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  • Reviewed: 5/12/2022
  • Degree: Healthcare Administration
"My advisor has been wonderful, and I genuinely believe that the advising department wants to see you succeed and do well. I also had a couple of really great teachers. The problem lies greatly in the healthcare administration program itself if I am being honest. I am nearing the completion of this program, and I do not feel that I have been adequately prepared for everything taking on the role of a healthcare administrator entails. I felt that some of the coursework required to graduate was unnecessary, sometimes repetitive, or lacked direct correlation to the healthcare aspects of the job. It is a gamble too that you may be assigned to a not so great professor for certain subjects. Should you consider dropping the class, the financial aid office will not give a straightforward answer about whether you will owe back financial aid or how much you will be responsible for based on what your enrollment status would then be. The last teacher I had was not engaging and was condescending. I was given a very poor grade despite demonstrating clear understanding of the material and providing exemplary work. Given all the time I have dedicated and student loans that I have invested in this degree, I should not feel uneasy about not being properly prepared as I near graduation or unhappy with the quality of the education I enrolled for. I am sure that SNHU has programs that are great and prepare students to excel in their intended careers, but this one did not meet my expectations."
  • Reviewed: 4/25/2022
  • Degree: MBA
"I started the MBA program with SNHU due to the flexibility and low cost when compared to other schools (I was looking at Pepperdines online program at the time, but was out of my budget at roughly 100k). I was already working a full time job in the Credit Union industry as an assistant manager and was looking to prepare myself for the next step. I wasn't even an assistant manager for 1 year before they promoted me to a department manager making $85,000.00 a year. Per my employer, though I lacked the required experience, my education made up for this as the requirement for this job was only a bachelors degree. I can say that if I had not enrolled in this MBA program, I would not have been able to land this job. It was also very convenient since I work full time, I was able to go to school part time and I am set to finish my degree in 2022 (Roughly 2 years total from when I started). The programs themselves have the same format (Discussions, Assignments, Video Check Ins and 1 major assignment worth a majority of your grade). I can say SNHU is definitely not a diploma mill with plenty of reputable alumni. I was fairly surprised to see the negative comments on this board, which made me want to create this review. I have also applied for other jobs in the past and have gotten plenty of calls back due to this degree along with my experience. I will say though it may not be the best option for those with zero work experience, it has helped me significantly move up the ranks quickly and increase my earning potential. I even work with a fellow SNHU alumni who is going to school for her bachelors. Again, it may not be the best option for everyone, but its definitely worth a look. Just know what your getting into before you commit. With an investment of roughly 25k for this MBA, I would say I have already received a return on this investment seeing how it increased my salary almost immediately from 60k per year to 85k (And growing)."
Doug White Kadaw
  • Reviewed: 3/23/2022
  • Degree: Project Management
"The complaints on here about SNHU are really funny. I really do have to laugh at it because it reminds me of myself in high school. I say this because of all the excuses I've read and all the lies people are putting on here about this school just because they don't get their way. From from bad advisors, to bad classes, to bad teachers....what else, Diploma mill? this is an accredited school! non-profit, why would they want you to come to their school? lmao! These people are lazy and finding every excuse for their laziness. They complain about the online program where it's designed to WORK AROUND YOUR SCHEDULE. What more do you want? I graduated from this school with a B.S. in Human Resource management and with that degree I got a job running their human resource department for a great company that I won't name on here. I am making pretty good money and bought my dream house and at the moment and my job gives me the time to work on my masters degree. This school is great, the advisors, the teachers, the classes. The 3 and half years I went there, I never had any issues. I RECOMMEND this school highly to people who are busy with everyday life or those that want to pursue a degree. DON'T listen to these negatives reviews, it's one sided and from people who don't give a crap or just lazy. Someone complained about the campus being dirty, come on! To many kids and too many adults on here who thinks the world owes them something. Most of these people with negative reviews have never worked hard in their life. Don't listen to them, Go and experience it yourself and you make the judgment. 5 + stars for SNHU"
Ashley G.W.
