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Jessica K
  • Reviewed: 8/9/2010
"I am currently attending AIU online. I have found many different opinions about the program. Most of the bad reviews seem to be from years ago and at a time that AIU seemed to be under aperiod of probation. My guess is that years ago online programs were still in a process of seeing what works and how to organize everything .Any recent bad reviews that I have found seem to be from people attending a campus. Leanne Olita' s review caught my eye. I find it hard to believe that someone has a Bachelors in education would write in such a way. It really makes me question the reliability of her post.I do question some of the people that are in the classes. I don't know how some of them graduated high school. One thing that bothers me is that I don't see some of the people come any closer to doing assignments correctly as the class progresses. Are the teachers not assisting them or are they just ignoring any input. There are many areas to find help with anything that is not understood; a person just needs to take the time to find them.I definitely would not recommend the online program to anyone that is not able to work at a fast pace. Group projects suck. One of the benefits of college online is being able to make your own study time. With group projects you have to try to schedule with 4 other people and put a project together and you have one week to do it. This is nearly impossible."
  • Reviewed: 8/8/2010
"Great school....The master's I recieved from this school has propelled me to my company's "spotlight". The course was by no means easy...I had to apply myself consistently and diligently...IT WAS A VERY REWARDING EXPERIENCE WHICH I GARNERED IMMENSE KNOWLEDGE AND SKILL FROM...THANK YOU"
Angela Ross
  • Reviewed: 7/7/2010
"I attended American InterContinental University in Weston, FL in 2007. The school is terrible! Does anyone else get the impression that the "good" reviews are from those who work for the company?AIU is like Middle School, the course work is simple and many of the classes do not require text books. Unlike most colleges, you are not allowed to choose your courses but assigned them each semester.I came from MMCC; a community college after completing a year in English (a course which requires a lengthy thesis paper which must be read by the school's english board in order to pass the course) AIU placed me in an english course where little students understood the recipe of writing a paper.I still remember my instructor who asked students if they knew the three basic parts of a paper.... The building in Florida is rented - the school was undergoing an accreditation (if they passed, God help us)...My art history teacher started the class explaining how she works in a Miami High School and that she is not afraid of "ghetto black kids"... The instructors are a joke - everything about this school is terrible. If you honestly believe you must put effort forth in AIU then I recommend you visiting a psychologist for an evaluation of your brain...You can sneeze on your paper and receive an A... I have honors in the school I attend now - ALWAYS check accreditation... after all, AIU is an expensive degree which will qualify you to flip burgers at $8 an hour."
Bobby Miller
  • Reviewed: 5/30/2010
"I've read several of the reviews and it kind of seems like normal life. I've gone to 4 different "brick and mortar" schools and I can tell you that some of the teachers really sucked and some were excellent teachers. I found the same at AIU. My entire Bachelor's degree was online as I'm not near a campus. My AA credits transferred in and kept me from having to redo 60 or so hours. I didn't find any of the classes to be "too easy".It's completely up to the student. If you want to skip by and just do enough to pass the class you end up retaining almost nothing. If you dig into it and learn what you are supposed to learn the class is very worthwhile. Hey, that is exactly the same as going to class on campus.I have a feeling some of the negative reviews are from people that were in some of my group lessons that never contibuted their part and if they did they were always late, "last minute", and did subpar work. If you do some research before enrolling in an oline school the research tells you straight up that if you are the kind of student that always has to ask a teacher a million questions and can't function independantly, are not a self-starter then you might as well not even try online classes because everything is pretty much up to you.Some of my teachers at AIU I found were actually authors of the textbooks we used and other colleges around the US used as well. To me that is a pretty high calibur of teachers.When I "CHOSE" AIU, no one forced me, I looked at them all. At the time University of Phoenix was years behind AIU as an online school. U of P online students were having to use FTP to get lessons and send back homework. I looked at some of the lessons and plans of U of Phoenix that friends were taking and I can tell you that it just isn't that much different than AIU except when I was taking classes we had online classes with whiteboards, discussions, etc. and the online experience was just much more professional than U of Phoenix. Maybe U of P has advanced since then but I don't really know and that has been 4 years or so.When I was going to classes on campus I had fellow students complain about how a certain teacher sucked and "didn't care", etc. If your poor little feelings are hurt because a teacher "didn't care" then I suggest you run back to mommy and just wait for the government to do everything for you.School is what you want to make out of it. If you have good text books and don't count on a teacher holding your hand and helping you every step of the way then you should be able to get a good education online. If you are counting on the teacher for everything then I suggest you grow up and get a life, you're going to have to sometime....maybe! Sothe bottom line is, be aggressive, and get all you can out of it."
