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4 out of 5

Been with Phoenix since January 2009 and withdrew July this year (2010). Phoenix is a legitimate univeristy, but the practices are NOT.


*Phoenix does NOT test in students. Anyone with a high school diploma or GED is accepted, especially if they are Title IV eligible.

*Phoenix does NOT give placement tests so there is no differenitation between students who are beginners in a subject and students who are advanced.

*Phoenix NEVER gives out FA disbursements according to the Department of Education guidelines. Students may qualify for two PELL disbursements, but Phoenix only applies one to their accounts so they will have to usee all their loan proceeds to cover classes, which increases after graduation debt. Students are NEVER given the SEOG grants even though Phoenix recieves the money (ask the Dep of Education). *If you are passing your classes and due for a second FA disbursement, suddenly the Faciliators have issues with your postings and assignments to prevent you from passing the course which in turns makes you "ineligible" for the second disbursement. I was posting 300 word discussion responses and not receiving credit while some classmates were posting maybe 50 words that had no connection to the discussion and receiving credit. When brought to the attention of Faciliator and advisor, they were NOT concerned of why this was occuring but wanted to know how did I know other students were receiving credit for their responses!? When I said, students do talk to each other outside of class. Shortly after, Phoenix posts a new policy about student sharing information. Conincidence....NOT. *They claim it takes 45-60 days to process the FAFSA when according to the Department of Education, it takes only 1-2 weeks for a school to receive the funds for the students. They raise tuition based on the number of students who are getting increased aide so they don't have to reimburse them a lot of money. Basically, they qualify you for the max amount just to find a way to keep it in their account. *they do not meet deadlines for student field observations/teaching and when you try to call them, they are never available, even after numerous voicemails and emails. Yet, if you call to complain, suddently the advisor is "available". Don't blame the advisor though, they are trained to NOT answer calls. *My friend is graduating with an assoicates in elementary education in Dec after 1 year although she never took any college prep courses, SATs, placement tests,nor attended any college classes. She graduated High School in 1996 and has no life experience in the field. Plus she has taken no major courses just general courses like math and english with phoenix but is still getting a two year degree in one year and only takes two classes every nine weeks! *I can bust my butt and get the same grade as a student who just bs answers. (Really true, my friend, who attends Phoenix, and I did this just to see if another student was telling the truth about being passed without the effort. *This same friend is receiving an Associates in Elementary Education WITHOUT taking any early childhood courses! This friend also never took the SATs nor any college level courses but started at the same level as myself! Plus, the half the students are not doing their own work. Who wants someone teaching their children who cheats through their entire college "degree"? Yes, you can cheat at a traditional school, but at least the tests are monitored to prevent or limit this plus students are taught based on their proper level and not bypassed through needed learning.


IF you are studying for an associate's degree, of course you will have little to no issues because they want your "business" again by doing a bachelor's study with them. Yet, if you are in the Bachelor's as I was, you will be in for an entire different experience. Basically Phoenix is all about MONEY, MONEY; MORE MONEY! It does not care about integrity, education, nor value.

4 out of 5

I went to UOP for my masters in education and I was half way through with the classes when I landed a full time job with my BA in the media field. The school is very expensive and I would have had to pay these student loans back and not have a masters to show for it so I decided to go through with the program.

I have been reading a lot of negative things being said about UOP, but it is for someone that has to work a full time job and or have children and can't go to a regular on campus university. You have to do the work and it is not a breeze through like many think. It is the same as any other as far as effort when attending classes.

You can cheat or be honest it is up to you just like with any school. It is not as hard as going to a campus university because you can do the classes on your own time with deadlines. It is expensive so if you can go to a regular on campus university I would suggest you do that and use this as an alternative. I have my degrees and that is all that matters I wish the naysayers would keep their mouths shut if they hadn't even gone to UOP in the first place because it makes our degrees we EARNED look less in people's eyes and that is not right!!!

4 out of 5

I am almost finished my associaciates degree in Health Administration, and I have had the most wonderful experience. I understand that while some are having difficulties it is not with the course of study but maybe a particular employee. I have been fortunate enough to have great counselors througout and I have had no problems at all with my financial aid etc.

