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Student & Graduate Reviews

  • Reviewed: 12/4/2018
  • Degree: Network Security
  • Graduation Year: 2019
"I can't endorse this school at all. Most of my classes were online, which isn't a bother, but when you pay the same price as other classes per credit hour, but receive a knock off education things tend to get frustrating. Course materials were articles or Wikipedia (despite not accepting Wikipedia in the copious amounts of papers you write), EVERY. SINGLE. COURSE. has essays (I did Psych./Chem. with a minor in Bio before this and had less writing) and the "instructors" aren't really qualified to grade writing efficiently, since it's all online they hire "pocket instructors" who seem to be the "mall cops" of instructors. Additionally, a lot of the course descriptions say "prepare you for XYZ cert/test," but as you can imagine using Wikipedia and handwritten curriculum provides only a lot of untouched material. Admin side: they lost my transcripts from my other schools 3 times (official transcripts sent electronically and sending school confirmed receipt), dragged the financial aid process out until my last semester (Spring 2019), asking for things my other schools did not. I went from a 3.82 in the same degree at another school to 3.2ish. Not all their fault, but between the shady grading, lack of instruction/education, etc. I'm just done trying."
Will N.
  • Reviewed: 12/2/2018
  • Degree: Data Science
  • Graduation Year: 2018
"I completed the MS in Data Analytics August, 2018. This was a very comprehensive and challenging program that covered Data Analytics from ETL through predictive modelling. The courses build off each other and the course work is challenging. As an online program student interaction is contrived, however most instructors make efforts to encourage collaboration. Grading was fair and the instructors generally followed the syllabus. The instructors and assistants were responsive and helpful when I had questions or needed additional assistance. Be prepared to write code in SQL, python, R, and SAS. Alternatively, there are GUI programs for most assignments, however I found them more difficult than just writing code directly. The program provided a structured approach to becoming a professional in the field of Data Science."
  • Reviewed: 10/2/2018
  • Degree: Business Administration
  • Graduation Year: 2018
"The MBA program is a joke, as there is no real substance to it and the six 6-credit courses are very redundant in terms of concepts and coursework. The courses are also not entirely clearly written, as some instructions and project rubrics contradict themselves. Additionally, you're graded by color (green/yellow/red), which somehow translates to letter grades. There is no real quantifiable data to back the grades up and your results are very subjective. No textbooks; no exams or quizzes or anything of the like. In all six classes, my instructors were full-time professionals or adjuncts at (sometimes several) other schools, which made communication interesting. If you're looking to check a box, get a 4.0, and be handed an overpriced master's, have at it. If not, save the time, money, and effort. If I had to do it all over again, I'd certainly do it somewhere else."
Adult Student
  • Reviewed: 9/14/2018
  • Degree: Accounting
  • Graduation Year: 2020
"Since they dropped textbooks the quality of instructing went downhill. Reading articles from research journals and online sites is not substitute for actual learning. One professor barely gave feedback or instructions. I had to guess how to do my project for half my grade. It's just papers every week. Does not begin to compare to my brick and mortar school, or even the real learning that took place at the community college. The advisors are pretty worthless and they've changed my graduation requirements. The latest includes work experience courses I will never be able to satisfy in my current job and a course for non-majors in my major field? Honestly, it is not worth the hassle just for a piece of paper. If you want a real education, with support and true learning, go elsewhere."
  • Reviewed: 8/22/2018
  • Degree: Cybersecurity
  • Graduation Year: 2018
"If I had to do it again, I would definitely choose another school. I received my Masters in Cyber Security in May 2018 and all we did was write papers. There was very little hands on technical teaching which in today's world is what employers are looking for and a lot of beginning students desire. What UMUC should be teaching is technical skills, especially being in the DMV area. I wouldnt recommend this school if you want hands on technical experience as its nonexistent in the Masters of Cyber Security program. I have resorted to teaching myself and taking classes at the community college. I know Maryville University has a great Cyber Security program that several of my friends are in now and they love it because of the hands on teachings and robust labs."
