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Student & Graduate Reviews

Liz T
  • Reviewed: 5/26/2023
  • Degree: Licensed Practical Nurse
"I wish I would have found these reviews before enrolling in the LPN program at this school. When I first met with the admissions advisor Louis at the Richmond campus I was excited to get my exam and drug screen scheduled so I can work on my financial aid and get started with my career. I asked when classes would start and all I was told was May that I have plenty of time. Fast forward to when I was actually ready to meet with financial aid after getting my entrance exam results. I had to make an appointment to meet with a woman and I had to sit and wait in her office a little over 30 mins while she ran back and forth working with other students when she was supposed to be helping me. I was rushed though that process and signed the paperwork like a dummy and she said someone will be in contact with me to get me enrolled and I can know when my classes are going to be. I get a call the next day at 3pm and there are only a few classes to chose from so I chose what worked with my schedule. The woman sent me a list of the classes and their times and days but I never knew when I would actually start so I emailed her back asking when classes would start. She emails me back and said for me they would start on the 15th and I could get what I missed in my student email. This confused me, how could I have missed anything when I’m just now starting. Well I finally got my student email set up and to my surprise classes had already started 2 weeks prior. I was not told by anyone about this, if I had I would not have enrolled this semester. Who want to start late? I went ahead and attended my first week of classes and apparently they have a strict policy that if any work is late it’s automatically a zero because there is no excuse for late work. So I already have zeros for assignments that were due and done in class when I was not even enrolled as a student yet. I’m failing before I even started. Everything was rushed to get me to sign the paperwork so they would get the money from my financial aid and loans. I couldn’t even order my books until I could make an appointment with financial aid again so they could order them since the bookstore was already closed for the semester I was in so I’m about to be in week four and I still have to wait for my books to come in. This is a terrible establishment. I wanted to do the accelerated course to be able to start my career as soon as possible and I really liked what I had heard during my tour about their career placement but it’s all a joke. All they care about is getting your money. I have now put myself in debt to attend college to be able to have the career I wanted yo be able to support my family and I was completely set up for failure from the beginning. I was told that the grades aren’t added up until the end of the semester so I shouldn’t worry about all the work I missed and the zeros that I have accumulated from before I was even enrolled but whether they are factored in now or not they will still negatively effect my grade. Just to give clarification, I took my entrance test on May 9, 2023 and they called to officially get me enrolled at 3pm on May 11,2023 and since it was later in the day I was not in the system officially until the next day May 12,2023. Classes started the first week of May and I was never informed during any part of the enrollment process."
Tanya W
  • Reviewed: 5/25/2023
  • Degree: Medical Billing & Coding
"I graduated with 2 degrees and neither of those helped in the real world. Nothing they taught made was what they do in the real work environment. They focused on pieces of the education that was miniscule compared to the important subjects that actually need to know. I was not prepared and did not have the knowledge i needed to succeed and not be embarrassed when i went into to the work force i busted my but to get into. I owe $29,000 dollars for this education they "gave" me."
Renee Ginn
  • Reviewed: 4/28/2023
  • Degree: Social Work
"DO NOT attend this school - it is a joke - I would submit my work, and even said it was submitted but then receive a Zero for it, I even sent them a copy of the submissions and they still did not fix my grade. They do not communicate with each other, so you are constantly e-mailing different people. Takes 2-3 weeks to get your grades posted. Takes over 31 days for them to release your FAFA so you can attend another college. I recommend SNHU online."
  • Reviewed: 4/25/2023
  • Degree: Nursing
"Believe the Reviews!!!! Save your money and run as fast as you can. When they say for profit it's just that money for the school they do not care about the student's level of education that they are giving you. I paid thousands to be a self-taught student. The nursing failure rates are through the roof at about 90% failure rates. They have grading scales and percentages on exams that don't make sense. They make you do work that only counts if your exam scores are 70 and if you fall short all your work and papers are not graded, But they make you do the work anyway. The teacher never taught important fundamentals to nurse such as ABG, and med math but surprise tested us on these topics blindsiding students and setting them up for failure with topic lists that had NOTHING to do with the exams. Its like going to nursing school but testing you on Building codes. Students were clueless come test time. Leading to failure of course. Not to mention the fancy state of the Art Sim lab we NEVER got to use or never having nursing supplies to practice broken mannequins that did not work. They force students to clear to get schedules for the next semester usually 1,800 per semester once they have their money and you clear. they fail you with nothing more than walking price tags and easy predatory education. The nursing shortage starts at schools like this making financial gain to line pockets and not giving students an education they have paid for and they KNOW it. Please RUN and apply elsewhere, they sucker you in with anything you want to hear. Once you are in they will drain you of everything!!!"
