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4 out of 5

I want to provide an accurate assessment of the university because many others are taking certain issues and making them seem as though they are all the university is about.

It is not the easiest school to attend because you have to truly know that you are there for an education. If you do not stay on top of participating and getting your assignments turned in on time, you will have a headache and failure is likely. Participation and teamwork are essential because you are in an online setting and this helps to keep you focused. The teams are not always easy to deal with, like in any situation some people try to take advantage of others, and you have to be open-minded and considerate of others - not everything should go according to one person.

The tuition is just as high as any university, so make sure that you have your financial resources sorted out before enrolling, it makes things much easier.

Communication with your counselor and financial advisor is essential, they are there to help with issues and when they are not available, there are others that you can speak to for general help.

I have been attending UOP for 1.5 years and will be graduating in January with a BS-Business Admin. I feel that it has been a great experience, not always good but definitely not always bad. I attended traditional universities and decided to leave so that I could maintain my full-time job.

You will have problems with traditional colleges and online alike. You have to know that with UOP, no one is going to do it for you; but you will find inspiration and encouragement when you need it. Please research on your own and do not take one person's comments to heart, because it could deter you from your future success as a UOP student.

4 out of 5

When "recruited" to go to U of Phoenix the "recruiter" said it wasn't his job to "railroad people into the school" and to take advantage of people. He said that I could finish my degree and not have to pay my tuition until I was completed.

After taking two online classes in early 2004, they were calling for their money. Well over $1,000 had to be paid right away to continue on with the program. I was unable to pay this right away and it was defaulted to EDFund. I spent the next two years slowly paying off just two classes at U of Phoenix through EDFund. In June 2007 my two loans were paid in full and I never went back to the University of Phoenix.

Today is December 18, 2009 (5 years later) the U of Phoenix is now calling me looking for well over $1000 in tuition. After contacting EDFund they said the money I paid them was for some other student loans (but I only went to U of Phoenix) and that the other $1000+ must be for other "charges" or "tuition" at U of Phoenix. My question is - why am I supposed to pay twice and why 5 years later? I thought this was all settled 2 and a half years ago!

Do not attend U of Phoenix unless you intend on paying double what you are supposed to. I feel bad for working people who have a dream to become something more of themselves through honest hardwork and education only to get punished in the end.

4 out of 5

First I would like to say that my experience with UOP has been nothing but smooth sailing. I have a very supportive team of advisors and my instructors have been very helpful. I have attended an on-campus University and I never recieved the kind of support there that I have recieved while attending UOP.

This is my 3rd year at UOP and soon I will be recieving my BA. If anyone has failed or is complaining about the school it's because this is just not for them and the work is too overwhelming for them. In an Online school you have to be diciplined and you have to work harder. I started my BA program 4 weeks ago and in the first week I had 2 classmates drop out!!! People think online school is easy. If it is not for you then you need to be honest with yourself but don't write a review knocking the school because you could not handle it!!!!

I also cannot bellieve someone can recieve an F from an instructor if they did all their work and participateed in class!!! Everything is documented and logged!!! There are guidelines to the school and if you cannot fulfill them then you fail just like any other school. If you do the work you get the credit if you don't you get a failing grade.

Overall if you are seriuos about wanting to continue your education and you have no options but to go to school online then do it!!!! I have no regrets what so ever, it is the best decision I have made for myself and my family. People will always have an opinion BUT it's up to you to get the facts!

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4 out of 5

I am very alarmed by the negative reviews about UPO. I attend this college and do not understand the attacks. To say that UOP is not a valid or legitimate school is nothing more than pure stupidity. I attend this college and I have attended traditional campuses, it is no different or lacking in any aspect. I actually could not even advance to the next class for one of my courses. If this school was not valid or adequate all students would breeze through.

I am bright enough to know that people have a mental hang up on any online school. If you ask yourself logical questions when in doubt you will discredit any irrational thoughts. For example, why is a college "more real" because you sit in a classroom than if you do it in front of a computer? Why are papers that are turned via the computer less valid than those typed on one and turned in face to face? Learning is learning; it has nothing to do with the physical attachment of sitting in a classroom.

Maybe those comments that state UOP is a joke, is because those same people would say the same about any college. Why is it a joke? I want to ask those people... because you failed? Now many schools are offering online classes. Are they a joke now?

I have many close friends who go to a local university.. Why is there class valid and mine is not? Because when they cut class it is a physical class? Or when they take a test they sit in a "real" desk where they can really cheat? I make that comment in a superficial lash of sarcasm.

The only comment that is true about UOP is that it is not for everyone. The online classes are for people who do not need to be babysat.