This is just like anything else, you may have a few obstacles but what exactly are you doing to make sure you have the best experience possible. I am a single mother who works full time and because I am so dedicated I will be finishing my associates after only 1 year 9 months and starting the Bachelors program shortly after.

I was a little startled when my boyfriend told me about the article last night on Dateline but its just like everything else, they told one persons story and don't really know what her background was prior to Phoenix. I highly recomment UOP to anyone interested and I am not just saying that. I am very pleased.

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4 out of 5

As a military spouse I am always moving. I had to find a flexible and accredited school to suit my needs.

Every school has pros and cons. I am in my 23rd class at UoP. Some of my facilitators were not the greatest, but the books I read, the papers I had to write and the research I completed was challenging and I learned.

Yes, you can skate through. You don't have to make posts, you can blame the bad facilitators for not catching your intended mistakes and say that the education provided is therefore lousy. But, really, in any educational institution this is the case. I remember in my brick & mortar school that I attended there were both wonderful and poor professors. In the traditional setting I went to I was not in contact with my advisor nearly as often as I am here at the UoP.

Yes, this university is expensive, but the other university I attended was $25k/year (that was 6 years ago, don't forget about inflation). There are far more resources offered at the UoP than at any university I have ever been aquainted with.

I did have an issue with my academic advisor. She almost caused me to quit, but through due diligence and perseverence I was able to contact her superior and be put in contact with a different academic and financial advisor; both of whom are incredibly wonderful and helpful.

I do not believe I will pursue my MA at UoP, due to the nature of my major, but I greatly appreciate the education and opportunities provided me by this university.

Most of the complaints I read of UoP can be made of any school; whether it be on-line or on-campus. Remember: YOU MUST BE WILLING TO DO THE FOOT WORK; both in the classroom and with any other issue -- same as at any other university.

4 out of 5

You know, I constantly keep hearing people bashing UOP because they; THEY feel that they are not getting the experience they were expecting. I am going to try and make this as clear as possible; to learn in this environment, you have to apply yourself 100%. You are only going to get out of it what you put into it. THAT’S IT!!! Enough said… I keep reading about these students who copy and paste their homework then hand it in; fine, do that!!!

This isn’t anything different then how students cheat in a real college environment. Come on people! All of the information that you need to succeed is right at your fingertips. It is 100% up to you to be responsible for your own actions. If you feel that you can get by with cheating, then go ahead. You’re the one that’s going to suffer for it; not anybody else.

UOP is not a standard college where you have an instructor sit there and explain to you 1,000 times over about something. You have to do the leg work, you have to figure this stuff out on your own. And as far as the message boards go for assignments, yeah, they (UOP) can regulate these a little more. I just had a class with some idiot girl who all she did was repeat what you just said and ask a stupid question at the end. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!! Those are the people that the UOP need to weed out and get strict to.

These boards are meant to be learned from; to hear other people’s opinions as if you were actually in a physical class room.

I am so sick of people basing this University. These classes are a hell of a lot harder than a standard college because I don’t have anybody to teach me this stuff. I have to do the research, I have to do the studying, and I have to be an adult and take responsibility to learn. ENOUGH SAID!! If you don’t like the programs, then your probably doing something wrong. If you expect the UOP to spoon feed you the curriculum like normal colleges, IT AINT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!

4 out of 5

The college format is good for someone who is trying to get a degree while working and taking care of family. However, they charge about $383 per credit hour. This is more than double what a regular college charges. The classes that you take I saw too many people just coasting along and not making progress. The way that they present it is that $5000 will cover your first year, when in reality $4600 will only cover your first 4 classes that take 9 weeks for the first two then 9 weeks for the other two. DO NOT USE THIS UNIVERSITY UNLESS YOU HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE!!!!! They are very money hungry.

4 out of 5

Up until now I had nothing but respect for UOP. I am in my 6th class and I am doing great. The teachers are great I have no complaints except some of the students that I am grouped with are pretty much illiterate (they cannot spell or write complete sentences).

Here is where my issue with UOP come in at: I currently landed a great job with benefits. One of the benefits is, they would pay for six of my credits each semester with a school that they approve. I was excited about that, but unfortunately UOP is not one of the schools. I found a school where I can take both online and campus courses. I notified UOP to let them know after my current class I will be transferring to another school, because it will benefit me by not having to take out student loans to pay for classes.