  • Reviewed: 7/31/2018
  • Degree: Business Administration
  • Graduation Year: 2018
"I've taken classes with a State University (2 years) and an online school (1 year). I can say that UMUC is better than both. The other online school was simply a degree mill that handed out As without even having to study the material. I felt compelled to transfer because I knew employers would eventually understand this and I actually wanted to learn the subjects that I was paying for. UMUC has an alumni filled with veterans that live throughout the US, so having a degree from this school will undoubtedly help you land a job. The alumni, like myself, knows that UMUC makes students earn their grades. UMUC will never be seen as a top-tier school because it is not a traditional style university, however, many of us relied on the this structure for flexibility. The online classes are much more difficult than the physical classes because it requires more time to self-study. Many students that have complained about the difficulty more than likely didn't dedicate enough time towards studying. Personally, I feel great after every semester because I feel equipped with the tools to succeed, which has not always been the case with other schools. Don't let the negative ratings determine your decision to attend this school. Venting rare cases shouldn't affect a schools image. In my opinion, the overall rating should be higher."
  • Reviewed: 7/29/2018
  • Degree: Social Sciences
  • Graduation Year: 2011
"I would say that without UMUC, I would not have my BS today. I started my academic program in the late of 2008 and did not start my first class until January 2009. UMUC is very flexible with schedules and provide various classes that will be counted towards the degree you have chosen. I would recommend UMUC for future students."
Gerald Winslow
  • Reviewed: 7/22/2018
  • Degree: Cybersecurity
  • Graduation Year: 2018
"I recently graduated with my Masters in Cybersecurity, and I can genuinely say that UMUC is an exceptional school. For those people that have this school at 1 star, you have to ask yourself, "Are you putting in the effort?" UMUC is one of the top online schools for military and civilian alike. I have at least four offers from my Masters and oh, by the way, I'm still on active duty until next year when I retire. Right now I'm working on my dual master's program (MBA), and it's very tough and challenging. Guess what? It should be! UMUC has an excellent reputation, and I would HIGHLY recommend this school to anyone. It's known worldwide, and I'm proud to say that I'm an alumnus. Not to mention that I teach classes with UMUC so I can give back what's given to me. Choose UMUC!"
Great Opportunity for Military
  • Reviewed: 7/22/2018
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
  • Graduation Year: 1994
"Although it has been over two decades and prior to the online school craze, the University of Maryland University College set the foundation for where I am today. I started on Campus at College Park but in 8 years of duty in Europe, this program allowed me to complete my undergraduate degree setting the stage for graduate school. Having a wonderful range of professors, especially foreign professors, gave me a wealth of insight into the classes I was taking. Having a Russian professor teach a seminar on Russian history, having President Regan's former National Security advisor teach a class on Terrorism, and a history professor who lived in Israel during the 70's Arab Israeli conflict made the classes far more interesting. This degree was sustainable once I left the military giving me the academic foundation to successfully complete graduate school at the University of Oklahoma and to also gain a Graduate Certificate at the Saint Joseph's University. If I had any complaint it is the fact that getting transcripts after graduation is a little tedious and the University of Maryland at College Park has no records of students who attended the University College division."
  • Reviewed: 7/18/2018
  • Degree: Cybersecurity
  • Graduation Year: 2019
"After many years of classes with this school, here is a review for anyone considering this one. The instructors don't care about the students here anymore. Many are now worried about getting paid, since they get paid so little. The administration doesn't care about the students anymore here, since they are worried about lying for to school to maintain their own tuition reimbursement. The school will cheat you out of once earned credit now, when you become to close to graduation to try and make more money. Stay away from this one, and look elsewhere!"
