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joseph sistrunk
  • Reviewed: 10/29/2021
  • Degree: Psychology
"I am currently finishing up my last test at SNHU. I have read so many bad reviews here and it is totally not my experience. I used VA benefits which meant 0 out of pocket expenses for me. All the advisers are great but you half to communicate with them if you need help. The tutoring services are helpful but you half to communicate your specific needs to them. The instructors are a mixed bag from great to terrible but that is with any college or university. The courses themselves are easy to navigate and understand. The courses do require independent research and lots of writing. I have had no issues and have found the whole experience to be quit pleasant. Most of the poor reviews center around financial issues which I cannot speak to because I used VA educational benefits, so I recommend you thoughtfully research that for yourself. I have been able to get certified as a teacher in Texas with the degree from SNHU contingent upon me completing my final term which just started this week. I landed a paid teaching position with an institution of higher learning based on my degree from SNHU. I have not used any career services but my son has and he found them helpful. I did find some instructors to be biased toward their own political opinions but I was never punished for not subscribing to those beliefs. Some of the courses do feel repetitive especially the Psychology classes towards the end. SNHU transferred most all of my credits from military training schools and other universities with no problem. I had an Associates degree coming into the program which helped me get a degree in two years. You can take more than two classes per term but I would recommend starting with just the two until you really get comfortable with the online format. I spend an average of between 5 and 10 hours a week working on assignments. Most of that time is dedicated to research and writing. Overall, I recommend this University but warn that it is not for those who require hand holding. This school is based on the students taking initiative, asking questions, and working independently. My word of advice is simply communication!! You half to be your own advocate and speak up when an issue comes up because in life issues always come up. Actively engage your instructors, advisors, tutors, and financial services rep. Good luck and God speed!! Final thought… I read a review that stated people of faith were not treated well. I disagree. I clearly state that I am a God fearing Christian in every introductory post for all my courses and I have never felt discriminated against. If you have opinions be prepared to make educated, researched, and well explained arguments on their behalf or just keep them to yourself. You can makes A’s with either tact."
  • Reviewed: 10/24/2021
  • Degree: Business Administration
"I was impressed with the support and attention that I received from my professors. I am please with the entire experience at SNHU. I waited more than 30 years to complete my degree, and I could not have made a better choice than SNHU. They allowed me the time and gave me feedback to help make my experience a successful on. I was able to graduate with honors."
Chelsea S.
  • Reviewed: 10/22/2021
  • Degree: Data Analytics
"One bad professor can sour the whole experience. Certain professors give a 0 when you follow the assignment instructions exactly and correctly. If I could do it again I would not go here and would not recommend this school to anyone. Appealing to deans proved useless."
  • Reviewed: 10/22/2021
  • Degree: Software Engineering
"Diploma mill. No different than Kaplan or now Purdue global university. Complete joke, at least the online classes are. I went for software engineer, I took four classes total with this program using my GI bill. I Had already achieved my Associates, a Electrical Engineering Technology degree, from another school and was hoping to earn my bachelors next. I had one positive class to speak of from the four I took. The two least negative classes I will say they were not necessarily horrible, but it was pretty obvious the "instructor" was literally copy pasting everything and not even reading assignment's. I tested out my hypothesis and turned in a blank assignment with just my name on it fully accepting the risk of a F on this one assignment just to prove to myself that yes they are not even looking at what we turn in and making sure we are doing it correctly. Sure enough, A+ proving to myself that yes indeed, they are not even reading what we turn in. While I was happy with a easy A... I know for sure that at that rate, I would not learn anything, nor would I be ready for a career in software engineering even If I got the degree here. The worst class, and final class that made me decide to leave was a class regarding Social issues. A elective, A checkmark class. Not relevant to my degree at all. Just something schools use as a cash grab with the excuse of developing a "well rounded" student. And something, by the way, that is only seen in AMERICAN school's. European schools you do not see this. More reason to take your education overseas young people. I was in the military and got pretty thick skin but the "instructor" was very obviously clearly anti-Male and very anti-Veteran. It was so bad in fact I felt the need to report her multiple times and take my losses and drop out from the program entirely. I am a good student, and she consistently gave me F's for subjective reasons such as when I chose a men's issue as my topic of choice with the gist of men having a higher workplace death rate then women is a issue in society" I was met with what I can only describe as harassment from the instructor. Bear in mind I could of easily just told her what she wanted to hear and got a C or something and passed the class, I am a good student. But It got progressively so bad over the course of the next few weeks that by week 6 I CHOSE to file a formal complaint, leave the school and drop the class.... Meaning I willingly chose to pay the VA back the 1500-2000 dollars from what they paid for me using the GI bill. It was that bad. So not only are the "ok" classes junk. some classes they hire and protect instructors who clearly have some sort of issue with men and have blatant bias in their grading."
