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4 out of 5

I completed my Masters in Management on April 12, 2010. I must say this was the best experience that I had while attending college. I learned more from my instructors and peers online better than when I attended campus at a private school. UoP fitted very well in my schedule as well as my private life.

There is a lot of research and papers that we had to do but it was all worth it considering the type of program that was being pursued.

As with any college, it is ALL ABOUT YOU! Read and research before making any decisions. I really enjoyed learning from most of my instructors and peers.

However, like any other college or university, some you will enjoy and some you may not enjoy as much as others. There will be difficult people and difficult rules everywhere you go but again, it just depends on the individual person.

As far as UoP students not being able to spell, that complete BULL! That's what they make spell check and grammar check tools for. If people choose not to use it, that's their business but that does not have anything to do with UoP. You should have learned how to spell before you left grammar school! This is college!

4 out of 5

I am currently half way through my Masters degree with UOP. I find that it is very fast paced compared to classroom instruction so it take a lot of commitment. I also find that as with any classes online or in classroom you will have instructors that grade you differently. Some want you to express your original thoughts while others don't want your thoughts but to cite previous works only with little original thougt. I can say that I do feel that I am learning a lot and that it is a matter of each student to keep up because it is very demanding.

4 out of 5

After attending online classes for almost 2 months, I was having way too many problems one girl should have to deal with, and the faculty failed to provide any help. Everyone working with me took days or weeks to reply to my questions, but once I dropped the classes I had people calling me 2-3 times a day. Now they say I owe ~2,000 dollars. Well, sorry, I don't have a job and I have 2 kids to babysit all day. You aren't getting money out of me. PS: I was getting all of my assignments in on time and even early. I was getting A's and B's. I would not recommend this school to anyone.

Search over 214,000 programs:
4 out of 5

I wanted to respond to some negative comments that some people posted on here. Those people tend to think that everyone who posts something negative about the University of Phoenix is bitter and uneducated...I am not bitter or uneducated and I don't have anything positive to say about the university other than the fact that the young woman who was assigned to work with me did a wonderful job and got me everything that I needed.

The financial aid department was slow in getting any of paperwork in. Some of the instructors tell you to speak your mind or your opinion when it is time to have a discussion, but the truth of the matter is, they really don't want it. I am not bashing the university but this is what I went through, your experience might be different.

Yours Truly, "the educated one"

4 out of 5

The bottom line is do your research! Most of these negative posts on University of Phoenix have false information from uneducated people.

I received my Ph.D before I was 30 and two of my degrees are from University of Phoenix. I now make over $100,000 and could not be happier!

This school has a solid curriculum that only the best students can handle. It is flexible because of the online schedule, but demanding and takes a lot of determination to finish.

A few things about prior posts… 1. FYI Regional Accreditation (which University of Phoenix is) is the best accreditation it is the same as Harvard and Yale. If you get a degree from a nationally accredited school it will be very hard to use that degree anywhere. It sounds better, but is not! Do your research!

2. Yes, it may not be the cheapest, but you get what you pay for. I received a high quality education on my time, which allowed me to advance my career while getting my degree.

3. Which is academically better

(A) Working with your classmates and instructors actively four days of the week discussing real world events, doing research, projects and papers or (B) Sitting in the back of class once a week, not participating and listening to a lecture? (A) Is what you do at University of Phoenix

4. Stop blaming others for you not reaching your goals. Nothing in life is perfect, so stop making excuses and do something with your life, get your degree, start a career and be passionate about life!

4 out of 5

I am finishing my B.S. in psychology through the University of Phpenix in a couple of months. When I first enrolled, I had transfer credit from a community college. The recruiter told me that all of it would transfer as electives and that I should be able to graduate with a bachelor degree in about 2 years. After they evaluated my credit, there were so many courses that (by their rules) have to be taken through the University of Phoenix to count that I was left with only 3 transfer courses. Tough for me, because I had already signed the paperwork and had begun coursework. They are tricky little devils!

When I confronted them, they said that my credits would transfer as I moved from the A.A. program into the B.S. Program. Wrong again! Only 6 more credits transferred as electives, and I ended up taking all of my courses over again that I had been told would transfer in. (Keep in mind, I had a perfect GPA coming in, so grades were not the issue).

All in all, it has taken me 4 years, in addition to the 2 I already had coming in, to complete my B.S. degree. Had I gone elsewhere, I may have a M.S. by now.

