California State University-East Bay Reviews

  • 69 Reviews
  • Hayward (CA)
  • Annual Tuition: $18,880
90% of 69 students said this degree improved their career prospects
90% of 69 students said they would recommend this school to others
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Student & Graduate Reviews

Abhilash Goyal
  • Reviewed: 2/19/2015
  • Degree: Construction Management
"Pros of my Graduate program are that the subjects which are included in the curriculum are related to the construction industry. Con of the program is that the practical exposure is less."
sana ali
  • Reviewed: 12/23/2014
  • Degree: Computer Science
"This is a great place to work and go to school. Many of their majors are not impacted compared to the other CSU schools in the Bay Area, which is nice. They have brand new gym, dormitory and common area buildings. The library needs to expand their hours, and they should offer 24 hour access to students. Closing at 10:00 p.m., during the weekdays, during fall, winter, and spring sessions is community college level and does not foster the environment for those serious students that spend multiple hours during the day and night studying. 24 hours should at least be implemented for Monday, Tues, Weds and Thurs. I noticed high activity for fraternities and sororities. There were frequent events, during the evening, school day, and on the weekends."
Semu Oino
  • Reviewed: 10/28/2014
  • Degree: Healthcare Administration
"Attending Cal State East Bay has been an amazing experiences. The classes are usually small and the professors really care about the students. The Healthcare Administration program at Cal State is really challenging but there is a network of people you can reach for major support."
Eduardo Canche
  • Reviewed: 10/25/2014
  • Degree: Project Management
"I recently got accepted to the campus. I wanted to attend their construction management program because the campus and the diversity is amazing. I love the fact that you can get really involved in the classes because of their size. I feel like the quality of the work we perform is comparable to other high ranking university. I'm also happy to say that I attended this campus to acquire my bachelors in Industrial Engineering, and would not trade the experience, I was involved in many clubs and organizations. The campus always strives to do better for their students from holding events, new infrastructure, and scholarships."
Danais Torres
  • Reviewed: 10/6/2014
  • Degree: Communications (Speech Pathology)
"The speech and language pathology program at this institution is excellent. The faculty are exceedingly knowledgeable with a wealth of experience and much to offer the graduate cohorts. The clinical experience is adequate to prepare students for life post-graduation. I am very happy and satisfied with this graduate program."
Karla Navarro
  • Reviewed: 9/12/2014
  • Degree: Biomedical Sciences
"My program is fairly new and this can make it slightly difficulty to for faculty to communicate efficiently with everyone in the cohort. The upside to this is that because of the limited staff for the new program, we have a small group and the attention is individualized. Our counselors and advisors are wonderful people that are genuinely interested in each student's success during and after the program."
Edgardo Barreto
  • Reviewed: 9/10/2014
  • Degree: MBA
"The Part-Time MBA program at CSUEB is awesome! I was attracted to it due to the affordability and AACSB accreditation"
Imad Rashed
  • Reviewed: 6/18/2014
  • Degree: ESL
"Pros: 1- quality of the course 2- opportunity of practicing at school. 3- experience of the professors. Cons: 1- departments do not offer classes at summer quarter. 2-availability of some classes every quarter."
Tammy Moon
  • Reviewed: 5/16/2014
  • Degree: Communications (Speech Pathology)
"The pros of the graduate program are that the faculty is incredibly supportive and helpful towards the students in making sure they become qualified speech pathologists. The faculty really wants the students to succeed, and does whatever possible to help them. The cons are that the graduate program is currently undergoing some change, with hiring new lecturers and professors. Because of that, two of our classes this quarter have become partial hybrid/online classes, which makes it difficult sometimes to get all the information that we need to learn about the topic. The school itself is very diverse, with people of mixed ethnicities and religions. However, my cohort is predominantly Caucasian, and does not lend itself to a diverse community."
Jayme Wise Hutchens
  • Reviewed: 5/16/2014
  • Degree: Social Work
"I enjoy the diversity of my program, I do not enjoy the location or the size of the campus although, that is not a factor that is so easily changeable."
Yan Zhao
  • Reviewed: 4/17/2014
  • Degree: Economics
"The MA Econ program in CSUEB is a very young one. We have young and energetic professors from top universities teaching here. They have the a lot of passion for their careers and students."
Jayme Wise Hutchens
  • Reviewed: 4/15/2014
  • Degree: Social Work
"I enjoy my Graduate Program. When I speak to other MSW student I find they do not have the support and emphasis on diversity training nor the small class size that I have. The only cons I have found are with my school's financial aid department and difficulties with parking and transportation."
Akpevweoghene Sagua
  • Reviewed: 1/2/2014
  • Degree: Biomedical Sciences
"It is competitive with room to gain hands-on experience."
Charlotte Floria
  • Reviewed: 11/18/2013
  • Degree: Biology
"wonderful professors, interesting course offerings"
Arafat Al-Ariemy
  • Reviewed: 8/29/2013
  • Degree: Biomedical Sciences
"The program that I was admitted to is called the Pre-Health Academic Program. It is a post-bachelorette program so there is not any grants. Also, the amount of loans you receive does not cover the cost of just the tuition. Other than that, the school is amazing and over exceeded the expectations i had."
Deanna Mouton
  • Reviewed: 7/24/2013
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"The teachers in the criminal justice department are amazing and the best at this school by far!"
Carlotta Falzone Robinson
  • Reviewed: 7/21/2013
  • Degree: History
"Lack of funding makes serious research difficult- no money is provided for travel to conferences, symposia, etc. Limited faculty: two European specialists- one modern, one medieval. California State University with lack of funding issues."
Diana Trumble
  • Reviewed: 7/6/2013
  • Degree: Biomedical Sciences
"Very expensive as a post-bacc student. Would be nice to have more options as an "other" student."
Michelle Norris
  • Reviewed: 6/30/2013
  • Degree: Social Work
"I am grateful to be in program where all of the instructors have worked in the field."
jessica wadsworth
  • Reviewed: 5/30/2013
  • Degree: Healthcare Management
"The pros of this program is the flexibility of choosing courses that allow the student to come to class every other week or every week. Also the e-mail blasts for internships, jobs, and volunteer oppurtunities were helpful. The only con I see with the program is not arranging enough networking oppurtunities for students."