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  • Reviewed: 8/11/2011
"I am a current AIU student. By profession, I am a classroom teacher of special education students. I chose AIU for several reasons: I needed a degree to help me advance in my profession; I needed it fast; I get bored easily, and therefore, traditional environments that stretch their courses over a 16 week period would only make me quit before I completed the program. I can say that I have no regrets so far. I am scheduled to complete the masters program in instructional technology on November 6, 2011. I can't wait!As far as AIU is concerned as an institution of learning, it is an excellent investment, especially if you are committed to the accelerated pace and minimal breaks between courses (which is the reason you finish so fast, you work through the Fall, Spring, and Summer). I have not had any of the negative experiences I have read on this review board, therefore, I can only speak for myself and make judgments based on person experience.The education department is very well organized and the coursework is designed to be applicable to the real world (this is what you want because this is the direction education is moving towards even in primary and secondary schools). I have only had one professor that I believe tried to write their own rules and another who proved to be arrogant although this person tried to keep it covert. Regardless of them, I still hold a 4.0 and intend to finish my final two courses with strength so that my GPA can stay that way.Overall, my experience has been excellent and I am strongly considering enrolling in another masters program once I'm done with this one.The bottom line? AIU is everything it advertises itself to be. People are responsible for themselves and their circumstances. Conduct your own research, that's what lifetime learning is all about. Only you can dictate and determine what is and isn't good for you. So, if you are considering this school as a means to improve yourself, make sure you know exactly what it is you are getting into and that you are mentally ready and capable to finish what you start. Good Luck!"
  • Reviewed: 5/26/2011
"I will be graduating from AIU’s MBA program in another few weeks. I stated out in their AA program. AIU is a very hard school. The classes have been quite challenging, especially in the MBA program.At AIU, students have to write as though they are doing several dissertations every single week. If you are not the type of person that does not write well, does not like to read a lot and does not like research do not apply to AIU.I was a nurse for years before attending this school; I only had a diploma, no degree. I thought I was pretty disciplined and had the ability to learn. Even with my background I had to study in some form every single day.It is easy to fall behind because each week at AIU new assignments are due; which means more reading, writing and research. If a student isn’t careful you can get very behind to the point that it’s impossible to catch up.Also, there are very few breaks with the exception of Christmas. Sometime you just feel you cannot make it! You have to work straight through all holidays.You should consider all of these things before applying. For me it worked, I learned so much; I’m proud to say I am an alumnus. Hope this helps."
Lenin Kasoga Jr
  • Reviewed: 2/7/2011
"AIU is a great school for several reasons, one because the entire faculty from the admissions process to the instuctors are there for you and your success. I was worried that I would not receive the help I needed because I attended MSU for my undergraduate degree and I was use to their routine.However, after my experience with AIU I would have to say that I found the school to be better in many ways than Michigan State University. I learned alot and when I had trouble the response time of the instructors were extremely fast. I would recommend the shool to anyone, I know going to school online is out of the box thinking especially to the old generation who is still afraid of the internetLets face it the internet just has not been around that long, but it is amazing how many things we can do better on the internet and college is one of them."
  • Reviewed: 1/28/2011
"I started AIU after I decided that a typically campus college jut wasn't for me. Between having to work at least 4-5 days a week, the difficulties of finding all the classes I needed each semester into a 2-3 days schedule was near impossible. Schools try hard to organize classes, but in the end it never worked out in my benefit; especially with the lab science and math courses.I was also spending nearly $700/month to commute to my college and it just wasn't working out for me between those costs and other monthly costs. I stumbled upon AIU and decided to ask for more information. My advisor B. P. had called me within 20 minutes and has so far been the most helpful advisor I have ever had!I started AIU and although it is an online course, which most people think "Okay, online is a joke.", I have learned so much more than I ever learned in my other years at a campus university. I have to be in charge of finding information and learning the information on my own, like any other school. But the research papers and discussion boards we do at AIU have such great topics that I can actually use to improve my knowledge and have great conversations about. I am so glad that it is accepted by the Higher Learning Commission and the U.S. Department of Education!"