To my surprise I was shocked by the response and lack of consideration that I received from my financial counselor and another representative. They bluntly told me that if I transfer any classes that were paid for with loans that I took out will be returned to the lender and I would be responsible for paying the school for those classes. Not everyone who attends an online school is incompetent. I immediately called my lenders, federal pell, and notified a lawyer just in case. I was told by all three sources I am not responsible fro repaying any sort of money to UOP, because they have recieve the money from pell and my lender and I have meet all requirements for financial aid.

4 out of 5

I am from New York and have my bachelor's degree from a SUNY school. I also have my teacher's certification from NY in Visual Arts. I have worked part-time to full-time positions since I was in 9th grade (so, for the past 9 years). I enrolled at the University of Phoenix in the Master's of Arts program in Special Education. I recently completed my first class. I found the course and the professor to be very insightful and I thought it was a positive learning experience.

However, I am EXTREMELY disappointed in the services the school provides in terms of Academic Advisors and Enrollment Counselors. The University of Phoenix claims that they support their students through their academic process... well, if this is true I haven't experienced. One of the requirements for this program are 3 years full-time work experience. Well, I have work experience, it just doesn't meet their requirements.

This "school," and I use this term loosely, is not properly ran and is inconsistent. They say one thing, promise another, and come short on both. It's a shame I've already invested time and money into this disgraceful "school". It is in your best interest to invest your time and money at a real school. I'm surprised they are allowed to even advertise themselves as an actually University. What a joke...

4 out of 5

I am a Navy Veteran and have worked in the IT industry for 14 years. I have attended courses both online (UOP and VCCS) and on-campus (VCCS). I chose to go online primarily because of course availability and time management. You can only take so many night classes on-campus at a time with a family and a full-time job. UOP meets a need that many other schools are not addressing. Distance learning and online coursework are the future; any claim to the contrary is ridiculous.

I am in the BSIT program with a concentration on Web Development and I have about 8 courses left. With online coursework at UOP a greater level of discipline is required because you are managing your own time and studies. I have had both good and bad experiences with the learning team format, which is a large part of the class. Guess what that's like...The real world, people! Participation, while in a different format, is much more strenuous online. Some students participate with quantity and quality, while others just do enough to get by.

The same is true on campus. When I took classes on campus, you would have students in class that would show up and not say one substantial thing all semester, would do half the work, barely contribute to any teamwork, just pass the exams, and would still pass the class, if just barely. These students get the same degree as an A student. The main point is that you get out of your education what you put into it. I had mostly great teachers and few not-so-great teachers both on-campus and online. My UOP counselors have been quite helpful throughout my experience.

You can find reviews of students talking trash about every school because they didn't like some professor or didn't read the fine print carefully. UOP has been an overall great, challenging, and enriching experience that has helped me directly in my career. I can only speak to my particular program, but the idea that UOP is a degree mill is absurd.

4 out of 5

I was interested in returning back to school and contacted UofP for more information. The councilor was really helpful and seemed to really care about me and getting me enrolled. I started off with 2classes and immediatley wanted out. All that the classes were, were busy work. I felt like I was in a chat room talking about stuff that really did not matter. I pretty much put the same reply on every post, just rewording it a little. I did this not because I'm lazy and didn't want to do the work, but because the questions the instructor wanted us to discuss were all the same.

I did do all the "work" and made A's in both of my classes so that my financial aid would cover the courses. After 3 long weeks of trying to get a hold of them (my councilor was no longer there, with no warning) and endless phone calls from me, I was assured that my financial aid covered the total cost and that I would only owe them .44 cents. In June I got a bill from them for the .44 cents and thought that was the end of it.

Just yesterday, 2 months later, I get a letter from them saying that I owe them $2,630.88! I tried calling them yesterday and got their voicemale. To make things evern better my financial adviser was also replaced with this new guy I am now trying to get in contact with. So everything I went over with her 2-3months ago, I now have to go over with him. I would say to find a more legit school and definitely do your research. I wish I had, but I didn't know that there were actually schools like this.

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