  • Reviewed: 5/11/2010
"Professors are terrible. I attended the Weston campus in Florida. All or most of their professors come from Nova SoutheasterN University which it is not accredited either by AACSB.The amount of work its like being in high school. The school is useless and all financial aid wants it is your loans. They will continue calling you until you have everything ready.Please use your knowlege and know that the school is useless and your degree will not be worth it. Use you head if you were a manager at a reputable company would you hire someone that went to AIU or for example, University of North Carolina? Think please.Also, you do not see any good schools advertising on the internet or tv. If you already have the job you desire then by all means attend this school otherwise, go to a state school and succeed in your career. Please reconsider all they want is your money and business majors please attend a AACSB school you will thank me later."
Harvey DeSquare
  • Reviewed: 4/16/2010
"Attended AIU in 2007. I recieved my masters in Leading Educational Organizations. This degree has helped me in my career greatly! The program was no cake walk by any means. You had to work and I mean work!Midway in the program I wanted to quit, because of the demand required to do the assignments, but my advisor worked with me and pursaded me stick with it , and I'm glad I did!Overlook the negative you read about this school because it's not true. Your coursework will transfer without any problems. What I gained from attending this university was staying focused on the prize and time management. These two qualities has helped me greatly in my everyday life. Go for it!"
Michelle Overturf
  • Reviewed: 3/27/2010
"After getting my AA at AIU (which to me was a joke and way to easy to get.) I decided to attend another school for my bachelors since AIU did not offer what I needed. Come to find out that because AIU is not fully accredited (don't believe them when they say they are becuase they are liars). I find that almost none of my credits transfer. I find out that I have to do alot of the courses I did at AIU all over again. What a waste of time and money, I tell everyone I know who is either going to AIU or was thinking about it, to STOP don't do it, unless you like wasting your money!!! "
sharon wright
  • Reviewed: 3/18/2010
"I am currently going through the assocaites degree in business with concentration in medical coding and billing. Just recently found out, that in order to get a job as a medical coder or biller you need more education to further youself in that field and Aiu does not offer that. Also you need to get certified in this field and have to go to testing and again Aiu does not offer courses to prepare you for that exam. The education you recieve is very good, depends on how much you apply yourself to it. I met a lot of good people here online and consider them my good friends. Its just that Aiu does not specifically tell you that you need more than they can offer you for any concentration that you are taking. They are an international school so they can't give any certifications that is what another school says. but again don't miscontrue that aiu is bad, they are good, I did learn a lot more than I did when I first began and I am one of those that have been out of school for many years, and I have enjoyed my time at Aiu, and will continue to get bachelors degree. So if you want a certificate in medical coding and billing check the other schools that can give you all the knoweledge in that field and get you ready for the exam. Aiu is a good school to get you in the step in the right direction just not to get you certified in any field."
Graduate 2009
  • Reviewed: 2/2/2010
"I did a few online courses with AIU and they were great.You need to make time for the courses and and coursework. Read the chapters and ask question if neccessary. Most people would actual make AIU seem like its the worse Uni out there because they lost there accreditation. But you know what things have changed. Very much! I am a gradute and was there when they lost it. They have regained there status back, and are working very hard to keep it.Now that I go to a Real British Uni, I regret it. It doesnt have that friendliness. Trust me. If you want to make AIU your personal hate, so be it, but you know what, in the last 2 years, they have had a high graduate rate, with people gradutating with Honours, and they also have a great academic structure that beats a lot of other universities out there today. Love it, Live it, and would do it all again, even when they were fighting there accreditation!"
John D
  • Reviewed: 10/15/2009
"The reviews am reading don't make sense!!!First of all colleges are businesses and like any other business you have to pay to receive a service. All colleges make tons of money and AIU is no different. Second if you can't navigate on the school website then maybe college is not for you. Third I attended AIU got my degree and worked my butt off for it and thats what you losers are complaning about then you'll never get a degree!!!"
Katherine Plebanski
  • Reviewed: 10/6/2009
"I have also read the reviews here and have to say that self motivation is the key. Whether you go to a traditional school or an online university you have to motivate yourself. You get out of it what you give into it. AIU was a great experience. I had no problems with the professors or any of the support staff. I would recommend this school to anyone that wants an education."
