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4 out of 5

I have taken graduate level courses at several other schools, at both Regionally Accredited and Nationally Accredited institutions, and I can honestly report that California Coast University is at least on par with the RA coursework, and far superior to the NA coursework that I’ve taken. The average MBA coursework consists of a Study Guide and Textbook(s).

The Study Guide is provided by the school and is included with tuition (no extra charge). These Guides are organized in such a way that you receive a complete syllabus for each course along with instructional materials, which guide students chapter by chapter through the corresponding textbook. Each Study Guide contains an overview and summary of each textbook chapter, along with a listing of important keywords with definitions and self-tests on key points. Each of those items is referenced back to the specific learning objectives for the chapter, which allow the student to easily understand concepts or theories presented in that particular chapter. Study Guides contain 4 "Unit Test" equally spaced throughout the instructional materials, a brief writing assignment and the Final Examination. Textbooks can be rented from the school or purchased elsewhere.

The administrators, faculty, instructors and staff are made up of some very fine people, and they are all only an e-mail or phone call away. And they are always happy to hear from perspective, current, and former students. What truly sets California Coast University apart from most other universities is their unabated commitment to the individual student and to student services in general.

I can't say enough about how much this school has done for me, and the many other students I met through California Coast University.

4 out of 5

California Coast University is a really good online university. I have completed 21 courses in 18 months and the curriculum is mirrored to that of a traditional classroom university setting. This is also very affordable. I pay $100 per month till I complete my tuition balance.

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