  • Reviewed: 2/22/2022
  • Degree: Creative Writing
"I've looked at the school's website to see if they had any statements about their methods and curriculums, but I haven't seen anything. I know there are generally mixed reviews out in the public, and I can definitely understand that lots of people have had varying (and some negative) experiences with SNHU--but for me, what I'm wondering is why people aren't as excited about all the things I love about SNHU. I feel like these things are what everyone should be talking about! I transferred to SNHU last fall after experiences with two universities and a community college in the last 3-4 years. I'm not very far into my program at SNHU yet, but I just wanted to say that there are some key things that I adore and want to praise in comparison to my previous college experiences: 1. Their innovative term system: 1 or 2 classes at a time with short, 8-week terms. I've found this simplified, decompressed method to be significantly more effective than the traditional semester system. It may seem that doing classes in half the time would double the work, but I've found all four of my classes so far to be extremely manageable, considerate, and humane. Instead of splitting yourself among 4-6 classes, barely scratching the surface of each one, you get a much more thorough learning experience being allowed to devote your time, energy, attention, and creativity into just a couple. I've asked myself daily at my past universities: how can professors at traditional universities rationally ask of their students the amount of work that they do? Between going to classes, doing daily assignments, trying to handle the financial, physical, and social pressures of life--and to top it off, the dreaded semester-long projects that loom over you for four months. In that constant state of of panic and chaos, I never found it possible to have a learning environment where I felt free to really learn instead of simply chug out requirements out of fear. I subscribe to the Montessori method, which asserts that learning happens when students pursue their natural curiosity and feel like they're exploring instead of obeying and surviving. In the traditional system, there is no time to explore, but at SNHU, you can extend your learning as far or as little as you have the time and interest to. You are free. 2. Inquiry and Project-Based Learning: To date, I've taken two completely inquiry-based (gen ed.) classes at SNHU: "Applied Social Sciences" and "Applied Natural Sciences". They are both of a Montessori education vein, in that you choose a topic in that field that you're passionate about, and then they guide you through researching that topic yourself instead of dictating info to you. Every step of the way, there are choices. Every step of the way, the courses are set up to relate every single thing to the real world, to you as an individual human being, and to your own interests and curiosities. And instead of ending with a terrifying exam full of information you'll forget the next day, they culminate in creative term projects that they've guided you through every step of the way. These extremely manageable, highly personalized term projects have been like paradise to me in comparison to the semester-long projects that have haunted me in the past. They've felt like such an authentic way to demonstrate the inquiry-based learning I've been engaged in throughout the term. And at the end, I feel like I actually accomplished something satisfying. 3. No lecture videos: In-person lectures have questionable learning value, since they rest on the assumption that the teacher has to fill the students' empty heads with information, and they take place in an environment of 30 silenced individuals with vastly different social skills, interests, and ideas--making the ideal "class discussion" where every voice can be heard and learned from nothing but a fantasy. For online classes, however, lectures take on a whole new level of ludicrous. From my own past experiences with online classes at traditional universities and mine and peers' experiences watching class recordings or live lectures over Zoom: lecture videos are actually the absolute worst. I'd rate them at about 5/100 in learning value, whether that's in STEM classes, the humanities, or otherwise. For digital natives like me, the online world is set up to give instant gratification to our brains. When we open our screens, our brains expect to be entertained, and we're so wired this way, we don't know how to live in any other. You can imagine how often we squirm during, skim through, speed up, ignore, and sometimes skip lecture videos. I've done it. I've seen it. I've heard of it everywhere. Because the fuzzy, muffled image of someone ranting about a subject we may or may not be interested in is the last thing our brains think it should pay attention to. (And heaven forbid it's a Zoom recording where the professor spends half the time begging people for input only to receive painful silence or half-baked statements from the same people in reply.) Put all that aside, my SNHU experience has not included a single lecture. It makes me want to get up and dance. It's like they actually notice us! It's like they've finally realized that lecture videos are a 100% waste of time for everyone involved. (I apologize to anyone reading this who may love lecture videos; I'm speaking in general terms.) For anyone wondering if online classes at SNHU will be excruciatingly boring because they'll have to watch lecture videos, think again. 4. Last but not least: interactive online textbooks. A notch or two below the dreaded lecture video, we have the boring textbooks. Granted, I love reading, and I often enjoy reading my textbooks. But that's not always the case. And I know a lot of other students who struggle a lot more, especially if there's not going to be an in-person discussion about it. Doing the readings for my online classes would be a much bigger struggle if they didn't have the interactive e-textbooks for a couple of the classes. Granted, I've used one print textbook so far, and an online text that wasn't interactive, but for my two more science-based classes, the interactive textbooks have been fantastic. They're so good at keeping you engaged and keeping it interesting. They vary the media with a mix of video and different kinds of texts and graphics. They have multiple choice questions that help you recall what you just read and even little games to help you organize your understanding. They're also so great at tying everything into outside, real-world sources, so that everything feels relevant and integrated to your general world view. And while you're reading the text, they're guiding you through your assignments and term project--all in one! I've been extremely engaged by the interactive online textbooks so far. So, those are top 4 for why I've been praising SNHU to all my friends and family since I started. I could also add that they've been really good at registering me for classes in advance with little to no effort on my part, and disbursing my FAFSA funds with again, little to no effort on my part. My academic advisor really cares about me personally, I feel like I can communicate with my professors whenever I need to, and they have so many extra resources--including free written feedback on papers, which I haven't used yet, but I'm planning to since I'm a Creative Writing major. Yes, I could also talk about little complaints. No organization or person is perfect, but overall, I've been bursting with my delight for this school and the newfound freedom I have since I transferred, so I had to share."