La Monic Anderson
  • Reviewed: 3/1/2023
  • Degree: Nursing
"I graduated from Bryant & Stratton College- Hampton in December 2020. I still have not received my diploma. Over the last year, I have been calling and asking to have it mailed and I have been to the campus to request it but my attempts have been unsuccessful. When I called the office, the representative stated that someone would call me back. I have also left messages on the voicemail. I have never received a call back. At this point, I NEED the diploma and have been trying to work with the school for a year. This is ridiculous. I should have it by now. Someone needs to assist with getting this taken care of. I will keep complaining to anyone and everyone until I get the diploma that I have worked so hard to obtain."
  • Reviewed: 2/23/2023
  • Degree: Accelerated BSN
"My B&S experience was terrible. When I enrolled in the BSN program, I was led to believe certain things that were not delivered. We were supposed to receive answers to emails submitted to instructors within 24 hours. I submitted email to certain instructor who not only didn't answer my emails, but didn't address my questions in lecture either. Scheduled meeting with this instructor, and she forgot. I emailed asking for help and the instructor told me she didn't know much about it and I should ask one of my classmates. When I complained to the dean, she asked for days and dates. When I forwarded the emails to the dean, she did nothing at all. They are all about getting money. I hope no one else has their career damaged by attending their nursing programs"
  • Reviewed: 1/26/2023
  • Degree: Physical Therapy
"I was enrolled in the PTA program, and after three semesters, the director of the program failed me out of a class because of one tiny mistake on a practical, and told me that I shouldn't be a pta because of my chronic illness/disability. You get three attempts for practical exams. First attempt: I made mistake and had to retake. Second attempt: she said I didn't do one of the skills like the videos we had to learn from (she didn't even teach us these skills, we were expected to learn from videos), but I did it exactly like the video. I set up a meeting with the instructor and the dean, and the dean didn't even bother to show up. Third attempt: I made one small error so she failed me out of the class and told me I had to restart the entire program. So I dropped out. Going to this college is the biggest regret of my life. This instructor is also the director of the program. In the beginning, she told me my illness wasn't a problem. And it's not. I am physically capable of being a pta. I successfully completed my first clinical assignment too. But as the program went one, she treated me like absolute garbage. She would call on me more than anyone else in class (which is fine) but when I got the answers wrong, she would laugh at me and shame me in front of everyone. She did this to other students too. If you make any type of mistake during lab time (which is literally how you learn) you get shamed in front of everyone. And they expect you to mostly teach yourself. One of the instructors is actually ok. He actually cares about the students, but the director is absolutely awful and is honestly emotionally abusive. She refused to help me when I asked for it. My grade on her class had slipped because I missed a class for a medical treatment, and she told me "that's no excuse" when I literally have a disability. Then after she failed me out of her class over one tiny mistake, she told me that I can't be a pta because of my disability. I wrote to the dean that this is discrimination, and I got no response. No one cared. Please don't go to this joke of a college. Especially if you have a chronic illness/disability. They will say it's not an issue, but will later tell you that it is. There are A LOT of other issues I had at this "college". Just please do NOT waste your time and money. They are a FOR PROFIT school. They do not care about your success. You will be set up to fail."
Disappointed student
  • Reviewed: 12/12/2022
  • Degree: Paralegal
"I read all the horriable reviews online and told myself these people were angry because they didn't do well. I'm sure they were angry and did not do well because Bryant and Stratton sets you up failure. You don't really learn you are just regurgitating information to get assignments handed in on time especially with 7 week on line classes. Please believe the bad reviews you read online! They are true and this "college" cost significantly more than a community college. I could write a book on how bad this place is but I won't waste anymore of my time with Bryant and Stratton in any way."
