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4 out of 5

If you're a busy person you'll find that the workload is pretty tough. I've found that Ace-Axia at has great, inexpensive tutorials and modal papers for all the popular Axia courses. Immediate downloads that help you get your assignments, checkpoints, and discussion questions finished fast!

4 out of 5

I have been with the University of Phoenix since October of 2009. I am working to get my associate's degree in their health caare administration program with special emphasis on medical records.

So far, I have not had any problems with no one on the faculty. I find my advisors to be quite professional and good with answering my questions. I don't know maybe they're just new to their job... but I find them to be a big help. I find that the best way to contact my advisors are by email.

The financial aid process for me was rather easy, only because I my financial aid was already completed and only minor changes were made to the application, like the school code, name, address. My enrollment and financial aid advisor walked me through the online financial (FAFSA) and enrollment process over the phone. I began school almost immediately, and about six months in my academic advisor, Celena called and we set up my schedule. So far, all my classes have been paid for and completed on time.

I am scheduled to graduate with my associate's degree in health care administration with special emphasis on medical records in May of 2010! I am looking forward to the graduation ceremony... but to be completely honest, I heard many things about the Bachelor's degree not being of equal value to degrees from traditional institutions, but I have not heard any complaints on the health care side -as far as the degrees not being of value.

To be honest I completed six credits at a traditional school (community college) and the credits were transferred, but only as elective studies. I ended up taking medical terminology again, but the content of material was the same. So, I didn't really understand why I had to take the course again. But other than that, thinkgs have gone smoothly and I am anxiously awaiting graduation.

4 out of 5

I would recommend this university for online or classroom learning. The only negative experience I had was with one professor who was bias towards me. I never found out the truth. I was upset but it was a learning experience. Instructors should look out for the best interest of the student and be helpful, not harmful. The group assignments are challenging, especially when one connected believe they are always right and the best.

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4 out of 5

Are you procrastinator like me, then UoP is not for you. Online classes are much hard than actual sit down classes. I am a procrastinator. I waited until the last minute to do any assignments, homework's, or just to discuss things on the boards. But, that's what I am good at. I do this for work and I am very successful at what I do.

I think UoP is the most expensive thing I have done in my life. They are way too expensive compared to a local school. Yes, it is convenient for me to do the online school. But, I don't feel like I really received my money's worth from the school.


I work in the IT field already, so I cannot attend UTSA which is my local college. I wish I could attend. I travel which prevents me from attending.

I can learn anything if you put a book in my face which worked out great with UoP. I didn't have a lot of teacher interaction, mostly students asking questions because the teachers are more like hall monitors and not really teachers. I'm not trying to clown on them or degrade them, but it's a online class. What can you expect from someone doing this part-time from their homes or work.

UoP is not a bad place if you want your degree. I have my 2 year degree now and I would like to go and get my 4 year degree, but I travel way too much to really stay online or attend local school.

Pro's: Easy, not hard to complete school work. Online Library. Writing Lab. Math Lab. Self-taught. Online Conveyance.

Con's: Way to expensive, self taught, interaction between other students is slim and not present with teachers unless you create a post on their boards. You are being exploited because you need the convenience of online and not a classroom.

In a summary, it's not worth the price in the end to get the paper. You would be better off just attending a local school if you could haggle the travel and whatever interferes with you sitting down.

If you can teach yourself, and you don't mind paying 50% more for online classes. Then UoP is the deal for you. This is how I think I came out after attending.

It's my dime, it's my life, it's my degree that no one can take away from me. All said in the end, I paid a higher price to get to my goal and I am happy that I did do it. You, as an individual, should have a choice. What choices have you made today? At least my sister is not the only one in the family that has a degree. Blah!

4 out of 5

I graduated with both my BA and MAOM from UOP. I loved every aspect of my courses at this school. But, UOP bends over backwards to help vets get their education through utilization of their GI Bill. To say the Feds don't fund their education is wrong and misleading. They have an expedited program for vets so they can get their AA using their military experience as college credits. The entire GI bill may not cover the full tuition costs, but they do cover most of them.

4 out of 5

I am currently enrollded for my Bachelor's in Administration with the focus on Healthcare. I will stick it out here because I have already started; but I would not recommend this facility to anyone. My financial advisor has never called me. I cannot get my academic advisor to answer e-mails or return my calls. My second instructor was a complete idiot and I can't even find his name on the roster. The list could go on; but I think I have made my point.

4 out of 5

I loved it. Its what you make it. Im in my BS program now and dont like the team papers but at the end of the day. I do what I need to do. Submit and its over. Only problem I had was with Algebra. it sux doing it online but I did it. Good Luck to All who attend or choose to attend UOP!!

4 out of 5

I am 1 class away from obtaining a bachelors degree in Health Care Administration. I have been with UOP for the past year and a half. I have had no problems with my academic representative nor my financial advisor

The classes are a bit pricey. Because my husband is in the military, I get spousal discount; however, even with the discount, the price for one class is still a bit pricey ($750 plus $90 for resource fee). I have applied for Pell grant in July and was told that they will not review the applications until October 2010. I have almost 2 months left before I graduate and still not heard about my Pell grant application.

As far as the classes itself, each week the students must answer 2 discussion questions and post 2 responses to other students post per day for 4 days (A total of 8 responses per week). On top of answering DQ's and participation responses, a report must also be written. In some of my classes, we also had to write a weekly summary. Even though it's an online class, there are still a lot of work to be done and the assignments really does take up a lot of your time. Also, I have had no issues with any of my facilitators.

Aside from participating 4 days a week (which I find ridiculous), the students are put into groups (which I also find ridiculous). I have been grouped with many individuals who were not willing to do their share of the assignment or not putting all their effort into the assignment.

Last, UOP does not reward students with excellent grades...such as Deans List or Honor Cords (for graduations). A lot of the students work very hard trying to juggle a job and school. I think it'd be great to recognize those individuals who has done an excellent job in maintaining their good grades.

I wish you success in finding the right university! If you love to do research and write a lot of papers...UOP is the right college for you. I wish I would have done a little more research on UOP because I would have not chosen this university!

4 out of 5

I am two days from completing my University of Phoenix Online BS in Operations Management, and I have just accepted a promotion that will provide a dramatic increase in my annual salary as Operations Manager in a food manufacturing plant.

I am continueing on toward an MBA with a local, brick-and-mortar school, but the University of Phoenix most definitely boosted my career.

I have run into individuals that consider it a lesser degree because of the online format, but the HR Departments in industry don't hold a negative opinion of Univ. of Phoenix.

Often, the online format is the only option. The ambition and self-drive to get the degree says a lot about you, and they don't care where you got the degree from.

Go for it!

4 out of 5

WAIT......Do your homework on UOP. Been there now for 3 years. OK academically. But finacially, its worst than Hurricain Katrina. They disburse all the LOANS onto your account, but you wait on the GRANT money entitlements. Still waiting now for my PELL GRANT from them. And all they've been saying is your file is in review. Heard that since Aug 2010. How long does it take to approve a grant? The loans posted already. They took all that for tuition fees & resource fees.

UOP is just not worth the hassle. This is a degree to get me into a Graduate program where I can earn an MBA from a repitable University.

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