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LaShunta Wilkerson
  • Reviewed: 11/1/2012
"I called in advance to have my classes dropped for the summer of 2010 (July). I never reached anyone, no one called me back from my messages, but now they want to charge me $1700.00 for a drop fee, which I tried to stop this in advance. Now I can not enroll in school anywhere because they are holding my transcript. That to me just even more shows they care more about the money than education of helping. When I called long distance they kept transferring me to voice mails which no one has returned my calls. I first started to contact them in August of 2012 Its now November, and nobody has called to help or given me any advice. When you first enroll at Strayer they tell you do not go to the head office, they want you to resolve the issue with them. I should have taken that as a warning sign."
  • Reviewed: 10/12/2012
"In the beginning, I had a very good experience with Strayer. At the time, I had an advisor who actually seemed interested in what I wanted to do. He got the process started and completed quickly and my classes were great. A year later, I was introduced to a new advisor who was the opposite. The new advisor would forget to send my registration information resulting in a class being dropped. When I contacted the school, another student support staff ensured me "You will be enrolled next quarter..." Needless to say after all of that, I was not. Further, my advisor registered me for a class (my final class). I reminded him that I needed to take a seminar prior to. He tells me "Oh, no not with you major. This is something new." I asked him if he was certain on several occasions. At any rate, the day I purchase my book, I realize, wait, this is not the class I should be taking. I contacted the school and sure enough, the advisor had mistakenly registered me for a class I did not need and this was to be my last class. I was very upset. He admitted to reading my registration form and was not sure why he enrolled me in the wrong class. I contacted the dean who was able to over ride this and enroll me in the class I needed. I finally finished in June 2012. I DO NOT, ABSOLUTELY DO NOT recommend this school to ANYONE."
  • Reviewed: 9/19/2012
"I spent 2 years at the university. In 2 years I had 5 different deans. Everyone well promise something and they just mislead you 'till they get your $$$$. after that you're on your own. The tell you to open a ticket, and that's it. The Staff are unprofessional and don't know nothing, except agreeing with everything you say, 'till they get there money or if you ask them to put it in writing. Take my advice and save your money, by going with a cheaper U."
Frustrated Student
  • Reviewed: 8/26/2012
"I have now attended Strayer for over a year now. I am about to start on my 6th quarter this fall. Lets get one thing straight: I LOVE the online classes because of its flexibility and the way its set up. I have really gotten a lot out of my classes for management and all but one of my instructors were phenomenal. The educational experience has been the only thing that has kept me with this university. If it weren't for that, I would leave in a heartbeat. Every single quarter, the business office has managed to mess up my registration and/or financial aid. You can't make heads or tails of their accounting records on your student page. Each class is $1725 and you take two of them a quarter. You can either break it up into monthly plans (to cover what financial aid doesn't cover) or apparently most people pay it out in full. I don't have that kind of cash so I go on the payment plan. The way their "system" if you even want to call it that works is that your classes all have to be paid for before you can register for the next quarter. If you are on the payment plan, however, this makes it impossible. My classes constantly get dropped and without any notification what so ever. On top of that, the financial aid got messed up and disbursed a very small amount and then later on it did a huge amount. Again I was not notifiied of any of this. I stumbled upon it when I figured out a new quarter was starting and I had NO classes. I went up to their offices not once, not twice, but four times trying to straigthen things out. Due to their poor record keeping and knowing what is going on, Strayer had me apply for a direct plus loan since I was told I didn't have enough funds for school. Now we are in the situation of having too many loans AND my next quarter classes were magically dropped again. I still have another TWO years to deal with this every 3 months. You have to wonder if it really is worth it to stay with these guys. I have had nothing but positive experiences with the actual course work and the college part, but their systems and support are so insufficient it's not even funny."
