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4.03 out of 5 stars
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  • Annual Tuition: $9,240
81% of 90 students said this degree improved their career prospects
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Student & Graduate Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
BSHS - 11/27/2017
Degree: Healthcare Administration
Graduation Year: 2018
"This online program is not for the faint of heart. I will be graduating in July of 2018 and cannot wait to be done. The courses were challenging and if you really put your mind to it, you can graduate in 2 1/2 years like I will. The courses are all papers with the exception of some lower courses that have quizzes with 15 or 30 questions multiple choice. The only frustrating thing about the amount of course work they give you as an undergraduate student, is the fact that most of the masters courses at TUI require less writing, most cases are 2-3 pages double spaced. The courses are made up of three components, a Case Assignment, SLP (Session Long Project) and discussion boards. For the lower courses the case assignments are anywhere from 2-3 pages double space and for the higher courses 4-5 pages double space, at the undergraduate level. For the SLP's, they range from 1-3 pages double spaced. As previously stated, some SLP's are made up of quizzes in stead of papers. Some quizzes are really easy and some quizzes are really hard, it just depends on the course. The discussion boards are generally 150 words for your initial post and 75-100 words for your response to two classmates. Each grouping of assignments (Case, SLP and Discussion boards) are due every two weeks. The classes are 8 weeks long. If you're looking to finish your degree quickly this is the place. If your looking for a super easy to your BA, this is not the place. You will put in work, you will think you want to quit at times, and you will want to give up. But in the end it will be worth it. If you make time for your classes you can do it and plan ahead. Do not fall behind, but if you do fall behind, all the course materials can be done in three days, im talking 8 a.m.-8 p.m. nothing but writing for three days."
5.0 out of 5 stars
W. D. Chandler - 10/7/2017
Degree: Accounting
Graduation Year: 2017
"I did a lot of research prior to selecting Trident. Additionally, I talked with an individual who obtained his BS and MS from Trident. You need a lot of self-discipline to attend "ANY" online school. If you don't have that, then don't attend because you will fail. Two years and seven months later I graduated with my BS in Leadership. This accomplishment was the last item on my bucket list so I had a lot of determination. The school was great, the professors were great, I had no major issues. The school is accredited by Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) Senior College and University Commission. Did I mention this is the same accreditation as Stanford and Berkley. Enough said."
5.0 out of 5 stars
manny - 9/8/2017
Degree: Computer Science
Graduation Year: 2018
"I can only assumes that those who are providing poor review are the ones who think the classes are easy but still cannot pass that class. Trident is easy if you stay focused and do your due diligence. The quality of education provided cannot be compared to regular onsite University and top universities like TAMU and UTA in Texas. This class and courses are specially designed to those people who have busy schedule and would like to study during free time. I am not a very big fan of online class but education that been provided here have positively impacted my life."
5.0 out of 5 stars
WBook365 - 7/27/2017
Degree: Human Resources
Graduation Year: 2017
"Great school!!!! I loved the flexibility and how the professors continuously challenged me with the curriculum . Everyone from the student advisor Stephanie who stayed with me throughout my entire degree to each professor had the highest level of professionalism and was prompt with responding back. I have been in the military for over 20 years and this was a great way to have flexibility and earn my degree. I can't say enough great things about my experience with TUI and how this has help make me successful in HRM field. I have already been offered GOOD jobs after retirement from the military. Like I stated above great school and thank you TUI staff for everything."
5.0 out of 5 stars
jlopez39 - 6/21/2017
Degree: MBA
Graduation Year: 2011
"Valuable instruction, challenging professors and course work, and always with a focus on preparing me to succeed. I felt fully prepared to hit the ground running leading up to graduation. Also had excellent support from all TUI support staff and administration. I would highly recommend TUI!!"
4.7 out of 5 stars
Josh C - 5/26/2017
Degree: Business Administration
Graduation Year: 2010
"Excellent MBA program. You must be self-motivated, but the classes are interesting and the interaction with other students and the professors are certainly valuable. While TUI isn't a top tier, highly recognized school, I feel that the program has certainly been worth the time and effort to complete!"
