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4 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2014

I have been a student at AIU online since Jan 2011. I chose this route because I am a single, working parent and I know that if I want to get further in my career, I need more education. Taking courses here online are most convenient for me because of my working schedule and home life.

I searched around for different online universities and what made my decision was my admissions advisor. She wasn't like any of the other experiences that I had where they were pushing for you to join their college. She was and has always been upfront and honest with me throughout my time here. AIU's cost for credit hour are about 150 dollars less than Kaplan and I believe with Univ of Phoenix.

I chose AIU because I don't have to worry about an uncredible education. When I apply for those jobs, I am very confident that AIU is on their list of credible educators. I have the choice to take 2 courses at a time to shorten how long it will take to reach my BBA or I can take 1 class at a time. It's very flexible, just depends on one's schedule. The courses are 5 weeks at a time. With 10 weeks on and 1 week off. The only real break is over christmas but your constantly going through the whole year.

As far as my experience in the virtual campus; I find it very easy to navigate through. The library is right there as well as library assistants to help find sources. I enjoy that I can choose to learn the curriculum how I want. There is the MUSE technology that is a summary of the chapters; pointing out the main parts of study using video and powerpoint presentations. There is audio for auditory learners, and of course the old trusty text book (ebook).

I have been lucky enough to have some very helpful instructors that really care about student success, while some others seem to just be there to collect a paycheck and are not helpful at all. I have received very detailed critiques on my assignments from instructors while others just respond with the generic grading rubric text as a critique.

But just because online is a learning avenue, doesn't mean that it's easier than sitting in class. It's very easy to get behind because there is so much reading to do. This is the end of my break week and I peeked in on my new class and there are 6 chapters for the assigned reading for the Unit 1 assignment, which I am reading now to get a head start. If you don't like tons of reading, I don't suggest anyone to take online courses. You have to have a heightened discipline about yourself and a want to be successful.

Some of the classes have group projects at the end. I do not like group projects because of the slackers. Everything seems to be put on one person that carries the weight of the assignment and when it's almost complete before the midnight deadline, others that have not participated all week want to come in and change things at the very last minute so that they can get a grade when they have done nothing. I don't like being piggy backed on so keep that in mind and carry your own weight.

AIU is a good school and it's not fair to throw salt on their reputation for those that think good grades will be handed to them without doing the work just because it's online. I know I work my butt off making the grade and have been able to hold a 3.5 GPA since I've started. For anyone struggling and has come across this; one thing my admissions advisor told me was to approach my assignments with things in my life that I can relate to. It really does work, just open your mind.

Good luck to those that embark on this path and just make sure that you read and understand all of the directions. It's not rocket science but if your unsure, ask your instructor. Even though the turn around for emails and voicemails is 48 hours, you will get a response but don't wait til the last minute to speak up. That's your fault.

4 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2007

Yes, the enrolment is done aggressively but I have been enrolled at one other faculty and was in contact with several other schools and they are ALL aggressive!

I got my bachelor and my MBA from AIU and overall, it worked very well for me. Main reason for me to join AIU was the short programs. It is really intense with 6 weeks classes and 13 months for a degree but I'd rather power through than drag it out forever. The instructors were quite engaged and helpful. If anything on the quality was lacking it was the fellow students in your class and group assignments which have a tendency to slack off...

Yes, the price tag is steep but the shorter duration of their program made it worthwhile for me.

The online setup, tools, discussions, sessions and library are really good. I would recommend AIU to anyone who is highly motivated, self efficient and wants a degree fast.

4 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2007

In the beginning I was unsure of my ability to do the work required to graduate and work two jobs. But I was desperate to earn a degree in an effort to improve my eligibility to compete and obtain a higher paying position with my agency. I was able to graduate and did obtain a higher paying, more satisfying position with my agency.

I recommend it to all adults with restricted schedules who have to drive to achieve a better standard of living, and the focus to stay on track. It was not easy, but what I experienced and learned in the virtual class of students and professors from all over the world, I could not in the traditional class room. Online learning take dedication, you cannot sit in the back of the class and hope that the teachers don’t call on you. You must be actively involved in the study and class discussions throughout the term.

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1 out of 5

The worst school ever!!!! Instructors are not qualified to do the job. Truly bad name, bad school, bad administration. ONLY good to collect the money. Bad reputation. Too expensive for nothing. I am still paying for one course I took with them……. Leave it alone. The admission people are great in persuading you; don’t fall into the trap……

1 out of 5

I joint this school few years ago. I think it is the worse on line school that you may ever join. The instructor teaches nothing. They truly teach nothing. They only tell you how to do the homework and how to pass the course. They don't answer emails on time. They indicate in the beginning of the semester, this is my contact information. Please feel free to ask me or e-mail me if you have any questions. Once you do so, they are upset that you are asking questions. I think the best thing this school does is charging your credit card. I had to pay for the first class +$3000

I finished the first class and I was supposed to submit the final assignments, the instructor said it is too late even though she agreed to accept it. I tried to contact the dean, the admission office but it was to no avail. You get nothing from them. Honestly, there are a lot of on line school that offer much more than what this school offer. THINK TWICE BEFORE JOINING THIS SCHOOL!!!!!!