M Perez
  • Reviewed: 1/17/2011
"I attended a very popular online university before attending AIU, and it was not user friendly one bit. The time I spent at AIU was truly enjoyable and very educational.Of course, you will have a few teachers you don’t care for or group projects that you wish you could do alone. But you also have great experiences, awesome teachers that care and students that put 110% into the project.I personally was grateful for the education and degree that I received at AIU. I had almost given up on the thought of going back to school and pursuing a degree. But a friend of mine suggested AIU and convinced me to try again and I am thankful that I did.It is advanced and you can’t expect the teacher to hold your hand all the way through. I wanted to continue after receiving my AA but I needed a break. I am attempting to make my decision on returning here shortly.I would recommend AIU to anyone that is seeking to further their education. I believe that AIU provides great assistant, tutor, and library. I love the fact that the classes given by the teacher is archived. When I started at AIU I was in Iraq and was not able to make it to the classes all the time. So, being able to retrieve the archived session was great for me.Also, I am not a fan of final exams or test. I would rather write essays all day than to study for a test. I learned that it is important for me to take advantage of all the different avenues of assistance the school provided. Not every student, and actually probably about 75 %, is at the level you would expect a college student to be writing. I consider myself to be at midlevel, but that is why we are attending school. To further our education, increase our knowledge and hope that it will assist in our desire to advance in this tuff economy. You are in school for you and the dream you are chasing.I believe that AIU is a great stepping stone. YES TO AIU!"
Cassandra Frasure
  • Reviewed: 1/13/2011
"Honestly, I love AIU Online and it hurts me to see all of these negative comments about the school. The school is set up for driven and open minded individuals. When it comes to the cost of the programs, some may think that it is a bit high. But, think about it terms of time and in comparison to other schools. I saw one comment about how the student had to pay forty thousand dollars for a bachelors program. Well, a student can get their bachelors in less than three years. How much would you have to pay for a bachelors program at a ground campus? Just think about it.Ok, with that said, I highly recommend this school to any individual that can be driven and independent. As a college student, you cannot depend on your professors to lay out every bit of your assignment details for you. I have attended other schools that were not online and I must say that AIU Online's professors have them beat. I have had professors at ground campuses come into class, give you your reading assignments, tell you what your paper was on and when it was due, then they were out the door. If you do need help or are unsure of the requirement for assignments at AIU Online, all you have to do is lay out your confusion in detail and ask specific questions. Vague questions and arguments do not get you anywhere, TRUST ME. They are there to help you and are completely willing to do so.Also, the coursework isn't easy. This school is not a joke. The objectives for the classes are laid out in the same manner as they would be with any other conventional school. The classes prepare you for your career and the resources are very helpful. You have access to multi media materials that are based your individual learning style, you have access to the library, and the librarian can even help you search the web for accredited information to use in your assignments.True, you may come into contact with students that are not as enthusiastic about the online experience as you are. But you just need to remember that the school itself is meant to help you reach your goals. If other students are not serious about their goals, it doesn't mean that you need to fall into that trend. What they think should not affect your experience and the achievment of your goals.If you want to receive a degree quickly and you are driven and independent, AIU Online is the school for you."
  • Reviewed: 12/28/2010
"I am currently enrolled with the online AABA program with AIU and I think it's awesome! The online campus is super easy to navigate and offers extremely helpful tools.However, if you elect the online version you'll discover it is a bit more difficult than a traditional school setting. You miss out on the benefits of group study halls and actually seeing physical demonstrations. The courses are challenging and engaging which is what you want in a credible school. The tuition costs are about average when I researched other schools like DeVry and University of Pheonix. The instructors of the courses are quick to answer any questions and spend time with the student. There is always someone available when I need a problem solved. A good tip is to never hesitate to ask questions.The acedemic standards are pretty average and maybe even a little more lenient than a lot of other schools. This is also an accredited school which a definate plus!The only complaint I have about the courses is that they don't offer the option for physical over virtual textbooks. Some courses use physical but not all of them. I would be willing to purchase physical textbooks if I was given the option.Also, I personally wouldn't elect pursuing a Bachelors Degree with the online programs. Not with AIU or any online school. The Associate's program is already difficult. I couldn't imagine doubling that time frame."
