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  • Reviewed: 7/11/2014
  • Degree: Human Services
  • Graduation Year: 2015
"This school is total crap. Like others have said uop is only interested in money. I was getting straight A's in my AA program. I only had 3 months left till I finished getting my associates degree and then they flat out withdrew me. I called and said what happened. They said I didn't participate. I then said I participated all the time and if I didn't participate how was a getting a 100% in the class? They said that I missed three weeks of participation and that there is nothing they can do. I said that I did do full participation every week and that if my participation wasn't up to "their" standards then they should have let me know in advance instead of just taking me out. They said they can't do anything. That is the third time this has happened to me here. I thought the first two times were because of me, but after what happened today I realized that it wasn't me at all. It is them and they just want me to give them even more money then I already give them. Please save yourself and do not go to university of Phoenix."
  • Reviewed: 7/10/2014
  • Degree: Business
  • Graduation Year: 2013
"I have obtained both my AA and BSBA at UoP in 2011 and 2013 respectfully, UoP does provide coursework relative to work in today's workforce. The total cost for a 4 year degree here is about $80,000 after it is all said and done, while it is expensive, I would recommend that adults should use the online schools and I beleive that younger adults will not be able to get the full University experience from an online course, however adults will because even though the facilitators (Not all of them have PhD's) provide you guidance to the syllabus , they are not going to hold your hand , so be prepared that you will only get out what you put into the program. In the full 4 year program, I only spoke to the facilitators twice about coursework and please do not applied for a waiver of credits, it is a money making tactic that they will send you though the ringer. I work in Higher Education at Stanford University and know first hand a good school from a not so good school and most employers that I have spoken to do not like UoP because the course work is not that hard, just time consuming and expensive and I only went because I thought I would be able to use an accredited university like this to get a better job, well, I am still at Stanford and still only an admin here. I apply each and everyday for higher paying jobs I am quified for and since graduating last june 2013, it is very hard and their online job connection is mainly for working at 7-eleven or wal-mart kind of places, I would suggest to look for an instate school that provides online courses and is accredited. I am going to pursue my masters at another university in hopes that I will be able to have a better chance at getting my dream job!"
Lady N SlvSpr
  • Reviewed: 7/9/2014
  • Degree: Nursing
  • Graduation Year: 2014
"DO NOT ATTEND THIS SCHOOL AT ALL! When I inquired about this school, they never stopped calling me. They gave me false promises and false hope! This school does NOT abide by reasonable rules that traditional (brick and mortar) schools operate by. They are not regulated by anyone and they pay off enough politicians to receive financial aid funds by the federal government!!! Not to mention, you never will get a REAL job with this school on your resume. Check our consumer reports for the NUMEROUS complaints against this school. Take my word for it...RUN LIKE HELL!!! Go to a school where they want you to succeed. This school's philosophy is: YOU DON'TGET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!!! You get irritated, middle aged, bitter nursing administrators who take out their personal vendettas on students!!! NO OUTSIDE CREDITS ACCEPTED- Despite what I was promised, UoP doe not accept ANY outside school's credits. They will lie to you and say that they do to keep you registered in courses. NO STUDENT EVER WINS A GRADE DISPUTE- I received a grade just lower than I expected and the school refused to acknowledge this. The UoP does not provide students an advocate/representative or a FAIR opportunity for students to state their case. The UoP Nursing Department CLAIMS that they provide a fair opportunity, but they refuse to provide telephone numbers or emails for students to contact people who can help. Do not count on GINA DRAKE to give a darn about your issue. She, like the rest of the FOR PROFIT employees are driven by the all mighty dollar!!! The more they get to keep without giving a degree, the better for them. I think we all should BOYCOTT this school as it operates like a vigilante school with no oversight. NO STUDENT EVER WINS AN APPEAL- Enough said. Don't waste your time! Students must pay fees, but if you need a REAL person to state your case (like a student attorney), don't bother. EVEN if you have never had an issue before, this school can issue Code of Conduct charges left and right without any reason and if anyone submitted an accusation. It is really sad!!! INSTRUCTORS ARE MILITANT TYRANTS AND DO NOT HAVE A MORAL OBLIGATION TO BE FAIR TO YOU- I did extremely well in this program until my VERY LAST course. I took NUR590B and missed the mark by approximately 10 points and had to retake the course. I took it again with the instructor (BEV JENSEN) who approved my practicum and she PURPOSEFULLY failed me. The instrucor is a TYRANT who refused to grade my final assignments that were all submitted on time. I even provided a letter from my practicum site and she refused to grade my assignment. The instructor knew that this was my second and FINAL chance in this course (as she DEMANDED this information at the start of the class). I believe she purposefully wanted to see me fail because the nursing administration backups these TYRANT teachers!"
