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32% of 81 students said this degree improved their career prospects
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1.0 out of 5 stars
mike hunt - 9/13/2011
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"Folks, the following are merely my opinions. And in my opinion I would not recommend South University nor would I recommend many online learning environments. I worked for an online university and in my opinion, admissions advisors are merely salespeople trying to meet quotas so they will give you a pitch and keep you on the phone until they enroll you. That is the reason why they are talking with you. It's not to be your friend, it's not to help you choose your degree, It's not to help you better your life. It's to help a profitable company be even more profitable and to meet their sales quotas to keep their jobs. That's it. And I know this and anyone out there who begs to differ, you can have your opinion, and this is mine after working as an admissions counselor. Would I do the job again? Of course I would. It's a way to make some decent money. Now I also went to an online university, South University, and I must say that, again in my opinion, my education was less than what i expected. Many of the teachers were not available and added little to no insight into the learning process. With the online curriculum as South University, there were rarely tests, there were readings and questions were asked by the instructor based upon the readings. But there was this whole time delay, where you needed to respond to other's work and they needed to respond to yours and it took sometimes days to get this response. The instructor often didn't teach in the way I was comfortable with, meaning that if I wrote a paper, often they didn't correct things, or cite things that I may have been wrong on. Instead they would ask additional questions. Now this is not necessarily a bad thing, but I need feedback on the work done. Granted this came in the grading, but many times they were short answers, or general answers that didn't cite anything in specific. You do a lot of paper writing. Of which in a ground school you do as well, but I would prefer being in a lecture format where i can ask questions and hear the feedback from fellow students and teachers right then and there. Now an online university that has webinars would be more ideal. I'm not sure if South University has gone in that direction yet, but the whole idea of here's your books, read this chapter, write a paper on it and answer a few questions, interact with other students bearing in mind that it may take a few days for instructor/fellow students to respond is quite disjointed and was conducive to the learning process, at least for me. South University, in my opnion, was a sweatshop of admissions reps who were constantly pressed to meet quotas and rightfully so, because come on what business wouldn't do that, but I find the whole idea of talking students into making decisions about school, without having their best interest in mind, or really caring about them, more caring about meeting your quotas, to be rather morally wrong. I would not recommend South University. These are my opnions."