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4 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2012

I switched from Reading Area Community College, where I had a 4.0 GPA to UoP. People who say that the work is a joke or that the curriculum is no good are wrong, wrong, wrong. While I agree, a FEW of the instructors seem to be lacking in the experience (and intelligence... some don't even understand their own syllabus) department, the work itself is pretty good.

Actually, they used the EXACT SAME website for the math quizzes and tests as RACC did. It's surely no easier than it was at RACC. In fact, my GPA had dropped from a 4.0 to a 3.67. My problem wasn't being able to get into a "good" traditional college or having time to put into my work, it was a physical disability which has worsened over time.

The reasons WHY I wouldn't recommend UoP to others is because 1- It's not as flexible as it claims to be after the first year; assignments and discussion questions have a "due by" date instead of being due by Sunday as they promise you when you sign up. That may not a big deal for some people, but for an epileptic with photosensitive seizures, or people who are obtaining their degree while working, it can be a VERY big deal. Also, they should be totally upfront about this; lying is never a good thing.

2- All the school cares about is money and if they can find a way to scam, con, or steal from, you they will. They tell you they are gonna "do you a favor and hold" your disbursement check to ensure that you pass your classes until your next financial aid check gets in, but they really just pocket the money. I know several people who have gone through this and they have tried it with me as well. I don't agree with paying back money that goes into another mans pocket!

3- As I stated earlier, some of the instructors are just plain idiots. They can't help you because they don't know the work. However if you work hard and study, this won't really be an issue. They may give you a bad grade when you deserve a good one and vice versa, but it usually evens itself out in the end.

And 4- I don't know if you can get a job with this degree as I just graduated and haven't tried yet. I don't plan on trying until I get my PhD, which I will NOT be obtaining from UoP because they do not have the major that I want to take.

2 out of 5
Degree: Information Technology
Graduation Year: 2011

I earned my Associate of Arts degree from the University of Phoenix in 2011. My GPA was over 3.5. I signed up for classes for my Associates of Arts in Information Technology and completed all the courses, which was ridiculously expensive. They added a price increase between the first and second year of the degree that stuck me to finish without recourse because many of the credits would not transfer if I changed school when the increase came affective.

When I signed on I asked “Exactly what degree will I earn?” I was told I would earn an Associates of Arts in Information Technology. After hours of work and nights of little sleep, I get my degree that simply says Associates of Arts. I was livid. Several instructors we very short when I would post legitimate questions for them. The most common reply was simply “Please read your syllabus”. Most times they would finally answer the question after several students posted and explained the answer was not in the syllabus. Do not waste your time or money.

5 out of 5
Degree: Psychology
Graduation Year: November 2010

I graduated in November 2010 with a B.S. in Psychology. U of Phoenix is a school that forces students to apply and prove their knowledge through research papers.

I have heard too many times how it's a diploma mill and a scam. I do agree that it's very expensive. However, just because it's a "for-profit" university making money, I don't believe it's any different that non-profit Harvard that has millions in endowments.

Anyone who attends U of P must be prepared to work hard and be ready to be self-starting and self-motivating. There will not be anyone spoon-feeding you the information. If you're not willing to put your best effort into it, then you'd be better off going somewhere else.

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1 out of 5

Never I mean NEVER ever attend an online College it is a Joke....... Back in 08 I made the mistake of attending University Of Phoenix for 1 semester and hated it.

Needless to say I have paid for that mistake for the last 4 years. They took out a loan with out my permission which took for ever to get took care of. Now I have to have a Official Transcript from them to attend the new local college that I want to attend and UP wants $140 for that since I did not complete more than one year. ITS A RIP OFF!

1 out of 5

Transfered from a community college to this university, and to be honest the community college had more professionals and a challenging academic program than this place.

Just go ahead and do some research and you will find that employers are not hiring individuals with a degree from UOP because of how easy it is to earn a diploma from here. I know a few individuals who regret getting a diploma from here. Nobody wants to hire them.

Also recruiters are only but used car salesman. The teachers here are unprepared,this is just their part-time job, and usually they are graduates from this same institution and are also waiting for better and greater things. I'm about to withdraw, take my lost, and return to a real university even if I have to work twice as hard. Don't waste your money.

3 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2011

For the associated program poor information given based on goals, for the other program it is the lack of total information given when extending goals with tbis school.

For example on a five week program during the tail end of the third week I was informed that in order to continue it would cost in excessive of fifteen hundred dollars befor the next class and then again before the eighth class, with this kind of lack of communication I would have never committed, if I dropknow it will cost me over three thousand dollars and it is a shame of the total misleading information given by the so called transistion team.

5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2014

My experience thus far at Axia Online has been wonderful. When I first requested information from University of Phoenix, I was contacted within two days after my online request. From that point on, my experience has been great.

My enrollment counselor was awesome. She had contacted me about once every few weeks to touch base with me to make sure I was doing good. I will be finishing my Associate of Arts degree in Human Services Management in May and my counselor has changed because I'm going into my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in May, but my previous counselor still called me last week to just to see how I was doing with my classes and how I am handling things. We have actually bonded, and I love her to death! I have seen so many reviews of University of Phoenix where people have said that their counselors and advisors were awful and I just find that so difficult to believe. I have to admit that the cirriculum has been a lot sometimes, but what do people expect? It's school! It's supposed to be challenging!! That's how you learn!!!