Jenny Lopez-Guerrero
  • Reviewed: 7/1/2014
  • Degree: Human Services
  • Graduation Year: 2014
"As an Army spouse, I decided to return to school and complete my college degree during my husband's last deployment to Iraq (2010-2011). The idea of overtaking more responsibility on top of taking care of our three children at a city where we had no friends or family was scary, but deep down inside I knew that it was then or never!! So I made the phone call to UoP and immediately was helped by individuals who knew my concerns and were experts on my way of life (military life), because they themselves had served our country and were now working to help people like myself. I completed my AAHSM - Associate of Arts in Human Services Management in 2012, and my BSHS/M - Bachelor of Science in Human Services with a concentration in Management this past May (2014). I did ALL of my schooling online, especially since as an army wife I have been traveling a lot during the last 3 years since I became a student at the UoP. You will get what you put into it!! That is the best way to describe what I think about this school. I always gave 100% and although it was not easy when I was driving cross country from one army duty station to the other (Savannah, GA. to Las Vegas, NV), I always managed to stay on course and completed my AA with a 3.9 and my Bachelor with a 3.56. I am very proud of my efforts and was pleased to have walked graduation among 749 other Class of 2014 Phoenix Grads here in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. I am in the process of starting my Master degree in the next few days and my own husband got so inspired on the day of my commencement ceremony that he called UOP from the arena where my graduation was taking place to get information about starting his MBA at this school! He has already started orientation and is way on his way to complete a Master in Project/Business Management!! I am hoping to start mine soon so that we can walk graduation together in the next 2 years! I have proudly recommended this university to many other Army spouses, friends and family. Proud Phoenix here! Thank you UoP for allowing me to reach all of my educational goals so smoothly!! I will be back to taking online classes soon! Jenny #ProudArmyWife"
Roger Greene
  • Reviewed: 6/30/2014
  • Degree: Education
  • Graduation Year: 2012
"I was highly impressed with instructors breath and depth of the content presented in each course. I also appreciated the challenging curriculum that was offered in each course as well. A nice blend of interaction along with extensive paper assignments kept me reaching to offer my academic best at all times. I have earned three college degrees with my final diploma being a Masters of Education. I found the Univesity of Phoenix experience to be on par with all three institutions that I attened in the past. I am honored to have had the educational experience and believe that my completed courses have created a sharper skill set that I have been able to engage in my classroom and my administrative duties as well. I would like to emphasize that simply by completing course work or a complete degree program is only half of the journey. In my professional and personal opinion I know tha UOPx delivered on their promise of providing challenging and useful curriculum. Yet, it was and still is my responsibility to market myself and maintain and or secure employment in the future. It simply is not the responsibility of UOPx to "get" their students employed, only to sharpen skill sets for the journey beyond the classroom."
  • Reviewed: 6/30/2014
  • Degree: Computer Science
  • Graduation Year: 2014
"I am still attending UoP (finishing in the next 4 months) and what this tells employers is NOTHING. Sure they are a known school, but only known for their massive marketing and not really for their education. Unlike community colleges (which I transferred from) and state universities, this place does not have placement testing for English and Math. Instead, you go through all the different English and math programs they have. This shows in the English skills some of the students have, which made me feel even worse about attending this for-profit school. I only attended this school because I wanted to further my education and get a certificate that shows I know what I am doing, but I think I will just use the credits earned here towards a degree in a university known for their education and not their marketing tactics. All hiring managers I talked to say that they tend to pass on UoP graduates that are in the same field as I am geared towards. So, I wasted about $20k for two years of nothing."
  • Reviewed: 6/27/2014
  • Degree: Beverage Management
  • Graduation Year: 2012
"I had graduated from UoP in 2012 with a Master of Management degree. This was after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from UoP as well. Overall impression of the instruction is an average one at best. UoP touts their instructors as having real world experience which they do and some instructors are actually there to instruct. For the most part, many are facilitators who leave it to the students to learn what they want to learn and skip what they want to skip. This may or may not get you a good grade in a class but that is what the level of expectation is. I knew going into UoP what the school was about. You get out of it what you put in and I planned to put in a lot of work. However, I saw many students struggling with the curricula and pace of coursework. Know what you are getting into before signing up. I am happy with my degrees and know what it took to get them. I had been honorably discharged from the Marine Corps after almost 10 years and began working full time when I started at UoP. Online schools for working adults are no joke. They are time consuming, challenging and can be very rewarding. I have recommended UoP to people in the past and have two siblings who are/have attended. The Bachelors degree I had earned helped me in my career. At this time I do not believe the Masters degree has helped. I think it is more of experience playing a role in my professional development and progression more so than level of education. In saying that, it surely does not hurt."