Soner korkmaz
  • Reviewed: 10/20/2021
  • Degree: Business
"That is terrible place to go there, do not study over there, admission counselors are horrible, everything is very bad, I waited for applying for a year, after that they did not accept me, they are liar, do not believe them, everybody is complaining, when you want to Learn something about this school, 970 2613683 call me any question, I am warning you,waste of time"
  • Reviewed: 10/16/2021
  • Degree: Cybersecurity
"I've been attending and am graduating in less than 12 months. This is not a good program for someone who is not motivated, YOU MUST be a self-starter, or adaptable. I have attended both community colleges and an online program from another institution. SNHU is NON-PROFIT and at the date of this review, ACCREDITED. This is one of the only distance programs that has respect in the employment world. You won't get that with other distance-based programs and especially FOR-PROFIT higher education. They don't smother you from interest to being actively enrolled - which for me is a perk - it feels more like a local campus. The quality of the course material is my only complaint about the online-based program - you need to be a fast learner to absorb from your coursework. For those in IT, work on your COMPTIA certs, etc on the side to be competitive once you graduate."
Antionette G.
  • Reviewed: 10/8/2021
"I was in the clinical mental health masters program. Im 6 credits away from graduating. And was dismissed from the program, due to the incompetence of my field site. The program does not advocate on your behalf. Do not believe that SNHU wants you to succeed.!"
Dina Dieffenbach
  • Reviewed: 10/5/2021
  • Degree: Communications
"I looked into SNHU because they are a brick-and-mortar with a decent reputation, plus they are n affordable non-profit. That said - Do NOT bother to waste your time and money!!! The only good thing about this school is the academic advisors, that's it! Other than that, nothing is worth it. I've paid for outdated materials, broken links, and outdated books, all of which you don't know of until you're actually in your course, by then it's too late. The dean said they're working on improving this after addressing my grievance, meanwhile, they take your money during their self-improvement process leaving you with a subpar education from professors who have no room to actually teach because the course is already pre-determined for them by student volunteers who have little to nothing to do with the actual course or major itself. Fabulous business model SNHU! Smh"
John Smith
  • Reviewed: 9/21/2021
  • Degree: Accounting
"SNHU has great career services. They are quick to lean in and help when I need it. The instructors are pretty good. Not sure yet if this degree will help me get the job I want but I'm definitely hoping so. The online format works well because I'm pretty busy."
  • Reviewed: 9/20/2021
  • Degree: Health Sciences
"I attended SNHU online bachelor's of health science program. They accepted all my credits from my associates of applied science in occupational therapy assistant studies so I needed 15 classes. All classes were 8 weeks and affordable around 988$ per 3 credit class (which they all were). My advisor Megan S. Was great along the way. Also financial aid was a cakewalk. They basically did everything for me. Took me a little over a year because I was also taking classes elsewhere at times to complete my prerequisites for Physician Assistant (PA) school. Some classes were harder and required much more effort and some were quite easy. But what I love about the classes as a whole they aren't really test based the're application based with lots of writing assignments and projects. I have always been a good student and a strong writer so I found myself never really struggling to get my As ultimately. However, some professors were much harder graders than others so to ensure my As I kept in close communication with them to make sure I hit the mark and made all their requirements. I needed a bachelor's degree to apply for PA school and wanted something fast and affordable that'd take all my previous credits while allowing me to still work and SNHU was it for me! The classes were usually well organized and almost every professor if not all were quick to communicate with their students and provide additional feedback if necessary. I recommend this program to many other pre PA students or others who just want to get their bachelor's. I overall had a really good experience. Yes, some professors were tougher than others and caused me a bit of stress since I really needed straight As to get into PA school but I got them with extra effort and I'm proud to say I even got into Yale School of Medicine for my graduate program, after receiving my bachelor's here! I really enjoyed how each class let you pick the topic you were most passionate about to research and write your papers on too."
