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4 out of 5

Western Governors University healthcare programs are amazing. They offer many online programs to help people advance their education in a convenient way. My classes were all online, so I could complete work while still maintaining my busy schedule. The only thing I did not like is that contacting teachers could sometimes be problematic. Sometimes it might take them a while to get back to you through email, but that would be expected with any online program. I had no problem obtaining a job after graduation; I was definitely prepared for my career!

4 out of 5

One of the best things about using Western Governors University Healthcare Degree to complete my BS in Nursing is that I could do online. I could continue to work and have my family relatively undisturbed from my new schedule and I could still complete a lifelong goal of mine. Also, I work better alone and on my own schedule, so online classes are perfect for me! However, it is difficult to always stay completely motivated when you aren't in contact with others in your class or your teacher face to face. But, as long as you stay focused on your goals, you will be successful. I felt completely prepared to continue my career in nursing at a higher level after I finished my degree at from this program.

4 out of 5

I have been enrolled at WGU since January 2005. I am finishing up my last assignment currently and will then be certified to teach elementary school level. My experience with WGU has been exceptional. I will say that there are many changes with the school at this point, but the reason for these changes are due to the growth the university is experiencing.

The program is also not for someone who needs a professor standing over them telling them what to do and when. I have had no problems scheduling exams in my three years with the university nor have I ever waited two weeks for a response from anyone at the university. I will say that I have had a few mentors and my last one was not very helpful.

As a WGU student, I often find it necessary to call my mentor for advice and she is available to help me immediately either through online messenger, email or phone. I feel that as an adult student I am able to be successful in this independent learning environment and finding a great mentor was the best thing for aiding my success.

I have and will recommend this school to anyone who is an independent learner looking to accelerate through their program. I have enjoyed my time with this school.

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4 out of 5

I just completed my BS/marketing degree at Western Governors University. I completed the program in 3 years. I could have accelerated it a bit more but I took some time off for family matters. I was so pleased with the program that I have re-enrolled to begin work on my masters program. I did extensive research before I began an online degree program. I found that Western Governors University was the option that most met my criteria, they are NFP and fully accredited. I had a great mentor who helped guide and prepare me, I had no problem getting quick responses or feedback. I think in today’s techno savvy world, online degrees are becoming more and more acceptable.

Every brick and mortar university that I am familiar with offer online courses, and most offer full degree programs. Your human resources departments are fully aware of online programs and the merit of their content. Just make sure you choose a good program! I found some of the course content extremely difficult and other courses were extremely easy. I found a direct correlation to my existing experience in the business world. If I already had experience or expertise in the subject mater or partial subject matter, the course was easy and went quickly. I can honestly say that some of the newly acquired knowledge has already been useful in my current occupation. The Western Governors website says that they consider a B grade passing, anything below that and you must take the assessment again.

The study guides are very broad and general, you are forced to learn much more than what is on the exam. Most other traditional classes I have attended actually focus more about what is on the actual exam. I suppose this is Wester Governors’ way of making sure you have subject matter competence. If I were forced to say anything negative regarding Western Governors University, it would be about the exams. When they are completed, you receive your score (usually within 24 hours) and a noted pass or fail. You are not given any feedback regarding wrong answers. I always wish I knew what questions I marked incorrectly so that I could continue to learn from my wrong answers.

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