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4 out of 5

I am almost done with my Associates in Healthcare Administration. I will have to warn you the workload is constant. There is a lot of reading and writing. I was disappointed that there were no tutorials or resources other than scheduled workshops, which conflict with other class assignments. I had an average of 18-20 postings per week between assignments, discussion questions and it is time consuming for a working mother of three young children.

The financial aid department is non-responsive and they jacked up the prices in the middle of my course so I am paying a lot more than initially discussed. I will continue my Bachelors program but NOT at UOP.

4 out of 5

I am a mother of 5, married to a wonderful man who is only home 6 hours on the weekends. My children range in ages of 7 to 17. 4 boys and the girl being the youngest. I homeschool the youngest two and the other 3 go to a christian school.

This is my second time with UoP. The first time I had to drop out because of 2 immediate deaths in the family. UoP worked with me ( instructors and advisors). I waited 2 years to go back and would not have chosen any other school other than this one.

My advisors are the best, always returning my phone calls, or calling to see how things are going. My instructor are great. I love how they ask questions about what you have posted to the DQ's that take you that much further in depth to what you are learning.

The blocks are not 5 weeks, someone has that confused with Ashford. UoP is 9 week blocks of two classes. In order to go t school online, you have to have self motivation and discipline. If people will stop and remember that in school growing up, you had teachers you did not like. As adults, we should really be past that. ,/p>

As far as UoP making people start school without knowing if their financial aid has been approved. I do not believe anyone can make you do something you do not want to do. I guess that would be on whoever went ahead and started. You can always go to and review your financial aid or call whomever you need. The numbers are not that hard to find.

Personally I love the UoP. I am going for my associates in psychology and then I will continue on until I eventually get m Master's. The course work is not hard but you do have to read, think, and respond. In other words you have to use your brain. The online tools used are great. I will not let you in on that secret. I have great interaction with classmates and instructors. My overall experience is I would recommend this school to everyone I know.

4 out of 5

I have just completed my Associates Degree. I have had a good experience with them. I started out trying for a medical degree, but later switched to business. I had to fill out some paper work to switch. It was nothing like the nightmares that others went through.

I will admit that it is a lot of teaching yourself. As long as you stick to it, you cam make it.

I recommend it to anyone with kids or a full time job that they can not quit.

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4 out of 5

So I recently signed up to attend the UOP and so far so good. I am on my fourth class and so far I really like it. I chose this school vs a traditional university (which I have attended and received 60 hours from) because I could 1) start the program right away 2) I was working full time and recently married so the way the classes were structured was perfect for me and my lifestyle 3) I could earn my degree in a more timely fashion.

Ive read a few of the reviews and honestly some of them seem like nightmares and others seem to be a little out there.

When i went to a traditional university, you had some professors that were easier than others just like you have some bosses that are ball breakers and some that are relaxed. Its not different at the UOP. All the teachers Ive had have been really structured and on their game. All of my work I have turned in I stand behind because I believe in doing a good job. So the grades that I am earning are mine.

Someone said they are not taking test.....well I am and the test at the end of the course are the hardest part! I mean Im having a hard time adjusting to the test b/c I was never a good test taker and they way the information is laid out, you really need to understand every word you are reading in your classes so thats where Im struggling but this has always been a struggle for me.

Its hard to understand everything at times because I am not in an environment where I really understand all the terms but that just comes with any class and any degree. Once you get into your field and start connecting the dots, you get a better understanding at that point. Or if you work in your field, you gain understanding their as well.

Working in groups is the normal structure at most universities now. I know when I was at my last school UTA and started working in my major course work, I worked in groups all the time and our instructors told us flat out that this is what you will be doing from here on out. its like this new thing now to help prepare you for the business world.

Im glad I read these reviews so that Ill know what to look out for but all of my advisors have been really helpful and I have not had any problems with the customer service I have received. When dealing with "people" i have learned not to expect much. My professors at the traditional university were blah at times and some really connected. I mean it is what it is. I really hope to continue to have a good experience by working hard and doing my best.

4 out of 5

I attended UOP from 2001 to 2005 for my bachelors in Criminal Justice Administration and again from 2005 to 2010 for my Masters in Education specializing in Special Education.

The experience is like nothing I have had in a brick and mortor school. I absolutely loved this school and would recomend it to anyone!!! The teachers, counselors and other students were all very helpful during my time here.

