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3.76 out of 5 stars
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78% of 691 students said this degree improved their career prospects
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4.3 out of 5 stars
cnpemt - 4/11/2014
Graduation Year: 2016
"You MUST be motivated, that said, I love it. I started at UOP and wasn't impressed. I then transferred to Kaplan and hated it, completely useless. They recently changed the online testing company and it's made a world of difference. The old system was tedious, the new one is pretty close to perfect. While my mentor doesn't answer many technical questions, she has been amazing at directing me to exactly where I need to go for information or help. I completed 21 units this term so you can't beat the price either!"
3.3 out of 5 stars
Bscott - 4/9/2014
Degree: Marketing
Graduation Year: 2015
"WGU is definitely geared towards those who have already had some college classes and/or have working in the real world for awhile. I would not recommend it to anyone who does not have any real world experience. The lack of having a GPA will quickly get you cut in the mix of job applicants if you do not have relevant experience. It should add the necessary "piece of paper" for those looking to advance in their career or with the current employer. It is self-paced so you can do a lot in one semester, save money and graduate in a reasonable amount of time. The things I have learned so far are definitely applicable to my career and hopefully my future. There are some hiccups though. As others have stated, the weekly calls with the so-called :mentor" are futile and annoying. They are definitely not a mentor in the true sense of the word. The competency-based grading system is confusing and annoying, and some tests can easily be passed without knowing much of anything. It is ironic because in one of the first classes I took, I learned that people will always work harder when a letter grade is at stake versus just passing or failing. So if I were a recruiter and knew this and saw someone from a reputable, competing university that had a good GPA, it would factor into my decision of who to hire. Additionally, it is almost impossible to transfer to another school or into an MBA program without letter grades which is a negative. The tests that are proctored via webcam are frustrating and annoying. I researched quite a few completely online schools and some brick and mortar schools that offer online degrees. None of them were perfect, including WGU, but it seems to be the best fit for me."
2.7 out of 5 stars
Begonia - 3/24/2014
Degree: Care Management
Graduation Year: 2014
"This program started out promising, but in the end......it is a diploma mill. The mentor process is annoying. You have to talk to this "cheerleader" every week. If you really need help, they can't help and refer you back to course mentors. Mine called on the wrong day, at the wrong time, and generally became one of the most annoying parts of my week. There is no option to not participate in these calls. The final project is a big joke.........it has nothing to do with skills at all. Students would be better served by doing a thesis type project. People defin. cheat at this school.......but staff do not want to hear about it, especially in the capstone part of the degree. I think this program had good intentions, grew too fast, and needs someone in charge who knows what they are doing. The mentor process should be optional once a student has shown they can do the work."
2.8 out of 5 stars
Cari Lewis - 3/2/2014
Degree: Information Technology
Graduation Year:
"I chose WGU because I hated the four year university experience. Nothing makes me crazier than redundancy, and BS. You will get both during your time with WGU, just not as much as you do at a state university. My first major irritation is that they ask you to have a call with a mentor weekly or bi-weekly. This is a waste of time. The conversation usually consists of "How are you?" and "What are your goals this week?". Not helpful. Also, you are on your mentor's time. If you miss a call they will threaten to start the process of withdrawing you. The mentors are only available during the work day and my mentor usually called about 15 minutes late which caused a lot of problems. My mentor also told me at one point that I needed to score ten points above the cut score on the pretest to move on in a class. This was not university policy and kept me from completing a course that semester. This semester I completed 5 tasks for one class and they sent an assignment back to me one day after the cut off over a very minor grammatical error. This again caused me to not pass a class this semester. I hate to call it a scam, but it does feel like they try to prolong your experience. Overall the content of the classes is solid, but if you need further instruction from a course mentor do not hold your breath. I just need a piece of paper that says I completed a four year degree at an accredited university, and this will provide it. I do feel like I have learned a lot, but it was all information that you have to go find independently. You will have to jump through a lot of hoops to finish this program which is not different from any other school. At least I can work at my own pace on my own schedule, and the "professor" can't see me roll my eyes on the other side of the computer at unnecessary tasks."
