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  • Reviewed: 12/28/2010
"I attended San Joaquin Valley College Fresno Industrial Technology Program and was very disappointed! The only Instructor that was half way decent quite and the others didn't care what was going on in class and offered no help. Not only am I out the money to attend this waste of time but I got no support in them helping to find me a job! DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!"
Robert Grube
  • Reviewed: 11/5/2010
"The unit/class week was to start on Friday, with a live lecture at the beginning (anytime between Friday and Monday would have been fine) leaving time to post to discussion boards, do assignments and take quizzes and ask questions if needed. This generally happened in the beginning.A Sociology class I was attempting to take when my daughter and father in law were in the hospital, had to be cancelled and re scheduled for two reasons, 1. My family was in the hospital 2. The live lectures were happening on the last day or second to last day (WED or THURS) of the course week. Also they were scheduled at a time when I was at work.Attempts to move the live lecture to the beginning of the week were met with stern opposition. Saying that my requests were mean spirited and unprofessional. This also happened again when I started the Sociology class the second time with the same results.A Computer class 5 weeks long barely covered the textbook materials. Some of the software was pretty relevant to construction as it was Scheduling and Estimating programs that even though I passed the class, I wouldn’t know how to use either one right now if you asked. I would be embarrassed if I had told a potential employer I went to college to be a Project Manager, but could not use the software. The instructor himself said that we could spend 5 weeks on each of those two programs alone. A total of 5 programs were studied. Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Project. Also a Means Cost Estimating program. Thank goodness I was familiar with MS Office or it would have been a failure for sure.One course on resume writing had no live lecture at all. I would think that would be critical in making the LARGE investment in SJVC online classes. It was beginning to look like I was going to pay you a boat load of money to teach myself, or prove what I already know. If your collection agency continues to try to elicit payment, I will take my argument to the highest levels of whoever has jurisdiction over your accreditation. I will send all the books back (They are as pristine now as they were when I got them) and the $395.00 computer you charged me $750.00 for as well. Just give me a ship to address. And we can call it even"
  • Reviewed: 8/23/2010
"Hi everyone, My thoughts about online programs are; it wasn't always pleasant and I had hard times as well. Some people think that online programs are easy because of the fact that you had the books are home when taking tests, but that's not the case. Test are timed, and the questions are tough overall classes are very tough. I won't recommend online classes to the following type of person; not committed, a non-PC savvy, non-reader.I preferably will say that you must already be on the field of your preference (work/pass experience or etc) prior to enter any online program otherwise will be very hard for you to accomplish the complete program why?Well because simply I am an individual that loves campus programs, why? Because I ask to many question that I'd to be answer in more specifically way (you got me) like If I have a question on an specific topic; I like to have the time to discuss (a more depth discussion) it and review it because this is the way that I retained info the most.I would give SJVC Online a 3 start if you are looking a review type of thing program otherwise if you gonna be new in the field you choose my advice will be get a campus program and follow a degree online when you get busy "working" so you can progress academically while working (this is the best way to uses this online programs). Hope this help the future online students. Best regards Carmen"
  • Reviewed: 7/21/2010
"I too went to SJVC back in 2008. My classes went so so and I had to do externship and the doctor I was working with was giving me a hard time because I took classes online and he said that he didn't think that online classes taught you anything at all. After working with him for a couple of weeks he was not working well with me because of that an I contacted Beth to get a new one and she didn't really want to work with me and I only had about 3 weeks to go until I graduated but I didn't finish my extern so I didn't graduated and transfered to a great new school.No the professors were not there to help you they only though of themselves and didn't put the students first. I would not recommend SJVC to anyone. Plus when I transfered out so did a couple others for the same reason I did."
  • Reviewed: 4/16/2009
"I don't feel that this school is worth the time or money. The "professors" were not very helpful, I always felt rushed into completing everything to the point that it was hard to learn anything. My courses and completion of the first 7 months have not helped me find a job, as no employer feels that online courses are very good, apparently. The phlebotomy and injection courses were a joke. I never learned how to do either, really. I watched during my externship, but the supervisor never felt that online courses prepared me properly for doing so myself.I'd go elsewhere, save myself some money, and get a real education if I could go back."