3.3 out of 5 stars
R Powell - 5/3/2017
Degree: Information Technology
Graduation Year: 2013
"After receiving my BSCS from Trident, I decided to continue on for a MSITM. The level of effort required didn't change from BS to MS. The courses were 12 weeks long, with each course being broken up between 5 modules (expected to take 2 weeks each). Each module has a "Case" assignment (2-3 page paper), a "Session Long Project" (4-5 page paper), and a "Threaded Discussion" (a couple sentence blog post). I would describe the level of effort required to pass each course as minimal to marginal. There are no books, fees, group work, late grades, midterms, or finals. There are also times where the instructor ghosts on you for weeks at a time. One 500-level course had several assignments ungraded throughout the final weeks. During the time I submitted subsequent assignments that didn't meet the instructor's standards, but those were not made known due to the complete lack of feedback on submitted assignments. I was given a high C, which I officially challenged. The grades on several assignments were reversed due to the lack of feedback from the professor and I ended up with a low A. While this was the worst case of a lack of interaction with a professor I encountered over my 4 years with Trident, the general problem of response timeliness wasn't uncommon. The curriculum/syllabuses need refreshing, as many of the assignments have spelling/grammatical errors and/or reference URLs that no longer exist. Although I've been an IT professional for 20y+, I don't feel that education offered much more than several targeted Google searches would have provided. This review isn't intended to be negative as I understood what I was going to the school for, the end result of a degree... I just wanted to allow others to have a realistic expectation of the education provided. Students this college is good for: * Can motivate & self-pace to stay on the suggested assignment submittal timeframes * Enjoys writing papers (I'd comfortably guess 80% of assignments are strictly essays without technical data/programming required) * Won't have peoples' lives depending on the quality of the education provided (e.g. doctor/nurse/pharmacist) * Who have busy schedules and might need to turn in all the assignments during the last week of the course * People who need a degree to check a box for their career progression (enlisted to officer) * People with TA/GI-Bill Students this college is bad for: * Those who can't manage their time (easy to fall behind without grading penalties looming) * Those who need a lot of teacher/tutor interaction (you won't speak with a teacher unless you directly email them for assistance) * Those who want a quality education that brightens their lives"
1.6 out of 5 stars
Steele Johnson - 4/5/2017
Degree: Cybersecurity
Graduation Year: 2017
"This college is OK if your a person who loves to write. You don't really get much from writing paper after paper after paper. The problems that I have had is the links supplied sometimes do not exist. The books needed aren't in the library, and good luck with getting in touch with the librarian. She don't respond to emails. The technical classes are nothing but writing papers. As a matter of fact, all the classes are nothing but writing papers. I would recommend looking around first before choosing Trident."
4.9 out of 5 stars
B.Douglas - 3/29/2017
Degree: Organizational Leadership
Graduation Year: 2017
"I sought an MBA and found Trident's MSL program to be more appropriate to my career direction. I do not need all the accounting that comes with an MBA and MSL is all about being a leader. In addition Trident is Military Friendly which I knew their programs would work with my extremely busy and taxing schedule as an adult student. Lastly, I compared their learning model to several other online schools and for a masters student this is simply the best one out there. Oh yes, did I mention price. Awesome."
5.0 out of 5 stars
Laura Watts - 3/18/2017
Degree: Finance
Graduation Year: 2018
"I completed by BSBA with Trident University and I am a current MBA student. I have thoroughly enjoyed my classes, I have become a more proficient academic writer, and I have been able to obtain my degrees without having to go to a traditional classroom (which I much prefer). Despite what some of the other reviews state, I have never experienced anything but professionalism and ease in dealing with the FA department, and I have always had professors who were diligent in replying to any emails I sent them. Overall, I would give this school 5 stars and I would recommend TUI to anyone looking to receive a quality online education."
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