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Reviews - Associates in Business

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Ryius Hicks
  • Reviewed: 1/14/2019
  • Degree: Business
"They'll tell you you can get online whenever you feel like it to take your classes. But then the teachers will give you assignments on days they feel like and just give you a zero so you actually fail your classes. Do not go online for your our fail."
  • Reviewed: 8/4/2018
  • Degree: Business
"The University of Phoenix is a challenging college. They push you to do your best, and the academic counselors always check in to see if you have any questions regarding your class or your future classes. If you put your mind to it, you can do it! I enjoy going to school here because not only was it flexible but it allowed me to work from home and from work during quiet hours. I earned my associate degree and is currently working on my bachelor degree. I find that most people who complains about the college always complain about the cost and financial aid. School is more than financial aid and getting grants, yes, the classes are expensive, but they tell you that before you enroll. All colleges have requirements they have to follow when concerning financial aid and grants, they go through the same process as other colleges. My advice is to go to better your career and not to get the financial aid or student loans. When you apply yourself, it shows, and by the way, LinkedIn have hundreds of jobs for students who graduate from University of Phoenix, you just have to apply yourself!"
Michelle Prazenica
  • Reviewed: 1/16/2018
  • Degree: Business
"I should have read reviews period! The enrollment reps and instructors are great along with the online format. BUT the financial department is a joke! You get told over and over different things that aren't correct and then next thing you know your being pulled from classes because they didn't get documents that you had sent multiple times. So now me, a straight A student, and I'm suppose to be held back and wait for classes while these idiots wait for the same documents I sent. Which causes me to fall behind and graduate late! I've invested a lot of time already and it makes me sick to deal with incompetent people and ones that make you suffer for their mistake! At least own up to your faults and don't mess with someone else's life! Way to encourage people to stay in your school!"
eddaliz delvalle
  • Reviewed: 6/14/2017
  • Degree: Business
"Financial Aid, and Academic Counselors have disappointed me to the max. I am completely in awe on how negligent they are with the students once they are enrolled and receiving their check. It seems as there is a disconnect with management because the way my account was handled was frustrating. I don't trust these people at all and I am glad I am looking into transferring out. If they would have the same work ethic as the enrollment counselors i believe the school will have a better shot at a higher completion rate. Choose somewhere else."
  • Reviewed: 1/3/2017
  • Degree: Business
"I had brain surgery, short term memory was a major problem. With UOP I managed to get through because I had time to think about the answers."
  • Reviewed: 8/22/2016
  • Degree: Business
"No problems at all attending the University of Phoenix while in the military. Really helped my career a lot. No problems at all attending the University of Phoenix while in the military. Really helped my career a lot. No problems at all attending the University of Phoenix while in the military. Really helped my career a lot."
Rebekkah S
  • Reviewed: 6/21/2016
  • Degree: Business
"1. Courses were relatively easy but the constant checking in was obnoxious. 2. Hardly any communication with classmates or professor even though they stress that "teamwork" is important. 3. Never received Financial Aid money (but I'm still paying it off to this day because it was reflecting negatively on my credit.) 4. Hassled for first semester tuition before first semester was even over... 5. Was told I could not continue the second semester without paying the first semester's tuition. 4. Financial advisor was more than unprofessional and still has not followed up since - neither has the school.. I know school is important but they really did a number on my wallet and my sanity with the constant harassment. If you value your time and money, please don't attend this college."
Going downhill
  • Reviewed: 3/28/2016
  • Degree: Business
"I enrolled into the UOP and attended for my associates and had no problem with it. During this time I was enrolled in the 9 week courses and enjoyed having the freedom to work on my own time and schedule. I was able to access my class online and download my books to my computer. I graduated in 2015 and enrolled again to earn my bachelors and the changes that the UOP has made has me looking at other schools. First you can no longer download your books as a PDA file to your computer now you have to download it through this bookshelf program they created which makes it a bigger pain, I liked it better when all I had to do was open a file and read and not have to deal with this BS new program they decided was better for us to use. They continue to "improve" the websites which makes it constantly have problems at least once a week I am contact technical support because I can't post, I can't access my classroom, I can't download my assignments and books, or I can't see what is in the classroom. Every class I have had has been based around group work. I understand the importance of learning to work as a team but my grades are falling because 4 out of 5 weeks I am depending on other people that do not care about their school or cannot comprehend the work enough to put effort into it and get it right. I also do not have time to work around other peoples schedules this is why I am taking classes online so I can work on my own at my own pace and get it done. Waiting till the group makes a decision and having to coordinate with them has seriously put me in situations where I was rushing at the last minute to finish up work. Especially when you are the lead and people refuse to acknowledge that you have to work a real job and need things submitted at a certain point and time so you have time to complete it. I used to like the UOP but they have changed so much it has lost it's appeal for me."
Lamar James
  • Reviewed: 12/1/2015
  • Degree: Business
"The associates program is ok, however I'm not touching there bachelors program at all it's just to high. The Associates program is $10,000 per year then the bachelors jumps up to $16,000 per year that's a big gap not to mention your working harder in the associates program your taking 2 classes at a time. I only did the Associates just to get a feel of the university I honestly loved it, but for the price you can find something a lot cheaper and a lot better. for my last 4 classes my financial advisor did not return my call once nor replied to my emails which was 18 weeks I know he wasn't that busy. My advised just get your associates here to get a feel but transfer out asap for the bachelors i'm looking at other colleges as we speak."
