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3 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2012

The curriculum is very easy to understand and it can be very interesting.

The counselors are okay, but not great.

The professors are my issue. I was pregnant while finishing my degree. I asked my professors if I could turn my assignments in early so if i went into labor, I would have my work already in. I understood that I could lose participation points, but i still wanted to get my assignments in early.

One professor is completely okay with it and the other was not. He felt that by me turning in my assignments early that I would throw the other students off track. This was upsetting to me because I was not asking for an extension. I wanted to turn my assignments in early. This was also important to me because those were the two classes I needed to graduate.

To make it worse, the student advisors are useless. If you have an issue with another student or a professor they will not help you so do not bother asking.

If you want a school that has good curriculum, but has people that do not give two cents about what happens to you (and love to take your money) this is the school for you!

5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2012

I love the school. I attended for a BA degree and now for an MBA. I have a really good job and pay. They really help me to build my skills. As others say it is what you make of it. I utilized my skills that I learned and I was able to advance. I have no complaint. I am 3 classes away from my MBA.

5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2013

Of course most people are going to be skeptical about this university; it's new, it's quicker than traditional universities, and it's online. I have taken 5 courses already and to be perfectly honest, I have learned more in 5 months than what I would have learned in a regular university's time frame. I honestly believe it is because it's so intense that you better learn the material or you'll end up without the time to mend your grade. AIU is definitely for people who are driven. The professors are NOT going to baby sit you to do anything. You need to constantly be your own leader. I believe this university encourages leaders to arise.

To be completely honest, AIU is what you make of it. If you want to learn a lot you gotta put work into it (a lot). How valuable is this University compared to other Universities (say brick-and-mortar)? I think it depends what you make of it. Of course if you slack you won't learn much-AND won't pass. But if you dedicate yourself to it you'll get a lot out of it. In my humble opinion, I believe online schools are made to suffice the needs of those of us who cannot attend a brick and mortar school; whether because of time restraints, babysitting costs, or transport costs. So, we have in our hands a wonderful university that gives you the essentials to be a profesional in your preferred area, with all the benefits of doing it at the comfort of your home.

To those who say that online schools, at least AIU, don't require the same commitment than a regular university I say to them: NO WAY!- I currently hold a 4.0 and to do it I have had to put A LOT of dedication and time into it. There are deadlines everyone must that not commitment?

If I had the choice I would attend a regular university, but since my circumstances don't allow it, I am seeking the second best choice I can lay my hands on. I believe if someone is to become successful, YOU are the one who holds the key. AIU is the path or the tool that will take you there.

One last thing, they are extremely professional. The advisors are in constant communication with you especially in the beginning when you don't know what you are doing. I have had lame teachers as well as excellent teachers, which is the same at any other university. This university is open enrollment, and to me it means that everyone has the opportunity to get an education and for that I am really grateful for. Many may criticize this, however I see it as entering a community college. You are here to learn right? Welcome.

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5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2014

I am attending the online courses, and so far AIU has exceeded my expectations. I had doubts, because there are many online schools that are scams and do not have good reputations. When I requested information, I got a phone call less than 10 minutes later. Of course they are aggressive! What do you expect? If you don't really want the information, don't request it! I was explained the steps I would take to enroll. Application, financial aid forms, loan options, degrees offered, etc. I also got to talk to a VA representative to help, because I am using the GI Bill.

I talked to the advisor for at least 30 minutes! Yes the questions seemed scripted, but they don't know me from Adam and that's really the best they can do. It's general questions for general answers to help guide you in the right direction.

My first class was very good for showing me the ropes, and the professor was genuinely caring and helpful. The coursework requires you to think. If you do not want this, please do not attend this school. Just because you are unmotivated, does not mean the professors do not care about you. They cannot do anything other than teach you, they cannot do the coursework for you. You will be required to submit papers on time, and you will be required to attend online lectures in a few classes, as well.

Once I have completed my degree I plan on staying to continue to a Masters, and I will be proud to say I graduated from AIU.

5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2012

AIU is an excellent choice of school to further your studies and career. If there are any general complaints, such complaints are no different than complaints any student might have at any other university. As with any school, your college experience is going to amount to whatever you make of it. At AIU, I am continuously impressed with the empathetic, professional, educated and giving staff that show a real interest in the education students receive. Most of the professors that I have encountered are a treasure because they not only hold degrees from accredited, prestigous colleges, but more than often, they actually work full time in the field of study that they teach.

I will personally say that I attended AIU originally in 2004, but had to discontinue my studies due to personal reasons. I enrolled again earlier this year (2011) and I can see a major difference in the way that the school operates. I thought AIU was awesome in 2004, but now they have really cracked down on the staff and made students and student education their number one priority!

I have found that other universities, such as Kaplan, treat students like just someone to pitch a sale to. They are not there to listen when you have a problem and they do not cater to students to ensure that they are receiving as much of a quality education as they possibly can. I almost made the mistake of enrolling in Kaplan University, but I am very relieved that I did not make such a costly mistake.

I am very pleased with AIU and highly recommend them to anyone who is considering online school.

5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2011

I searched everywhere to find the perfect school for me to finish my degree. AIU had everything I needed and more. The instructors and the staff were there whenever I needed them and that was a plus!

I obtained my associates degree from AIU and plan to return for my Bachelors in Business Administration.

I wish they offered more degrees to accommodate others, but this was perfect for me.

I wish I would have started here sooner. I was able to have a job do my course work and still have time for a breather. I learned a lot that will be applied in my career and thank AIU for all they have done. Those who say they did not learn a whole lot... well they must not have done their work or actually read their textbooks.