  • Reviewed: 8/11/2012
"Attended for about one year and from day one I did not have good feelings about it. DO NOT TRUST THE STAFF (Unprofessional and Retarded). They will lie to you and mislead you in every department.I am now in process of transferring back to regular university in NOVA and for a lot cheaper!"
becky m
  • Reviewed: 8/8/2012
  • Degree: Business
"After reading some of the reviews, I was hesitant to contact Strayer. I decided though to look into it considering that almost all online colleges get bad reviews. I am glad that I did call and I will be in my second semester soon. My financial aid does cover everything and will continue to cover everything until the degree is completed. Financial aid has been very helpful. I enrolled in an English class that I didn't need (we were waiting on my credits to transfer in from Cincinnati state) and so I spent my book voucher on the English books. When I had to switch my class to business 100, they gave me way over the amount of money for the books and with that I was able to order a few reference books and two flash drives that I really did need.the staff is very supporting . I guess it does matter though which campus you go through. I have had no issues with the akron ohio campus and do np expect to have any in the future."
  • Reviewed: 8/2/2012
"I have gone to Strayer for 3 semesters and it has all ended up with the same result. Them wanting more money in the end and them not knowing what is going on with your financial status.I am using the GI Bill and they(Strayer) have no idea what is going on most of the time.They over charge for everything...if you want to just pay for a degree without being taught anything then this is the school for you.The staff is confused most of the time of what is going on with your account and when you pass a class they say you didn't and have to retake them so you end up having to pay them MORE money. MONEY HUNGRY SCHOOL!! DO NOT GO HERE!"
Unhappy Student
  • Reviewed: 7/26/2012
"This school is a big con. They overcharge for the classes and are no help to student when or if they have an issues. The school is all about the money for them. I will never ever encourage anyone with sense to go for this rip-off ride. This school sucks.!!!!!"
Jared Tate
  • Reviewed: 7/12/2012
"I just started my final year at Strayer and we informed that my financial aid has maxed out. 57,000 dollars in three years. I have many friends and family who went to schools such as Penn state, California University and WVU and none of them had this problem with maxing out financial aid, How can this type of school be so much more expensive? Does everyone who attends this school have this problem. Also during my first year I wasn't even getting enough to cover everything and had to pay a couple hundred dollars per quarter out of pocket. I would love to know where all of this money has gone."
M Murphy
  • Reviewed: 7/5/2012
  • Degree: Public Administration
"I guess it depends on your main campus because my main campus is in Arlington, VA and they have helped me with any and every question I have ever had. Everyone has been very friendly and they will call back immediately if they are not available right then."
  • Reviewed: 6/27/2012
"I had hope in this school but lost it quickly with the help of the finance department. These people are the worst, one person says one thing then the other says something totally different. Nobody is on the same page so your left to wonder what's really going on. After all of the run around your asked to sign a letter stating that you will beer making monthly payments to kill your balance that came out of nowhere. Just be cautious to they're tricks to steal your money, i wish i was..."
Bridgett Blackwell
  • Reviewed: 6/26/2012
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"I am so disappointed with this school and I feel I have to stay with them until I graduate because I only have 10 classes to go for my Bachelors, I will not recommed this school to anyone. I find out in my last I year don't have enough money for my books nor will I no longer receive money back from tuition which I was living on it makes a person wonder all our tuition money is disappearing too. The people in financial Aide are rude, they tell you different stories about your FA Lausingp"
Q Jones
  • Reviewed: 6/11/2012
  • Degree: Education
"I graduated from Strayer University in 2008 with my Master of Education degree! My experience at Strayer prepared me for the career opportunities in my field. The professors were very knowledgeable and I appreciated the fact that they were industry professionals and they brought that knowledge into the classroom. The support staff was also helpful with financial aid, book, and academic support. I received a high quality education at Strayer that has prepared me for my future. I highly, highly recommend this great university!"