  • Reviewed: 9/20/2021
  • Degree: Psychology
"I will first start by saying when I signed up I had high hopes and every intention of putting all that I could into graduating. I am a mother of 3 and worked full time, however my son ended up having issues and needing surgery and so many things started happening in my life which is completely my fault but I still felt that I could do this and I tried but I am not the greatest with technology, I am not terrible by any means but I found their system was very confusing but the online books became my biggest issue, I couldn't download them no matter what I tried and I explained this and on top of that I could not afford to purchase microsoft word which every assignment was required to be done on and I was not told this until we were already starting the class and it was just so difficult. The adviser was not helpful to me, she was nice but I didn't find her to be helpful and I am upset because they just wrote me off and they took my financial aide and didn't even try and I couldn't afford to pay out of pocket but regardless my experience was nothing like I thought."
  • Reviewed: 9/19/2021
  • Degree: Business Administration
"SNHU has put a lot of work into updating their courses this year and ensuring a quality education. Where they need improvement is in regards to some of their instructors. The programs are designed so that one week is not dependent on the next; however if you make mistakes on week one, you will also make mistakes on week two. The majority of the instructors I had during my degree program would provide grades on Wed-Thurs before the following weeks assignment were due on Sunday. The classes in which I struggled, the instructors would grade assignments on Sunday evenings or late Sunday night. It is a real shame that my education was not as much of a priority to those instructors. I would not recommend SNHU to anyone until this is addressed so that students have opportunities to learn from previous mistakes and better themselves without the additional stress."
  • Reviewed: 9/2/2021
  • Degree: Healthcare Administration
"Am I glad I read the reviews before I didn't have a chance to withdraw for the first week which was this week. Now reading, I do realize that they have a pretty telemarketing feel to them. I was taking the HIS 100 class and I was purely confused. They do not offer due dates like other schools do which has left me very confused. My "advisor" was more adamant about me staying there and trying to complete my financial aid than allowing me to leave. They do not allow you to withdraw from courses yourself despite them saying that the first week is the drop week. You legitimately have to contact financial services or your advisor just to withdraw from the class. I think this is so that they can get you with their sales pitch to stay. Thank you to all the reviewers for saving me time and over thousands of dollars!"
  • Reviewed: 8/30/2021
  • Degree: Business Administration
"I've attended traditional college settings in the past for my associates and the beginning part of my bachelor's so I feel I have a good foundation to compare the online and in person settings. Although there are many reviews that state the school didn't hold their hand and help guide them as much as they desire, that is what you receive with an online school. SNHU specifically caters to adults who have lives- children and/or careers and I believe the expectation is that you need to find the balance that works for you and they're there to help when you ask. If you aren't able to be independent, hold yourself accountable to study and turn in assignments, and reach out to instructors and advisors when you need to, then you're responsible for your failure. There were times I was completely unsure of what I was doing or doubted my abilities to manage three classes when working full time and taking care of my family and both the advisor and instructor were understanding and worked with me to help me succeed. SNHU is accredited and if they weren't, I doubt my employer (a multinational corporation) would be willing to pay for my tuition. My first college was for-profit and the tuition for my associates was more than double what I paid at SNHU for my bachelor's and is still more than I will pay for my master's (at SNHU). Between offering a phenomenally user-friendly online portal (Brightspace), very low tuition rates, and high acceptance rate, I think the school is designed to give everyone an equal opportunity to succeed."
