Branford Hall Career Institute Reviews

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  • Multiple Locations
  • Annual Tuition: $11,250 - $16,357
36% of 81 students said this degree improved their career prospects
28% of 81 students said they would recommend this school to others
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Student & Graduate Reviews

  • Reviewed: 1/23/2020
  • Degree: Surgical Technician
  • Graduation Year: 2020
"This is the worst school I have ever attended. They verbal abuse their students, and rumors of sexual relations with students that are most than true. This school is disgusting and the instructors don’t know what they are doing. They are rude and unhelpful for my professional career. I wish I never paid for this school or went here. Waste of my time and money. Do not go here."
Former student
  • Reviewed: 3/11/2019
  • Degree: Medical Assistant
  • Graduation Year: 2016
"I had a very positive experience at Branford Hall in Southington. Instructors are excellent but have difficulty exercising their authority without being disrespected.Unbalanced cultural student body indicates quotas. You get out what you put into it."
  • Reviewed: 3/24/2018
  • Degree: Medical Billing & Coding
  • Graduation Year: 2018
"If I can give this school ZERO stars I would...First of all the administrators lur and harass you after inquiring about the school..They literally call you over and over until you come to the school ,they maniipulate you and tell you all these wonderful things about the school .God if I thought twice I would not me in the predicament I am now..So gullible me starts school and basically they have what they call MODULES and each module is 16 days,which is clearly not enough ..Once your done they make you fill out a million pieces of paper and sign all these agreements .. I send you our externship and most of the XO shipped dont even show you anything that you were supposed to learn in school there are extra ships with they want even show you anything .Im done almost 2 months now and I cant find a job nobody wants to hire anybody without working experience this is the worst school dont ever go here"
Frustrated student
  • Reviewed: 12/26/2017
  • Degree: Surgical Technician
  • Graduation Year: 2017
"Horrible, Horrible, Horrible. It's my greatest regrets attending this school. My time and energy all gone. What kind of bad luck is this? I successfully finished the written course but can't be placed for externship as promised. I have been waiting for 7month now but yet not been placed for externship. What is wrong with this school? I wish I had gone to a different school. This school have never fulfilled there promise,. I do not recommended no body to even dream of attending this school. Shame, shame and shame."
  • Reviewed: 10/29/2017
  • Degree: Computer Networking
  • Graduation Year: 2016
"Attended Bhall Brantford nights. The facilities are discusting went to bathroom across the street at McDonald's. During the summer A/C not working they would put fans in rooms. When winter came had to wear coats, hats and gloves to keep warm. Talk to administration and send email to ombudsmen they claim they fixed the guac, not so. I am convinced there is mold when it rains ceiling leaks ceiling tiles are water stained. Now for the curriculum, outdated, no hands on. Biggest waste of time and money. Do not go there, Senator Warren close this place down, this is your poster child for carrier school rip off."
Consuelo Paredes
  • Reviewed: 9/24/2017
  • Degree: Medical Office Administration
  • Graduation Year: 2017
"I started attending this school Feb 2017 , Input forth 100% and was on the deans list from april until starting my externship. I was hired after complete if my externship and you can't blame the school for your failure . You get what you put out. I will be graduating at the end of September and i am very proud of myself. Yes the school some updates and repairs , but that did not stop me from succeeding. I had Mrs. B, Ms. V is a sweet heart and she tries very hard to make it a warm enviormwnt for the students."
Disappointed Graduate
  • Reviewed: 8/29/2017
  • Degree: Massage Therapy
  • Graduation Year: 2017
"Beware of BH. They are a fraudulent school. They fire instructors during class. They have excuses for everything. Before graduation I was told the last day of class if I did not give them my resume I could not graduate. They charge for lights and water."
  • Reviewed: 7/7/2017
  • Degree: Medical Billing & Coding
  • Graduation Year: 2016
"I decided to attend a school rather than to learn online as i am a person who needs guidance and support. Unfortunately i received very little of either while attending this school. The teachers give you the test questions and answers. There was no need to study. I received high marks in all my classes even though i didn't achieve all the objectives that was required. Despite receiving high marks in my coding classes, i still failed the CPC exam twice. A waste of time and money. I wish i could turn back time and attend a different school"
  • Reviewed: 6/21/2017
  • Degree: Medical Billing & Coding
  • Graduation Year: 2017
"I currently attend the jersey City campus and if this means anything to you its HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE. If by any chance you might be looking for a good education this is not the place for you.If I didn't really inspire to become successful and not to allow anything to come in my way I would have been dropped out."
  • Reviewed: 6/17/2017
  • Degree: Medical Billing & Coding
  • Graduation Year: 2017
"My life is completely changed because of Branford Hall Career Institute in Southington. I just finished my externship, which yes, I did find myself. I got both certifications offered by the school, and am starting my new career next week. Some of the most caring teachers I have encountered, all of them helpful and passionate about me succeeding. I have heard the whining about how they don't help you, and about the drama among students. Yeah, this goes on if you get caught up in it. However, if you are intelligent enough to put your head down, go to class, DO your homework, trust me you can make it here. They bend over backwards to ensure you make up your hours so that you have enough to graduate. I defy you to go to a degree colloge and see that type of personal handling. This education experience is truly what you put into it. I guarantee the same people that complain would have the same experience at any institution they attend. You reap what you sow."