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3.76 out of 5 stars
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78% of 691 students said this degree improved their career prospects
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Student & Graduate Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars
Night Owl For Life - 7/9/2017
Degree: Business Administration
Graduation Year: 2017
"Very challenging and rewarding MBA! I've earned 2 degrees at WGU and it has enabled me to spend time with my family and complete my schooling. WGU is the future model that all educational institutions will be following. Rather than charging exorbitant fees and tuition, WGU provides astounding value and support from a highly respected institution that has made it possible for me to become credentialed in my field."
4.4 out of 5 stars
Tammy - 7/3/2017
Degree: Business
Graduation Year: 2016
"I have read several reviews that criticize the college. One such review stated it was just a way to get a rubber stamp degree. Others stated that you had to already know the information and just need a refresher. However, I must disagree with reviews similar to these. I held an AAS degree in Early Childhood Education when I started WGU. I have worked in the Social Service field for the past 20 years. I obtained a BS in business/human resources. I really knew nothing in regards to the business classes. I had to work and utilize all of the resources that were provided and then some. I hated accounting but I passed. I worked and worked at it. I attended webinars, I viewed recorded webinars over and over. There were several classes that I had difficulty with while enrolled. I talked with the student mentors on a few classes, more than once. I definitely think that online classes are harder than traditional classes but they are doable if you can be disciplined enough. Also, I usually obtained more than the required 12 cu's but not enough to finish very early. It took me two years. I used to get discouraged because I would see others that did have a background in business just breezing right through the courses, because as stated they knew the information. When I got to the human resource classes in my degree, I accelerated more than with any of the other courses, because I was more familiar with that aspect of the degree. Now if I had gone for the Education degree I may have accelerated more, but I wasn't able to do so because of the student teaching requirements as I work a full time job. I am considering going back for my Masters but I am a little scared. Because like I said I don't have a background in business. But I may after I take a year off. Good luck on your endeavors no matter where you choose to go."
1.0 out of 5 stars
Fleeced Student- Dennis O'Mara - 6/29/2017
Degree: Information Technology
Graduation Year: 2019
"Zero value certification (A+ cert) is not relevant to Data Management. I have been DM for 20 years...this ciricullum is a joke. Save your money and find a school that offers value added classes. The student counselor addressed me today in a short, angry manner (K**) when I shared my dissappointment. I felt cheated out of $3000.00 and she stated this was not alot of money. Sorry K**, to a father of a family of 4 children, this is alot of money."
4.3 out of 5 stars
Daniel L - 6/29/2017
Degree: MBA
Graduation Year: 2015
"I started out my WGU journey with some friction. At first I extremely disliked the pass/fail system. I felt as though sometimes my work would otherwise at worst be considered a "B", but if any portions were missing I would fail. This was frustrating until I got the hang of what was expected. With all things, there is a learning curve. Once I got the hang of it, it was smooth sailing. The curriculum was challenging and you can't beat the format/self paced study. It was the only option I had, as I worked more than full time. It satisfied a need and I'm grateful for the experience."
4.4 out of 5 stars
Heels09 - 6/29/2017
Degree: Project Management
Graduation Year: 2016
"WGU is a good University, but you have to be self-motivate to handle this University. If not, you will quit and blame them for everything. I finished my B.A.B.S in 2013 and Master in 2016 in Information Technology Management. My student mentors were great, they are the one you will lean on the most to help you with issue as they arrive. Do not expect WGU to change the way they do something, they put a lot on the student mentor instead of the course mentor where it should be. During your first term you are require to have weekly calls with your student mentor, our calls was less than a few minutes, because I already knew what I was working on and at the pace I was going to do it. From the second term on, you can do bi-weekly calls with your student mentor. Some course mentor are better than others. I felt those that held webinars or provided weekly information were more helpful than those that do not. Main issue with course mentor, they were unlikely to look at your work, so it is hard to give advise if you do not look over the student work, I am just saying. Just remember if you have taken classes at brick and mortar colleges before, course mentor are not professor or instructor even though they are require to have PhD's to be a course mentor. They do not teach the class, they are their as advisor only is the best way I can say it. FYI- If you have master degree at any local university or college, you could apply to teach a class if you knew the material and passed all of their requirement, but at WGU they require course mentor again to have PhD's, which may not be in the field they are advising on. As a person that has worked in the IT field for over 18 years, I am sure I had a lot more knowledge than the course mentor over those classes. Again a good University for the value and is accredited national..."
4.5 out of 5 stars
Gina - 6/22/2017
Degree: Accounting
Graduation Year: 2017
"All in all, great experience. Many of the Accounting courses are extremely challenging, and I feel I learned a ton. My student mentor was involved, helpful, encouraging, and understanding. Some of the course mentors left something to be desired, but when I mentioned one in particular to my student mentor, the school ended up changing the course mentor for the whole class. Satisfied graduate here. Likely to return for my MBA."
5.0 out of 5 stars
Geri Manley - 6/16/2017
Degree: RN to BSN
Graduation Year: 2013
"Western Governor's University offers a comprehensive BSN program that caters to the full time working student. The instructors and staff in general are very personal and during my studies, I had lost my father and six months later, I lost my father in law. The staff went above and beyond to give me the time that I needed to make arrangements, grieve and pick up where I left off. They not only taught compassion, but they lived it! Highly recommend!"
5.0 out of 5 stars
S.H. - 6/16/2017
Degree: Nursing
Graduation Year: 2017
"Love Western Governors University! I wish all online programs could be as good as this one in terms of a quality education, cost-effectiveness, and self-pacing. Don't let the tuition fool you. You have to work hard for this degree! But being able to learn at your own pace and take tests and submit assignments at any time really helped me accelerate through this program. This is not for anyone who is not self-disciplined or needs a lot of spoon feeding. No disrespect meant, but you do need to be organized, focused, and self-disciplined. The student and course mentors respond very quickly and really want you to succeed. I can't say enough good things about this school. I only wish they had a nurse practitioner's program so I could continue with them."
4.1 out of 5 stars
Paulette S - 6/14/2017
Degree: Nursing
Graduation Year: 2017
"You have to be independent to do this program. No one is going to hold your hand or look over your shoulder. That was just the way that I wanted it. The cost was the most affordable that I found. The mentor program was perfect for me. The course mentors are there to clarify any questions that you may have (I seldom did) and the student mentor had great tips to help me over the few humps that I had. There were several classes that I never even spoke with a mentor; didn't need to! I love that you could test with very little study on subjects that you knew. That kept me from wasting my time in some classes. I work nights and, as a travel nurse, I change location every 3 months or so. This made a brick and mortar school impossible for me to attend. I did the bulk of my work during the night on my nights off. The courses are laid out with suggested schedules but you are free to work ahead. I went weeks at a time not doing any schoolwork when I was changing locations and then would triple up and do a month's worth in less than a week. If you need flexibility and affordability and can self-motivate, this is the school for you!"
5.0 out of 5 stars
Lisa - 6/13/2017
Degree: Accounting
Graduation Year: 2016
"Great school - Challenging and insightful. The mentor program helps you stay on task. The instructors are knowledgeable and extremely helpful. You are able to work at your own pace -speed up and slow down wherever you feel the need to. I highly recommend this school!"

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