4.3 out of 5 stars
Michael G. - 2/23/2014
Degree: Business
Graduation Year: 2014
"Firstly, let me say that I did not go through the financial aid process so can't comment on that. That being said, I can only image that it is Byzantine at best regardless of the school you attend. Why WGU? It is accredited and it is online, allowing for the flexibility I needed to complete my degree. My work and business travel schedule prohibited me from going to a traditional school that has strict attendance requirements and rigid schedules. In addition, my salary did not allow me to apply for financial aid so their set tuition suited my needs. That is why the set tuition, regardless of credits completed, was great for me. Additionally, I liked that I could "set my own pace". There were some courses that I felt, after years of personal and professional development, were "tedious" because I already had knowledge of the content area. Granted, the self-pacing/self-study was daunting because you have to be motivated AND organized to handle this type of learning process. Luckily, I have always thrived in this type of environment. So be forewarned that your own personal motivation and organization are the key to your success. The courses (assignments and tests). The online proctoring of tests was tedious in that there are many technical requirements that need to be met (internet connection, virus software, operating systems/computer types, etc.). That being said, it seems to be this way every time technology is involved. I feel for our IT department at work dealing with the "confusion" of us non-IT mortals! :-D Regardless, I got through it. In addition, when turning in assignments, I found it helpful to use a software program such as Grammarly that would give me a % score with regards to possible plagiarism or duplicate online content. This is because WGU, like many universities, puts your written assignments through the Turn-It-In online system used by many universities today. The assignment is given a % score based on perceived duplicated content through an online scan/search. You MUST be aware of this and address the issue BEFORE turning in an assignment to save the need for revision. Also, I would recommend actually reading the rubrics of the requirements they will be looking for in each assignment. Having a rubric checklist that I "checked off" prior to submission helped to save time with regards to resubmission and corrections. The courses (tutoring and instruction) Finally, if you require significant tutoring on subjects, this university may not be suitable since it is primarily for working professionals with a strong sense of self-management and individual initiative. There are course mentors to call on but they will usually guide you to where to find the information you need. Some will also provide online study groups or learning sessions for those struggling. But you should not expect a "classroom teaching environment". If that is what you need, you should go back to university full-time in a classroom environment. All in all, I have to say it was a great experience that allowed me to complete my degree after years of wanting to but not having a higher education university model that could fit my full-time working needs."
1.5 out of 5 stars
Tamara Lay - 2/13/2014
Degree: Social Sciences
Graduation Year:
"They are continuosly finding ways to do two things to generate more revenue- 1) They cause delays and don't hold their staff accountable for these delays. 2) Every few months they add on classes that are now required for the same degree. I've looked at many other programs and have found some that are definitely more reasonable as far as the curriculum goes. Thankfully they're starting to get some serious competition out there. I've been an RN for 22 years and when I first looked into WGU's RN-BSN program it truly was a great deal. Unfortunately 2 1/2 years later and not so much. Not even close actually. They add on clasess approximately every six months to the degree plan. I'm actually now having to take six additional classes that weren't required for the degree in 2011. Arts and Humanities has NOTHING to do with my field of work yet I need to take two courses in this subject. More hysterical is during enrollment they demanded that my previously taken "Human Growth and Development" class wasn't good enough to transfer in and that I'd be required to take it with them. Then I get to my first mentor call to find out I'm not enrolled in Human Growth and Development. Why I ask? "Because we don't offer it". REALLY? Instead they gave me Behavioral Science which is a compilation of Anthropology, Sociology and Psychology- Nowhere close to H,G &D. And the kicker- "Too bad for you. There's nothing you can do about it now". I doubt I can stand this school for more than the semester I now have to complete. Hoping their competition steps it up faster because WGU's reign will definitely come to an end (at least in my field)"
5.0 out of 5 stars
Lauren F - 2/4/2014
Degree: Teaching
Graduation Year:
"I am very pleased with WGU. I spent 4 years at a traditional university and got nothing from it. It was just not for me. Now at WGU I am almost done and start my in-classroom student teaching in September. When I was searching for schools I looked at everything and WGU seemed like they had everything I needed right in front of me. There was no guessing or assuming what I would need to complete my degree and the best part is the acceleration of the program. When I began, my projected graduation date was January 2017 and I was able to cut two years off of that and will now be graduating in Jan 2015. Traditional schools make that near impossible. The other thing I love is the tuition price. This school year (12 months) I will pay $6,070. That is $10,000 less than I was paying at the out-of-state university I was previously attending. That number also does not change if more classes are added. The more classes completed in a 6 month term the less each class costs. Traditional schools have a price per credit unit so if more classes are added the more tuition costs. I have been able to work full time during my time at WGU which would not have been possible if I was attending a traditional university. Because there is no classroom time, there are no teachers, but instead there are course mentors. They are experts in their field and are always willing to help. My chemistry mentor is friendly, knowledgeable, and has answered any questions I have had. I guess the real teacher is yourself. WGU gives you everything you need to complete your degree, you just need to take the time and have dedication to teach yourself. All in all, I love WGU and the opportunity it has given me to chase my dream."
5.0 out of 5 stars
Heart Nurse - 1/31/2014
Degree: Nursing
Graduation Year: 2013
"I needed to earn my BSN, but was working a full-time, irregular schedule. This is an innovative school that allowed me to earn my BSN in a year for under $5000.00. Their format is very organized and user friendly, and the support from the student mentors and course mentors is phenomenal. This school has CCNE and regional accreditation; it is not a diploma mill. The work is not easy. I had to take biochemistry, had to write numerous papers for the other classes, and did 90+ clinical hours for my community health class. What I've learned has actually come in useful on the job."
1.0 out of 5 stars
Anonymous - 1/28/2014
Degree: Early Childhood Education
Graduation Year:
"All WGU wants is your money. They pro-long your experience so you can pay for another term. Don't ever take a term break!!! They tell you it won't effect your financial aid status or graduation date...WRONG! I have many years of experience and find most of the tasks laughable. My colleagues always ask what ridiculous task I'm working on. Whom ever makes these tasks up, clearly hasn't been in the classroom for a long time or ever. My favorite so far is design a playground and make sure it's culturally appropriate. For who? I can't even list all the nationalities we have at our school. Do you have to be a certain color to use a swing? Come on, really? I can't wait to finally finish. I have to wait a year after the original date I was given when I started. I've always completed my terms and all the work. I feel like it is a scam. Now I'm told I have to take a break again, because WGU only lets you do DT in Sept and Jan, well I could of been ready this Jan if I my mentor lined things up better and I was given better advice. I would never recommend this school again. I'm sorry to those I did when I first started in 2011. I regret going to this school. I wasted my time and money. Love to get out of here, but feel trapped. Other schools probably wouldn't take WGU credits."
1.0 out of 5 stars
john eickhoff - 1/24/2014
Degree: Nursing
Graduation Year:
"This is the worst college I have ever seen, first you have to jump through so many hoops just to do your work, then if it does not pass their on line review, you have "dumb it down" to make you papers upload. Most of the classes are almost impossible to pass "proctoring" and of course they always offer help but guess what no one can or wants to. I had a paper I was having trouble pass the check to see if it was copied for a entire month I fought with mentors teachers, etc, to find out it was the fault of the teacher that opened it to look at it so it showed in their system that it was her paper instead of mine so it showed a 99 percent copy and it took a act of god to get it fixed for 30 days. Then the proctor, first they break in all the time to have you turn this way to turn that way, what are we 10, we have degrees already but they treat you like you are in some government hush test taking. I at first thought this was going to be great, but they find ways to continue your paying on and on so when it is going to take you 18 months it means 36. I would never never recommend this college to anyone in fact all the nurses at my hospital know about this and decided not to attend, don't let the cheap price fool you. JE"

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