I recieved all of my finances on time and the school realy went above and beyond their duty to assist me with whatever I needed. The only issues I ever had were the workload for my Masters and the Learning Team experiences.

If you want a solid education, I would recomend UOP, you will NOT be disappointed!!!

4 out of 5

I had no problems earning my A.A. through Phoenix. It's an entirely different story when earning your B.S. To earn your bachelors, you MUST work on a team. An overwhelming majority of the team members are freeloaders that contribute little, if any, effort to the team assignments. In the end, it is you that will be completing the majority of the "team" work. Don't let Phoenix fool you...they'll tell you to inform the instructor of your fellow team members lack of effort and they will be graded accordingly.

*This statement is false!*

THESE STUDENTS WILL NOT BE GRADED ACCORDINGLY!! I took 6 classes at Phoenix before finally giving up and withdrawing. I GAVE Phoenix the benefit of the doubt for a total of 30 weeks yet nothing changed. In the end, it became very clear that I was paying tuition and completing assignments for myself AND the freeloaders. Attend University of Phoenix only if you do not mind sharing your grades with fellow team members.

4 out of 5

I attended University of Phoenix for the Fall of 2008. I was hoping to get my Bachelors of Science in Psychology. When I got what I thought was my financial aid leftovers from them I cashed it and upgraded my computer to make the online learning experience easier because my computer was seriously outdated.

Then just before my next block of classes in December I was contacted my the financial aid team telling me that They made a mistake and that I had to pay them back the money that they sent me on accident. When I told them I was not able to because it was gone and that the check did not direct me to pay for my classes They told me if I do not pay they would not let me into class and it would make my attendance go down and they would drop me out of school

UoP made good on their promise, and I am no longer a student there and I had to take my tax return to pay them back for their mistake.

I wasn't liking the program anyway.. How can you possibly have a successful "group project" in the 5 week block period they have for each of their classes. ON top of everything else.. I got charged just for the first few classes a little over 7 grand which took up all of my grant money, and the classes were all repeats of what I learned in my community college level psychology!

4 out of 5

I went to UOP for medical administration thinking i was finally going to be able to get a job when im finished but I sure was wrong! they were real quick to sign you up and make it sound oooh so great but in reality it wwasnt.

Signing up was so easy and it started out very well but by the time i got to my 3rd block of classes i went through 12 different councilors because they all quit, then one day I recieved a letter in the mail saying my financial aid was returned.

SO I called asking why and was told its an error we are getting it back so then everything was ok for a few days, and then I couldn't get in my classroom it said "you do not have access beyond this point" and i had perfect attendance and A's.

So I called my councilor and he said try tech support and they just transfered me over and over for 3 hours then i hung up and called my councilor back and he didnt answer my questions so i called my other councilor who informed me he couldn't help so I called my enrollment councilor who also couldnt help. so i emailed my professors and i was able to still turn in assignents by email until I was dropped because of attendance wich I couldn't meet because I was locked out of my classroom.

I wouldnt recomend this school to my worst enemy! oh and on top of that my tuition was all paid by student loans and I recieved bills saying I owed 4000.00 then I didn't pay so I got one saying 3000.00 still didnt pay and it was dropped to 2000.00 and then dropped to 1000.00 and they still have me as enrolled a year later so I cant sign up for school elsewhere its all a BIG HUGE JOKE!!!

Then I tried to recieve a letter stating i was no longer enrolled to go to a local school and talked several departments and was told I cant have a letter until I pay them 4000 and i checked my student loans to make a payment and they are suddenly non existant... so all in all I wouldnt go there ifI was paid too

4 out of 5

I received an Associates in Business, a Bachelor of Science in Human Services/Management and will be starting the graduate program for a Master of Science in Psychology all from University of Phoenix. I work a full time job and am the caregiver for my quadriplegic mom. University of Phoenix has provided me with a way to further my education.

The coursework involves a lot of reading and is very intense. University of Phoenix has taught me excellent communication skills. The learning team experience is critical to both personal and professional growth. It has helped with my communication techniques while also providing insight into resolving conflicts.

Like anything else in life there were a few minor problems along the way. But I did have positive classmate and professor interaction and an overall excellent learning experience. I am looking forward to beginning the graduate program. I highly recommend University of Phoenix.

4 out of 5



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