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Degree: International Relations and National Security Studies, Other
Graduation Year: 2017

I'll speak for this program. The professors are great, except for the guy who taught Research Methods in 2017. I reached out to all my colleagues, and they didn't get the professor's direction either. He should have provided examples of what he was looking for. Otherwise, all the other professors are great. Dr. T. is most helpful in guiding you through to the end. Dr. B. is tough, but he will prep you well for good research and preparing your bibliography. These guys were my favorite. I highly recommend Dr. N. class on Human Rights too. Amazing. If you're going in to government work, I highly recommend this degree through ASU. It's regionally accredited, and you'll be working with top-notch professors who help you go forward in research and employment. You can't put that kind of trust anywhere else. I've even reached out to other universities that offer Security Studies, and they see ASU as a great program too. Definitely worth it if you're a local Intel student too. 14N military training can cover 12 credits out of the 36 you'll need to graduate. No GRE required if you meet a certain GPA requirement. 3.0, I think. Also, you can do a thesis or non-thesis option. If you plan on doing the thesis, get with Dr. T., and start early! Either option is fine. I've applied to two PhD programs now, and neither one have asked for a thesis, so if you want to go further in your education, you won't be seen as a lesser candidate for not having a thesis as a writing sample.

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