Aspiring Nurse
  • Reviewed: 8/27/2022
  • Degree: Nursing
"Please understand that this review is not coming from a place of bitterness, just honesty based on my own experience. I enrolled into BS in may of 2022, I did not do well my first semester due to personal reasons. First, this whole 70 exam average and 70 class average set students up for failure. I passed my class with a 85 but my exam average was 68.9 leading me to repeat the class, cool. Got to my 3rd semester which is med surg and pharm. Pharm was rough, the first 2 exams we had class virtual so grades were trash. my instructor came back before the 3rd exam and things got better. what hurt me was taking the ATI proctored, we needed a 71 and I got a 70. that grade does not go into the grade book. if you get anything under the required score then you get a 0. my grade dropped 10 points leading me to need a 94 on the final to pass the class. My instructor was awesome and i can admit that my issues came from studying wrong and overthinking. AS FOR MED SURG...honey, first of all, im just going to flat out say that my "instructor" did not teach. We would have an exam on 4 systems to only be tested on one. when we took the 1st exam everyone failed so bad. it was supposed to be on respiratory, cardio, perioperative and cancer. the entire exam was on HIV. The exam was the same way, misleading. I went to the DON crying expressing my concerns because i was worried about failing. she wrote on a sticky not "level upRN, Mark Klimek"...i explained to her that i bought both systems and still failed. the day of second exam my instructor was irritated and got snappy with a student because she was upset about her grade. i was literally told by the DON that the program is designed for us to teach ourselves. I had so much anxiety before every exam because i never knew what i was being tested over. as a class we made study guides and crammed so much info in our heads until we were mentally and emotionally exhausted from being worried about over studying to studying the wrong stuff. we went to ever tutoring session which was just the instructor asking us what we wanted to know. i tried hard to figure out what i couldve done differently to pass but i cant think of one. nobody cares and they are all about money. so many people got to the end and failed out. they have instructors that feel like they are already nurse so why care? i sent an email to the BON about my concerns as well. they make this program extremely difficult to get through. im sorry if im all over the place..there is alot more that i could say but it would be days before i finish! RUN FAR AWAY. my friend left VA Beach and went to Hampton and i shouldve listened when she told me to leave."
  • Reviewed: 5/25/2022
  • Degree: Medical Billing & Coding
"As I feel that the online education I received was amazing. The classes were easy to manage while I have a full time job and a family. I graduated in April of this year (2022) I am beyond ecstatic. Now for the down fall. My major is medical billing and coding I had an exit interview which went well, here's where it doesn't go well. While the exit counselor had to help set up my board exam so I could take it (a requirement), I was not told at that time that it would be mandatory to purchase new coding books (mind you these 3 books were not released until May 5th 2022). When I show up yesterday May 25th I am turned away from taking the exam because I had the 2021 year coding books. This exam is $299 when I took the mock exam right before school ended we were told if we scored above a 75% the school would pay for the exam however, on exam day if you did not show or were turned away you forfeit the exam and the school would not pay, you would have to pay. When I call the counselor I was very upset about all of this he said I sent you emails telling you that you had to purchase the new coding books (that were released 19 days prior to testing), I replied no you have not sent me any emails concerning the new books. He said he was looking at the emails he sent. I replied so am I have a dozen emails from you and NONE of them pertain to the purchase of books. He said are you sure you are in your emails, I said yes I spell out my email, he said no it is in your school email. WHY???? I graduated I am done with school why would I look in my school email???? I said you have sent me dozens of emails and that is the ONE you send to my school email. I feel like this was a set up so the school didn't have to pay for my exam, this was conducted very unprofessional. With all the other emails sent to my personal email address could have sent that ONE VERY IMPORTANT EMAIL TO MY PERSONAL ONE!!! Now I have to wait 90 DAYS to take it at all and pay $299..... BAD JOB!!!!!!!!! Sincerely Tabatha Mullins Graduated student"
  • Reviewed: 4/12/2022
  • Degree: Nursing
