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4 out of 5

My experience at the University of Phoenix was extraordinary. I have no regrets about getting my EdD there in 2009. The brick-and-mortar schools were outdated, so I chose an online accredited university - The University of Phoenix. The work was rigorous and I learned so very much. In addition, the friendships I made were great and I even miss school and kind of would love to go back. But overall, it was great. I am a real student who always wanted to be a doctor and UoP allowed me to do that.

4 out of 5

I have been enrolled at the University of Phoenix online for a year. I was and still am skeptical about how seriously a potential employer will take a degree from UoP. I work hard in my classes and I am maintaining a 3.8 GPA, which I fully believe would be a 4.0 if not for having to work in teams (You have to work with teammates in EVERY class). When I first started UoP, I had a total of three advisors. These women called me all the time to check on me and my progress. I felt like a valued student. As time progressed, I heard from them less and less. Now I am lucky to get a call every other class. In their defense, they are very reachable if I need them. Another thing I worried about was the course work. One class at a time seems, well, odd. The reason for this is because most students work and the course work is a lot in most classes. Why so much course work? I believe it is an attempt to distract from the inadequate teaching and text. This is why I am currently "shopping around" for a better school. I suggest everyone contact potential employers BEFORE enrolling to gauge how they feel about a UoP degree. Don't be offended when they laugh. It's basically college by correspondence, only much more expensive.

4 out of 5

I have been enrolled in UofP for a year and half and about to graduate with an associates degree in a few months. I read all of the reviews good and bad. I have reviewed many schools on-line and traditional and there are not one school who got all positive comments. Uof P works well for me because my husband was diagnosed with cancer last year and for me to go to school and stay home with him I enrolled in this school. The first year was kind of easy but I have to tell you it is getting harder and harder. I have not had any major complaints and have had only one teacher who just did not seem to care. I have had many conversations with my financial and academic counselor and if I ever had a problem is was fixed right away. My admission counselor was the same way. They each call me all the time to see how thing are going.

I feel that those of you that are complaining either did not want to go to school or you are just a whiney person. If you are not happy with this University go on to another one but you still are going to find problems there also. A person must really be dedicated to do the work on-line, it is hard at times and it is taught by teachers who have masters degrees. I am not saying all of them but all but one that I had did have one.

As far as the cost, on-line school is alot more expensive than a traditional school (here in FLorida it is) but you are paying for the convience of it. In my situation it is something I had to do and I will go on to get my Bachelors and maybe Masters through U of P. I had to take financial aid out just like most people do ad yes I have to pay it back but In my case it is worth it to me.

A person must be dedicated to do any type of school but on-line you must work at it everyday. I am pleased with everything I have encountered so far. I looked all over and the U of P was either a bit less or right on target with others. All advisors and counselors have been a blessing to me and do check in with me all the time.

Those of you who are complaining to me you just do not want to go to school, I am sure some of you have legiimate gripes and for that I am sorry you are having a bad experience.

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4 out of 5

I have read many negative reviews about the University of Phoenix, and I must say most were out there. One attended TWO DAYS and stated the University of Phoenix was a rip-off and a poor excuse for receiving a good education. Another complained about the quality of the education and admitted to "doing the minimum to get by.: Still another, complained the University of Phoenix took "two extra days in getting back to them, so they did not enroll in a university that didn't care about the student." Another student complained about the "bad writing skills demonstrated by fellow students," and misspelled five words in the critique.

I finished my Master's in ED/Adult Education, and it was a great education. I am now enrolling in the doctorate program and will attend online, just as I did with my master's degree. My experience with the University of Phoenix online, was there were students who will never be happy anywhere.

I remember one who bitterly complained about the "retarded team assignments" then plagiarized something I posted in a previous class we had both been in. I earned my undergraduate degree in a traditional "brick and mortar" school, and encountered unhappy students, bad instructors, etc.

The University of Phoenix is a great school. I highly recommend it. The bottom line is you get out of it what you put into it. Garbage in, Garbage out.

4 out of 5

So distance learning seems convenient, right? Let's say that your 1200 PER CLASS is worth you spending every day posting. Trust me. You will spend more time on this useless classwork not LEARNING but simply doing busy work.