  • Reviewed: 2/22/2022
  • Degree: Management
"I'm currently enrolled in SNHU taking the BS.OMA.PMA degree plan (Bachelor's in Operations management with concentration in Project Management) I felt the need to write this review because of some of the very low stars I see on here written by probably younger students or those who are not great with computers. After my first year attending my only hope is that more students are failed for there blatant inability read instructions and write semi-coherently. I've maintained a 4.0 GPA thus far by simply "trying". The 100 level and 200 level classes have been a breeze though some require substantial reading and writing. If you attend you must be willing to dedicate the time and teach yourself what you need to succeed. When I started the first thing I did was buy an APA 7 manual and re-teach myself math and grammar and punctuation from scratch since it had been 10 years since High School. I cant speak for the negative experiences a few have written about on here. I have had no issue dropping or re-arranging classes to suit my schedule, they even have self-registration online so you don't have to call anyone to do it. One review on here says that she was given a 0 after perfectly following the directions...What I have seen from most of my class mates has been the lowest grade in any class has been a 95.7 and I imagine many students pass with less effort, I cant imagine how someone received a 0% for turning an assignment in on time and following the rubric. Another review calls SNHU a "diploma mill", however if you read reviews online about SNHU you will see that claim is blatantly false. SNHU is a non-profit regionally accredited school and has something like a ~40% graduation rate. NONE of my classes have been so easy that I would be able to receive a diploma just for showing up or paying the school...that said, I am looking forward to my 300-600 level classes where I hope to actually have to struggle a bit to maintain my grades. While the classes do require a word processor as one claimed, they do give you access to Microsoft offline online for free, and if that doesn't work out for you...Word Pad is pre-downloaded on basically any modern computer and I submitted all of my assignments for my first 2 classes in Rich Text Format (.RTF...from WordPad) with no issues. I don't think that requirement has changed since I switched to Microsoft Office. Another review mentions that they dealt with harassment from a teacher because they wrote about a "men's-rights" issue. I wont discount there experience, but I played that game myself a time or two and didn't have any issues with it. I've purposely written about sensitive subjects like Equal Housing Opportunity, Gentrification and "Privilege" and had no negative issues. I wrote about gentrification from the...lets say "conservative" point of view, and my instructor (who was a black woman) did not harass me or grade me unfairly for it. I did receive a direct email from her challenging a few of my statements, but nothing she wrote me would I describe as harassment, it was more like polite but passionate disagreement. There has been at least one article that we have read for class material that I strongly disagreed with the content of. An article (who's name I regretfully forget at the moment) was written by an Asian woman and self-proclaimed feminist and the content of this article was blatantly racist and misandrist. when I emailed my instructor and made a complaint they simply told me that they aren't really in control of specific course resources and I should file a complaint with the school, again the instructor did not proceed to harass me or grade me unfairly. Long story short, that reviewer may very well have been telling the truth about their experience, but I have had the exact opposite experience so far. TL;DR: My experience with SNHU has been positive, the school is very flexible and the instructors have been responsive and helpful, particularly when I needed an extension on an assignment for life reasons or issues with links (because of the government network I do my work on, not the schools fault). If you need help email or call your teachers and your advisors and I'm sure you will get the help you need. My only real gripe so far is I was expecting college to be harder than it is...sure its a lot of reading and writing but nothing really mentally challenging yet."
