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Degree: Physical Therapy Technician/Assistant
Graduation Year: 2016

CBD College was the best choice for me! When compared to other Physical Therapy Assistant programs, I saw that CBD was local, allowed me to use previous school credits to save money, and was the only one with no waiting list. When I visited CBD to meet with an Admissions counselor I felt very welcomed by everyone I met and was offered a chance to participate in a lab exercise with the current class. I also liked how the program was set up. It is 80 week program so almost 2 years separated by 5 modules. The first year is filled with learning fundamental skills in the classroom and then progresses into the second year by going to three different clinical sites and less time in the classroom. Most of my books were on a new IPad included in the tuition. One of the issues that were stressed in my class was that we were not able to keep all of the books we downloaded because they had expired. CBD was able to remedy the situation for renewing 11 of the 12 books my class was given during the program. The newest class has now been given the option of receiving hard back copies or electronic versions. I believe most, if not all of the class, chose to have real books. Although they may be heavy at least the class knows for sure their books wont expire. Another benefit of CBD was that I had state of the art equipment to work with. As I saw later during my own clinical experiences, I was already familiar with the ultrasound or TENS machine at my clinic because I had used it at CBD. The lab space was open any time there was a staff member on campus which gave me more time with these machines as well. My professors had set office hours but I was also able to set up a time with them outside of those hours which I was grateful for. This extra lab time truly help me study with classmates and provided more of the hands on practice that I needed to succeed. Throughout the Physical Therapy Assistant program at CBD College, I was able to hone in on my skills taking timed multiple choice tests. I believe I improved with help from my professors who tailored the questions to be similar to the difficulty of the National Physical Therapy Exam. The best way for me to study was to record every professor and play it back at home or in my car. Thankfully, my professors did not have an issue with me recording them and I was able to type out the lectures on Google Docs with a study group. At the end of the program, CBD College helped my class prepare for the National Physical Therapy Exam through a guided lecture on how to focus on what our strengths and weakness are with the material we've learned over the course of the program. CBD has arranged for my class to take a retired Exam in order for us to see where we rank and what we can do to improve our score on the Exam. I also became more aware of the career resources CBD had to offer such as job placement and interview training. The staff at the career resources center also helped me create a resume directly geared towards a career as a Physical Therapy Assistant and a Linked In account. I am very grateful for my time at CBD College. I formed great relationships both friendly and professional that I would love to see flourish as I continue towards my career as a Physical Therapy Assistant.

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