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  • Reviewed: 9/9/2012
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"I attend Everest Online and it is great! i can do my work whenever i want to fit my own schedule, and never feel overwhelmed as a full time student. I have been on the Dean's list for the past 3 semesters because of the effort i put in, and the effort given by my professors. The professors really care about helping you, and do everything they can. It's an expensive school, but other schools near me either don't fit what i'm looking for, or have to be paid as you you don't start paying until 6 months after graduation at your own pace."
  • Reviewed: 6/28/2012
  • Degree: Medical Assistant
"HORRIBLE SCHOOL!!! Stay Away! If you want a crap education and no hope of having a job then by all means go hear. I went to this school, recently graduated. I was one of the top students. I used career services like i was told. This campus is a regular stop by police due to fighting. An instructor was beaten for trying to break up one of these fights. After I graduated I was bumped around the school to 6 different people to try to find me jobs and fix my resume. My one interview they managed to get me told me my resume was so messed up and I should have never listened to them to help me set it up how it was and that they are quickly going to be stopping hiring from my school. I was then called one day to say a place i had applied for threw a staffing company was going to be calling to set up an interview. I then called the staffing place to check in on it when I didnt hear anything. they said they never said that and had no idea where they got that from. So in other words my school flat out lied to me. I called and told them i wanted no more "help" and wanted nothing to do with there school. Thats a year and $20k of my life wasted when no one will hire due to the reputation of the school."
  • Reviewed: 2/28/2012
"I went to finl/aid & first of all its to much money i think im better off going to cypress college as for me i felt good about it but reading these views makes me not wanna go and in plus i can't afford it i need to make the right choice for me as an adult and by far its just to much i say when i could go somewhere else for this prize....:)"
  • Reviewed: 11/30/2011
"What I really appreciate about Everest College is that, it gave me a chance to earn a career in 8months, that pays good, so I can pay my way through college to be a physician. The thing about Everest College, and any other college is that you will get out of it, what you put into it. I put my all into it and had a job a month after my last day of school. It's true when they say " Everest doesn't find a job for you" But I mean really?, come on, are you lacking that much determination to where you have to rely on someone else to find you a job? Cause if you are then Everest is not for you because you have to work really hard. The school work is very challenging, and it will consume your life. It is expensive, but you can manage it. I had a few teachers that changed my life in a positive way. I knew student who had negative attitudes, and felt like Everest was not good enough for them, but in reality they were just lazy and looking for an excuse to procrastinate in life, and fail. So to all you who use the words " Stupid" and "Lame" or "Retarded", you might want to realize that no one takes you serious when your education is so limited to those immature words."
  • Reviewed: 10/25/2011
"Looking past this, I still believed that this was a school that will offer me a great place to continue my education. WRONG AGAIN. I start my classes (Medical Administrative Assistant) and EVERYONE has an A average. The teacher didn't teach anything. All of our tests were open book, we used our notes, she would let us take our tests home and bring them back the next day, and she would give us the answers the previous day. She NEVER checked homework, all you had to do was give her something for her to give you an A. I asked about when our certification tests would be taken, all she kept talking about externship. I went on Everest's website and could not find any information about certification. After more research, I discovered that Everest doesn't offer certification testing because they aren't a nationally accredited school!!! Talk about pulling the wool over people eyes. As far as the externship, you don't do anything that you learned in school. All you do is whatever the people at the site they send you to don't want to do. BIG MISTAKE!!!!! Basically, i paid over 17K for a diploma. I REPEAT DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!!!!"
  • Reviewed: 1/20/2011
"You will get out of something what you put into it. I have learned more here in a short time than I did in all of college, and I have a degree.You will learn hands-on work that is done in the real world. I have also never worked as hard at something in my life. I have confidence I will be successful in my new field because of the skills and support I have received. I also expect to stand on my own two feet and find employment using all the skills I have been taught. Commitment and attitude are everything. It's up to you."
Terrence Talley
  • Reviewed: 1/14/2011
"I work in the admissions office of Everest in MN. I've worked at other schools before this one and have a pretty good grasp on how this school is run and I have to say that this is one of the most caring schools I know of. The staff is always about making sure the student comes first. I've read some of the comments about this school and I would just say always look at the source of who's saying it. We tell all our students that we will help in finding you a job after you graduate. Nobody can promise you job placement but our placement numbers are outstanding. And if you ever have any problems with a teacher or just anything you can always feel free to go into anybodys office and voice your concerns in a reasonable matter. I personnally am here to make a difference in students lives. I have no interest in working someplace that doesn't impact people in a postive way. I truly care when come and sit down with me. If your interested in school and want to make a change in your life, come and see me in the admissions office and I will help you out. If you already go here and you ahve any problem come and talk to me and I would love to help- you as well. Thanks."
sharon rich
  • Reviewed: 3/5/2010
"I went to EVEREST when it was known as olympia college. The school was excellent. Any school is what you make of it. Its quite simple what u put in u get out. The school literally saved my life I was a Certified Nursing assistant for ten years working like a dog and unappreciated ,underpaid. I graduated six years ago and have not made less than 70,000$ since I've been working as a practical nurse. I passed my boards on the first try. It was worth it for me! The clinicals were on a one on one basis and u were well prepared all I can say is thank you. I'm currently in a REGISTERED NURSE PROGRAM."
april angelides
  • Reviewed: 11/18/2009
"If i didnt know any better i could swear it was a fake school im three weeks from graduating and ive basically taught myself the teachers are alright if you get the right ones the staff are horrible and corporate is a huge lazy bunch of stingy jerks that have no business in the field there in. PS i have been waiting for my CPR card for 4 months!!!! how can you have a medical assistant program when you dont give out CPR cards how am i gonna get hired?! The worst school imaginable; waste of money cant believe they've kept their credidation"
  • Reviewed: 11/25/2008
"I worked with several people who went to University of Phoenix and I can easily say that the course work at Everest was much, much better in comparison. The course design was outstanding. Each class is broken down into 6 units, a new unit every two weeks. Which means you have a discussion board, homework assignment, team assignment and quiz every two weeks. It's great because you are tested on the very things you just studied. Which certainly helps you retain the information you were taught. All of the professors were either Masters or PHD's and very knowledgeable. I couldn't have asked for a better college experience. As a single parent of two children I did not have any problems getting financial aid, and I needed it! Unfortunately I have to go to another college to get my BS in HRM because Everest does not offer the degree program, I wish they did. By the way, you get "real" text books, which is built into the cost of the course, so there are no added expenses at the end. Being able to refer back to a true text book made studying so much easier and better! Don't be afraid of this school, it's wonderful."
  • Reviewed: 6/16/2008
"Everest offered convenient times for me to complete my training with offering evening hours. The campus was near my home. There is nothing I did not like about Everest. Everest helped me find a new job with their career placement. I now work in a medical office and make much more money."
  • Reviewed: 6/10/2008
"Everest Institute was a great opportunity for me because I was able to obtain my degree online. I learned so much from the courses and my instructors were helpful. I did not like the cost, but all online programs are somewhat expensive. I feel like I was prepared for my future career."
  • Reviewed: 6/9/2008
"Everest College focused as much on real life experiences as classroom learning, which really help prepare me in my field. My one complaint was that I did not feel I was given as much help finding a new job as I would have liked. I was able to find a job and I can say my training has allowed me to fit in quickly and excel."