Western Governors University Reviews of Master's in MBA in Management

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  • Salt Lake City (UT)
  • Annual Tuition: $7,790
60% of 6 students said this degree improved their career prospects
67% of 6 students said they would recommend this program to others
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Reviews - Master's in MBA in Management

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  • Reviewed: 3/21/2016
  • Degree: MBA in Management
"I recommend WGU. The school is under rated, the business curriculum, and course work is up to date, and on par. It's not easy however, which probably accounts for the very low MBA graduation rate. Occasionally, a few technical snafu's pop up, but to anyone experienced in business online, they're manageable. I'm now pursuing a PhD."
Mark Starks
  • Reviewed: 1/16/2016
  • Degree: MBA in Management
"To preface in consideration of my overall WGU MBA education and training experience I can honestly say that I feel that each concept I learned under within this program is very solid and therefore will serve me in support of my achieving my professional goals. That said, WGU’s policy of letting students learn at his or her own pace provided opportunity for me to work very hard on every concept in every course assignment to provide solid answers that indicate a substantial understanding and optimized the development of skills gained accordingly. In this sense I believe that I am well prepared to enter the job market as a fresh MBA graduate. Furthermore, to maintain and sustain the ability work hard over the entire course of the program necessary to gain sufficient understanding of business concepts requires creating tremendous impetus within. Furthermore, having completed my undergraduate degree and attending one year of law school at brick and mortar academic institutions I can honestly say that earning a WGU MBA is probably significantly more difficult by way of comparison. Specifically, my MBA educational experience was not gained via well-educated and highly experienced professors of business instruction and insight as provided by way of brick and mortar academic institutions. Nor did it encompass insights gained from my interaction with student peers that was abundantly accessible at both brick and mortar schools I attended. Consequently, I had to come up with explanations to business problems and theories I encountered on every course assignment on my own which is character building; as there is no getting around having to learn every concept on your own by way of a WGU MBA education. Additionally, each WGU MBA course assignment requires organized thinking necessary to provide appropriate responses to each concept in every course assignment. I also learned to prioritize my life around each current assignment. Thus, I learned to prioritize and focus on each current assignment giving other life priorities less attention and dedication. Therefore, I can say that earning a WGU MBA is character building that will well serve me in achieving my professional (and additional personal) goals. However, earning a WGU MBA has its drawbacks. For example, the hard work and effort necessary to perform well on each assignment required that I spend time that I would otherwise use to build personal relationships with family and friends was sacrificed accordingly. Instead of spending special events which involved family and friends I studied. Consequently, many of my personal relationships suffered as a result of earning a WGU MBA. I highly regret having many of my personal relationships suffer; it has not made me a better person. Rather, suffering loss of personal relationships further resulted in loss of connectivity with others in general and therefore I endured tremendous loneliness at times over the course of this MBA program. In addition, currently I have doubts as to whether I am capable of rebuilding some of those personal relationships; that hurts as one needs connectivity to achieve optimal happiness and a sense of well-being. Furthermore, even, assuming I achieve each of my professional goals, without having connectivity resulting from maintaining and sustaining personal relationships would result in my have significant less meaningful life in spite of career success accordingly."
Robert R.
  • Reviewed: 8/11/2015
  • Degree: MBA in Management
"Excellent school with an excellent model! I went straight from WGU’s BS course of study to their MBA program and it paid off big, I am now in upper management as a direct result of my academic accomplishments. The university mentors were amazing, the curriculum was tough but well laid-out and I loved the work at your own pace model. I have recommended this school to a lot of people and they are all on their way to graduating either with a BS or an MBA."
