are overworked.There are improvements that need to be made in the school, ie., career services.However, it has been a good school with very friendly staff."
Cyrus Fruean
  • Reviewed: 3/16/2010
"This school is by far the worst school anybody could ever attend.My gpa was miscalculated and, I showed the evidence of it.They refused to change it.I took a computer class and failed it the first time.The second time, I received a C.The dean at the Independence, MO campus is Cammie.She kept giving me the runaround.She said, "Oh, there some kind of error, and it'll be fixed."Whatever, you say.PLEASE DON'T GO THERE.IT IS A TERRIBLE SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  • Reviewed: 1/20/2010
"NAU is a joke. I am paying good money for an education with zero customer service. It takes forever to get your book vouchers and getting someone to respond to a complaint is like pulling teeth from a lion. I will be transferring to another university for my Masters degree and advise anyone who is looking to further their education to look further than this college."
Jime Leary
  • Reviewed: 12/17/2009
"My experience with NAU has not been a good one. I feel that NAU is a sorry excuse for a university. When you investigate the credentials of their faculty, you'll find folks are teaching because of staffing convenience and not expertise. They don't pay their faculty well. so you get what they pay for, not what you are paying for.NAU seems to be more interested in taking money from you than training you. The high cost to attend is not matched by what you recevie in return. It is a sorry operation and I cannot recommend the bad experience to anyone. Instead, I'd suggest that you keep looking."
Todd Abbott
  • Reviewed: 6/12/2009
"I first started taking class in seat at NAU, then while deployed to the middle of the Indian Ocean I transitioned to the on-line realm of learning. The transition was seamless and every time I contacted the university they were extremely helpful and resolved any issue I had in a limited time frame even while I was on the other side of the world!After I moved to Texas I finished my degree online and had zero problems with the web service/software or instructors. The staff was very helpful in making sure I reached full understanding of the material. I truly enjoyed being a student a NAU. I would recommend their on-line program to everyone."
  • Reviewed: 3/1/2009
"Overall I have enjoyed NAU. The only issue I have is with Foundations of Math. All the testing is conducted on a site called Mathzone. It has a tendency to go down, and their help desk is closed on weekends. I was supposed to take assessments that I had failed earlier in the week, and of course, the site has been down now for 24 hours. Of course the semester is now over. I have emailed the instructor at least 5 times, and I have not received a reply. What does this mean for me? I have to take the class over. Currently, I am considering going to a campus to fulfill my math requirements."
Jael S.
  • Reviewed: 12/15/2008
  • Degree: Business Administration
"I attended both online and on campus. In 2008 the online classes seemed to have issues that prevented completion or uploading work so for me the campus experience was better."
Nicholas McInerney
  • Reviewed: 7/1/2008
"I have had a wonderful experience with NAU. I have been an exclusively online student. I have had great interactions from the beginning with constant communication and encouragement from my advisor and professors. Questions are answered promptly and I have always felt like I've had individual attention from my advisor to ensure I'm proceeding along my degree path appropriately. The online environment is good for learning and there aren't any expectations that aren't impossible to achieve or that don't seem to have a purpose as I have experienced in some other environments. I would recommend NAU to anyone."
  • Reviewed: 5/22/2008
"I had several questionable incidents with NAU, mostly related to administration of records and office support. Beware that the college does not maintain records in the manner it should; it is not uncommon to have grades recorded incorrectly and to have to wade through their cumbersome grievance procedure to correct the errors.Due to the exceptionally high turnover in professors, academic deans, and other personnel you may experience other delays and annoyances. I stuck it out at NAU due to the time and money already invested, and the difficulty in transferring credits to other institutions. If you are considering NAU I would strongly suggest you look at other choices; you pay a lot per quarter credit (more than attending a public university) to receive a degree with much less stature.NAU does have a fairly good WebCT environment, but make sure you save all e-mails, make print screen copies, and keep your records in order. The other positive of attending NAU is their Applied Management program that allows you to transfer in previous college course work as your core focus of management. On a scale of 1 to 10 NAU earns a solid 2. I highly recommend exploring other institutions."