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Reviews - Certificates in Medical Billing & Coding

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B Maldonado
  • Reviewed: 3/12/2018
  • Degree: Medical Billing & Coding
"The Military Student Center for veterans receiving MGI or Vocational Rehab financial aid assistance, has terrible customer service. Two gentlemen who work at the Military Student Center, Garry Roberts and Morris Jones were not only not helpful, but wrote a highly inappropriate and unprofessional email to my VA case worker on a he said/she said basis that resulted in my withdrawal from the program. As a student and veteran, I highly discourage any other people seeking to enter any program to reconsider not only the curriculum but the best treatment any student paying for their education to look at all the other institutions and universities that offer a much better education and customer service to their students. Brightwood college is overpriced education with very poor and limited success at retaining quality students."
  • Reviewed: 11/3/2017
  • Degree: Medical Billing & Coding
"I did not receive in depth classroom knowledge. The externship was a big joke literally. The certification exam thats included in the tuition is not honored by most companies. AAPCs certification Coding exam is three hundred dollars, plus $100 for the membership fee, etc, and its not included in the tuition. Youre better off enrolling into a Community College. Oh and did I mention Im still unemployed?"
  • Reviewed: 8/18/2017
  • Degree: Medical Billing & Coding
"Take my advice "DO NOT ENROLL INTO the MEDICAL BILLING & CODING PROGRAM"! You are better off investing your money into a Community college. The extern site didn't really allow me to practice medical billing, and didn't offer coding. I am still unemployed, and not receiving no feedback after submission of my resume to hundreds of employers. You don't receive your diploma / certificate at the graduation ceremony, have to wait two months later. At this point stressed out / depressed is an understatement. Protect your sanity and save your money! Thank me later."
  • Reviewed: 1/19/2016
  • Degree: Medical Billing & Coding
"Please,please don't,t waste your time and money! 9 months of kindergarten- can't describe it with over words. And it is very hard to find a decent job that will pay you more than minimum wage. But they are really good at telling you "stories" how will this course will improve your career."
Refund please
  • Reviewed: 11/8/2014
  • Degree: Medical Billing & Coding
"My extern experience was cringe worthy. The doctor in charge told me the following analogy. "Think of a baseball game. You know what a bat is, and what a ball is, but you do not know how to play the game." I was thrown into a job externship where the woman to train me was already on maternity leave. I had no idea how to start on my own using their computer program. The doctor was rude, I wanted to leave. Kaplan never returned my call when I asked to be placed elsewhere. The end result was my extern position was as a collector for unpaid bills. Calling the same people over and over again each day. I graduated with a certificate as a medical office specialist. I looked for a year trying to get State certification elsewhere. The end result is I am working at an elderly care facility as a housekeeper. I have another 6 1/2 years of paying down this debt."