  • Reviewed: 12/13/2010
"Just completed my Bachelors program here, only because it was more economical with 4 classes to go than switch. You do learn here within their project based format. Group projects suck to put it mildly. But this school will accuse you of doing something wrong, put you on trial, convict you and you cannot do anything about it! They will also send you a program to use on the pc, no tutorial, or training and expect you to use it proficiently.Like I said, I did learn from them, but with the unfair treatment I got, I would not go here again ever. In fact for my Master program I am not going to this school, even though they offer it!"
C Ek
  • Reviewed: 11/22/2010
"I really do not understand what alot of these people are saying, because I am attending AIU right now and it is not an easy task. I have been given the opportunity to work towards the degree of my choice and have not had any issues what so ever!! Alot of these people on here sound just like complainer's that did not get their way!! Obviously something went wrong while starting off. I would recommend this school to anyone that wants a degree in their chosen field. The work is not easy and the instructors are very helpful!! Thx's"
Jennifer L Davis
  • Reviewed: 11/21/2010
"U know, I have obtained 2 degrees and pursuing a third with AIU. I have nothing bad to say about this school, the admissions advisors, professors, or student body. These programs are set up for those of us who are motivated, committed, and dedicated. Of course if you are a slacker, it will be tough on you.Yes it costs money but what private university don't? Education is something that is needed out in the real world and obtaining it online is very convenient. Yea, I agree with some of u that not all the professors have PASSION for their students and are not totally there, but hey, I have been to traditional college and have receivd the same treatment.For the one's who really want it, AIU is a fine school. The Curriculum far exceeds standards and in no way is it easy. I worked my butt off and graduated Summa Cum Laude. I am proud to be AIU Alumni and will soon me graduating with my MBA."
  • Reviewed: 11/15/2010
"This school is horrible. You can't understand what the instructors are posting for assignments they are so dry. You just cannot understand them.The Admissions department is cool because they want you in the school then the financial aid department says you will owe this much more after your student loan after you start class.. WHAT A RIPOFF!!!This school is a joke!!!"
H Mart
  • Reviewed: 11/4/2010
"I don't know what people are talking about paying 40,000 for a associates degree. When you're talking to financial aid they ask you if you want to receive checks in the mail and they tell you it will be added on to your tuition. An associates degree is 23400 and if you take an extra 10,000 out a yr of course it's going to add up! Duhhh.With that being said.. I do however agree that they let almost anyone into this school. I have people in my class right now who can't spell or write a complete sentence. So it really sucks to get these people in your group projects...Another things...If you're not an independent learner.. do not do online college! People just go to school online because they things its going to be easy. Well I got news for you.. if you're not prepared to write 5 essays a week, don't do online schooling. You get what you put into it. And I love it so far and hope I continue to have a good experience."
Nesdon Booth
  • Reviewed: 10/20/2010
"I completed my BA in graphic design at AIU. They sent me lots of good books and software included in the tuition, but given how high that was, this was the least I'd expect.Overall, as others have said, and actually as I see in my work at a for-profit film school, the worst thing is the very low capability of some of the students.Ditto with a few of the instructors. Some were really excellent, a couple were awful. I ended up having to essentially teach a couple of the classes as I knew much more than the instructor.But, I learned a ton in a few of the classes, and would say half of my instructors were excellent. I chose this sort of school because it gave me a regionally-accredited degree in the short time I had to complete it (I needed it to advance at my job).It also offered a subject I was interested in, that would also enhance my skills in my field (I teach production design). I made the choice knowing full well what I was getting into, and feel that to critisize the cost or superficiality would be disingenuous.I will say the technology and support were pretty strong, but that I agree that the recruiting is too aggressive and indiscriminate."