Oh, and it may be easy, but the instructors will find any reason to deduct points--and don't even consider asking for justificiation because you'll never get it. The online downloaded PDF course materials are $80.00 per class. Are you kidding me? $80??? A hard copy text book is that price--and you can at least resell it!

The school may be accredited, but no one will hire you with a degree from this school--if you can ever get one due to their ridiculous "pre-curriculum" courses. I don't think I should have to pay $1200 for a course that "teaches" me how to use the website. RIP OFF! Just call your community college or university, ask about their available distance learning programs and go that route. You'll save time and money

4 out of 5

O.K. lets set something straight about U.O.P. I graduated from there with a B.S and had NO problem getting into Texas A&M, yes, Texas A&M Graduate program. ALL my credits transferred and if U.O.P was not accredited then I would not have been able to get in.

The only reason I am not getting my Masters at U.O.P is becasue the one I want is online only and that is not good for me. My advice....Go to UOP and get your undergrad degree and then you WILL 100% be able to transfer it to ANY school for Graduate studies.

4 out of 5

I am a student at The University Of Phoenix and DO NOT recommend this school. My reasons are varied and numerous. Let me begin with the fact that you are the student,professor and evaluator. Like most schools you are presented with a syllabus and expected to meet the requirements. This is where the similarities end.

With UOP you are offered no lectures,no sense of any real participation outside of answering some other students often ridiculous post with a faked attitude that you actually care what kind of opinion they really possess. Considering some statistics say that UOP enrolls over 300,000 students currently it takes away from the sense that you are more than another paycheck for them.

I often trudge through the subject matter with limited reading of the material. Usually,I just fake my way through the answers and get an better then average grade. This is not to say I am incredibly smart,it is to point out how trivial the instructors grade and more importantly, how mediocre the schools standards for satisfactory participation are represented.

Another point I would like people to consider is what they expect this education to get them? If you think you are gonna walk out of UOP and get a great job,you may want to do some research. A previous poster mentioned that he hired MBAs' and was usually horrified at the numerous grammatical errors,poor spelling and lack of sentence structuring he saw on their resumes. He went on to state that if he contacted an UOP graduate, he was usually turned off by their lack of professionalism. If you are already employed and looking to "beef up" your resume or advance in your current job,UOP may just be for you.

If you really want an education,you will have to dig hard into UOP. They will give you resources and lower expectations,but you can make the most out of it. I would not stake my future on a UOP degree. Many established schools offer online programs. I am withdrawing after I finish my current block of instruction and taking my educational benefits money to a "Brick and Mortar" institution. If you can do this,I suggest you do.

4 out of 5

I have been a student at UoP for 14 months now and I am 2 semesters away from getting my AA degree. The work itself is not hard. The teachers are so overbooked with classes that many times they do not even grade your papers for an entire week and barely respond to discussion questions.

The academic advisors are a nightmare! They are not helpful at all. I was having problems with my Algebra 1A course and barely passed. When I called them for help their only suggestion was to hire a highschool student to tutor me. The financial advisors are no better. They lose your papaerwork, do not tell you how to fill it out properly, and are basically worthless.

I have seen others complaining about this school being money hungry, I am in complete agreement with this. They are only concerned with getting your FinAID and loan money, and are not quick to send out our disbursements. They currently have been sitting on mine for 10 days now. How much time does it take to post a debit memo?

My overall experience with UoP has been mediocre to say the least. UoP students are paying a lot of money for a "do it yourself" education.

4 out of 5

Disappointing. The classes are unbalanced with assignment loads but rest assure, there will always be plenty of learning team presentations, varying from 3 to five presentations per class. This class we had to write 6 papers, 2 learning team presentations, and one individual presentation. Busy but not effective to boost the learning.

Teachers are assigned often in the last minute. Some have read the syllabus but most have ot before the class starts. We started out with 47 students and were split up into two classes. Ways too many students.

Learning teams are great but stressful. I just got kicked out of a team because I voiced a concern in regard to the team. There is ways too much emphasis on learning teams and only that much you can get out of it.

I will not recommend the University of Phoenix.

4 out of 5

My experience at the University of Phoenix, was the best decision I made in my adult life.

While it took time to land that perfect job; the expectations to meet deadlines and work within a team environment are critical skill sets, needed for success in a professional envioronment.

The administration is caring and the programs are demanding; now if your looking for short cuts, you won't last long. I strongly recommend this college and I'am A PHOENIX

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