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3 out of 5
Degree: Computer and Information Sciences, Other
Graduation Year: 2014

The only negative would be is that if the main focus is LMR positioning, they need to have students get more time in in the lab to do so. Very few I have seen catch on quickly, the others very frustrated.

1 out of 5
Degree: Radiology Technician
Graduation Year: 2012

I am first hand knowledge that any soul considering this school, do an immediate about face.

It is way to expensive, you would be better off going to your local community college or university. It may take longer but the few extr months mean you are more likely to be hired into the position which you studied so hard for & extra bucks in your wallet.

Yes you would actually be able to buy a wallet if you do not attend this school.

They are only helpful after they got what they want from you & that is your loan given to them but you have to pay for it.,/p>

Yes you will be buying them new BMW's, Mercedes, Clothes, & Jewelry. Then "OH WELL" you tried.

1 out of 5
Degree: Dental Assistant
Graduation Year: 3/2013

I started in November 2012 for the Dental Asssistant program and I was going to my externship when I caught the flu by the same person that was training me, so the school staff stated that I fail and they wanted me to start again in January 2013, but the problem was they let another student who also fail her externship and let her look for a new site and start all over again.

But with me they told me different. so now Iam out of my externship and out of 14,5625 dollars that I have to pay back. I have written to my state senator and to the department of education hoping that someone will help me get my funds back so I can start some place new or have the school give me my externship.

Whatever it is I wanted to become a Dental Assistant . The staff lie to me and treated me different.

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1 out of 5

I went to ATA for two years and I had to relocate due to my husband's job.I only had two classes plus externship to complete but was I wrong.I spoke with a counselor and none of my credits from ata was transferable.I am having to start all over again.If you here yes you can transfer your credits please dont take that in consideration......

2 out of 5

I enrolled in the Medical Office MOA program. after completing this in october im still looking for a job on my own. Career services has vanished. i got a job through a staffing agency at a call center and they put me down as having employment.. even though its was a temp assignment and not in a medical office.. then i went to the community college to continue on for a medical assistant and NONE of the credits transfer!!! I am so mad!!

Im getting ready to start paying back $13.000 with no job and no way of going to another college with the classes ive taken.. They were all for calling to see if i wanted to continue my education!!!!

5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2011

This school has helped me become a better person by teaching me that I can not do everything for everyone. They did all that they could to help me get the finical aid to come to school the advisor that helped me she worked magic I had been trying to come to this school for like 2 or 3 years but I couldn't afford it.

The teachers are great they will help you in any way possibe. I have made some life long friends here at ATA including the staff. Most of them will be near and dear to my heart for the rest of my life.

4 out of 5

I made the decision to go back to college when I knew I had to change my life. I was laid off from my factory job and had not been to school in over 15 years. I needed help and I had no idea where to start. I just picked up the phone and started calling schools.

ATA was the best decision for me- nothing says that it will be the best decision for you. I think it is a very personal choice. What has worked for others has not always worked for me.....

While I was there, I did see things that I didn't always agree with, as far as policies and teachers- but my overall experience changed my life. I had to work hard the entire time I was there, I didn't expect people to hand things to me. I was taught that from my parents at an early age. And when I read these reviews I see exactly what my parents told me not to be- these people clearly expect everyone to so something for them.

I graduated from the Medical Assisting program and am now working for a doctors office in my hometown. I have never been so happy, and I know that it is because I went back to school.

I hope people don't just read these reviews and believe them- and I also hope people remember bad news travels 5 times faster and further than good news.

It seems to me these people had a bad experience and instead of trying to understand it or fix it themselves like adults, they wrote a bad review to feel better.

4 out of 5

Very nice school. Professors are having excellent talent. I recommend this college to everyone.

4 out of 5

I just finished the Medical Office Assistant program and thought about continuing with the Coding degree but once I talked to financial aid I said forget it. I already have a student loan for $17,000 for the MOA program and then needing like 6 more classes and an externship they want to charge me $14,000 dollars more. The two degrees together cost more than just the Coding degree alone. They said it would be cheaper.

The financial department doesn't know their butts from a hole in the ground. They first tried to tell me I would have to pay $4,000 out of my own pocket if I were to continue on with the coding degree and I told them absolutely not.

After I looked at what they were charging me for they included classes they I was currently taking and I brought it to their attention and then they come back and say well you have a balance of $396.00 from your MOA program and to continue that has to be paid and the the coding program will cost you $775 out of your own pocket. What??? When I did my FASFA for this year it said I'm eligible for $20500 so why do I owe anything at this point?

Their response well you can only get so much money per semester and its hard to explain. Well why would FASFA give me more than I can have?? Since all of this went down they've been paid $5000 through Stafford loans and my state unemployment program. Have I received a refund? Hell No!!! This school is a rip off. Most credits will not transfer and their degrees are useless. Don't waste your money because at the end you will still be unemployed!!!!

4 out of 5

I just have to say I sadly agree with almost all of the negative comments about this school. Not only did I go through on some cases 2 and even 3 instructors for the same course, the Career Services Dept did NOT help me at all in finding a position after graduation. They never return emails and now that they have my money they don't seem to care.

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