  • Reviewed: 9/15/2010
"This school is a JOKE!The advisors there are basically sales associates. They could care less about an education, and the speedy process is dead give away I mean come on one day you're accepted the next day you're approved for financial aid and before even knowing what classes you're taking you have your e books already in your mail box, WHAT!! After the speedy process you speak with financial aid and to my suprise I was told that I will be paying about 40,000 for tuition.For an AS you got to be kidding me! and that was after a discount that I rec'd because of my employer so actually it's more that 40 grand.I spoke with my advisor to let her know that I will not be attending and can you believe she still calls everyday trying to persuade me to change my mind.Dude! i'm over it students please look at the long run it's definately not worth spending that much on an AS degree this school is a COMPLETE RIP OFF! Don't let the sales associate get you, remember you have to pay that money back! IT's so obvious the advisors get paid on commission i'm just glad I din't stuck attending a school like that."
  • Reviewed: 9/2/2010
"I am in medical coding and started last fall. I will graduate this fall with my associates. I have been very impressed with the classwork, it is indepth and makes research necessary. I have had no trouble receiving answers back from my teachers on homework questions or concern.There have been one or two that I have not cared for but that is the same in any education. Dealing with that just shows how you will handle the real world, you will always find a boss you don't like somewhere.I have had a wide range of interesting classes that were required of my field of study and being what most would call a freshman. My continuing education with my Bachelors will give me more freedom to pick and choose, again - like most "brick and mortar" schools.As far as making friends and study groups the experience is wonderful if you take advantage of it. I have a long list of clubs I have joined. I have many friends and study groups that I work with on a regular basis; most of us have the same types of classes so it makes working together fun.I have to defend AIU from some comments I have read. Every school will have some bad moments and there will be some students that have bad experiences. I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every moment with AIU and will continue on with my education because of them. My teachers have all demanded excellence so far and you have to give it to them, I am better for it and a 4.0 average."
  • Reviewed: 8/22/2010
"I finished a AA degree and a BIT degree from AIU online. It was not the best school, but I was able to accomplish my goals to get in to grad school somewhere else. It was convenient, the virtual campus was pretty easy to navigate, I had more good professors than bad ones with real world experience, and the assignments are pretty flexible.They recently changed their curriculum to include more liberal arts courses for new incoming students, so now you will be able to transfer more credits to a different school if you choose to. Also it is accelerated, I mean you cant beat that, and the financial aid was easy. I paid about the same that it would have cost at a brick and motar school, which was about 40,000. I figured at least I got 2 degree's out of that.So do your homework, and way out the options. I figure if you are going to do classes online, it may as well be simple rather than complicated. AIU is probably the least expensive school online compared to Kaplan, and University of Phoenix. Just make sure your AA major is what you would like your BA/BS in as well."
  • Reviewed: 8/19/2010
"I attended a brick and mortar school...AIU is not at all like a brick and mortar school, and they charge you double, sometimes triple the amount. You have to first speak with an "enrollment" counselor, which I think is ridiculous, because a real school will never have you talk to such a person. These enrollment counselors are really just a bunch of people who sit there and sell degrees. They convince you to write an application, and in AIU's case, send in an application fee. This enrollment counselor then "recommends" you for the school.To me, it's incredibly outrageous how simple the process is. You get admitted pretty much within the same day. It seems more like these people are trying to meet a deadline as far as how many people they can enroll than about meeting your educational needs. My enrollment counselor asked me many things while I considering the school, and I told him I wanted to go to law school.I am a business major, but he said he strongly recommended Criminal Justice. I didn't ever give him the impression of being interested in that. Ever. Yet, when I logged on to the student portal, I appeared as a criminal justice major, and there were classes for criminal justice ONLY. I was so outraged by this, because first off, I didn't want to be a criminal justice major, and they had chosen my schedule for me. DEFINITELY not something you see in a reputable school.To top everything off, I received an email 2 days after applying saying my books had been shipped. Uh, what books? I didn't ORDER any books! TOTALLY not something a reputable school does. After I was enrolled, I was immediately notified to send in unofficial transcripts (something a real school would never take) and sign a master promisory note.Again, I will repeat for-profit schools, like this one, are COSTLY beyond belief. And the first thing they have you do is take up loans. Tsk tsk. I really believe everyone who is considering AIU or any other school of this sort to watch College Inc. Rent it from Netflix or look it up online, and watch it. Inform yourself. These for-profit schools WILL NOT deliver what you are looking for.Go to a school that will allow you to have control and keep you informed of everything. In the meantime, I highly recommend everyone to stay away from this school. They will find ways to get money from you, as they attempted to get money from me."