jared simmons
  • Reviewed: 5/22/2012
"I have just got taken for a 1,700 dollar ride by Strayer. There is a long story here but I will not bother typing it out and getting mad all over again.The summary is that after 5 months of trying to get my credits evaluated, I have discovered that the discrepancy at my previous college is fairly common and that they generally have to make a telephone call to the Bursar’s office and all can be resolved.I have told this to my advisor, advisor’s supervisor, Campus Dean, and Campus Director, currently they have all told me that is a Strayer policy that they cannot change and that none of the credits will be transferred. This is total BS, these credits have been evaluated and accepted at multiple other regionally accredited universities. This issue was never brought to light before I started making payments and there has been no offer to help by anyone at Strayer.I know that this college is a for-profit university, but regardless of my feelings this is a poor business decision to not make a phone call and get the credit approved so I can start going to school fulltime with the 9-11 GI Bill until I graduate. Strayer if you are watching, look up my case and change this policy. Potential students, you should really make sure that everything is evaluated and approved before you start any classes, DO NOT TRUST PEOPLE AT THIS COLLEGE, make sure that the credits are posted on your account."
  • Reviewed: 5/11/2012
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"I started Strayer University in Spring 2010. I was very excited about the school and the way I was treated. Loved the teachers and looked forward to classes. Flash forward Fall 2011. There was some confusion in signing up for the fall quarter but I was reassured by the business office that there was no problem and my voucher was released so I could order books.I started contacting the business office in Oct. 2011 to find out about my financial status. I was trying to enroll for winter classes. No one in the office knew what was going on. There is one in the office that I talk to, the others have a tone and roll their eyes. I was not allowed to sign up for the winter quarter and since the Christmas holiday was at hand I had to postpone the communication til after the holidays. I started back in contact after Christmas and before the New Year. That is when I was told I had lost my pell-grant and that I had to make payments of $240 a month to continue classes. I was told the government didn't cover all of the tuition. Since I could not afford the payments I was forced to with hold from taking classes. In February I received an email saying that I was past due on my account and they were turning me over to collections.I contacted the business office again. Low and behold they found that I had lost my pell-grant before the fall quarter and had failed to let me know. Now I am stuck with having to make payments, small as they may be, and I am not allowed to get my transcript to see about another school.I am 5 classes away from having my Bachelor's and I am now in Limbo and due to pay the loans back with no degree to show for it.I feel that this was very unprofessional and there should have been more communication. Arrangements could have been made before it reached this point.Also, I am making payments and still receiving letters of collection and collection fee's in the process. I am very frustrated and will not recommend this school to any one. The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing and it causes pain for the students."
  • Reviewed: 5/10/2012
"Honestly, Strayer has its flaws but so do all the others. Just like the companies we will be working for. I am satisfied with the professionalism of the facility and staff. My overall experience at Strayer was good. I learned alot and made connections with people from all different backgrounds."
Abdallah N Faleh
  • Reviewed: 4/7/2012
"I graduated , 12_18_2011. Untill two days ago , still getting Emails and phone calls telling me, that i have not register for the spring classes. I believe that is so bad for school being around for a long time , can not keep track of who graduated and, who still attending school ."
Tyeisha Wingfield
  • Reviewed: 4/5/2012
  • Degree: Business
"This is the worst school EVER! They blatanly lie to your face, they are very unprofessional, The Dean talks to you on the speaker phone, I asked why do she do that? She said because she's typing, I asked have she heard of headset because you could clearly hear people conversating in the back ground which was causing her not to hear you so she asked me to talk louder???? WOW, really Dean. The she stated she needed to call me back, of course I didnt hear back from her. If you at all disagree with any decision they will completely give you the run around until you quit.NOWWWWWWWWW you owe them this huge amount of money. One person in financial aid says you owe it to the school, another one says to student loans but no matter what you owe it to someone and they want it but still dont know who! Did I say they are very unprofessional at the Cobb County GA office. They are totally pass the buck type system operation. They are by far the worst education system in the world."
