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1 out of 5
Degree: MSW
Graduation Year: 2018

I am highly disappointed with the MSW online program at Campbellsville. I transferred in from another university, and Campbellsville's work load is 4 times as much with much stricter grading. It is nearly impossible to complete with an existing career or family which is the whole purpose of online schools. The professors do not create their own curriculum, but it is already decided for them. Because of this, the professors are not teaching (no videos or instruction) but are simply there to grade our assignments which we must figure out on our own. Also because of this, the professors do not have the knowledge of the course content to answer questions properly or to make adjustments if the assignments are not realistic. For example, we are told that we will lose points if we go over the word count for weekly posts, yet after the assignments we receive comments such as "you should have written more about..." It is impossible to write more about the topic since it is already a struggle to stay in the word count requirements. I do not think the professors realize that it is impossible to answer the questions within only 250-50 words. This program does not involve any teaching, but we are expected to learn on our own in order to complete the assignments. My classmates have shared similar experiences, as most students I spoke to wished that they would have chosen a different school. Many students have shared that they are not passing classes (a C is unacceptable in this program) and have to retake several. I regret going to Campbellsville, and I feel like I have nobody to talk to since there is no support.

5 out of 5
Degree: Education
Graduation Year: 2013

When I first began applying to schools my senior year of high school I wanted to attend a school with a reputation. I looked at Western Kentucky University, University of Kentucky, and the University of Illinois--schools that were known for their sports, or activities. I had heard about Campbellsville University from my fiancé and knew that it was a small school but I had never looked into going there.

Once I finally sat down and looked through their brochure, I knew that it was a school worth looking at. I scheduled a visit with the admission office and before I could ever walk through their door, I was in love with the campus. The grounds of the university are immaculate; the grounds-keepers, faculty, staff, and students are continuous in their efforts to maintain a positive campus appeal. The university goes farther to ensure a positive environment.

The buildings are equipped with the technology and atmosphere needed to keep students focused and achieved. The biggest benefit of Campbellsville University is the personal relationship you are able to create with the faculty and staff. The teacher to student ratio for the university is 13:1. Teachers make sure to invest in their students--meeting one-on-one, giving after-class assistance, and even texting/calling when needed. After spending my college career at Campbellsville University I am glad that I decided to be a name and not a number.
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