The work is monotonous, and there are usually 2 short papers in the form of discussion questions, and two longer papers (one of which has to be completed in a team each week, and if you care about your grade, you will be doing most of the work)due every week. Some instructors are pretty easy going and grade fairly, while others have no idea about the material and take points off just to take points off and cannot explain why they have done so after. I have written professionally for ten years, and yet a couple of professors that cannot put together a coherent sentence to save their lives take off points for grammar errors that I have shown them are not grammar errors, according to the APA manual we are instructed to follow. Their response is that they have the ultimate authority to determine what is and what is not an error. This is total bull.

On the plus side, however, I have had some very good professors from schools like Arizona State, the University of Nebraska, and many other really great universities, all at one school. I have had a few bad mixed in with the good. It is kind of the luck of the draw.

Now that I am preparing to graduate, I am having difficulties finding graduate schools that will accept UOP credit. The only promising one so far seems to be the University of North Dakota, even though I scored really high on my GRE (in the 93rd percentile).

UoP allowed me to complete my degree without leaving my house, but ultimately I find myself wondering at what cost? I have worked really hard for a degree that may get me absolutely nowhere in the end, but at least I have a degree.

4 out of 5

I have read all the negative comments about UOP. I am glad I did not read this prior to attending the University. However, I am two classes shy of earning my BA in psychology and will continue with UOP to earn my PhD in I/O psychology. The coursework is a little rough at first, but if you apply yourself it will get easier.

I have found this school is for the adults of the world you are ready for the course load and willing to work hard to obtain their goal. As an adult, I believe I did not need someone to tell me to check my course schedule or financial aid. I knew to check prior to starting classes and keeping in contact with my advisors helped me and them stay on track with my account.

I have had some great classmates and professors. Although there have been a few I do not wish to interact with, I have found even the negative interactions have allowed me to experience a diverse group of people that I may come accross within the workplace. Some people may disagree, but UOP is a great school to obtain your goals. You have to be willing to put in the effort. You get what you put into your education!! Keep in mind, when someone has a negative experience they will spread the word to anyone that will listen. However, positive experiences many times go unheard.

4 out of 5

I have been going to this school for over 5 years. Like the other person, I attained my associates degree through Axia.

The associates program I also liked, my exerience at Axia and UofP initially was great. I was proud to "be a Phoenix."

I was blown away when I 24 credits shy to completing the bachelor program and learned that there were more 'gen ed' classes I had to take.

Since that time, the classes at University of Phoenix Online are okay, but what I have really learned is there is no recourse for students at University of Phoenix Online. I have come to realize that I have spent over $40k just to have a degree that only contains basic information.

I agree with what other have said. I used to be proud to be a Phoenix. Now, the school is just horrible if you are a student who is trying to finish.

Needless to say, upon stumbling on this site and reading all these reviews my opinion of this school has diminished.

I would still recommend the associates program as it is a good stepping stone to getting a credible degree. Check your transfer credits, know your options. University of Phoenix only wants your money. Find a school that wants more and cares about their students.

4 out of 5

First of all read T. comments against UOP: One should never consider the UOP as a real program... School not recommended by T. on November 14, 2010 She goes on and on about how people from UOP cannot spell, and her comments contain misspellings. Isn't it sad that the people that put UOP down for something are guilty of the very quality. See if you can find Tracy's spelling error for "application".

I went back for an MSA, so I can sit for the CPA. I will be a UOP graduate. I can guarantee I can challenge anyone from any program in this country that holds the same position I do as a Financial Analyst. It really isn't where I got my degree from, because it more about the effort I have put in. I speak three languages, and I know more than most in my field about computer programming languages. That means who hires me over Tracy will get at leat 4 times the productivity. My references will attest that I never call in sick, and, in fact, am thee most productive employee they ever had. This has nothing to do with where I got my degree, or am getting it now.

It is obvious you can send T. to any school, and she will still have issues with spelling. I will not be passed over because I have a UOP degree with an MBA, CPA and CFA after my name. I work for one of the largest Universities in the country, and it is good enough for them. I like the flexibility I couldn't get in the old brick building. Like anything in life, you will get what you put in. In addition, so many employers reimburse for your program. Tracy's probably does, too. Unfortunately, someone probably got promoted over her with a UOP degree, and she is finally understanding that her attitude in life is more important than the school she went to.

4 out of 5

I have read the listings below and I must comment. I can tell many of these postings are in spite of students making their own mistakes. First off, don't depend on Pell or other grants. Be thankful you have received what you have so far.

I am 3 weeks from completing a masters in psychology and had no problems with this school I paid the whole way through cash. I loaned from family members and my own personal loans.

My advisers have been great, yet that are human beings too. They get busy and are often over worked. Any problems I ever had were fixed. A simple pleasant conversation goes a very long way. If you are willing to work hard, and keep your personal finances to yourself, you will have no problems. I am proud to be a phoenix.

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