  • Reviewed: 3/18/2009
"Well, I have read so many reviews on this school, and to be honest, most of them are bad. But, I have attended this school since 2007 and am getting ready to finish my associate’s degree.I had a leave of absence and withdrew from the school in 2008 due to personal issues. The school understood my situation and did not give me any false information and made sure that I understood the repercussions. After several months I reapplied and was able to come back. Everyone has always been kind, and most of my professors were very helpful. Several were hard and others not so much. With that said, I am sure it is like that in many other universities, some are just more lenient than others.Not to mention, that I have had to withdraw from two classes due to my professors being very difficult. I had fallen behind and knew that I was not going to be able to catch up. I had requested extensions plus exceptions but to no prevail, concluding, that they were difficult because they were following AIU guidelines and were not lenient toward those guidelines. But, to my understanding, it is to the discretion of the professor. So, no complaints; I should have been ready!Overall, my experience has been good. No false information was given to me, and my advisors have all helped me to the best of their ability. No complaints here!"
Charles M. Cattermole
  • Reviewed: 3/6/2009
"AIU is a confusing place and it's difficult to get people to give you a direct answer to a question. You'd better go over the Student Manual with a fine tooth comb if you want to avoid problems. Even then, you may still have to force somebody at AIU to answer your questions. After reading the student manual, you are likely to have more questions than you started out with. The manual is not written to help students it's written by lawyers to cover AIU's ass. I had to drop a class because of a neck injury. I called my admissions advisor and asked how I would go about dropping the class and she wouldn't tell me. She tried to talk me out of dropping. Then she said, "I'll call you right back." She didn't call back and my attempts to call her failed. I ended up calling aroung to various departments and finally got somebody to tell me who to call. Because of the nonsense I lost $658.24. I'm looking for another University. The parent company of AIU owns lots of online schools. Go to to see the list if you want to avoid them."
  • Reviewed: 10/24/2008
"One of my reasons for attending American Intercontinental University Online was the quality of education i received, along with business courses which helped me to focus more on learning important concepts in addition to developing college-level writing skills.The coursework emphasized online learning modules such as Discussion Boards, along with Individual Projects, and Group Projects. The group projects I had for each course taught me the importance in working on a project with others as a team, and this skill is important in the workplace. In addition, learning tools such as multimedia presentations, live chats, and the library were all resources that helped me to become a successful student.The interaction between my professors and classmates was always professional and interesting. The discussion forums invited me the opportunity to share my insights with other classmates.My overall experience with AIU was more than a positive one. From the time I was accepted all the way to graduation, the team of faculty members, advisors were by my side and was very supportive of my educational pursuits."
  • Reviewed: 8/24/2008
"Unfortunately I had a very unpleasant experience with the staff at AIU. I found that all that were employed there, lacked any sense of communication between departments. I was called 4-5 times a day by different individuals leaving me the same messages, to things I had already taken care of. I actually turned my phone on silent so that it wouldn't annoy me so much. At the end of a long month of back and forth miscommunication I called it quits... It's to bad that I was never refunded my admissions fee. I do NOT recommend attending AIU, however I am not giving up on Online Education!"
Tisha Tobin
  • Reviewed: 7/22/2008
"I do not regret for attending American Intercontinental University for the past 3 years and I am about to complete my bachelor business administration degree concentrating healthcare management next month. I enjoyed learning from every courses because students and instructors gave their excellent insights on a topic or a subject diligently and meaningful. Every department is easy to navigate and easier to obtain information where a student seeks for help and the answers are usually returned within less than 24 hours. Especially, the Financial Aid department, they are straightforward and honest and aids student with the finance with ease. Classmates and professors interactions are respectful and professional. The tools that I have used online are the textbooks, library that contains subjects’ archives, articles and journals, websites, and instructors’ PowerPoint presentations, and classroom materials. My overall experience at American Intercontinental University is fulfilled and worthy! A.I.U. can make your education delicious!"
F. Wood
  • Reviewed: 4/19/2008
"I love education and I have wanted to upgrade myself for a long time. American Intercontinental University provided me an opportunity to higher education that fits my busy schedule. Friendly environment, knowledgeable and caring professors that helped me to achieve my goal. It was a wonderful experience, thank you AIU."