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5 out of 5
Degree: Management
Graduation Year: 2016

I want to say that the customer service that I received from National American University is awesome. I was unsure about a fore profit University at first but once I saw the customer service that was provided from the money that I paid was great! I would recommend this to any and everyone

1 out of 5
Degree: Criminal Justice

I am a current student at Nau. I have been going to school there for 3 years in hopes to get my B.S. in Criminal Justice.

When I.applied, I was told that because I am a single mother and lower income, that my schooling would be paid for and that I was looking at maybe payments of $50 a month after getting my degree. I just recently found out that they are going to charge me $67,000 and that I am looking at payments of $800 a month. I tried to explain how wrong that sounds and all I got was it confirmed to be true. I explained to my financial aid.advisor that the average cost for my degree is $32000.

After calling over and over trying to get answers and going above financial aid, they stopped taking my calls. And returning them. The last conversation I had with financial aid included me explaining thatt I have seen the population there, and majority are low income and no one would be able to pay these prices back. My financial aid explained that " Nau is a college for those who would not make it in a college." I said "so basically you're targeting those desperate to get ahead in life with little money, misleading them, and screwing them over. All she said was that she will send me the papers where I signed.

I am in the process of switching schools but I was told that I because I have been using the max grant amour that I may not have much left to complete my degree at another school because myi classes Wong all transfer.

Do not. Attend this school. They will scam you completely..! I was set up to fail . NAU degrees are a joke and you will get laughed out of job interviews. My location is the brooklyn center and Minnetonka in Minnesota.

2 out of 5

I have been a part-time NAU student for a few years. I can say academically this school is fair. My classes have been on-line and only one class did I find the professor to be incompetent.

However the administration of this school needs to take some of their own classes, critical thinking, customer service and finance. I have never dealt with a more screwed up group of professionals in my life. If they were in charge of my health care, I would be dead.

Meaning the errors they make on a regular basis has become a full-time job for me; to the point where legal action is necessary. My recommendation to any future students is to cancel this school off your list, regardless of how convenient it is. Their name on your resume will only be an embarrassment for you.

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5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2012

It is really funny to read some of these reviews. "Don't go here if you need loan or grant money." Since when is school about spending your Student Aid money????

NAU is Regionally accredited, which means their credits DO transfer. I am enrolled in online classes through the Colorado locations and I have had the best experience.

My Advisor was helpful and prompt and my academic coordinator is just as helpful. I know who my Campus Director is, and my financial aid Advisor is also helpful.

I am NOT attending NAU to get financial aid money, I am attending there to get my degree. For those of you who are attending any college for this reason, good luck in life!

2 out of 5
Degree: Accounting
Graduation Year: 2014

The IT department really leaves much to be desired there. They teach customer service and TQM in their business school but they do not seem to apply these philosophies in their daily operations. For example, they scheduled an IT maintenance on midterm weekend. In a math course I took , their third party software was down for almost a week, hindering my credits for points in the class.

I believe the instructors are good, but the management has succumbed to the same old habits as other private sector businesses. The "blow it off" factor seems to dictate policy. They just raised the tuition but no quality raise is apparent. If they gave good customer service as they preach in their business school, I would not be writing this. I know the underlings mean well, but their management is not doing them any favors.

Perhaps they are experiencing growing pains. I understand this. But...this is an ONLINE school. One should be able to get online and get work done. Sometimes the staff seems clueless as to what the end-user is experiencing in terms of frustration. I do not know what the corporate culture is like working there, but if I was working there, I would bail as soon as I found out what was really going on. I believe the administration has succumbed to greed first, customer service second. In the long run, they will pay for this as this is the era where sites like this exist to expose them.

1 out of 5
Degree: Medical Billing & Coding

I was put on academic suspension 2 semesters ago (unknown to me) because of poor attendance. I had a bilateral bypass 2 months earlier and was having complications also had a heart attack during that semester. I informed the school and my instructors as I should have. They even sent me a certificate for perfect attendance for that semester. They finally informed me of my suspension 9two semesters later) and asked that I sign papers and write a letter stating my situation (which I did the same day requested). They call me two days later and tell me they need medical records for verification. I thought they were going to far so I withdrew from NAU.

I had been unhappy with their instructors, evidentally they don't require their instructors to do anything but send out a weekly email stating your assignments and to grade those assignments no interaction what so ever with the students. When I withdrew I requested a withdraw verification and a copy of my IRS transcripts, since they took my original and didn't give me a copy (my bad). They quit answering phone calls and emails immediately. I called and emailed both the Academic Dean and Financial Aid every day for almost 2 weeks.