5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2011

I am a current AIU student. By profession, I am a classroom teacher of special education students. I chose AIU for several reasons: I needed a degree to help me advance in my profession; I needed it fast; I get bored easily, and therefore, traditional environments that stretch their courses over a 16 week period would only make me quit before I completed the program. I can say that I have no regrets so far. I am scheduled to complete the masters program in instructional technology on November 6, 2011. I can't wait!

As far as AIU is concerned as an institution of learning, it is an excellent investment, especially if you are committed to the accelerated pace and minimal breaks between courses (which is the reason you finish so fast, you work through the Fall, Spring, and Summer). I have not had any of the negative experiences I have read on this review board, therefore, I can only speak for myself and make judgments based on person experience.

The education department is very well organized and the coursework is designed to be applicable to the real world (this is what you want because this is the direction education is moving towards even in primary and secondary schools). I have only had one professor that I believe tried to write their own rules and another who proved to be arrogant although this person tried to keep it covert. Regardless of them, I still hold a 4.0 and intend to finish my final two courses with strength so that my GPA can stay that way.

Overall, my experience has been excellent and I am strongly considering enrolling in another masters program once I'm done with this one.

The bottom line? AIU is everything it advertises itself to be. People are responsible for themselves and their circumstances. Conduct your own research, that's what lifetime learning is all about. Only you can dictate and determine what is and isn't good for you. So, if you are considering this school as a means to improve yourself, make sure you know exactly what it is you are getting into and that you are mentally ready and capable to finish what you start. Good Luck!

4 out of 5

I will be graduating from AIU’s MBA program in another few weeks. I stated out in their AA program. AIU is a very hard school. The classes have been quite challenging, especially in the MBA program.

At AIU, students have to write as though they are doing several dissertations every single week. If you are not the type of person that does not write well, does not like to read a lot and does not like research do not apply to AIU.

I was a nurse for years before attending this school; I only had a diploma, no degree. I thought I was pretty disciplined and had the ability to learn. Even with my background I had to study in some form every single day.

It is easy to fall behind because each week at AIU new assignments are due; which means more reading, writing and research. If a student isn’t careful you can get very behind to the point that it’s impossible to catch up.

Also, there are very few breaks with the exception of Christmas. Sometime you just feel you cannot make it! You have to work straight through all holidays.

You should consider all of these things before applying. For me it worked, I learned so much; I’m proud to say I am an alumnus. Hope this helps.

4 out of 5

AIU is a great school for several reasons, one because the entire faculty from the admissions process to the instuctors are there for you and your success. I was worried that I would not receive the help I needed because I attended MSU for my undergraduate degree and I was use to their routine.

However, after my experience with AIU I would have to say that I found the school to be better in many ways than Michigan State University. I learned alot and when I had trouble the response time of the instructors were extremely fast. I would recommend the shool to anyone, I know going to school online is out of the box thinking especially to the old generation who is still afraid of the internet

Lets face it the internet just has not been around that long, but it is amazing how many things we can do better on the internet and college is one of them.

4 out of 5

I started AIU after I decided that a typically campus college jut wasn't for me. Between having to work at least 4-5 days a week, the difficulties of finding all the classes I needed each semester into a 2-3 days schedule was near impossible. Schools try hard to organize classes, but in the end it never worked out in my benefit; especially with the lab science and math courses.

I was also spending nearly $700/month to commute to my college and it just wasn't working out for me between those costs and other monthly costs. I stumbled upon AIU and decided to ask for more information. My advisor B. P. had called me within 20 minutes and has so far been the most helpful advisor I have ever had!

I started AIU and although it is an online course, which most people think "Okay, online is a joke.", I have learned so much more than I ever learned in my other years at a campus university. I have to be in charge of finding information and learning the information on my own, like any other school. But the research papers and discussion boards we do at AIU have such great topics that I can actually use to improve my knowledge and have great conversations about. I am so glad that it is accepted by the Higher Learning Commission and the U.S. Department of Education!

4 out of 5

I attended a very popular online university before attending AIU, and it was not user friendly one bit. The time I spent at AIU was truly enjoyable and very educational.

Of course, you will have a few teachers you don’t care for or group projects that you wish you could do alone. But you also have great experiences, awesome teachers that care and students that put 110% into the project.

I personally was grateful for the education and degree that I received at AIU. I had almost given up on the thought of going back to school and pursuing a degree. But a friend of mine suggested AIU and convinced me to try again and I am thankful that I did.

It is advanced and you can’t expect the teacher to hold your hand all the way through. I wanted to continue after receiving my AA but I needed a break. I am attempting to make my decision on returning here shortly.

I would recommend AIU to anyone that is seeking to further their education. I believe that AIU provides great assistant, tutor, and library. I love the fact that the classes given by the teacher is archived. When I started at AIU I was in Iraq and was not able to make it to the classes all the time. So, being able to retrieve the archived session was great for me.

Also, I am not a fan of final exams or test. I would rather write essays all day than to study for a test. I learned that it is important for me to take advantage of all the different avenues of assistance the school provided. Not every student, and actually probably about 75 %, is at the level you would expect a college student to be writing. I consider myself to be at midlevel, but that is why we are attending school. To further our education, increase our knowledge and hope that it will assist in our desire to advance in this tuff economy. You are in school for you and the dream you are chasing.

I believe that AIU is a great stepping stone. YES TO AIU!

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