I have learned more at University of Phoenix than I ever did in High School. Some of the teachers have in fact been like robots (as stated in a lot of the reviews I have read), but Axia has it's equal share of fantastic teachers that have stood out so distinctively in my mind because of their devotion and dedication to making sure we get the most out of our learning experience at University of Phoenix.

Some tips I would offer to those considering online education:

1. Make sure it's accredited. (UoP is.) 2. Make sure that the school you choose offers the right education for the career you plan to pursue. 3. NEVER be afraid to ask's the only way you'll get answers! 4. Don't let reviews alone make your decision for you. Reviews are often biased and sometimes even untruthful (so sad!). Do your own research to find out what school is best for you. Call the schools if you have to and just ask them questions!

Good luck in finding a school that fits you! University of Phoenix is not for everyone; it requires effort, time, and close attention. Some expect online classes to be easy-peasy and something you can just cheat your way through. Not University of Phoenix. It's a real school, and if you are looking to do real work and get a real learning experience, it's a great choice!!

1 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2012

This school does not care about their students only the money. Their staff is horrible and they cannot seem to keep them employed. Good luck trying to get someone to call you back when you have questions or concerns. In my three years of attending UOP I have had 10 academic counselors and ALL of them have been USELESS! I would have left a long time ago, but I was worried about trying to transfer my credits to another school. I sure wish I would have looked for reviews about UOP before I enrolled. I am taking my last class for my BS and I will move on to a new school for my Master's. UOP will never receive another DIME from me!

The classes are a joke. I cannot say I have learned a thing. Most of the time all you hear from your instructors is about how great they are.

5 out of 5

I have attended UoP for a little over 3 years now. I first attended Axia to earn my AA in Information Technology and had a great experience. Now I am currently finishing up my BS in Information System Security at UoP which will be done September 2012. I must say these 3 years so far have been awesome to say the least. I have so much more knowledge in a wide range of subjects compared to when I first started because I have learned a lot at UoP. If you would have told me 3 years ago I would some day be able to write fully functional programs in Java I would have thought you were tripping.

But I really can now thanks to the resources the school offers, the informative discussions with other students and the very knowledgeable instructors. I think it's important to point out that the instructors have real world work experience in the subjects they teach. They are not strictly "teachers" that need tips and hints on how to teach the material from a teachers handbook. They know what they are talking about and do the work everyday. And also hold Master Degrees or better in the subject.

I find many of the negative reviews here very contradictory. Some complain this school is a degree mill while others complain about a graduation rate of 15%. So which is it? Can't have it both ways. It's a flat out lie to say that people don't need a high school diploma or GED to attend UoP. Yes you do! It's a petty argument to tell people not to attend this school based on another students spelling and grammar. Give me a break. Not everyone's a perfect writer and it does not mean they cannot grasp the subject they are learning and maybe pass something off helpful to you. It's also a flat out lie to say no ones scored a rewarding career after graduating from UoP. This school has existed since what 1979 and no ones ever got a job with their degree huh? My brother attended a college where half of his instructors had UoP degrees.

I have never ever had an issue with my financial or academic advisers. I've only had a problem with one instructor but out of 35 instructors so far, that's basically nothing and I hardly blame the school. The guy was knowledgeable in the subject just had a bad attitude.

The curriculum is not easy especially when deep into the program. It's easy to get overwhelmed if your not keeping pace and putting in the effort. UoP's online environment is designed for those that want to learn and have control of their education. Not for people looking for an easy degree trying to do the minimum and have their hand held like a kindergartner. Those are the people that I do not recommend attending this school. But everyone else I highly recommend it.

I also think it's pretty cool that an NFL franchise would be willing to name their brand new state of the art stadium after UoP. I find it hard to believe an NFL team would want the name of a bogus school on their stadium.

I do recognize that some people could have a bad experience at UoP. Some people thrive in the military while others experience a nightmare. Some people love their job while others hate everyday they work the same job. It all comes down to you and the type of person you are and whether it's right for you. What I highly recommend is to check it out for yourself and realize a lot of the negative reviews here are what are bogus. Not the school. I honestly wish everyone the best in their pursuit of higher education regardless of where they attend school. Good luck!!

5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2012

After reading several pages of reviews It is about an equal amount of people who have complained and those who loved it.

I am currently enrolled and have not experienced any problems. My counselors have not changed and my experience has been nothing but pleasant. It took me going to several different schools before I could find one that seemed to have fit me. I also think that in each state that it is also adding to the experience of a person. The UOP may not be the same as the one in MY state. The people who you deal with is what puts a bad taste in peoples mouth. The school is not a scam, they may be pricey, BUT NOT A SCAM. They are accredited, and it is how much a person will take out of it.

My job has tuition reimbursement, and provides a discount for going to UOP. I work for a very well known company and if they believe in it that much to provide a discount then I do not think they are all that bad. Opinions are always great everyone but are not all the same. Since everyone is split on how they feel then I think it is up to whoever to see for themselves.

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