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  • Annual Tuition: $11,176 - $16,080
100% of 5 students said this degree improved their career prospects
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Student & Graduate Reviews

  • Reviewed: 4/6/2023
  • Degree: Medical Billing & Coding
"I was in the associates degree program for 18 months. I don’t believe I ever missed more than a couple days. Always had my work turned in on time worked a full time job and had 3 kids. I did this for a better life for my kids and so I could have a better job. But I graduated with a certificate of completion, not even a real degree. Never once have I gotten a job for a related field because the degree is trash, not real. Now I owe 8 grand to a bogus school who took almost 2 years of my life. I worked hard for what I thought was a real degree, and I didn’t get what I was promised. Insane. Do your research before you decide to enroll. I would not recommend them to anyone."
  • Reviewed: 3/14/2019
  • Degree: Medical Assistant
"A wonderful experience from the day I contacted admissions until my final day of Internship. A diverse group of wonderful classmates, a faculty that works to ensure no student is left behind. The Career Service group is best in class, they work extremely hard to transition every student to permanent employment. All of this is just nine short months!!! Highly recommended to all who want to start their career (or second career) in the Medical field."
Lisa Blankenship
  • Reviewed: 2/13/2017
  • Degree: Medical Billing & Coding
"I have been with Allen School for two years and have completed my Associate's Degree in Medical Billing and Coding. I agree that there is a lot of work, and a lot of time involved in the certificate program, 5 hours a day, lots of reading, homework, and quizzes. They are very focused on professionalism, writing skills, and teaching computer skills. This is a college, you are getting a higher education. After my first year I was hired on as a remote coder and have an excellent job. I continued on with the Associate's Degree because this school gave me a great education. The Associates Degree course has less time commitment in class, but more in homework because it is an advanced level. If you want to skim through with a terrible education, by all means, don't go here. If you want an actual education check this school out!"
  • Reviewed: 8/2/2016
  • Degree: Medical Billing & Coding
"This online school is very time-consuming, you are tied to your computer for 5 hours a day. Most people attend online programs for the convenience of being able to study when you find time in your schedule. Some of the professors grade assignments as if you are attending an ivy league college and are actually in an English composition course. The classes are very informative and very interactive. You make friends with your classmates and are able to get help from your instructors. I was not able to complete the program due to the fact I work a rotating schedule and they were not able to work with me. I now owe a little over $5000 and only finished 4 classes. So 4 classes actually cost me somewhere in the neighborhood of $10,000 because the amount I was left owing was less my pell grant amount. I wouldn't recommend this college it is very rigid and unwilling to work with you."
  • Reviewed: 11/14/2015
  • Degree: Medical Billing & Coding
"Ive done online school before so I went into this process with an open outlook. I was on the website when the "chat box" popped up, I asked a question when the guy said he would need to call me. That should have been my first cue to run. Then I had to go through an interview process. It was TWO hours long. Mind you I have medical background experience, but they needed to make sure I was a "good fit". Now our classes are LIVE INTERACTIVE ONLINE CLASSES, MONDAY THRU FRIDAY. I might as well be in school at a college all day not in front of a computer. I spent the past few weeks in class with people who have no idea how to navigate the online classroom and who have left me wondering how they passes the interview process. Also our "teacher" and I will use that term loosely is very unprofessional. Blows raspberries at us during our 3 roll call checks, we have spent time looking at recipes instead of learning. In my other class we play hangman, family feud and goof off. I am paying to LEARN not play around on the blackboard. Its been a total waste of time. Please do you research before picking a school."