2 out of 5

NOT military friendly! Classes are very expensive and fast paced. They have no tolerance for late assignments regardless of the reason, even if they say it will be acceptable.

I am active duty military and went to this school because they informed me that they were very military friendly. I am stationed overseas and on occasion I don't have internet access. The admissions advisors assured me that it wouldn't be a problem that I just needed to let them know and I would be given more time to complete the projects. I was notified that I would be out for a couple weeks by my commander so I notified the school, they told me no problem. Then when I attempted to submit my assignments late, I received a failing grade and they told me that the submissions were past the deadline. I appealed it all the way through the Vice-President and the decision stood.

I don't see how this school can claim to be military friendly and not give me any kind of consideration when a situation beyond my control arose. They took the money for my class from the military and then I had to pay the army back for the class. I would not recommend this school to anyone, they only care about your military benefits or the Pell grants they get from the government. This is strictly for profit organization.

5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2012

This school makes sense. The curriculum is designed around real life scenarios that can help you with your job. People try and discredit this school because of the instructors, but it's no different than any other college. Some are good and some are bad. I got my BA there and I'm getting my MBA there right now. I feel as if I've earned my degree and that I learned a lot.

4 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2004

Over the years of online browsing, I have read a lot of negative comments about AIU and decided it was time to put in my own two cents worth. I will try to cover the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Keep in mind that my experience was with a master’s degree. I don’t know about their undergraduate programs. I found the courses to be very challenging. There is a lot of reading and a lot of writing. Courses only last for five weeks and most courses had at least two textbooks to cover in that time period, plus multiple assignments, papers to write, and a group project to complete. You will almost certainly reach a burnout point somewhere in the middle, but you just have to take a breath, remind yourself of the end goal and regroup. It wouldn’t be worth it if it were easy, would it?

For me, it was worth it. I learned a lot. I have heard others, who attended other colleges, say that they learned nothing practical in their degrees—everything important was learned on the job. That was not the case for me. Almost all of the assignments were designed to teach what you would actually need to know on the job, and you tailored your projects to fit your own career.

Each week there was a mandatory interactive lesson online. The lesson was short but very well done. Also, each week, the instructors were required to schedule two sessions, either in the chat room, or through audio, to give opportunity to interact with the students in real time. Attendance was optional. The session was recorded and available for review at a later time.

As with any college (and, believe me, I hopped around in my undergrad degrees, so I know), there will be some instructors you like better than others. I had one instructor who never gave me credit for an assignment I turned in and ignored my emails, which kept me from finishing with a 4.0 GPA. With that one exception, all of my instructors were excellent, and available to answer questions and explain assignments. That last was important because some of the assignments were not written very clearly. Hopefully, they have since been edited.

I could not have been more pleased with my classmates. We were in a Masters of Education program (Instructional Technology) so my classmates were professional educators from around the country, some in K-12 and some in higher education. Through the discussion board and the group projects, I learned from them. In my undergrad degree, I was the one who carried almost all of the weight in group projects so it was a relief to be with a group of people who were willing to shoulder their share of responsibility. There was one exception, of course, but she did not make it through the program. It was not easy coordinating meeting times with classmates in other time zones, but that is a skill needed in today’s workplace. We made it work. Another thing I appreciated about my classmates is that we all recognized that there would be times when life or burnout would keep us from doing as much on a particular project as we normally would. As long as we kept the communication open and did our share overall, we accepted this and were willing to make allowances.

So much for the good. There are a couple of things that left a bad taste in my mouth. When I started, the AIU website and online student handbook specifically stated that we could attend graduation, if we chose, at any of AIU’s brick and mortar campuses. The website promoted that as a selling point to prospective students. However, when the time came, they not only did not honor that, saying it was too expensive for the campuses to accommodate all the online students. It would not have been a big deal (as least, not to me) if they had just said they changed the policy. But, instead, they flat out lied to us. A number of us had phone and email communication with the administration about it and they claimed it had never been their policy to allow attendance at a physical graduation. Of course, all references had been removed from the website, but we all remembered it being there. It makes you wonder what else they would lie about.

The other negative was their placement service. You expect to get little or no help from most not-for-profit schools but more is expected from for-profit schools who make placement assistance a selling point to prospective students. (Keep in mind this was quite a few years ago—I don’t know how they do it now.) I was already working in higher education but not in my field of study so I was looking for a change. I finally called the Career Services department in exasperation after they sent me yet another job announcement about a business looking for a data entry clerk (for someone with a master’s degree in education???) I told the career counselor I wanted to know about only jobs in my field and I didn’t care what part of the country. She said their system wasn’t set up that way. Apparently they just copied any job, no matter the relevance, that was anywhere in your home state and only in your home state. I don’t think I ever got one job lead from them relevant to my degree.

Fortunately, I did not need their placement assistance. Eventually, I moved up the ladder at the college where I was working and did end up in my career field without having to go anywhere else. My pay increased by over $20k per year so the investment I made in my education did pay off. In spite of the negatives I mentioned, I would highly recommend AIU. The courses were excellent. There was none of the hassles with scheduling or purchasing books that you go through at other colleges. All of that is taken care of automatically. The cost was lower than at other colleges I compared—especially when you factor in books and fees that you pay elsewhere.

1 out of 5
Graduation Year: did not finish, I left

I thought I can finish with this school. I can not believe some of the instructors i had. I think they pulled them from the street. The instructor speak about the homework only. You learn nothing from them.very bad reputation,when I tell people that I go to American Intercontinental university, they say "what is that?". I am like it is online school. They say it sounds like a hotel man!!!

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