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4 out of 5

I attended the University of Phoenix online degree program, finishing up last Spring (2007) I earned a Bachelor of Science in Business/e-Business. Overall, I felt the online experience to be very rewarding. I checked with others who had previously gone through the program and asked a lot of questions up front.

The coursework was demanding, as I suppose any degreed program would be, but I was not overwhelmed. Some of my favorite courses were E Business Management I'II, E-Business Cases and The Internet: Concepts and Application. I really felt strongly about persuing an e-Business degree (based on the exploding range of e-business opportunities) and believe my degree will aid myself and 2 business partners significantly.

I found the Internet course especially fascinating as the coursework gave me the feeling of an "insider" who got to look "behind the curtain" of the web's inner-workings. Online learning tools included video, webcasts, communication tools (chat, discussions, blog & email) and some graphics tools.

I felt that the interaction amongst my classmates and professors (overall) was outstanding. Not being able to meet face-to-face gave me apprehensive feelings initially but that was quickly overcome once we got into the "meat" of the work. Some classmates were fantastic with setting up project work timelines and subgroups for collective brainstorming. Many of my professors were surprisingly (to me) willing to make themselves available in the evenings and even over weekends. All-in-all, I found the experience extremely rewarding, flexible and fulfilling

4 out of 5

Basically, you pay for the convenience. I had taken a few classes at a local college, but the timing was terrible- it was hard to squeeze in class time between all of the other responsibilities I have. With University of Phoenix, there is more flexibility, so I can learn when I want, but it is considerably more expensive. The coursework was pretty similar to the classes I had at the local college, just more convenient.

I used the internet a lot, to write papers and do research, as well as to watch professor lectures on occasion, and email and instant messaging to chat with a professor and with classmates when there was a group assignment. I didn't interact with the other people in the class too much by choice, but when I did, it was a positive experience- people were responsive and easy to get in touch with. I think if I had wanted to interact more, I easily could have, and would have had a good response. Overall, this was a positive experience, but not a particularly outstanding one. There was nothing special to recommend it, except that I could get my education on my time.

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