Carlos-Current Student
  • Reviewed: 2/27/2015
  • Degree: Business
"As a current online school, I must say that it is not fun, nor does learning online, stimulate any part of your learning. Teachers are severely out of touch with students. I feel that the teachers take their online teach jobs as if they were writing a blog. Send a quick message and move on. Give directions of what they want and move on. I have requested to switch my program and I was notified that finance did not approve it, and now they will not write me back with an answer as to why."
Shannon Freeman
  • Reviewed: 1/18/2015
  • Degree: Business
"I have wanted to go back to school since I graduated high school (2007). My sister started at University of Phoenix and she encouraged me to continue my education because it was so easy for her. So I finally decided to do it and she was right!!! My adviser was incredible, she helped through every challenge that came our way and was no stress at all. Now I'm starting my first year of college in April 2015 to pursue my associates degree in the medical field so I can help provide for my family and they can have a bright future ahead!"
Blanca-BigBizzy Cordova
  • Reviewed: 10/27/2014
  • Degree: Business
"The work is hard but if you make the effort and maintain a rhythm things will become much easier as you grasp the system used. The student financial services are awful, they ask for the loan for you, yet through the term they ask for more money. In fact, I am currently attending the school for my BA, yet I have been out for a month because the financial administration has me on hold and have been unable to go back, and made me write the same statement over and over. Unfortunately the school focus is money not students advancements."
Kaysi Lorin Abshire
  • Reviewed: 9/22/2014
  • Degree: Business
"Starting off I was nervous because it was all new but I have recieved a lot of help and I am always pointed in the right direction. Someone is just about always there when I need them. I would reccomend this school to anyone."
Carlos Rivera
  • Reviewed: 9/16/2014
  • Degree: Business
"I think before people choose to study online, they need to consider how much harder it is, especially if you have a full time job. Not only is it hard, but if you are just starting, it is usually best to consider technical schools that get right to the point, instead of taking all of these classes that cost thousands of dollars and will not benefit you in the long run. I am taking am working on getting my associates in arts of business and I have yet to take a class that has anything to do with business. I'm 6 months into it! What I can say is that, I will finish out my associates here, but I will certainly not waist my time on a bachelors with UOP. College in general is a waste of money, when you have access to technical schools all around. It is a shame that I didn't realize this prior. Live and learn! Even if they are to switch up the curriculum, it is still not worth it. You can take 7 weeks of business and then go one to reading, then critical thinking, then the lab work that they give you. It's just a messy pile that takes you all over the place."
  • Reviewed: 8/13/2014
  • Degree: Business
"What they do not tell you is that they will work your class schedule to where there is a class left over to where you are not 'full time status' and you will have to pay out of pocket for it. But every check they send of 'extra money' should have been saved for the extra class that is not covered. They do not tell you this. Its just another way for them to get more money out of you. Then when you have to drop out because you cannot afford to pay $1200.00 out of pocket they will send it to collections right away."
LaShea Boatwright
  • Reviewed: 8/13/2014
  • Degree: Business
"When I graduated from high school I was on my own and working two jobs. I had decided that I was not going to be able to go to a college campus full time and still be able to provide for myself. I decided that my best option was to take online classes. I began my degree in late 2010 and ended early 2014. Normally for an Associates degree you would only take 2 years to complete, but I still have alot of bumps along the way. My couselors were great. They understood what I was going through with changing jobs, moving to different states and just all around changes in my life. They worked with me every step of the way and working with me helped to complete and finish my degree. I am thankful for all the help I received and would recommend University of Phoenix to anyone that is in similar situation or just wants to go back to school and still be able to continue working and living their daily lives."
Renee A
  • Reviewed: 8/5/2014
  • Degree: Business
"I actually enjoyed my time as a student with the University of Phoenix. Although, it was was a bit high in tuition, but overall, it allowed me to be able to work and complete school at the same time. I just wished I had more funds to complete school, however, it was great being a student with UOP"
  • Reviewed: 8/5/2014
  • Degree: Business
"I really enjoyed attending the University of Phoenix Online Program. I was able to keep up with classes, work a full time job and be a single mommy to an amazing little girl. I felt very motivated because I knew the classes I was attending would be very beneficial to my future endeavors. My academic counselor and financial aide adviser were always available when I needed them which made me more secure. I would recommend this University to anyone interested in taking online classes."
  • Reviewed: 7/23/2013
  • Degree: Business
"Tell us about your college experience.I love University of Phoenix! The faculty is always there for me. My advisor calls me every week and my instructors are very involved with the student discussions. Feedback is very timly and Financial Aid was prompt."
  • Reviewed: 6/25/2012
  • Degree: Business
"I keep reading all of these post about how there is no help and they failed because they didn't receive any help. This is college people, if you can't learn on your own then maybe you shouldn't be here. I think the people complaining are the people who thought University of Phoenix is a paper mill. You have to work hard and study long hours in order to receive a good grade. If you receive good grades then you do not fail and you will not have to take the class over. I have 36 of my 60 credits completed for my AA in Foundations of Business and I have not had any problems with grade, administration, financial aid or attendance yet.I have learned a lot from the education that I have received and I have already landed a great job because of my enrollment with University of Phoenix. The tuition is crazy high but it that's of with me because the schedule works with my busy work hours. Bottom line, I would recommend this school to anyone who is self driven. "