I finally had to threaten to file a complaint to get the requested information, then neither form was complete. I have finally received everything or spent my time and money to get them again. I have entered a new college that has very good ratings and very few complaints. If you choose to enroll with NAU, I wish you all the luck, but read all the reviews before you make a decision.

2 out of 5
Graduation Year: never

I have attended NAU now for going on my 3rd year for what i was told was a two year program.. every classI took, I worked hard at and applied myself. the staff lies to me on a regular basis, does not return calls, and is constantly being replaced by new staff with little(if any) working knowledge of how their system works. Financial aid holds peoples money on a regular basis after you complete the first year... first year, I had no problems getting my book vouchers and aid checks, but it seems like once you get in that far they simply take your money from the grants and loans for MONTHS... I called for weeks trying to find out how many credits i needed to complete the information tech program, wrote many an email to both my advisor and dean only to be completely ignored! I went there in person to ask and was promptly blown off and told that they had to look it up and do the math and that they would get back to me only to continue to ignore my questions. Last quarterFinancial Aid "forgot" to submit my paperwork on time, which resulted in a four week delay in getting my book voucher and financial aid check - so week 6 of the class and still no textbook to enable me to do my assignnents!

Im mortified at these posts from people praising NAU and saying that anyone who has a bad experience should stop blaming the school for the students lack of effort! For shame to assume what you dont know.. i typically turned in my assignnents on time and double the length of my classmates only to watch the ones not putting effort into it get 100's while I got 80's for professional quality work. i have sat by and asked why in the world I need to take accounting 2 for an associates in information technology, much less why I need to take environmental science for my associates! I can understand taking composition for it, but composition 2, macro and micro economics?!? For an associates degree in Information Technology!

I have taken more classes that have NOTHING to do with the career since starting this school and also notice that I am paying 16-2400 dollars a course when my local college offers the EXACT SAME TRANSFERRABLE courses for 200:500 per "quarter".. everyone I have ever known to attend a real school didnt take classes quarterly but attended in semesters and got real breaks! NAU is a well fed and well oiled money machine that needs to be exposed for what it really is, a scam..they told me my credits were transferrable to a real school! Now that i am vested in their machine they say no..

Best of luck to any that chose to ignore my warning

3 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2013

This school is a JOKE at least the Denver campus. I would never ever recommend this school to anyone. I am in the medical assistant progam, which is supposed to be like a 2 yr program. I just started my 4th year because the school is understaffed.

They don't have enough enrollment so therefore classes are not being offered. I have already taken 3 months off and I probably need to take another 3 months off. If you are looking to get into the medical field do not come here!!! I used to love this school before I knew how awful it is.

5 out of 5

I am a student of National American University, and I love it. They are very helpful if you need help with anything. To the people that is saying bad things about National American University I hate to say this but no college is easy, you have to work for what you want , don't put the school down just because you didn.t do well. The Success for Strategies class, is a very import class, it helps the student to believe in him or herself and to make goals, without goals you cannot make it in any college.

The CIS class is also a very good class; I learned a lot about computers and how to fix them. If you do not do, the work in the learning plans then that is on you, not the school .NAU has very good stuff. Not to put no one down but if you look at some of the people handwriting you will see spelling errs may be this is why they did not make it at NAU. At any college that is offering a good EDU, it is not going to be easy. Before talking bad about any college look at you first and make sure to spell words correctly. I would recommend NAU, to any one 100%.

1 out of 5

Attending here was the worst idea I ever had. It is a really easy way to buy a lower class degree. I attended NAU for a year and a half,and maintaned about a B average. I realized what my real earning potential was after graduation and withdrew from all my classes. Now attending a real school, Normandale Community College.

I have never been so upset with myself. These type of schools really are a rip off. Almost every college offers day, night,and weekend classes. Attending a university is cheaper than NAU, and community college is almost half as much as that. The required class materials actually cost less when attending a real school.

College is hard enough for most individuals, but being ripped off is never good. These schools make it sound good to get a so-called degree from them. It is not though. The actual real schools have more resources and benefits. This is due to the fact that they are real schools. For profit schools like National American University, Minnesota School of Business, and any other for profit school are a hoorible career path.

If you are a skeptic try a couple classes at each kind of school and decide for yourself.

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