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Student & Graduate Reviews

Unhappy and unemployed graduate
  • Reviewed: 4/25/2017
  • Degree: Healthcare Administration
"They care less about your education and needs. Their Health Information program has had 4 different program directors in the last 3 yrs. They do not send you to an externship that helps you to gain employment or experience. They do not explain financial aid correctly or help obtain grants or scholarships. They are money hungry and uncaring."
  • Reviewed: 7/22/2016
  • Degree: Mathematics
"It was an opportunity to grow as a person, as well as get valuable life experience in my field"
Unemployed Graduate
  • Reviewed: 5/6/2014
  • Degree: Advertising Design
"Im writing this reveiw today just to ensure that others do not make the same mistake that I did! I began my education with Baker College in 2008 with the hopes of obtaining AAS in Radiologic Technology, well I did some job shadowing and found that this particular career choice was not going to provide me with gainful employment in my area, so I reviewed my obtained credits and began my education concentration for a Bachelors in Health Service Administration (Big Mistake I will explain) and Human Resource Management. This was at the advice of the Dean who I met with to discuss career options. Now when choosing the option of Health Service Administration PLEASE PLEASE do not think that you will gain any employment in health care management if you are not a clinical professional (that was my mistake) Baker College will convince you that this career track is lucrative; however, it is far from lucrative if you are non-clinical and all business as it relates to health care then you will only gain employment as a secretary with a high education and a low salary, while registered nurses claim management roles! This is the truth, so if you are an RN or are planning on becoming an RN this would probably be a good track for you, but to an administrative professional like myself... NOT SO MUCH. HUGE Mistake on my part Career services does nothing! They organize your internship or "work experience" and will not apply any of your skills that you have already mastered in your current position, so it leaves you with no choice in interning at their designated places which are far from stellar! They placed me in a rehabilitation center that was utterly filthy! They rotated the group on different departments as we watched drama unfold daily with the staff and their constant complaints about the organization and the way they run business and poorly care for their aging patients and the place smelled like S@!t on a daily. Also, the career services does nothing! They hold career counseling and tell you to attend but the leads are almost always for volunteer work so BEWARE!!!! My situation was very difficult I worked for an organization that would not allow flexibility with my working hours they are an 8-5 organization and I was scheduled to intern for 3-4 days weekly from 8-5 for 120 hours! So when I asked my employer if they would allow me to take an educational leave that was denied, so it left me no choice I had to complete my degree or wait another year! I resigned from my position after discussing this with my husband we both assumed that I would find work not to long after graduation (WRONG)!! So I cut my own throat for their ridiculous demands! Months after graduation I was not successful at finding employment so I reached out to the career services department who asked for my resume to review (which I paid to have professionally done) they mutilated it! Sent me one posted position for a Unit Clerk at a hospital at the rate of 11.00 per hour and one hour drive from my home! COME ON! Really, so essentially I spent 50K with your school on everything and you hand me a job that wont even put food on my table. People at walmart make more than that!! So what I am saying is yeah they pump alot of hype and BS at you about how they have a 97% employed alumni, well I am of the 3% that got the shaft! Courses are very easy, Instructors are mediocre and you will pay alot for an education that will likely get you no where! Please dont make the same mistake I did :("