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4 out of 5

I understand that everyone has different experiences, and I respect those who have different views than I do. I also experienced good and bad.

I agree that the "recruiters" pressure you quite a bit. I was initially just looking for information when I came to UoP. If you have a spine and hold your ground, people pressuring you won't matter. I was getting pressure from other universities as well, it's just the nature of the beast. I chose UoP for convenience.

I have had good and bad facilitators and teammates. The bottom line is that I learned far more in UoP than I did at Oklahoma University. My classes have always been focused on what I should learn. I was thankful to not be in an auditorium being talked at by a professor who really could care less if I was there, let alone know my name.

The teammate thing is a non-issue if you are a leader. I have had to take control of my team and I feel that only helps. My degree is in Business Management and I am grateful to UoP for my education.... which I made up for with the oodles of cash I had to throw at them. You get out what you put in.

4 out of 5

My problem with the University of Phoenix - and quite frankly all of for-profit university education in the United States - is that it is so incredibly expensive for what you get. I took a few classes from the University of Phoenix and they were okay. I didn't love the online experience compared to a classroom but that's not a reflection on UofP. It might even be a reflection on me.

But then I realized that for many online classes - accounting, languages, calculus - you could go out and hire a PhD or a native French speaker to give you private 1-on-1 lessons for 25% of what UofP charges you on an hourly basis. Heck, you could probably hire a Noble-prize winning chemist to give you private chemistry lessons for less.

So not only do you get lesser instruction, but you pay much more for it. And all for a piece of paper that an HR department may or may not recognize as being valuable.

4 out of 5

I was a newly single mother with three children - I had 66 credits to my name, and was attempting to juggle a full-time work schedule and three little girls. Although I was earning a modest wage, I knew that to be able to support my girls at a decent lifestyle (with no child support) that adding to my credits was the only option.

I researched many schools. University of Phoenix was about the only school that had the accreditation that was solid. I was able to work full-time and earn my degree, while still being the mother to my little girls! Prior to attending UOP, I had attempted classes at local schools - do you know how hard it is to attend night classes?

All these negative reports are primarily from negative people. School, like everything in life, becomes what you put into it.

I have looked into the MBA programs in San Diego, and UOP's MBA is actually CHEAPER than Cal State San Marcos - YES! So, for all you negative people that complain about the cost of UOP - here is a program that provides a chance for a working, single mother to go to school and earn a degree - and for a reasonable price. Plus, there is a phenomenal amount of support through the academics/enrollment process. These counselors truly care about the students that they enroll.

I have to say that the negativity must be from a few that just chose to not either do their work, or work in a team. After all, aren't all teams made up of different personalities - and working together, and learning to work together is all part of the process.

Thank you to UOP for helping me to achieve my dream.

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4 out of 5

I completed both my Associates in Criminal Justice and my Bachelors in Criminal Justice Administration with the University of Phoenix. So far I have read several reviews and nobody is complaining about the actual school..people are complaining about instructors, other students, advisors...that does not make up the entire school.

I have had instructors who are not helpful, and those who are overly helpful-I have had students who pulled their weight and others who didn't, and when I had trouble with advisors I requested I work with someone else and I never had a problem.

Any of the problems thus far I have read could be the same problems that you have in a classroom setting. There are schools that cost more than UofP, there are teachers that suck everywhere, advisors that don't do crap everywhere, and there will always be some jackass in your class who doesn't want to do anything.

Bottom line I have completed my degree, and it did cost a bit more than a public university (not more than a private one and remember this is listed as a Private University) and my credits DO transfer to other schools and my degree was recognized by employers.

Going to school online allowed me to have two children and work and still complete my schooling, I even HAD one of my children while enrolled and they give you maternity/medical leave just like any university would. I would recommend UofP.

4 out of 5

I must say I read a person was a UOP facilitator from 86 to 94. Come on, are you kidding me? That was the infancy of online education. I think in the 80's they had mail order degrees which were not accredited.

Anyway I love UOP. I got my associates and now I am in the bachelors program. I have not had any problems. I have read most of these reviews and I just don't know what to say to the people with the negative commits.

The school is accredited; the course goes though a text book in a very short time and tests your knowledge with the essays. Let's look at the truth; you can't get into UOP without at least 60 credits. So you go to the associate program Axia which is 9 week classes and they teach you EVERYTHING with it comes to writing.