Alexis Hanover
  • Reviewed: 8/18/2010
"I attended AIU Online for a few months. I had a terrible experience. The group projects are the WORST! Many of the students can't seem to write, spell or use proper grammar so if you care about getting good grades, be prepared to do the entire group project yourself. Which is not an easy task. It made me sick that my grade was affected by other student's sub-par work. I don't think it's right that I paid thousands of dollars for a class and the lack of cooperation from others can bring my grade down. You all receive the same grade on the paper. Whether you wrote one sentence or the entire paper and they are worth enough points that if your group doesn't do well, it can bring your grade down 1 or 2 letter grades.The classes aren't structured well. You get your assignments when the class begins... 2 of them per week - a discussion board post and an individual project. You're required to comment on your classmates posts. The only problem is, both assignments are due on Sunday night and most people in the class don't do their assignments until Sunday night. This makes it difficult to comment on other's work in time to get a good grade. All books are e-books. They are very hard to read and very expensive to print. I didn't even use any of the books. The assignments do not correspond with the materials in the e-books.And the "instructors" (AIU calls them facilitators)are a JOKE!! They don't participate AT ALL on the discussion board. They provide the same exact feedback on your assignments EVERY WEEK. Most don't answer emails or phone calls. In my last class, my instructor graded 10 group projects (10 pages long) in an hour. He left the same comment on everyone's paper.And trying to withdraw is tough, too. I left messages for my student adviser, enrollment adviser, financial aid department and never heard back from anyone. The only way I got a response was when I left a message telling them that I canceled my financial aid with them. Then they were willing to call me back and withdraw me in time to not have to pay for the next class.They admit anyone and everyone regardless of education levels and some are so difficult to understand you'll wind up shaking your head and wondering what you got yourself into.I could go on and on but I'll stop here. Just beware of this school. Don't let their sales people talk you into going here. Do your own research and make a smart decision."
Leea Lynch
  • Reviewed: 8/18/2010
"I graduated from AIU in 2006. Before I enrolled at AIU I tried two other programs which I did not like, I felt I was wasting my money not getting the quality of instruction and support that I should for the money.The first class at AIU was refreshing, the course was interesting, there was an opportunity for positive interaction with other students. I highly recommend the school."
Carla E
  • Reviewed: 8/15/2010
"I am currently wrapping up my Bachelors in Business/Healthcare Administration with AIU Online and it has not been easy. Going forward with schooling is not a easy task, especially in today's world.The staff has been very helpful and have made this experience a positive one for me. I will be completed with the schooling next week and have found the Bachelors program to be much harder than the Associates.You have more classes to take with the Associates and that can make it a bit more difficult simply because you are juggling 2 classes at a time as with the Bachelors you only take one class at a time. I cannot say it has given me anymore benefit career wise as of yet simply because I am not workin a job that puts my degree to use, hopefully that will change once I have the degree.I would say to anyone who is looking for an online school to attend just do the research, not every school is right for everyone. AIU is challenging in some ways, it can be difficult to actually get motivated as you are doing it online and you do it at your own pace week by week. I have had a great experience and hopefully it pays off for me in the end."