"Please, please please, I know this is lengthy but hear me when I say RUN. RUN AS FAR AWAY AS YOU CAN FROM THIS GOD AWFUL PLACE!!! I, like you reading this, also took the time to read multiple reviews regarding this school. I thought to myself, "ehh all those bad reviews are probably from people who didn't work hard enough and failed". WRONG. I was so very wrong. Regardless of how hard you work, whether its quitting a job to focus solely on school, distance yourself from distractions including family, whatever it is. There is little you can do to succeed in this program and I swear that is the truth. I am still a current student, so no, I am not "one of the one's who failed" however I WISH I WISH I WISH I would have gone to ECPI or TCC or anywhere else but here. I was a Dean's list student. That disappeared the quickly. They assign professors to teach classes they have never taught before or express they do not want to teach and are still forced to teach. So you now have professors who not only don't know how to teach hardly at all other than talking at you then getting visibly frustrated when you don't know the answer. If you enjoy teaching yourself then this is the place for you because that is exactly what you will be doing and they will even tell you that to your face. Every semester there is some new professor that comes around and will last maybe 2 semesters max. At this moment, there is only 1 professor to my knowledge, that has been there since the start of my program last year. Other that that everyone is fairly new. They will sell you on their state of the art sim lab. THAT IS A JOKE AND COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME. I swear to you I couldn't make this up if I tried. The simulation mannequins that they have are supposed to move, talk, breathe, blink, you name it. I have NOT ONCE seen any of these mannequins so much as blink at least one eye. Some classes are combo classes meaning you have lecture the first 3 hours then lab the last 2 hours of class. Semesters are 15 weeks long and I can honestly say we had at a maximum of 6 maybe 7 actual lab simulations. Even with those labs we were told we had to "pretend" to do the skill as there was not enough supplies for everyone. HOW?!?! The Nursing Program alone for Bryant & Stratton brings in at least 70% of the schools money. Yet there is a big fancy lounge for people to sit and play video games all day. Oh and they even offer a $10,000 scholarship for anyone who joins the esports club. It is a club for students to sit there and play video games all day. AGAIN I SWEAR BY IT. They've got big fancy chairs and fancy LED lights all around the room and comfy couches....and yet the Nursing program doesn't have enough supplies for us to properly practice our skills. We then look like idiots when we attend clinicals as we are SEVERELY unprepared. If you have any type of medical background that is the only thing that saves you in the clinical setting. If you email the Nursing director you will probably receive a response about 30% of the time, she is never in her office, and she loves to take frequent vacations/time off. So she is useless when you need assistance on anything. Please, I am begging you from the literal bottom of my heart. Go somewhere else. Seriously, save yourself the time, money, and unnecessary stress. I'm not even going to dive deep into financial aid, but just know they have messed up not only mine but fellow classmates FAFSA and out of pocket payments, not once but multiple times. Oh and yes, be prepared to pay out of pocket WHILE you are taking classes. Someone else in another review said it best, this place is a BUSINESS, A FOR PROFIT INSTITUTION!! All they care about is the money. You will pay ridiculous amounts of money for an absolutely garbage program. They were so close to losing their accreditation last semester and I wish they would have so they can stop robbing these innocent people who are just trying to better themselves. Oh and BTW at the end of every course you are asked to fill out surveys on the course instructor. When we asked why the school does not look at or listen to our reviews, a faculty member stated and I quote "Oh those are only for accreditation purposes" and proceeded to roll her eyes."
Karla Quinones
  • Reviewed: 3/13/2022
  • Degree: Nursing
"Graduated in December 2021. I passed my NCLEX a month later on the first attempt. I now work full time as a nurse and I love it. My academic advisor was Jessica Olle and she was amazing. There were good times and bad times but I believe that every school has pros and cons."
  • Reviewed: 3/10/2022
  • Degree: Nursing
"Teachers are in it for the money. No one helped when I was struggling. I do not recommend this scoop to other nursing students especially those coming from high school. A waste of my money. The resources that were available to the students, no one was there to help me. People should have a strong background in nursing before joining their program."
  • Reviewed: 1/10/2022
  • Degree: Nursing
"As much as I would like to write a story book. Do not go to this school for Nursing! Read, read, read the policies they are strict.. This school/Dean of nursing sets you up to fail or retake classses. I thought it was perfect because prerequisites were included. I was so wrong. They have only had 2 graduates pass this previous semester, the rest failed out. They stay trying to find a reason to fail you or retake a course. They are very shady and it is absolutely a BUSINESS so you do not matter! You are absolutely better off at another school. Read all the reviews on here. They are all absolutely true. So future nurses please find another school."
