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3 out of 5
Degree: Psychology, General
Graduation Year: 2013

Auburn University has the best instructors and degree programs in the southeast. Having graduated from Auburn, it has leveraged my career and job opportunities. The instructors are passionate about thee classes and curriculum they teach which makes every class worth taking.

3 out of 5
Degree: Business
Graduation Year: 2005

Tell us about your college experience.

I did not enjoy my college experience. I grew incredibly bored in class and found myself not challenged or interested in the subject matter being taught.

Would you get the same degree if you could start over?

No, if I had to do it again I would choose something with more interest to me on a personal level, such as music or english.

What advice can you offer other students?

Don't go until you are sure you can afford it. In other words, save up money for tuition, find a way to pay as you go, and take out as very little debt as possible.

4 out of 5
Degree: Information Technology
Graduation Year: 2002

My school was a good fit emotionally and intellectually; the instruction was on my level, and it overall felt like home. If I could go back, I would choose something much more specialized, such as a branch of computer science. Graduates with degree were a dime-a-dozen when I graduated. Especially for technology related students: Look at certification courses before a 4 year degree. The number of certifictions you can achieve (including training courses), in 4 years with the money you'll spend on tuition, are VASTLY more valuable than 1 simple degree. Employers would look at my resume, with my degree, and basically say "Oh, so you can read. What else can you do?" Certifications show specialization and ability to master specific products and methods. I have heard of many jobs acquired where certs are all that mattered.

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