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Arizona Automotive Institute Reviews

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2 out of 5
Degree: Welding
Graduation Year: 2018

Shop around first, see what else is out there. I'm paying 20,000$ to play where's Waldo with the teachers who just can't seem to be pulled off thier cell phones to actually teach something. It's a joke, it really is. Not very funny, but still a joke. I will repeat myself, SEE WHAT ELSE IS OUT THERE BEFORE YOU DECIDE ON THIS "SCHOOL".

4 out of 5
Degree: Automotive Technology
Graduation Year: 1982

When I at tented AAI in 1981- 82 i found it to be an excellent school. The teachers were knowledgeable competent and up to the task of teaching the teacher especially comes to mind Mel Wine burg taught transmission class .There Mr Wineburg taught me how too rebuild and perform performance upgrades.Im glad I attended AAI two of my children attended that school a daughter and a son

4 out of 5

as a 19 year old diesle student I would not recommend this school to anyone!!! unless your between the ages of 30 to 40 and it's your first time out of jail in 10 years, Because this is their target market. They do the least possible to become an accredid school I have had three teachers now and 2 of them tell me all the time bare with them because they don't know it either. the addministration at this school is a joke People do drugs right in front of them and administation knows who posseses it but "they can't do anything to stop it". I was promised three Refrigeration trailors to work on but now my time there is coming to an end 16 months later do your think their there? the one we do have we can't work on why? because "that works and we don't wanna mess it up." My hydrolics course is coming up and they went out and got us a ditch with not a commercial one but probable 3'by3' Where's my tractor! Overall this school is half ass and does the least possible to be accrdedid. I was in high school doing algebra 3-4 now im in "college" learning 4*4 It's a joke if you want an associates degree for paying 25k come here if you wanna learn something and work for that degree find another school!( everyone in my class but two have a 99% and the phase is a week from over, impossible, my teachers have told me they get told they have to pass students)
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