California State University-Long Beach Reviews of Master's in Education

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  • Long Beach (CA)
  • Annual Tuition: $17,822
100% of 10 students said this degree improved their career prospects
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Reviews - Master's in Education

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  • Reviewed: 1/3/2017
  • Degree: Education
"College was a great experience. When I found my calling, I pursued it to the fullest and with that 4-year education and good workplace experience, I got into grad school. The degree I earned has helped me immensely in my professional life."
Brandey Herrera
  • Reviewed: 1/27/2015
  • Degree: Education
"The strengths of my program include diverse and competent professors, easily accessible resources, convenient scheduling, staff support, affordability, and great learning opportunities. The cons of my program include congested parking areas and surrounding traffic."
Dolores Lopez
  • Reviewed: 6/24/2014
  • Degree: Education
"I have been very fortunate to be a part of California State University Long Beach. The professors and supporting staff have been beneficial in answering questions in regards to my degree and how I can best apply my newly gained knowledge upon completion of the graduate program. In comparison to the UC system, the Social and Cultural Analysis in Education degree at Long Beach is the most comprehensive. Although enrollment into courses is sometimes challenging due to limited space, the academic counselors try their best to provide feedback on alternate courses to enroll in order to satisfy degree requirements."
Jasmine Kim
  • Reviewed: 8/2/2013
  • Degree: Education
"Pros: Relevant program for current and prospective math teachers. Good feedback on submitted assignments. Cons: Inefficient communication skills (language barrier) of professors. Assignments lacking purpose (busy work). Unorganized courses. Poor use of instructional time."
Karla Rios
  • Reviewed: 7/19/2013
  • Degree: Education
"The MFT program has been challenging, which has allowed me to work hard and give it my all. I like the design of the program, students can finish in 2, 2.5 or 3 years. Professors are very helpful. Every single class is helpful. Professors show great support. Some of the cons of this program is that all classes are back to back without little room to take everything in."
Ebonee Batiste
  • Reviewed: 7/2/2013
  • Degree: Education
"CSULB has one of the finest graduate programs for Physical Education. Professors prepare students for real world situations in and outside of the classroom. The program is great because it is designed for working professionals, so classes are very diverse. You may be in a class of veteran teachers, new teachers, and some who are new to the profession itself. It is an overall great experience that provides one with mentoring and career networking opportunities."
Eileen Jimenez
  • Reviewed: 4/20/2013
  • Degree: Education
"CSULB's SDHE Program is by far the best program in California. Students have the opportunity to work while pursuing a graduate degree. In addition, the faculty is widely known and graduates from this program usually get a job quickly."
Keiko Kirby
  • Reviewed: 3/31/2013
  • Degree: Education
"It is rather a small program and funding availability is limited to graduate assistantships and research assistantships. CSULB is not a research institution, thus you must work hard to built your resume if you plan to pursuit post MA education. Many students are TESOL students, planning to teach English as a second language. Professors are very supportive and there are opportunities for guest lectures, colloquiums and conferences to enhance your graduate school experience."
  • Reviewed: 12/28/2012
  • Degree: Education
"Pros: Availability of faculty Passion of faculty in their teaching Small intimate classes"
Daniel Donato
  • Reviewed: 12/6/2012
  • Degree: Education
"CSULB is a great school with one of the biggest library of 6 floors. I fits my needs and my schedule. The workload can be a bit huge, but it is a great opportunity to learn how to prioritize and build a good personal schedule. In regards to money, I really encourage to build a budget and abstain from anything that is truly not necessary. Spend time and money wisely."