  • Reviewed: 1/7/2022
  • Degree: Liberal Arts
"As a career military member, obtaining a degree has primarily been just to check a box. Given that purpose, I consider SNHU to be a great choice, as it's significantly more respectable than other for-profit schools that military personnel frequently attend. While I would only describe a few of the courses I took as particularly challenging, I do feel like the education I received was valuable and pursuing a General Studies degree allowed me the flexibility to choose the classes and subjects that I was actually interested in. The degree has not presented any issues with applying to graduate schools, and I'm now using it to obtain my MA in Organizational Leadership. Overall, I have no issues with recommending SNHU and I feel like it's a great choice, particularly for working adults."
  • Reviewed: 12/25/2021
  • Degree: Liberal Arts
"This is the best online school out there! I absolutely loved my experience at SNHU! From my amazing advisor (Kathy R.) to the instructors, to the Financial Aid office. They are helpful, knowledgeably and caring. I received a great education, with challenging module assignments, classmates that helped me learn and instructors that were ALWAYS available. If I had a question, the instructors would be available through email, text and/or a phone call. They were willing to help me understand the material, spend time walking me through something I was confused about and all along the way encouraging me! Most instructors were either PhD's or MA's and specialists in their field. I am now deciding what to do with my career and I am looking strongly into a MA from SNHU. Thank you SNHU for the BEST education!!"
Kyle H
  • Reviewed: 12/20/2021
  • Degree: MBA in Human Resources
"I chose SNHU based on the information I received from family and friends who were attending school at SNHU. I will be honest - I likely should have done more research. I hold an undergraduate business degree from a state college in the same area. I thought that since HR jobs had dried up in my area it would be prudent to try and enhance my employability with a Master's in the future. The degree program did not cover new material. I finished my degree program with a 3.9 GPA since the whole thing was basically a review of other content I had learned at the undergrad level. I'm not sure what people's opinion of the school is but I can say that the education I received was nowhere near the kind of rigor I expected from grad school. Now I have an ultra-expensive MBA that only qualifies me for mid-level administrative individual contributor roles. What I would suggest to others is that they actually get employed in the field FIRST then pursue the degree in the meantime. HR jobs are particularly competitive and you would likely benefit from getting the experience first, or better yet, do what I am doing. Choose another field to study with greater availability, say accounting or supply chain logistics. I cannot recommend this school, unfortunately. While I liked my advisors and enjoyed getting stellar grades for my work, I would have liked to use this degree for a job in my area and move forward instead of feeling stuck."
  • Reviewed: 12/19/2021
  • Degree: Computer Science
"I just graduated with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science with a 4.0 GPA. If you are not highly motivated and capable of self-learning difficult concepts then this online program is not for you. I earned an associate's degree in EET prior to this degree via the traditional in- class format at a local CC. That said, I liked the convenience of the online option better, but I liked the in-class instruction better for the AS degree. I think some of the learning module resources at SNHU are dated and need to be updated. I would have liked an online lecture format much better. Overall, I worked very hard in the program and achieved my goal. I'm older and have significant work experience, so this was the right degree and format for me to get an accredited degree. If I were fresh out of high school I would probably look elsewhere if possible. Overall I'm happy with my education from SNHU, but you have to be willing and able to learn on your own at a fast pace. I joke that they should also award an English degree with the CS degree. EVERY class has a writing component to them...even programming classes. If I had it to do over again, and I was in the same situation, I would still go to SNHU."