Be honest with yourself... how many people did you sit next to in a class that were there in body but not in mind? I sat in the same class with a student who graduated as the valedictorian; does that mean because I sat physically in the same course that I have the same grasp? Is it even necessary to answer?

I learned conversational Japanese in my room at home, is it less valid than someone who accomplished the same because they did it in a “classroom”? Not only does online school push the envelope of traditional college degrees, it pushes the envelope for people to challenge what they have adapted as “norm”. A+ to a job well done.

4 out of 5

I attended 2 classes at UoP. We had 4 people to start the 1st class, and it finished with 2. The 2nd class started with 4 people and finished with just ME! So they program they put me in (FlexNet) was made no longer available due to lack of students. The next thing I was told was that my tuition was going up for my next class because I was going to be an online student only. I was still willing to try another course. Well, that's when my student adviser informed me that UoP had to find me an instructor, and that I was going to be the ONLY student in this class!!!!!!!!!! Now UOP is sending me letters threatening to put me in collections b/c they sent the money for the 2 courses that I had taken back to my lender! Ok, so I called my lender (NELNet) and they have NOT received any money from UOP and advised me not to send them a dime!

4 out of 5

For those of you placing your lives on hold, sacrificing amenities and adhering to a strong ethic to succeed and do your best, this is NOT the place for you. I know that a degree would not come easy. I knew I would need to work hard and then some, to achieve solid results. I have worked hard, and these results have come. I achieved my associates in accounting, and was satisfied with the curriculum, but a wee bit less with facilitators. It is hit or miss with them. Some have genuine buy-in, and others, templates with pre-designed copy/paste cookie-cutter responses. Sadly, anyone who has experienced UoP knows what I mean.

I moved on to my bachelor’s program, and have begrudgingly acclimatized to the learning team dynamic, or more specifically, I have learned to tolerate this dynamic. Be prepared for babysitting, procrastinators, and others to ride your coattails. These learning teams seem to attract the degree-mill types, and are positively intolerable at times. Mark my words “You will spend less time learning, but more time worrying and fretting over a last minute, substandard end product.”

Some will argue this is how it is in the “real world.” No, in the “real world,” slackers are terminated or face disciplinary action. What I truly wonder is whether or not UoP is cognizant of this. Consistently, from class one to current, the learning team dynamic has been a nightmare. It is always one or two people who “care” doing the majority of the work. Don’t bother contacting your facilitator with your concerns. Likely you will get the same copied and pasted response that another concerned team member would get (true story).

A year ago, had someone asked me about UoP, I would have recommended it. Today, my legs are dangling over the fence, and I would sadly advise otherwise. The learning team dynamic in a virtual setting is an epic failure.

4 out of 5

I am currently a student at University of Phoenix, or so I thought. I enrolled in AUGUST of 2009 and began my classes on the 21st of September. I was supposedly enrolling in BS IN EDUCATION. I was enrolled into UOP affiliate Axia into the associates program. Why would I want an associates degree??? I would get the same salary that I already receive now with an associates degree. No one has changed this or helped me. I continue with my classes because I was told that my credits were transferrable.

I have also been placed in a class that someone who wants to be a computer tech would take. Why would a prospective special education teacher need to learn the fundamentals of a computers running system, regarding the interior of the computer? I also have received an F in both of my first courses. This is crazy because I busted my butt doing all of my assignments. I was participating everyday, then the instructor changed the participation guidlines. I get great responses to every assignment every week and then at week 9 come out with F's in both courses!!!!! No response so far regarding the grades because the instructors both said that I am no longer their student!!!

4 out of 5

I have been attending the UoP since October 2008 and I must say it has been a pleasant experience thus far. Has everything been cookies and cream? Of course not! But that is just life!!

I attended a traditional university for undergrad and for my MDiv (keep in mind I was single and still fairly young at this time), so I decided for my MBA I would attend an online university so I could better adjust my schedule to go to work 50+ hours per week, maintain my church ministry and be a wife and mother.

From reading all of the negative posts that are out there I guess I am some what surprised that individuals are having so many issues with the UoP, because I haven't had any. My academic advisor calls me at the start of each class, as well as one week before class ends. In fact, I often feel she calls me so much I tend not to answer the phone when I see its the University! When I thought I hit a slight hiccup with my financial aid I called my academic advisor, who put me in touch with my financial advisor, who helped me resolve the issue in less than a day. The only problem I have encountered with my Advisors is that they often change and I have someone new to work with, so I guess they have high turnover. But, each time I receive a new advisor they reach out to me and introduce themselves.