Updated Review
  • Reviewed: 7/16/2015
  • Degree: MBA in Management
"I posted a positive review of this University in the past however not this time. I am very upset with WGU because I have come to completely understand that this University over the past few years has become a degree mill. Since graduating from this university in 2011 none of the coursework or materials has changed and now there are many students who are finishing this MBA in 3 to 5 months and four Year Bachelors degrees in 6 months. During the time I attended this University I researched & completed over two dozen 25 to 60 page research papers and completed nearly a hundred quiz modules over an accelerated 18 month period In all totalling over 1000 pages. During this time I was considered an accelerated student in that the program was originally developed to be 24 months. Now what I am seeing disgusts me as students can easily go to websites such as student of fortune-homework market-student lance-likeplum and many many others all over the internet and buy WGU papers on every course and with alittle editing graduate in a ridiculous timeframe. The fact that WGU is not auditing the third party grading system other than with turnitin is very disturbing. I recently have confronted many students in forums on facebook because they were bragging about finishing Masters and Bachelors degrees at WGU in less than 6 months & some in 3 months believe me once confronted and asked how they completed all this writing and tests this quickly they had nothing more to say. WGU I truly wish that I had never attended your University you have taken academic integrity and the value of a degree & tossed it right out the window. It is Universites like this that is making college degrees so common and worthless. I can only compare schools such as this to currency counterfiters the more degrees out there such as these the more worthless all others become. I know I will receive negative feedback from current students and perhaps faculty because no one wants to hear this however I have to let others know how worthless these degrees are becoming because WGU and other online schools will not change thier cirricullum and do such a poor job securing academic integrity. In the research that I have carried out I can tell any prospective student to forget about attending online colleges because the value of your degree as compared to a traditional school at any Job interview is worthless."
  • Reviewed: 3/13/2015
  • Degree: MBA in Management
"I loved reading Western Google University and the reports the employees / mentors wrote. WGU will not accept credits in and good luck transferring any credits. You are not thinking of transferring but oh, you will. You receive NO GRADES. You get CU's. !? 2 CU. 6CU 4CU etc and they mean nothing. Every other college is 3 semester credit . With a grade. It is a business, not a school. The material is not difficult - their process is. Read about how they treat you when you try to advance fast. The third party graders shut you down. My course professor / mentor got mad and wrote my paper. He got a pass - a week after the term ended. $3, 300 cost to me. Keep thinking " That won't happen to me ! ""
Big Mike
  • Reviewed: 1/24/2015
  • Degree: MBA in Management
"I came across this website and have read many of the reviews posted being a recent graduate from WGU I felt a need to post a very insightful review for perspective students. WGU is an excellent school for those who are mature, self disciplined and can self teach. If by any means you believe that you are unable to do then by all means do not consider attending WGU. I started my MBA with WGU with six prior years of college already on my resume to include many online classes so in turn I knew what to expect. I will now post a rebuttal to some of the negative comments that I have reviewed on here down playing WGU. I will first say can all of you who say there is no letter grades associated with WGU - I must ask can you read? - I have my transcript in my hand if you really have attended this university and have a transcript would you please look on the back of the transcript where it critiques WGU's Grading System - And I Quote ( Transcripts include 5 possible Marks - Pass: Certifies successful completion of a course of study. The student has demonstrated the required competencies by passing the final assessment with a grade equivalent of B or better or 3.0 grade points on a 4.0 scale.) Next all of you who say WGU's degrees are not acceptable one again can you read? And I Quote (Western Governors University is regionally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities and is nationally accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council) This is one of the six accredited agencies for every college institution in the nation. This validates that WGU'S degrees are most certainly acceptable for any degree related advanced terminal degrees at other accredited colleges. I will conclude by saying that WGU is most certainly a reputable institution for anyone who wants to earn a degree and not just have it handed to them. The courses in the MBA program are challenging however if you apply yourself you will succeed. If not for WGU I would have not been able to afford nor relocate to another institution for my Masters and I am thankful to WGU for providing me a way to finish my graduate degree on my own time at an affordable cost. It frankly insults me to read reviews stating lies and misconceptions based upon other peoples failings because they could not cut it at WGU."