J albert
  • Reviewed: 8/26/2021
  • Degree: Business Administration
"There might be a time in someone's life when things will fall apart and there are beyond explanation, well at snhu there only there for strickly one purpose and being a person from such a generation like this one a financial pandemic hit the united states like Vietnam so my point is, if there is or might be any what so ever sort of interruption during your journey with this particular online anyone with such interruption or health problems no matter how many times its mention or documented courses they offer, It might be somewhat difficult and for like myself a failure, my instructor paid no attention to any previous email that I sent asking for help drop-in tutor they have you cant talk to her only hear. , the IT dept never has an idea how to fix any yet any situation I have ever called them for , I strongly believe you better be very educated just without a degree to get through this online fiasco, money is the only issue thee instructors are after I know by the way they respond to you when needing help with assignments, random out of work individuals and some are great and real, other are just trying to make some money from what the world went through. But just remember all the money that the commercial tells you how affordable it is, it's not, its highly expensive and only to get very, very poor help from someone in need of work and IT dept, and Advisor that is just pleasing you when you call, miss guided I will say my journey was all about and a lesson learned."
  • Reviewed: 8/26/2021
  • Degree: RN to BSN
"Working full-time as a nurse with regular life responsibilities, I turned to the online BSN program at SNHU to further my education. My experience was poor - it was more like dealing with a corporation than attending a place of higher learning. There was no instruction - you read, research and teach yourself - and an unrealistic amount of time-consuming weekly assignments. This program is "nursing for academia" not for nurses in clinical settings. No room for individuality or feelings. I doubt that my patients in ER or ICU or their families will feel any better knowing that I have written a research paper on nursing and politics in APA format."
  • Reviewed: 8/26/2021
  • Degree: Political Science
"I don’t understand all the bad reviews for this school. In order to learn something, you must study. You can easily pass and get through online colleges without ever picking up a book; however, you then walk away feeling like you learned nothing. If you do not study and process the information on your own, this is the wrong school for you and it would be best to look at an in person school situation. If you can put together higher level thinking on your own, you should try out Snhu! I love them and feel like I learned a ton. I also REALLY put in a lot of effort! It’s your choice. Are you going to pay a bunch of money for a degree or a piece of paper?"
  • Reviewed: 8/6/2021
  • Degree: Psychology
"I have been attending SNHU since January 2021 and I absolutely love it. While getting my associates degree through my community college, I received no support from the school. At SNHU my counselor registers my classes for me, checks in with me once a semester, and is always there to answer my questions. I enjoy the class content and I have had a few tough professors. Honestly, taking classes online is what YOU make of it. You can either do enough to get a passing grade, or take it further. Also, the tuition is affordable. The colleges in my state were double the price for taking classes online. I am very happy with SNHU."
  • Reviewed: 8/6/2021
  • Degree: Psychology
"I believe I was treated differently based off race. My psychology teacher was a white woman and every assignment I submitted she gave me less 50%. I graduated in honors English and also never had a problem with my writings in my other university. I contacted my academic advisor she did nothing I disputed my grades NOTHING they will always side with the professor do not waste your time or good money going here."
Mary P.
  • Reviewed: 8/6/2021
  • Degree: Liberal Arts
"I am busy. I have a family and a successful career already. I have been able to advance through experience in the military and a lot of hard work even without a degree but that can only last so long. I have been to traditional colleges both private and state but never crossed the finish line. Fast -forward 10 years and I am regretting that I never completed my degree. I am been so thankful that SNHU has held my hand through the whole process. Most of my credits transferred in and my advisor, and others, really helped me figure out the fastest and most relevant way to finish things out. Was it a life-changing education? Probably not, but I had responsive instructors, and most of the assignments and books were online so it was easy. Invest the time, follow the rubrics, and get your assignments done and you'll learn something and complete a degree. My instructors were always gracious if I communicated that I had things going on at work or with family one week and needed a little more time. Overall my experience has been great. It has been an easy and positive experience that worked with my life situation."