I will agree that some teachers are not the best teachers and I wonder why they are even considered instructors (I've had two thus far). They don't provide a lot of feedback and don't really help you when you have problems. In those instances what I have done is worked with my classmates to help me solve my issues. But, I remember having the same problems with teachers during both my undergrad and MDiv programs, so I'm not going to sit here and act like this is just a UoP problem. This is an issue you will find any where, whether an ivy league school, or an online institution.

As far as the learning teams, I guess I have been fortunate because I haven't had any real nightmares. If someone fell off the boat and didn't complete an assignment the team came together to complete it. Is this fair? NO! But you know what, I can't be concerned with other people. I'm concerned about my grade and, therefore, I'm going to do what I must to get the job done! If someone else gets an A from my hard work, then good for them. Deep down I know how hard I've worked for my grade, so I'm not thinking about them and their guilty conscious.

In reading the various posts from individuals who have some pretty serious complaints, I would suggest instead of pointing the finger it might be best to look at the "man in the mirror" and determine if you are not the cause of some of your issues with the UoP. I'm not by any means saying the UoP is perfect and that you haven't had some sort of issue by their hand, but some things might be by your own hand as well. If you were unable to get financial aid is it possible that you have bad credit and the associations that work with the UoP were not open to providing you a loan? Are you super needy and call your guidance counselor on a daily basis, and when they don't return your call right away you become frustrated and angry? For those who received bad grades on papers, even after receiving assistance from friends, have you really examined your grammar to determine if your writing skills are up to par? From reading the reviews I'm surprised by some of the grammar and question how individuals got through their undergrad programs.

Let's face it, life is not easy and sometimes we will face challenges. Everything can't always be handed to us on a silver platter. If you are the type of individual that needs a ton of hand-holding, then the UoP is not for you. If you are the type of person that is not self-directed and cannot teach yourself, then the UoP is not for you. If you are a "slacker" and are awaiting the opportunity for someone else to pull you along, then the UoP is not for you (unless you're the type that likes getting by on other people's coat tail). UoP is not a cake walk, and if you're not dedicated to your education, or organized enough to keep on track and manage your own educational experience, then the UoP is not for you. However, if you are all of these things, then I would encourage you to not listen to the naysayers and enroll in the UoP.

4 out of 5

I completed my MS degree in MIS at UOP in 2004. I have had success with the degree but not as much as I would have liked. I make a decent salary but I still think some people look down on the degree. I have 20+ years of experience and would like to be further ahead in my career than what I am but this may be a sign of the times or the place where I work.

I did not care about prestige because I already have experience so it was no big deal. I am now in an MBA program at UOP so that I can land a job in management.

The program has improved a lot over the years and you have to maintain a "B+" or better to remain in the program. There is a lot more writing than some of the brick and mortor schools I have attended so be prepared.

The only problem I have with the school is that it is tough to receive transfer credits for prior classes. I have also had problems with SOME individuals not returning calls. Not all but SOME.

If you are not organized and are not self motivated then an Online school like UOP may not be for you. Are there better programs? Sure, but I would not slam UOP. It is a school typically for working professionals or people who are trying to advance their careers in a convenient manner.

4 out of 5

I began doing University of Phoenix online so that I would have enough credits to transfer to a four year college for sophomore year. I told my first advisor (of many) that I planned on transferring to a 4 year college the next year and needed to finish out my 30 credits before then. He told me that would not be a problem and many people had done that before, HOWEVER when the time came for me to transfer, my 'new' advisor informed me that the whole first block of classes i took as well as another were not transferrable credits and were just necessary for us to get used to the online environment.

Basically I wasted more than a thousand dollars out of my pocket to learn how to use the website, that could have been done with one lesson, not a block of classes, which lead me to believe they mostly just wanted my money.

Another problem I encountered were the teachers. Some of them were pretty helpful, but many others weren't. I was getting all A's in my classes at one point but somehow was almost failing another.

The teacher would not explain her directions at all and not answer emails when I tried to ask her about them. She would then dock major points off my assignment. In desperation, i had my girlfriend who just got her degree in English with an emphasis on writing help me with my final essay. We spent hours on it and followed the WEEK 12 material on the syllabus. I recieved 1 38 on the essay.

I emailed my teacher asking why I lost so many points. She told me things were wrong which followed exactly the examples which were given in her material. I then emailed her her own material and highlighted all the parts which contradicted her grading. She emailed me back and totally ignored what i sent her while telling me to look back at the WEEK 3 material. I then decided to withdraw from the class, only to find my advisors saying I couldnt do that. That's when i decided i was done with University of Phoenix.

On top of that I paid for the first class out of pocket and later received a scholarship which I sent to them. They told me they were sending a check back to me with the left over money. That was 2 months ago and i still have not received the money, nor can I get in touch with any of my advisors.


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