  • Reviewed: 3/6/2012
"I have attended Strayer for 2 years and am Graduating this summer. The entire time I was with Strayer the instructors were for the most part not qualified. For the expense (which I did not pay for myself)the education recieved was little to none. I am obtaining a B.S. from there with a 4.0. So as you see I am not complaining about paying, or about my grades. However, like the title stated this school is entirley unprofessional. Most every semester I recieved a teacher who had zero expierience and they fired shortly after only to give us another non-expierienced teacher. The reason I have a 4.0 is not becuase I am a guiness allthough I would like to claim that to be so. It is becuase the teachers were inexpierienced and not knowledgeable about their class at all. Well,not all there were a few really intelligent and professional one but they were to few to count in the overall scheme of things. I even went so far as to contact the president of Strayer regarding some of the lack of instruction I was recieving and he too blew me off.Financial Aid is another matter entirley and it has yet to be solved, three months and waiting. They have a centralized FA office but a student cannot contact them directly and must go through the campus who like a chicken with their head cutt off will give you the run around until you give up. Which is where I am at. I do not need the money for classes and I have paid for books this far myself. So no worries. I have heard some problems with degree confferral, I hope not to expierience them. However, let this be said prior to graduating I applied for a few jobs listing my upcoming B.S. and it was basically worth BS coming from Strayer. So save your money, time, and effort and go to a more affordable, reliable known institution."
Danica Lambert
  • Reviewed: 2/5/2012
"I writing this to form a complaint that I have against the school. Back when I completed the course for my DRP course, I logged into my account and the grade that I saw posted said B-. I came up to the school and went to talk with one of the Student Services reps and told that person that I had completed my last course and that I had come up to the school to pay for my graduation fees. She then sat at her desk and had me wait for about 15 minutes while she went through my account and then she said, "Yep, you are all completed!" Then she told me that the fee was 150.00 and this is the amount that I paid. She checked to see if my mailing address was correct and then told me that it would be 10 weeks before I would receive my degree in the mail.' More than 10 weeks later, I called to check on my degree because I had not received it. I asked the person that I spoke to at that time if there was a problem. I was put on hold for about 20 minutes. Then that person came back and said everything was fine and that I would have to wait another 10 weeks to get my diploma in the mail. Another 10 weeks had past and I called to change my address and ask about my degree being mailed because I had changed jobs. I was then told that my degree was not conferred. I was told that I made a C in another course and that the DRP course was not what I failed. I asked for this imformation to be confirmed but I have not heard anything back on that. When I spoke to you, you advised that I would receive a $1,000 scholarship, but I don't see where the funds posted to my account. I sent an email through the website to find out about these documents that are pending on my account and I was told that all the documents were submitted. When I spoke to Ayoola, she had me to fax over a signed copy of my FASFA. I asked her to confirm that she had them and she said she did. But then someone e-mailed me and said that they didn't have the paperwork. I emailed them back and said that Ayoola had it and she then claimed that she never had that conversation with me- until I sent the emailed that I saved to her. Then it was "oh, sorry. I have them." So I got hammered about the forms, but my financial aid is still not processed to my account. And these documents are still sitting on my account: one says Federal Student Loan Discharge (NSLDS)- Needed, and one that says Disbursement Hold Student Loans- Incomplete. And they are telling me that nothing else is needed! I am absolutely, completed tired and disgusted at this point. I keep getting the run around about something that should not have happened in the first place! Do you know I have applied for several jobs with Strayer, and I put on my application that I had a degree in Education? How embarassing is that? Can you imagine what the person reviewing the resumes thought about my application? Not only that, I'm not sure if I'm in the right course. It is so very difficult for me to complete this course because here it is a year later and I have started other things in my life where taking this course does not fit. But I know I have to complete this course to get my degree. Not to mention the fact that if my job finds out, then I will loose it. I don't have time for the runaround that I'm receiving. And I'm not going to continue to just sit here and let this institution jerk me around. I need to be told what I have to do to get my funds posted to my account because I can not afford to pay out of pocket. I need to know if I am taking the right course and if there is any other course I need to be taking because I'm not going to get to the end again to be told that I still don't have my degree"