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4 out of 5
Degree: Psychology
Graduation Year: 1990

Carroll University was a fantastic academic setting to learn what you are made of. My advisor & major instructors were amazing and inspired me to work beyond what even I imagined was possible. I like to describe my learning experience at Carroll "divergent," that expands your mind and creativity (as opposed to what I call "scantron" learning. The campus is gorgeous and intimate, you really feel like it is your home. I highly recommend Carroll University for your Bachelor's degree!

4 out of 5
Degree: Marine Sciences
Graduation Year: 2016

Carroll University is the oldest college campus in Wisconsin and a lot of people love that factor about it. The brick buildings are beautiful and the campus is stunning. But, once you go, you notice some things that are not being kept up to date. It is great that Carroll University wants to preserve its factor that it is the oldest campus in Wisconsin, but you also need to think about the safety of your staff and students. The main campus building is a wreck when you are inside. The building is astonishing from the outside, but every time I sit down and hear the creaks in the floor, I feel like the floor is going to tumble to the ground. If people are walking above you, you hear their creaks and see dirt falling from the ceiling of the room that you are in. Another example is the variations of the hotness and coldness of the buildings where my classes were. One day, the building may be too hot to concentrate in lecture. Other days are too cold to move your hand to write notes or think about anything other than you are cold. The temperature of all the buildings was very unpredictable and made my learning experience impaired. At one point, the building Rankin had a window that was broken and was open in the dead of winter. My class could not shut it and the window was not addressed for at least one month. Another example is the dormitories. I was in two separate dorms in my two years there. In both dorms, the walls were falling apart and parts of the ceiling would fall on my head in the middle of the night. The place was filthy when I moved in, so there must not be a lot of time and effort into the maintenance of the dorms. On the brighter side of things, the program that I chose to be a part of was very organized thanks to my past advisor. I picked Carroll University because of the Marine Biology program and the transfer partnership that Carroll University has with Hawaii Pacific University. So, basically, I came to leave. The science department knew what they were doing and had it all figured out. I did not run into any problems with my scheduling and I knew exactly what classes I needed to take. While I was there, I made the most of my two years. Becoming involved in the soccer team was the best decision I had ever made. Everyone was so nice and my soccer coach helped me through a lot in those two years. On a last note, one thing that bothered me was the cuts of 14 staff members while the rest of the staff got raises this past year. Even tuition was raised by $3,000. Nothing has been done about the safety of the students, but the staff members can get raises and cut a chunk of them out. I will not encourage others to attend Carroll University, but if they do, my advice is to be aware that it is an old campus and there seems to be no updating going on.

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