Matthew Shope
  • Reviewed: 7/9/2018
  • Degree: Social Sciences
  • Graduation Year: 2017
"After taking a 2 year break from a private school in Ohio, I decided I needed to return to school to finish my degree. I transferred to UMUC and had the best experience I couldve imagined. From the application, to registering, all the way through graduation I had great interactions with all of the professors, staff, admin, and other students. Taking the online courses gave me the courage to be the student I wanted to be and speak and sound the way I want to be heard. You will see throughout these reviews individuals who have had a bad personal experience make sure that their voice is known through these comments. It is important to understand that of course troubling things happen throughout college but I can assure you they have done everything they can do to make it i work and I am happy that others like myself are also writing reviews. I agree wholeheartedly with others that actual learning at UMUC will depend on what you put into it. Those who want to play the system and find an easy program, easy classes, and easy professors can do so and do well with minimal effort. On the other hand if you want to truly prepare your self for your career and life you can do so with UMUC. I fell somewhere in between the two and graduated Summa Cum Laude while learning a great deal (still with, in my opinion, minimal effort. Overall, good school. Allows a student to be the kind of student they want to be. In the end if the student doesnt learn anything it will only be at a harm to themselves. Pick UMUC"
Jisang Kim
  • Reviewed: 6/29/2018
  • Degree: Business
  • Graduation Year: 2011
"As a working adult, I wanted a degree that was both attainable, affordable, and convenient. The University of Maryland University college fit that bill. As a long time leader in online learning, I was satisfied with the quality of education that I received there. Overall, while it's not Harvard, if you are searching for a decent online option to obtain a bachelors degree, then this university is one that I would recommend."
Danielle R.
  • Reviewed: 6/18/2018
  • Degree: Cybersecurity
  • Graduation Year: 2019
"I love UMUC and do not regret enrolling in the course. The professors I've had so far have all been really knowledgeable and helpful during my time of struggle. The enrollment process was simple and quick. Financial aid has been really easy to apply for a disbursement dates have been on time. I haven't had any issues thus far and I look forward to completing my program."
  • Reviewed: 5/24/2018
  • Degree: Healthcare Administration
  • Graduation Year: 2013
"If you are seeking to start a career in Healthcare this degree may be a waste of time and money. Despite telling my advisor that I needed to be employable immediately upon completion and that I have a passion for Healthcare, she used her well memorized selling points to help guide my decision to this program. Prior to graduation I began applying for entry level and mid-level positions. I quickly learned that my more than twenty years of employment experience was irrelevant since it was not in Healthcare. Although I had held a volunteer position with a Healthcare facility; that did not help. Seeking to leverage my diverse employment relationships I began applying for government jobs. Again, you apparently need experience to get experience. Five years after graduation I have given up applying for positions am settling for my 32k/year job which is well beneath my skill sets. Tread cautiously."
  • Reviewed: 5/22/2018
  • Degree: Business
  • Graduation Year: 2018
"I chose UMUC because I wanted a graduate degree, but with my hectic schedule I knew going to a classroom would not be an option. Most of the classes were challenging, especially the finance class, which I appreciated because if forced me to take time to learn the content, ask questions and become more engaged in the class, so that I could be successful. Like ALL schools the professors were not all the 'perfect professors', but I learned a great deal, I wanted to learn!!!. Anyone who says they don't learn anything just did not apply themselves because these online classes took discipline and excellent time management; and, essentially, you will get out of it what you put in. I successfully completed my MBA program and I recommend this school as long as YOU HAVE THE DISCIPLINE AND DETERMINATION to be a success."
  • Reviewed: 5/17/2018
  • Degree: Computer Science
  • Graduation Year: 2018
"You must take control of your personal learning at UMUC. I just graduated in May 2018. I received two job offers during my final week of class. This program is intended to help you "check a box" that you have a Computer Science degree. It's not going to help you pass a Google technical interview. I have a Bachelors and Masters degrees in teaching but wanted to get into Computer Science. This helped me accomplish that goal in just under 18 months. Most other 2nd bachelors programs would have taken me at least 3 years up to 6 years. With that said, nearly every topic is similar to other CS programs at any other university. The difference is the depth of the content studied. You will get the breadth of coverage here but the depth will need to be accomplished through self study. Study hard for those technical interviews and you will be fine and making great money soon."