So people who never had college or don't have the credits actually have associate degrees by the time they start there bachelor's program. So what people are actually saying is people that transferred from other colleges to UOP really haven't learned anything, interesting.

I hear the crying and what I hear from government agencies, being in one myself is that UOP degrees will be considered just like any other degree. So, I say to people who are trying to make a decision about UOP, It is a lot on you and you learn a lot but it takes dedication and hard work but that's life. If you don't have an associate give it at lease that long, you will want to obtain your bachelor's from UOP.

4 out of 5

I received my Masters degree from UOP and I am currently working on my Doctoral degree in CI. I have had nothing but excellent experience with this school, and my employers' recognize this school as an accredited school.

I love the interaction with other students in other countries and with the professors. I have attended one residency so far and it was the best. I am growing as a scholar and now I understand why. UOP has the best program and it is very rigorous, so do not attend if you do not want to put in the work and time. I am a Phoenix!!!!

4 out of 5

I am very pleased with the programs UOP offers. I completed my Bachelors and Masters and yes, the debt is high but well worth it. If you are serious about getting an education it will take time, hard work, and committment.

The courses are challenging but if your are serious you will look beyond that and reap the rewards upon completion. Team assignments can be difficult, because not everyone on the team is willing to put the best effort, but facilitators know who is contributing and who is not. I highly recommend UOP and good luck in your educational goals.

4 out of 5

I attended Ohio University for 3 years and averaged a 3.8...however I felt like I hadn't learned a thing! All I ever did was STUDY for the exam and after it was over, I forgot everything I had learned.

Eventually, loans caught up to me and I had to start working full time to pay for college. You can't work full time and go to actual classes unless you are doing night classes, which I refuse to do. My life doesn't revolve around college.

UOP allowed me to finish my degrees online and also have a full time career. I don't know why everyone else had negative reviews, but I felt like this learning experience made me teach myself. The professors really do not do the read, research, and teach yourself.

Bottom line is we need a degree to have really nice paying jobs, and UOP offers great programs to allow you to earn a degree online.I will advise my kids to attend this school, that way they can work full time and pay as they go instead of getting all of those loans like I did for Ohio University.

4 out of 5

Let me preface this review by saying that I would have regarded "The Truth about UoP" with a little higher credibility if the author actually used correct grammar. By college level academia, one should know the difference between 'your' and 'you're.'

In 2006, I acquired a bachelors degree in nursing from the University of Phoenix. Unless anything has changed in the past four years, I found the program to be even more challenging than traditional college classes. It required a great deal of participation, research, and paper-writing. This challenge applies especially to people with full-time jobs. However, I felt a huge sense of accomplishment when I finally reached completion.

Truthfully, the group assignments usually left a lot to be desired. As others have mentioned, they only proved to be easy when all group members pulled their weight. I think the facilitators/instructors should probably check in with the students periodically about such issues.

Apart from that, I felt that my own instructors were GENERALLY very helpful and qualified, having a great deal of field experience and accreditation. The program expects 100% fulfillment on a daily basis. You are basically teaching yourself with the assistant of a guide.

Of course, if you are not a self-motivator and feel that the sheer obligation of going to class is more effective in your studies, then this is not the program for you.

4 out of 5

I hear the comments about the UOP and how great it is. I wish I could agree with you. Learning teams suck because my grade is dependent on their stupidity. Team mates always have an excuse as to why they can't get their parts done.

Instructors suck because they are more interested in telling students they are not there to teach. They are only facilitators. I constantly here this phrase, "If you give a student a fish they will be hungry tomorrow but if you teach them to fish they can feed themselves." This means what to me when I have a question? Oh, that's right; you are teaching me to fail. They would like that to happen because they can make even more money on your requirement to take the class over again.

Tuition is an issue. I am five classes away from by BA and they are steadily raising my tuition rates. I currently pay $1,670.00 per class and they are raising it again to almost 1,800.00 per class. They have got me because I can't transfer to another college and only take five classes and the other college would not accept all of my classes.

I found it funny that when I enrolled they only accepted 20 credit hours from my Associates Degree from the local community college and I actually took a class that used the same text book and covered the exact same information as the one I took in a lower level class at John Tyler Community College.

I really have no one to blame but myself, I wanted to improve myself and now I am over 70k in debt because these vultures preyed on my dream of getting my BA.

Posting on this blog will not do anything. What we need to do is write letters to congress to remove government financial aid from the University of Phoenix and then maybe they will care about the products they are trying to rip us off with.

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