  • Reviewed: 12/18/2021
  • Degree: English
"Overall, reviewing a lot of the two stars comments from months prior should tell you a few things - people are complaining about simple tech issues, or one-off problems that they should have just sorted out. With the pandemic frenzy, people are calming their neuroticism by taking it out on the entire system due to an inability to fix one issue or overpay for a class. Broken links? I have not experienced any issues with technology here. They far beat other state schools rushing to get their online programs going that are new to the space. SNHU uses Brightspace, a very user-friendly software! The courses vary in difficulty, just as they would at any other university. You've got students that put in varying amounts of effort, and it probably translates in the gradebook. I've never turned in a blank assignment and received an A, as one IT rating mentions below. The professors are not shy to give poor grades if you do poor work (at least in my experience). The courses, at least for the Humanities, History and English, require a significant amount of reading and participation and are heavily writing focused. I feel quite prepared in my research capabilities after spending so much time on essays and research papers here. Their platform connects you with internships where you are working alongside candidates from Columbia, Brown and Howard University. There are immersion opportunities for politics in Washington DC in the summers- and the price you pay for a regionally accredited program is fair. They are not ripping students off like private schools and state/ UC schools with tuitions through the roof. Lastly, remember that a college education is also largely what you make of it. At another university, students might not show up to class until an exam or even ONLY sit for a final. Not here. You are asked to work hard weekly, and what you retain hopefully helps you grow as a more informed person. I'm grateful for my experience at SNHU."
  • Reviewed: 12/15/2021
  • Degree: Psychology
"I am an adult learner that returned to complete my degree. I was so impressed by the education level of the professors. I had numerous outstanding professors that worked hard to make sure we were engaged as online learners. I loved the format of 8 weeks for each class. Each class followed a similar format of milestones to be met over the span of 8 weeks. If you followed the directives it was easy to plan out the work needed to get the projects done. I learned a great deal and enjoyed the process. I found the books and material up to date and relevant. I found the professors engaged and eager to assist in any way they could. Standards were high for many and hard work was required to succeed."
joseph sistrunk
  • Reviewed: 10/29/2021
  • Degree: Psychology
"I am currently finishing up my last test at SNHU. I have read so many bad reviews here and it is totally not my experience. I used VA benefits which meant 0 out of pocket expenses for me. All the advisers are great but you half to communicate with them if you need help. The tutoring services are helpful but you half to communicate your specific needs to them. The instructors are a mixed bag from great to terrible but that is with any college or university. The courses themselves are easy to navigate and understand. The courses do require independent research and lots of writing. I have had no issues and have found the whole experience to be quit pleasant. Most of the poor reviews center around financial issues which I cannot speak to because I used VA educational benefits, so I recommend you thoughtfully research that for yourself. I have been able to get certified as a teacher in Texas with the degree from SNHU contingent upon me completing my final term which just started this week. I landed a paid teaching position with an institution of higher learning based on my degree from SNHU. I have not used any career services but my son has and he found them helpful. I did find some instructors to be biased toward their own political opinions but I was never punished for not subscribing to those beliefs. Some of the courses do feel repetitive especially the Psychology classes towards the end. SNHU transferred most all of my credits from military training schools and other universities with no problem. I had an Associates degree coming into the program which helped me get a degree in two years. You can take more than two classes per term but I would recommend starting with just the two until you really get comfortable with the online format. I spend an average of between 5 and 10 hours a week working on assignments. Most of that time is dedicated to research and writing. Overall, I recommend this University but warn that it is not for those who require hand holding. This school is based on the students taking initiative, asking questions, and working independently. My word of advice is simply communication!! You half to be your own advocate and speak up when an issue comes up because in life issues always come up. Actively engage your instructors, advisors, tutors, and financial services rep. Good luck and God speed!! Final thought… I read a review that stated people of faith were not treated well. I disagree. I clearly state that I am a God fearing Christian in every introductory post for all my courses and I have never felt discriminated against. If you have opinions be prepared to make educated, researched, and well explained arguments on their behalf or just keep them to yourself. You can makes A’s with either tact."
  • Reviewed: 10/24/2021
  • Degree: Business Administration
"I was impressed with the support and attention that I received from my professors. I am please with the entire experience at SNHU. I waited more than 30 years to complete my degree, and I could not have made a better choice than SNHU. They allowed me the time and gave me feedback to help make my experience a successful on. I was able to graduate with honors."
Chelsea S.
  • Reviewed: 10/22/2021
  • Degree: Data Analytics
"One bad professor can sour the whole experience. Certain professors give a 0 when you follow the assignment instructions exactly and correctly. If I could do it again I would not go here and would not recommend this school to anyone. Appealing to deans proved useless."