Ron Knighton
  • Reviewed: 4/24/2018
  • Degree: Software Engineering
  • Graduation Year: 2019
"I have to say that the technology classes at UMUC are complete GARBAGE! They have omitted all text books and rely upon peered reviewed resources or external free resources. For the technology classes, they pretty much give you an assignment and expect you to figure everything out on your own using Google. For the price paid for tuition, I would expect some level of mentoring! IT DOES NOT EXIST! I have maintained a 4.0 GPA for 3.5 years full time! I am no slacker! In my opinion, the software development course are designed for people who already know the material and just need a degree. I feel that most people will struggle to learn anything at UMUC, especially online. If they actually took the time and spent the money to design good courses, students could learn so much more and with far less wasted energy. I wish I had never left DeVry. They were exponentially better!"
  • Reviewed: 4/7/2018
  • Degree: Computer Science
  • Graduation Year: 2018
"I was after a second bachelors degree in Computer Science. Their website and catalog both outline their requirements: must have graduated from a previous bachelors program and have taken adequate math/IT courses to be prepared for the program. I supplied my undergraduate transcripts from my previously accomplished BS. I paid the application fee and got accepted. That's where the trouble began. The academic adviser wouldn't allow me to sign up for class. They kept saying I needed more prerequisites. I kept pointing out that their own catalog clearly stated that I had met all the requirements (I had math and programming classes that were beyond their requirements and properly recorded on the transcripts they had received). Once we got past that point the target moved! This time I was informed that although I had been accepted into the program (obviously implying that I had met admission requirements) I was told that I couldn't really be evaluated until UMUC had received all my undergraduate transcripts. I have gone to multiple schools on 3 continents and taken a small handful of cleps/dantes tests over the years they said they needed them all. I explained that many of these classes were irrelevant to my degree plan and not required by the university catalog. Please remember that they already had the undergraduate transcript from my initial undergraduate degree and transcripts from the other schools where I had taken IT/Programming classes. Eventually I was even told that they could not move forward without the transcript from my graduate degree. I tried to explain to the advisers that if they would stop obstructing my progress I would be earning credits and they would be earning $ but in the end bureaucracy was elevated over both commerce and common sense. Or more accurately, in attempt to get me to take as many classes as possible, at the highest possible cost to myself, UMUC lost this costumer. For an unranked school in a crowded marketplace, they are amazingly obstructionist. You can get equivalent education at a similar price point at other schools without the extra headache."
Alisha L Baptiste
  • Reviewed: 3/23/2018
  • Degree: Psychology
  • Graduation Year: 2009
"UMUC is a great school for untraditional students. They have partnered with a lot of the local community colleges and some universities to ensure student s are able to get the most out of their education. Their hybrid options were great. It allowed me to sit in a classroom for really hard classes that I needed the face to face interaction, like math. In addition, learn a lot from the online classes as well."
Happy Graduate
  • Reviewed: 3/13/2018
  • Degree: Accounting
  • Graduation Year: 2018
"I am a current student of UMUC with an anticipated graduation in May 2108 (two more months)! I chose UMUC for multiple reasons with some of them being that they are an online school which offers flexibility for my hectic schedule and they have eight week courses which means I can take twice as many classes in a given semester. Prior to begining my studies at UMUC, I took several online courses, as well as 7- and 8-week courses, so I was familiar with the condensed format. I can say that if you are not used to an online learning enviroment, prefer physical books or need face time with a professor, then UMUC might not be right for you. As with any college or university, there are always good professors as well as those who need training on how to talk to student and truly assist them when they are struggling, don't fully understand the context or have personal unforseen circumstances. The coursework was not difficult, other than the two tax classes and internal auditing; however, there is a LOT of reading and since the classes are only eight weeks long, it is easy to get behind if you do not keep up with the assignments. If you have an issue where you need to miss a week, talk to the professor as soon as you know aobut the problem, not after it is resolved. Life happens and most will give you an extension with a valid reason, which does not include needing to work more hours. It has not been easy and some of the professors were not the friendliest, but for the most part, they were very helpful, worked with me when I did not understand what they were trying to teach and more importantly they wanted to see me succeed. Please keep in mind that anyting worth having is worth working for and a degree must be EARNED. It will not be given to you regardless of the learning format. Happy Studying, Everyone!"