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  • Chandler (AZ)
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50% of 7 students said this degree improved their career prospects
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Reviews - Bachelor's in Accounting

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  • Reviewed: 6/5/2019
  • Degree: Accounting
"ashford university has helped me get to the level im at now. I was stuck in a dead end job for years. once I finished my degree it took me a lot of hard work to land the job I always wanted. I now work in supply chain as a project manager for a credible company that is highly recognized in the new york city area. my current job has a program with ashford university where i can go get my masters. Dreams do come true."
Kat K
  • Reviewed: 8/10/2018
  • Degree: Accounting
"Do not go here. This school is a scam. At first, Ashford seemed amazing. My request for more information about a bachelor's program was met within 10 minutes of an academic advisor's call. We immediately started the application process and things were going smoothly- my transcript was received and everything was in check. Then, Eric (my advisor) said classes were $1635- NOT INCLUDING BOOKS. For an online degree and 3 credit courses, that seemed like a stiff price. Then it gets worse. I asked if we could schedule another phone call for later in the week after I had time to think things over. We spoke again and I was hesitant after reading reviews of this school being a scam, so I asked if we could schedule a call for another day. I missed a call from him the next day and he left a voicemail saying he was able to get me preliminary access to a course to try things out- which seemed great. He called me 10 times in one day, 12 in another, and then the admissions department and financial department began calling me. At this point I found it amusing- my phone rang 27 times in a matter of two days and I had 11 voicemails from them. They were desperate to reach me, which seemed fishy. They began saying that I needed to provide a payment option to pay for the course which I didn't ask for nor even opened. After this, I received an email from my advisor, Eric, expressing his disappointment in me and that he "is at a loss for words and doesn't know what to say". Following that with: he "worked day and night and tried so hard to fulfill my needs" which is complete bullshit. This unprofessional school is a joke that wants your money. Don't fall for it!"
  • Reviewed: 4/19/2016
  • Degree: Accounting
"I am currently going for my BA in Accounting. I am starting to see some things that bother me coming from the school. For an online school, they should have a working website, and if they have a mobile app it should be supported. When I accessed the student portal for the first time I encountered a problem with the web pages. Some links will load a whole new page, others will leave the banners at the top and side but load something new for the rest of the page. For some that left the banners they would then load the entire page again within that, thus having two of each banner. This could be done multiple times until there was no room left to see the actual page. When I contacted tech support they essentially said that I was making it up, even when I email them a screen shot. In every class so far, there have been videos for either instructions on the assignment or it is required material for and assignment. The video player doesn't always load, and when it does it has problems. Sometimes you cant make it full screen, sometimes it will stop loading regardless of your internet connection. The videos themselves are not that great either. They talk very slow, it looks unrehearsed, and it a poor quality video. They attempted to make an "interactive" Series of videos to explain something when a simple For both the website and the mobile apps text box for discussions, a major part of every class, has a weird system for font size. Instead of the basic sizes (12pt, 20pt....) they have a scale of 1-10, with 1 being 2pt and 10 being 72pt. There is no option of standard 12pt, its either 10 or 16. This is a minor issue, but it gets confusing. On the mobile app when you try to post to a discussion it doesn't matter what size font you pick, it will always show up as about size 4 until you submit it. This makes it difficult to read what you are typing. The mobile app will periodically crash as well. I have talked with tech support about this and they outright said that the app is not supported and there is nothing they will do about it. When I enrolled I did not have a working personal computer and was told that I can do most of the class work through the app. That was a lie. The app can be useful for checking some things and posting to discussions if you can deal with the issues listed above, but any other assignment you can not do through the app. Any time that the assignment requires you to download a PDF to fill out, the file is locked and un-editable. I had to copy all the text over to a blank word doc and finish it that way. One file was a PDF image, making it impossible to copy it as text. One instructor took up to 2 weeks to grade every assignment, even the final. I was told that I would not have any 200 level classes until year 3. My second class was Psychology 201: Adult Learning and Development. Even though it was a 200 level class, I felt like I learned nothing in it. Everything that was done in that class had been covered in some way in the previous class that was essentially an introduction to how Ashford University classes worked and to determine what learning techniques work for you. Quite a few of the assignments, quizzes, and surveys are done on a third-party website, and some require you to download a program to use. Every time we only used it once and never returned to it. In my opinion the school should have these resources within their own site. I have found numerous spelling and grammar errors on their web pages and emails. I know that I struggle with spelling and grammar, but a University should not have these problems. I have a hard time trusting a school that does this. Many graphics on their site are either old, broken, or low resolution. Ashford's tech support is completely useless. Every time they have told me that either I was doing it wrong, even when I followed their instructions perfectly, or they said there was nothing they would do about it. It wasn't a matter if they could or not, they said they wouldn't do anything about it. The only positive thing about this school is that you can do the work at your own pace, for the most part. With the accelerated classes, only 5 weeks long, it feels like you don't go over that much material."
Rhonda Baker
Responded: 6/1/2016

I think it was your computer.I had trouble when I bought my windows 10. I just try to connect again in a few minutes .