  • Reviewed: 6/22/2014
  • Degree: Information Technology
  • Graduation Year: 2012
"I have to say that I did not have a good experience in this school. However, I believe it is because I need more hands on and visual learning then what is offered at Phoenix. I cannot learn by just reading a book. I did graduate but I struggled. My GPA suffered because of this. I had a GPA from a previous school that was a 3.9. I had to change my major to something that wasn't offered at the first school so I transferred to Phoenix. My husband obtained his BS degree from Phoenix and did great. We just learn differently. He likes being able to just read the book and have very little contact with the instructors. I, on the other hand, like having classes where I can ask questions and see what other students are asking about. I like having my reading assignments, and I also like having videos that help teach. I am attending another school for my BS, and I think I have found a learning experience that is right for me. What I'm trying to say is, if you are like me and learn by reading, watching, hearing and actually being taught then Phoenix may not be for you. A lot of online colleges and universities can walk you through one of their classes prior to you actually committing to their school. Take them up on that so that you know what you are getting yourself into. This is a huge commitment, so do your research prior to getting yourself into debt and not being happy with your choices."
  • Reviewed: 6/22/2014
  • Degree: Conflict Resolution
  • Graduation Year: 2012
"I personally graduated from the UoP with two degrees; my associates in arts of psychology and my bachelors in science in human services management... and I had an amazing experience. If financial aid would have paid for me to obtain my masters degree at the UoP, I would have."
  • Reviewed: 6/21/2014
  • Degree: Information Technology
  • Graduation Year: 2016
"For every poor review I have seen, I can also find a good one to match it. That alone tells me research is necessary for each and every prospective student. I will agree that this university, like most online universities, is not necessarily perfect for everyone, nor every degree. However, my experience, thus far, has been pretty good. I have limitations that put a serious damper on what I can and cannot do. Although not ideal, I searched for a program that would suit my needs. I did not jump into this decision lightly, which is where I believe many people make their first mistake. I do want to urge everyone reading to please take each and every review with a grain of salt. Sometimes, it is not necessarily the machine, but rather the operator, with the error. It is quite clear both from taking my current courses, as well as reading reviews from current and past students as well, that many are not suited for this kind of learning environment. I do not expect this university or the degrees I obtain to give me the world. I do not expect that everyone will see my degrees and say "hey, let's hire this person on the spot". Just as I would not expect these things from ANY university. No degree, and no university, is going to guarantee you employment. In this country, the unemployment rate is staggering, at best. Do not expect ANY degree to be your magic bean of fortune, it is simply not going to happen. I have had no problems whatsoever with the financial department, thus far. I have had some personal issues with an instructor, and a couple of other students, but isn't that simply how life works? Not everyone is going to see eye to eye, and that includes instructors/professors and students, as well. I am thoroughly enjoying this program, right now. If at some point I feel it is not sufficient, I will do even more research to figure out my options then. For now, I am quite proud of the work I have accomplished, the skills I have learned and the knowledge I have obtained both through working in my courses as well as my own research done on the side. I am quite certain I could probably learn everything I learn in the course of obtaining my degrees, without this university. However that does not present me with a degree, which is most often required in this field. Having a degree does not guarantee employment, but not having a degree will almost always guarantee no employment. The lesser of two evils is what I would go with, personally. For those who cannot attend a brick and mortar university, for whatever reason, an online university is typically a great choice. However, you still need to do your own research to determine which one will be best for you and your situation. No one person can determine what is best for another without walking a mile in their shoes. I actually know of quite a few people, personally, who have taken the same courses I currently am enrolled in, obtained the same degrees I am trying to obtain, and have gainful employment because of them. As I started off this review saying...for every negative review, there is likely at least one positive. Positive word of mouth typically travels far slower than negative word of mouth. When someone has something bad to say, they are more likely to shout it out to the world, than when they have something positive to say. The biggest reason you will not see many positive reviews, is because those of us who make them are often called shills, liars, and a myriad of other negative things as well. Just because we did not have, or are not having, the same experience as some, does not in any way negate the experience we did have, or are having. You are far more likely to be shunned by others, so to speak, when you have something positive to say about this university. Whether or not that is fair, I suppose is up to personal interpretation. However I personally take all reviews with a grain of salt. I can also tell, merely by looking at the grammar and punctuation many people use, that no university would welcome those folks with open arms. Perhaps those people would benefit from going back to school for a little while longer to expand their education before pursuing a degree of any sort. It is very clear even in the courses I am currently taking, that some people are simply not ready for a college level course, regardless of the university from which it is offered. Typos are one thing, everyone makes them now and again, they are excusable. Poor English skills, however, are not easily overlooked by someone like myself, that truly wants to take your word at face value. I cannot take someone who cannot type properly seriously. It tends to drive doubt in my head about the validity of the claims in the reviews."