Antinette Sherall Dixson
  • Reviewed: 11/13/2021
  • Degree: Nursing
  • Reviewed: 7/25/2021
  • Degree: Medical Billing & Coding
"BUYER BEWARE : whoever is reading this and is thinking about going to this school, remember i was in your same position before i went to this school i read all of the reviews and ignored the bad ones as students not knowing how to apply things correctly, from the first week in that school i realized all bad reviews that i read was not just true but worst than i can even imagine. you will have no help you will have a problem with their outdated system and you will learn from youtube clips rather a actual teacher they will take your money and then on to the next student."
Sara Nieves
  • Reviewed: 5/27/2021
  • Degree: Medical Assistant
"Worst school ever I wouldn’t recommend to anyone, they do not take your education serious they’re only focus on getting payed but they do not care at all. Please who ever is thinking about going there do not, worst collage experience ever. All campus are bad but the Buffalo campus is the worst, they lie they are nor professional at all hate this place with all my heart. I really do pray this school go on bankruptcy and close for good. I couldn’t get my diploma today because of an amount that I owe which I am paying for they take my money every two weeks from my bank account and instead of this people calling me and telling me this. They just decided to not say anything and let me go to pick up my diploma the embarrassment of everything looking at everyone going through this while the other got their diploma. I hate this school Michelle Hansley is the worst liar, I thought Vietta was a good carrer advisor and she is not. Everyone in this college are all about taking people money and not worrying about their education. Please do not go here, there’s better options out there I wish I would’ve known this from the beginning."
It’s all true
  • Reviewed: 3/8/2021
  • Degree: Nursing
"I was like you 22 months ago reading these reviews. Oh, these people just didn’t work hard enough! I am in my 5th semester of nursing. I have maintained a 3.9 gpa throughout a horrible program where I have taught myself completely. I am failing now. Surprise surprise, by the same professor teaching both of the classes. If you fail two classes, like the two classes the gate keeper teaches, you are booted from the campus and the credits don’t transfer. I am at the Akron campus, I know Parma and Solon are ran completely different, go there over Akron if you must. Akron didn’t secure any clinical facilities either, Parma and Solon had no issue but apparently covid only affected our clinical sites LOL. Parma and Solon is still a crap shoot but at least they won’t intentionally fail you from what I hear. We have a week of good exams? The next week is harder. My class of 14, all failing. We score about 5% of each other, but that’s all on us? Not an issue with the program and the professors they found in the dumpster depths of eBay? We have went to our directer, our academic advisor, the professors. Nothing works. Not one person graduated from last semester either that hadn’t failed the semester prior. It’s comical when they spout their nclex pass rates because they ensure no one can get there to take them. I should be graduating in 1.5 months, instead I’m stuck with 45k in debt and credits that won’t transfer. Did I mention I have a 93% in med surg? Oh right, because that is taught by one of the few (VERY FEW) decent professors we have had. Should be ashamed of themselves. This was the worst decision I’ve ever made, run while you can."
John WALTER Gilliam
  • Reviewed: 3/27/2020
  • Degree: Medical Assistant
"I graduated as a Certified Medical Assistant in 1995 from the Richmond Rd, Richmond Heights ,Ohio Campus It was a total waste of time and money. Their Career Placement was a joke and no help. I did a externship totally unprepared. never employed as a M.A I wouldn't recommend them to my biggest enemy"
BSN Student Graduate
  • Reviewed: 2/4/2020
  • Degree: Nursing
"I graduated in December and was told that after the pinning ceremony I would be told exactly what I (and my classmate) needed to do in order to get our RN license. We were told during our NCLEX review session that our ATT numbers were on the way. After over a month of waiting I decided to conduct my own research. I found out that we needed to register with Pearson Vue. I did this and informed the new dean that no one ever mentioned this detail to us ( there were only 2 students who graduated). I waited another two weeks and still nothing. So, I then called the OBN and found that I was not even in their system. Apparently we also needed to register for and complete an FBI and BCI check in order to receive our ATT numbers. Again, the school told us nothing at all. We have been waiting over two months with no information about something that was never going to come. When confronted and told that I now may lose the job I had been offered due to time contraints on taking the NCLEX after graduating, all that was said was "OMG i'm so sorry". I finally have everything I need in order to obtain my ATT thanks to the kind women working for the OBN. I can't even fathom the complete disregard for their students especially when there was only two of us in the graduating class."