  • Reviewed: 10/22/2021
  • Degree: Software Engineering
"Diploma mill. No different than Kaplan or now Purdue global university. Complete joke, at least the online classes are. I went for software engineer, I took four classes total with this program using my GI bill. I Had already achieved my Associates, a Electrical Engineering Technology degree, from another school and was hoping to earn my bachelors next. I had one positive class to speak of from the four I took. The two least negative classes I will say they were not necessarily horrible, but it was pretty obvious the "instructor" was literally copy pasting everything and not even reading assignment's. I tested out my hypothesis and turned in a blank assignment with just my name on it fully accepting the risk of a F on this one assignment just to prove to myself that yes they are not even looking at what we turn in and making sure we are doing it correctly. Sure enough, A+ proving to myself that yes indeed, they are not even reading what we turn in. While I was happy with a easy A... I know for sure that at that rate, I would not learn anything, nor would I be ready for a career in software engineering even If I got the degree here. The worst class, and final class that made me decide to leave was a class regarding Social issues. A elective, A checkmark class. Not relevant to my degree at all. Just something schools use as a cash grab with the excuse of developing a "well rounded" student. And something, by the way, that is only seen in AMERICAN school's. European schools you do not see this. More reason to take your education overseas young people. I was in the military and got pretty thick skin but the "instructor" was very obviously clearly anti-Male and very anti-Veteran. It was so bad in fact I felt the need to report her multiple times and take my losses and drop out from the program entirely. I am a good student, and she consistently gave me F's for subjective reasons such as when I chose a men's issue as my topic of choice with the gist of men having a higher workplace death rate then women is a issue in society" I was met with what I can only describe as harassment from the instructor. Bear in mind I could of easily just told her what she wanted to hear and got a C or something and passed the class, I am a good student. But It got progressively so bad over the course of the next few weeks that by week 6 I CHOSE to file a formal complaint, leave the school and drop the class.... Meaning I willingly chose to pay the VA back the 1500-2000 dollars from what they paid for me using the GI bill. It was that bad. So not only are the "ok" classes junk. some classes they hire and protect instructors who clearly have some sort of issue with men and have blatant bias in their grading."
Soner korkmaz
  • Reviewed: 10/20/2021
  • Degree: Business
"That is terrible place to go there, do not study over there, admission counselors are horrible, everything is very bad, I waited for applying for a year, after that they did not accept me, they are liar, do not believe them, everybody is complaining, when you want to Learn something about this school, 970 2613683 call me any question, I am warning you,waste of time"
  • Reviewed: 10/16/2021
  • Degree: Cybersecurity
"I've been attending and am graduating in less than 12 months. This is not a good program for someone who is not motivated, YOU MUST be a self-starter, or adaptable. I have attended both community colleges and an online program from another institution. SNHU is NON-PROFIT and at the date of this review, ACCREDITED. This is one of the only distance programs that has respect in the employment world. You won't get that with other distance-based programs and especially FOR-PROFIT higher education. They don't smother you from interest to being actively enrolled - which for me is a perk - it feels more like a local campus. The quality of the course material is my only complaint about the online-based program - you need to be a fast learner to absorb from your coursework. For those in IT, work on your COMPTIA certs, etc on the side to be competitive once you graduate."
Antionette G.
  • Reviewed: 10/8/2021
"I was in the clinical mental health masters program. Im 6 credits away from graduating. And was dismissed from the program, due to the incompetence of my field site. The program does not advocate on your behalf. Do not believe that SNHU wants you to succeed.!"
Dina Dieffenbach
  • Reviewed: 10/5/2021
  • Degree: Communications
"I looked into SNHU because they are a brick-and-mortar with a decent reputation, plus they are n affordable non-profit. That said - Do NOT bother to waste your time and money!!! The only good thing about this school is the academic advisors, that's it! Other than that, nothing is worth it. I've paid for outdated materials, broken links, and outdated books, all of which you don't know of until you're actually in your course, by then it's too late. The dean said they're working on improving this after addressing my grievance, meanwhile, they take your money during their self-improvement process leaving you with a subpar education from professors who have no room to actually teach because the course is already pre-determined for them by student volunteers who have little to nothing to do with the actual course or major itself. Fabulous business model SNHU! Smh"
John Smith
  • Reviewed: 9/21/2021
  • Degree: Accounting
"SNHU has great career services. They are quick to lean in and help when I need it. The instructors are pretty good. Not sure yet if this degree will help me get the job I want but I'm definitely hoping so. The online format works well because I'm pretty busy."