  • Reviewed: 1/10/2016
  • Degree: Accounting
"Dont withdraw, they will change your grades.....instructor will also chage your grade if you question them about something. Ashford is a poor choice for a school. I went there two years and tuition changed three times. DONT GO HERE! FORGET ABOUT THE DEAN.....JUST GETTING PAID!"
  • Reviewed: 7/5/2014
  • Degree: Accounting
"I am completely satisfied with my bachelor's degree in accounting. I've found the education at Ashford University to be very challenging for this specific major, comparing to San Diego State University where I used to take classes. The only thing I didn't like about the school is the structure the virtual classrooms; indeed, the professors were mostly lazy enough for providing any videos or video lectures. Other than that, it was a quite pleasant experience, and I know what I'm paying for.I am not sure if online education is for everybody but I never enjoyed the classrooms at the State University, where it's usually packed, and people can skip the whole semester as long as they pass the exams. Actually, in most state schools the tests/exams in business programs are multiple choice, which is a very primitive way in education. I loved lots of writing and research at Ashford, looking at the IRS, SEC, FASB and other websites. By the way- it is a priceless skill for any accountant to be able to do a research, especially when the laws and regulations in business and taxation constantly change. I would recommend this school to people with an experience in the field or to those who plan to get a Master's degree afterwards at a more prestigious, classy school. Unfortunately, employers still look down at online degrees, but if you combine it with a decent Master's program- it is a great idea. Also, if your BA/BS in Accounting was online, make sure to pass CPA, then you are all set. Good luck!"
  • Reviewed: 2/8/2013
  • Degree: Accounting
"I won't get on here and blast Ashford because some classes were pretty good in my earlier stages. I did think that the classes became a little too repetitive in that you would do an introduction, 2 discussion questions, and a paper. They might change a little around from class to class but i thought they should have put in some lecture classes where you could better communicate with the instructors.However, as I got to my accounting classes, where I was required to dig in deeper I would have questions on some of the assignments. My instructor would take 2 days to respsond back to me and say "review chapter 6 or whatever" which would not help. I would see others writing him almost seeming like they were begging for help and would get some short answer saying "review this". SOME instructors would make you feel as if you wasn't too important.Going through the core classes i didn't need too much help but going into my major, I wanted to fully grasp what i was doing and didn't feel that way. Decided this is my last class here at Ashford and going to another online school where they have lecture classes and I can also attend a local school if need be."
Tracey Pettway
  • Reviewed: 7/4/2012
  • Degree: Accounting
"I think this school is awesome, I have had many medical situations and the staff and the school has been very helpful. They have wonderful disability services that can help people. The instuctors are usually very understanding. If someone is having difficulity they need to talk to their advisor. There is always recourses that can be done when it comes to any unfairness a student feels is happening against them from an instructor. I have had 23 classes and am almost done with my BS in Accounting.I have ever had a problem with getting my dispersment checks or with anything I asked for. If I needed to move a class, I could, If I needed to take a break I could. I think that those folks that were having trouble maybe just did not ask the correct department or the right people. Sometimes we have to search and distroy to find the correct person that will listen to the situation. However there are always solutions to the problem if one looks for them. Some of the people that gave bad reports in my opinion could not have been more wrong.This is agreat school and they give you more credit than other on line universities and it ends up being cheaper in the long run. I did check out other schools and I found many complaints in many of them. Way more than here. Please give it a try and make your own decision. I think you have nothing to loose. They give you ample time to drop the course without getting charged any money. And you can contact your advisor and have the course moved. Sometimes you have to sign in and post your introduction before they can move you depending on the situation but you can always ask to be moved from the class. I post poned one of my classes like 3 or 4 times. Now they have break requests that you can file when you are at the end of a course and it will automatically move your next course. I recommend still contacting your acamemic advisor though...have a blessed day!"