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  • Reviewed: 2/11/2010
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"I thought stealing was a crime...That's exactly what this school does to it's students, or should i say customers. They see a potential student as a walking and talking money sign. They sit there and give you salary figures to motivate you to sign up when in reality they have no information to back it up. You're advisor only talks to you long enough to sign up for the program and coincidentally forgets your name after they get the signature on the contract.I had the worse instructor money could buy. She claims she was a Dentist in another country but never went into detail about it. Even if that woman offered to teach for free I would absolutely decline. And every day i would spend in class was money i was spending on the the most minimal lessons. The students were basically paying to hear about how tired the teacher was from her day class at HEALD college( mind you we were the evening class at WCC. Heald being WCC's competitor).We did not like asking her questions because she would belittle you in front of everybody and had a rude almost intimidating tone to her voice. It often felt like we were getting in trouble by our mom if we asked her anything. She would often make sly remarks about how her day time students were doing more challenging work than our class.A very basic skill needed everyday in dentistry is the ability to chart a patients teeth and restorations (i.e fillings, material of fillings, surfaces of teeth and the numbers that correspond with the teeth). Knowing that this is an extremely important skill I can count on ONE hand how many times the teacher had us chart in class. Even if we ASKED to chart that day she would take a vote and when the lazy students would out vote us she would of course comply with them.Our class was fairly small at most 12-14 students at a time. Which would make you think that we would receive thorough one-on-one lessons but that was never the case. You would constantly hear students state that she was a "bad" teacher because of her lack of enthusiasm or inability to help us. Eventually one by one (maybe 3 or 4 total) went to the head of the dental program to speak to her boss. We explained that we were not receiving the skills that we were paying for. We wanted somebody on our side to see what we saw and take action. But, of course nothing was done until the final person went in to say their piece. At that point they finally had the Dean of the school sit in class for a lesson. This was obviously discussed with our teacher prior to the visit because when the Dean arrived our teacher was on her BEST behavior. She definitely went above and beyond her duties. The very next day she was back to normal. It was upsetting and we all realized that we were all just money in that schools pocket which meant we had no voice to them.Towards the end of my program I took it upon myself to find the help i needed to finish. I knew i wouldn't get any from her. I would come in during the day time class to get help from other instructors and attend my night class to sit through the lecture and take my test. It was difficult to attend both of the classes but I wanted to graduate the earliest i could.When it was finally time for my off site externship the career service advisor i was assigned to was absolutely no help. I had to take it upon myself to find my own office (my sister helped me get an interview at the office she worked for NOT the advisor). I gave her the information of the office thinking she old make the call since i had given her the information she had asked for. It wasn't until the week before i was SUPPOSED to start my externship that i found out she had never called the office to confirm I would be there that next Monday. At this point i was so sick of this school and their careless mistakes which could easily be taken as incompetence. I was so stressed out and asked her why she hadn't called and she stated "It's not my job to call the office if you found it" I was never told that in the entire time i was working with her. Naturally i had reached my boiling point and just wanted to get out of there.I didn't even attend my graduation at the school because I didn't want to waste my time or gas being around people i worked so hard to get away from. I would NEVER recommend this school to anybody. It's the biggest scam, believe me."
  • Reviewed: 10/22/2009
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"I got my medical assisting cert. 4 years ago and got a job right away as a Medical Assistant/Medical Biller. I loved my teachers and made so many good friends. Now I am in the VN program and I am so excited for my future career. The program is super challenging, but do-able when you put your mind to it. I have a family so I am thankful that I chose a program that will accomodate my schedule and I can spend the evenings at home with them w/o loads upon loads of homework. The staff is so helpful at the San Jose campus; especially my counselor and my career services advisor. I never feel rushed when talking to them."
  • Reviewed: 9/11/2009
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"I had a wonderful experince at school, i had the hands on experience required. I had Mr. Sanchez as my istructor and he spoke nothing but the truth about the field. He was on point, very educated sometimes i thought a doctor was teaching our class bacause of the way he spoke. He understands his students, works harder then some the other instructors and goes out of his way for his students. There are students that want to be in his class because they heard of him. Yes, he is a hard teacher and really wants his students to know their stuff to be successful out in the field. Just liek i am."
  • Reviewed: 6/16/2008
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"This is a good school if you want to learn how to become a dental assistant. This school is challenging and the instructors are helpful. I did not like that the price is so expensive, but I was able to get a job right after finishing school. It did help me prepare for my future."
  • Reviewed: 6/12/2008
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"I went here 5 years ago and had no trouble getting a job as a Medical Assistant. They prepared me so well it was almost like no transition shock when I went to work. The instructors are very knowledgeable and helpful and they gave me a great education."